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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, As much as we say Conquest lacks bows, the fact is that every 1st gen unit can get a bow class (some only after promotion but still) without using Corrin at all. SO, I'm immediately getting to the point: Let's play a full bow wielding party! Rules: 1. No Boo Camp unless it's really too hard. 2. No stat-taker skills (strengthtaker and co). 3. Use as much gold farming as you can (you'll need it) and buy second seals/friendship seals from other castles. Marriage seal should not need to be bought from other castles since you've got 3 by chapter 14 or so. 4. Reclass ASAP if reclassing is needed to get a bow (except healers, you keep them until you've got 1 or 2 adventurers, depending on your need for staves, I suggest heavy heal spamming to get adventurers ASAP so you don't have to use E staffers too long and magic bow users at E rank). 5. It's not a race, if you're loosing your mind, just do something else and come back whenever you want. 6. Everyone get a bow class, even benchwarmers (at least they can shoot at each other from each side of the bench). It wouldn't be funny otherwise! 7. No other restriction, skill buy if you want since builds are the most funny thing to go for in such a run (especially if you don't want to do point blank DLC for each and every unit you'll play). 8. HAVE FUN! - - - - - My team would be: - Jakob bow knight (from Felicia S), not usable before long though; - Silas bow knight; - Kaze mechanist; - Mozu sniper, maybe Kinshi for diversity (+ she's the only potential kinshi who doesn't need good growth rates from the class since she's got good ones from personal + aptitude); - Shura himself; - Xander bow knight (A+ Laslow), although he could go mechanist too (A+ Kaze) but he would be completely unable to wield his personal sword and he would only loose HP, str, def and mov from paladin so I don't think it's worth it (bow knight gives instant +2 speed, which is all Xander needs to rock with much less investment than he'd need in paladin, 18 base spd >>16); - Leo adventurer or bow knight (A+ from Niles, I haven't decided yet); - Camilla bow knight (A+ Selena); - Elise adventurer (S Niles) to keep staves; - Laslow bow knight (saving a second seal + bow knight 2 speed advantage is better for him than mechanist mediocre bases + growths); - Peri mechanist (S with Kaze) because I think the class suits her more thematically (it's weird, unappealing, and puppets are creepy, sadly mechanists don't summon or control puppets...), but bow knight is possible too (A+ Selena); - Beruka bow knight (A+ Selena); - Selena Kinshi because we've got too many bow knights already; - Odin adventurer (we need staves and we're already lacking them too much); - Niles depends (if he's got enough mag he goes adventurer, if he's got too low mag he goes bow knight); - Effie sniper or Kinshi (A+ Mozu) (sniper is more effective but Kinshi is still fast, increases greatly her res and there aren't many flying archers for the moment); - Arthur bow knight (A+ Niles); - Nyx adventurer; - Charlotte bow knight (S Keaton); - Benny either bow knight or Sniper (a tank not vulnerable to bows is nice so Kinshi is out); - Keaton bow knight (A+ Laslow); - Gunter bow knight; - Flora bow knight (A+ Felicia); - Izana mechanist. Corrin can be anything so I don't mention him/her, although ballistician Cornflakes could be funny, if I don't end up giving dat class to Gunter with a +2 silver bow for a decent attack and accuracy, and he can get more attack without having to fight with moar and moar foarges.
