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Found 13 results

  1. Normally, my church is held on a Saturday night (don't ask). Instead, it was held tonight, complete with a guest speaker and his wife. After a while, the guest speaker's wife got the microphone, and she started her section of the program. It covered things that I doubt most of you are interested in, and kept going for a while. She then mentioned what kind of music she'd blast to torture educate her kids. And then starts singing a certain Rick Astley song. Never thought I'd be rickrolled by a pastor's wife!
  2. So what's up SF. Integrity has his Christmas thread and negativity I banned there, so I thought to myself "man, we should give the people who are having an awful Christmas a place to talk about it. Are you having an awful Christmas? Are you spending the holidays alone? Did your boyfriend break up with you last night? Can your extended family not shut up about how much of a failure you are? Do you have to sleep in the shed 'because the house was full'? Then this thread is the place for you.
  3. I posted in FFtF, oh, maybe about 5 months ago about me getting a cat named Cheeto. Some of you might remember. As expected, he's adjusted perfectly. Has times when he thinks he can attack my arms and legs and get away with it, but by now I wouldn't give him up for the world. I also had a birthday recently, my mom brought over a card and a balloon. Cheeto doesn't like the balloon part, but he'll play with the string...today he actually grabbed the string and started walking out of the bedroom down the hallway! Managed to get a picture when he did it a second time. [spoiler=Photographic Evidence] Oh, and that cat cave thing isn't broken, it has paper and duct tape on it because my little brother made a "man cave" sign. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it should be tom cave...
  4. (I didn't want to put this in Serious Discussion because I feel like I'd honestly get better advice here) So, recently I've been getting small bouts of just feeling down for no reason after having been happy and joyful just a few minutes earlier. It'd be one thing if this just happened once or twice, but it happens fairly frequently with me, though I may not show it as much (as opposed to if there IS a reason I'm down and depressed, then I vocalize it almost too much). Does this sort of thing happen often to anyone else, and how