  2. Hi, I'm starting a challenge for fun (not a try hard in normal/hard mode but a funny PT in easy mode). Axes, thunder tomes users and tigers are the only classes allowed with maybe an exception for Volug since the DB needs a few units for p3 defend chapters, and Sothe/Heather just for utility (as few combat involved as possible). I'm planning on using: Nolan (quite forced to anyway), Ilyana, Jill, Sothe (as told), Volug (as told, and in replacement of tiger Laguz), Muharim isn't worth the investment (sadly because I like him), because LOLavailability. /Haar (not like there are other axe users in his joining chapter anyway), Brom (same) and Mordecai (if I can make anything out of his crap bases and mediocre growths), Kieran (I'll try, don't blame me for the shit he could do because his accuracy and avoid are so bad and his personnal skill isn't made for him + paladins are really not that great in FE10 because of terrain), little heron will be used only if vital and kept in security. /Ike (forced if I intend to finish the run or the Burger King will OS him), not Boyd (please guys his bases for his level are awful and he's far from the promotion bonuses, he sucks in his joining chapter and takes forever to start paying off), Ilyana again, not Soren (1 sage is hard enough to protect and he doesn't even access to high level thunder tomes), Titania (she's nearly forced to finish 3-1 in time), and Gatrie only if his T2 has acess to axes, if not then sadly Gatrie won't be my guy (well Brom will join fast enough anyway), Mordecai (if he truned good enough), Haar (if I need him or else bye bye god tier flyer), Heather (utility), and I think that's it for axe/thunder/tigers. /The same ones + the new tiger (yes, the shitty one, but there's something about him I've always wanted to try, so I'll do it now), and I think that's it. Or are there other ones? Paragon will be given to the latest units exp-wise (notably said baby tiger who clearly has cat growths, at least he won't get doubled much ^^ unlike Mordecai). /Well now I won't change the cast for the tower, just keeping the best ones and benching the ones who couldn't survive. No POR boosts in case you ask. --- I did prologue with Micayah killing the mobs, then Nolan only until I get Ilyana. End of chapter 1: Micayah 5,14: 17 hp, 2 str, 11 mag, 9 skl, 8 spd, 13 lck, 2 def, 8 res. Nolan 13,59: 12 str, 1 mag, 15 skl, 14 spd, 7 lck, 13 def (I gave him the dracoshield), 4 res. Got unlucky on strength...I didn't modify my level ups, I didn't use Cheat Engine, everything legit. Maybe I'll use save/reload to maximize stats per level for the bad sarting characters (Jill, Volug whose exp gains suck, Brom at the beginning if he doesn't get good level ups from the get-go, Mordecai, the other tiger, Ike because he needs good stats to beat Fast Food) but not like resetting 30 times until I get a near-perfect level up like I like to do (just going for the stats they lack will be enough). Ike will be forced to use axes once he can, unless the boss attacks him from 2 range (forcing a 1-2 range legendary weapon named Ragnell). If he can be beaten with Urvan then Ike will use Urvan, but I highly doubt it (range, stats, WTD).
  3. So I finally got around to beating Path of Radiance on Hard, first time, although I can't say it was my first time trying it. Fuck you, Ashnard. On a side note, I can see why everyone gives Awakening so much shit about it's story and character development. This is the second Fire Emblem game I've completed, and with Awakening being my first... I'm ashamed to say it got me into the series. But I love it all the more for it, nonetheless. I didn't come here to complain, though. I've an incoming shipment for Radiant Dawn from a nearby GameStop ($70, jeez) and it'll be here... soon, haha. My question is, in the meantime, I'm going to be doing a Random Mode Transfer Run. Now, the characters below I've listed by their priority, Level/Stat Cap-wise. 1. Shinon (Favorite character in the game, don't know why) 2. Ike (Surprise <_<) 3. Elincia (It feels fitting, having her capped) 4. Ranulf (^^) 5. Boyd (Only Fighter, and even in Radiant Dawn, he's one of two) 6. Mist (I've heard she's common to cap, by people?) 7. Mia (It's always easy to have Mia cap... unless she's Strength screwed) 8. Ilyana (I originally left her out, only to grind for supports with Zihark so I can recruit him easier in Radiant Dawn, but I found she wasn't all that bad) 9. Zihark (^^) 10. Soren (Grinded supports with Ike, grew on me) 11. Gatrie (Grinded supports with Shin- you get the drift) 12. Geoffrey (Paragon) 13. Sothe (I heard he kinda gets useless later in Radiant Dawn? I'd like to fix that) 14. Marcia (Heavily suggested) 15. Jill (Heavily suggested) 16. Rhys (Only Bishop, yeah?) 17. Astrid (She needs it, correct) 18. Makalov (For Supporting with Astrid's sake) My question is: Will this all be possible? I originally wanted all the Greil Mercenaries to be capped, but with Rolf, Titania, and Oscar... I'd rather not. I didn't come here to ask whether or not WHOM I should cap, but rather if its all possible, and if so, how can I... maximize success?
  4. Does anyone have any ideas for a fun challenge run for fire emblem 11, shadow dragon? Not really insanely hard ones, just stupid ones, like only characters that look like they did weed or something.
  5. Leave your corrin, castle address and lvl/class in this post! Corrin: Eliz Class: A fighter Special skill?: Vantage Level: 10 Best to recruit: start of the game Castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Have fun guys :D
  6. So I recently beat all three paths of FE Fates. Had a lot of genuine fun, cried at bs rng, laughed at Azama, even spent like 4 hours in one run to try and level up the villager and then realized it wasnt worth it. Needless to say, it has been a journey. Most recently I began a new playthrough on Birthright hard. Hard because Im not going through lunatic levels of reinforcements again and Birthright,because I want to recruit several copies of characters like Yukimura for my logbook. Of course after enduring more fates than reinforcements on lunatic, I wanted a fresh experience. So it was, wishing for more variety, that I decided that on this run I would exclusively use one class. My (unfortuneately) favorite class in all of Fire Emblem. A class I spent an unhealthy number of hours grinding to simply make feasible and an unpleasant number of restarts to save in FE Shadow dragon. I am of course referring to the Ballistician (now with extra tank!). I essentially used the mycastle to recruit a stupid powerful Xander and proceeded to clear Ballistician Blitz some 2 dozen times. I set the rule I may use 5 non ballisticans, but they must weild bows and that all male units must be promoted to Ballistician asap. This means Hayato sucks even more than usual. The first few chapters were interesting, but at chaprter 10 I noticed a discrepencie. It was as if the game wasnt balanced around the player's team having only archers?! Weird right? The enemy Ninja, if they got too close would devestate my tanks, I mean Ballistae. Likewise, the player phase decimated all enemy units. My low movement and defense created an interesting dynamic which revolved around baiting the enemy and punishing with my full pachyderm might.A lternatively it was a never ending stuggle to prevent my units from being one round ko'd. Seriously though, I just had a blast being frustrated while at the same time pleased with the silly results of my holy army of the Fuijin Tankumi. I thought it would be fun to read other peoples experiences of breaking the game with class issolation or really anything funny at all, especially in regards to challeng like runs. I do love this game and I grudgingly enjoy the dlc, but why oh why, can I beat this game using my (unfortuneately) favorite, weak ass, store brand armor knight, knock off archer, gimmicky, situtational, gets doubled by enemy generals and inadvertantly sets all units weapon rank to E class!? please tell me about you own thoughts or experience, Im dying to know what everyone else is doing.
  7. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Just wondering how people play Fire Emblem. Do you reset everytime someone dies? Or do you continue on despite character deaths(Ironman)? And why? Would you ever play the game in the opposite way? I always reset if one unit dies, it has actually become a habit, but recently I've been wanting to try playing without resetting.
  8. Oh, hello there! As you can see from the topic's title, I'm going to do a patriotic run. ...And by that, I mean that I'm allowed to use only characters that are born in Ylisse only. (Yes, Robin is not allowed. He's the bad guy after all) Anyways, I'm going to post a link of the run, which is in a different forum. ...Why post it here? I thought that some people might be interested with this run. That, and SF apparently doesn't allow me to upload images from Miiverse because they're too big why Anyways, here's the link: http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/9252140/1/ The run's up to Paralogue 1, and I'm also going to update the run soon for Champions of Yore 1, so stay tuned! Also, the first post has broken images. Why? Because I copied the URL straight from Miiverse, and I deleted the images. From Update 2, I downloaded the images, and then uploaded them on Imgur, so the problem only happens in the first update.
  9. Have any of you seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6So666eZwg Some really gnarly stuff going on here. Enjoy. :)
  10. I'm curious to know how everyone will play their game on their very first run, so feel free to share your choice and reasons. For me it would be: Hoshido Hard/Classic No Reset Little to no grinding (but I will be messing around with Hoshido My Castle). I always play a new Fire Emblem game this way because it reminds me of playing the series for the very first time as a kid and I wanna see how much I've improved as an Fire Emblem player in general by thinking of strategies on the fly and dealing with the consequences of having a character die without making the game unbeatable (i.e Fredrick dying in lunatic during the first few chapters of Awakening). But if Orochi, Orobo or Pieri die... so help me god I will jump out of a freaking window. EDIT: Now Hoshido or Nohr is an option in the poll.
  11. THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S HERE. THE SEQUEL-PREQUEL THING OF A GAME. THE MANLY TEAM IS BACK. You know the drill, the MANLIEST OF MEN only. The difference is, this run will be played on HHM. I have never played HHM before (except for the first two chapters), so there is going to be a small exception to the rule. Serra can be used very occasionally if necessary, because this run is more for entertainment, and it can't really be that if I can't complete the levels (Dusk probably can with his eyes closed, but I suck at FE, so...). Yeah. Once Canas or Lucius promote, Serra will no longer be permitted, yada yada. Let's just play the game! [spoiler=This level reminded me why I stopped playing HHM] THE PREQUEL-SEQUEL YEAH THIS TIME WE AREN'T PUSSIES SORTA Accurate ELIDAD NO MANLY friends *implying he isn't already* That's right, it is another journey Now we're playing a game with hit rates OsTHWOMP doesn't like it as rough as Hector OH SHIT THWOMP BROTHER but love and adventure PLOT HECTOR HIS EYES ARE UP THERE DUN DUN DUNNNNN 'rendezvous' kinky 'Move out of the way or I'll penetrate you!' Wait that didn't come out right Yeah No Yeah your strength sucks Point proven THWOMP I like you already I like money I am already getting owned, awesome HECTOR COME ON IT'S THE FIRST CHAPTER THWOMP SO GOOD OH IT'S ON NOW BRO This went on for a couple turns until Hector got there God dammit Hector too THWOMP for you Wow some boss *gestures towards Matthew* Nah, Hector loves to make a mess Kinky Oh shit If I were that knight, I'd waddle away as fast as I could Why is this guy easier to take out than half the enemies in this level HEY SPOILER ALERT MAN HECTOR STOP SUCKING Hector doesn't have enough speed for that And so it begins SHUT IT GENERIC SOLDIER FIGHT ME Having back problems there, old man? OSTHWOMP, the MANLIEST OF THWOMPS, joins us Next time, we meet up with some of the MANLY MEN and fight crime together!
  12. Due to some reasons, the FE6 MANLY RUN had to be cancelled. Fortunately, after some planning, we have decided to restart the run. This means that I LOSE ALL MY SHITTY LEVEL UPS!!! Oh well, I'll probably get them all back anyway. Rules are the same as last time. 1. Obviously Men only (Elphin is a guy) 2. Women can be moved, but other than that only used for recruitment (Sadly, Echidna is a woman) 3. Elphin or Echidna Route doesn't matter at all 4. Same with Ilia or Sacae 5. Normal Mode, because the lack of healers earlygame will make it nearly unbearable (Also because I'm a coward) 6. Just gonna throw out a swearing warning, if anyone actually cares As Marquess unfortunately left us, a new person will be taking his place. The manliest of men have facial hair, and who did that? He is experienced in the art of manly runs. He is myth. He is legend. He is probably going to get much better levels than me. The FE6 MANLY RUN will now feature... DODGEDUSK!!! That is all. Here's chapter one. [spoiler=Chapter One] IT RETURNS PLOT You bet your ass it was, cause this! Is! ELIBE!!! Oh wait... It says Pherae doh RAT FACE KID Let's not A moment of silence for the item in that village We will never know what it is What? Villagers? You think I give a shit about villagers? "I heard everyone was on top of each other and came as fast as I could" CHIN is giving his stuff to Lance I'm still not using him "That's right Marcus. Gimme those weapons, now you go out there and hope they don't hit you! Good luck!" First hit of the project! Hey, that's my line! Oh, darn THE CHIN IS BEING USED TO GO SEE VILLAGE GIRLS WHAT A PRO I'm curious if he can potentially be good If Roy can double you, you need to rethink your life ROY ARE YOU REDEEMING YOURSELF SO PROUD DAMMIT YES MOOLAH SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED Dolt, what? I've decided on something. I'll put up a poll on what scrub character I should use. What did I really expect? Lance you really need one more point of strength STREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGTH It's doomsday for this jackass ROY WHY WHA ROY YES DUMBASS DOLT GET HIM I really hope I don't get you in the scrub poll Yeah, he got one more point of strength DEJA VU "But why are you on each other?!" WAIT ELIWOOD HAS BECOME ELIDAD ELIDAD Next time, the revenge of MAN OF STEEL And here's a summary of the run:
  13. Introduction: Hey guys. First off, there may already be a thread for this somewhere on the forums, but I checked the first 5 pages of this subforum and couldn't find anything like it, so I figured it'd be safe to post. This is essentially a thread for people to find detailed challenge runs that they can attempt in Fire Emblem: Awakening, as well as post their own challenges for other people to attempt. It is my personal belief that Lunatic and Lunatic+ are poorly balanced, and so challenge runs are really the only way for players to get more replay value out of the game after completing it on Hard. I'll add all the challenges you guys suggest to this post for ease of use. If you want, you can post in this thread to let us know how many challenges you've completed, and how well you did on them. Guidelines: None, other than a specific format for posting Challenge Runs, which can be found below: Challenges: Challenge Name: Super Shepherd Bros. Basic Concept Summary: You are only allowed to use characters that are canonically considered members of the Shepherds. If a character dies, you are not allowed to restart the map, so you have a very limited number of characters to last you throughout the entire game. Every death counts. If either your Avatar or Chrom dies, you lose one life. You have three lives total. Difficulty Setting: Hard/Classic. Number of Continues: Three. Resets Allowed: None. Risen Encounters Allowed: No. Pair-Up Allowed: Yes. Characters Allowed: Female or Male Avatar, Chrom, Sully, Stahl, Vaike, Lissa, Frederick, Sumia, Miriel, Kellam, Ricken, Maribelle. Choose one character to be your '13th Shepherd'. This character can be any non-Spotpass character who is not originally a member of the Shepherds, such as Virion. This character can be used normally, but if this character dies, it costs you one of your lives, and you are still not allowed to reset to save them. Support Restrictions: All Supports allowed. DLC Allowed: None. Bonus Box Allowed: None. Event Tiles Allowed: All event tile types allowed. Items Allowed: All. Miscellaneous Restrictions: None. Notes: This is a good challenge run to start with. Very doable, but by no means a cake walk. Creator: RiskyPLUS. Challenge Rating: * *
  14. Because noone's ever done one of these before... Rules: -All of the growth rates for the player controlled units are set to 0%. -All of the characters will be recruited. -I will be going on Ephraim route (another shocker). -I will attempt (key word there) to achieve the lowest turncounts possible given those constraints. I'll probably edit the OP later on to include other things of importance. Probably. Prologue- 1/1 turn Chapter 1- 3/4 turns One can only hope that the later chapters will be more interesting to watch.
  15. I was going to do a female-only run but that's been done before and it was done quite recently iirc, and about 2/3 of the cast of male, so I decided on a facial-hair only run! We need better ideas I was considering using the twins because plot and Ephraim's critical animation but I'm not sure I'll start on this as soon as possible Index! [spoiler=Prologue] Facial hair demands no less This place reminds me of Australia Vigarde sounds like a cool guy. He has fantastic facial hair too You better not die. The world would lose an amazing goatee The plot gets decided here. C'mon Seth! Dammit Seth! Time to run away Oh look we were followed. Frail Princess, hold the line! Dude I doubt it. It's the prologue and he's the Oifrey Needless to say he died. Time to run some more! [spoiler=Chapter 1: Escape!] Oh crap he has facial hair we're screwed And our escapees have found more trouble. Good job I don't remember any of this And now we wait; for next turn... WE GET BEARD You hair-less soldiers have nothin' on Gilliam GIVE WALL MORE WALLING CAPABILITIES I mistimed this, but Gilliam missed. Fortunately so did the soldier DAMMIT FRANZ WALL DAMN YOU I thought this was a good position for Franz As you can see, it wasn't Oh hell yeah. The beard is too strong Not bad at all I have a feeling this could end up going south real quick THE LANCES HAVE TOUCHED Oh no reinforcements! Maybe I shouldn't have had the cursor on Eirika GILLIAM WALL Didn't catch his last level up. It was HP, speed and luck. Speed is speed so eh YES GILLIAM! BEARD IS BETTER THAN MOUSTACHE NO GOATEE DIED THE BOULDER! [spoiler=Chapter 2: The Protected] Beard goes that way. Moustache follows him HOLY CRAP IT'S WOLVERINE Lessgo Vanessa rescue I don't see how this could go wrong. Nope Ally Garcia missed without even moving I can't remember why I took this. Maybe because the enemy's glowing? Dat tactical rescue chain Uhhh no you're not The only reason why your son is alive right now is because I need him to recruit you PROTECT BOULDER YES BEARD Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Because Garcia apparently can't hit anything Moulder is now forced to take one for the team dammit Time to do a tactical sort-of retreat. Also Beard nearly had his last shave WALL NEEDS MORE WALLAGE GARCIA STAHP IT Tactical retreat. Garcia please don't screw this over for me Garcia why? But yeah Bone broke easily Building up dem supports It's strength and speed. I'll take it OH IT'S ALL KICKING OFF NOW Pfft. PFFT. Don't make me laugh kid Yay flashbacks And then they had sex Seriously though, apparently her bracelet is now gone and Seth now wants to get it. Ughh... [spoiler=Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo] Your country's screwed up man THE TREE IS SPEAKING TO ME! I didn't notice this at the time but Seth is clearly doing Eirika right now Nope. Don't care I don't see how this is my problem DAMMIT MY SHIPPING SIDE IS GETTING THE BETTER OF ME. OFF WE GO. I forgot to mention that Colm is the one who donkey punched Eirika in the last chapter Nope. When you're about 90 and you have that one strand of hair on your chin then maybe Forgot to take a picture of the start of the map. Garcia actually hit something I'd do this, but then I won't be able to get free loot ARMY MOVE DAMMIT GARCIA Best relationship ever It's strength. I'll take it Dafuq First double of the playlog. Also Garcia critted but I mistimed it STRENGTHCIA BEARD OFF DAMMIT GARCIA First level up for Moustache. Ehhhhhhhhhh TWO CHANCES TO KILL GARCIA WHY? Yeah screw Garcia I was getting impatient It's defence. Hopefully he gets some speed soon Oh yeah we have to seize the throne You know I actually really like this pairing Dude there was a mercenary there you would've died I shouldn't have to explain this WANT You can't insult Duessel he has greater facial hair than you This guy is so cool. Shame he's a bit of a dick And now our hairy friends carry on moving towards Grado. I wonder what they will discover... If you're still interested, I have the rest of the chapters down below as hyperlinks Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors Chapter 5: The Empire's Reach Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart Chapter 6: Victims of War Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall Chapter 8: It's a Trap! A New Journey Chapter 9: Ford Rigwald Chapter 10: Turning Traitor Chapter 11: Phantom Ship Chapter 12: Landing at Taizel Chapter 13: Fluorspar's Oath Chapter 14: Father and Son Chapter 15: Scorched Sands Chapter 16: Ruled by Madness Chapter 17: River of Regrets Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil Chapter 19: Last Hope Chapter 20: Darkling Woods Chapter 21/Final chapter: Sacred Stone Epilogue/character analysis
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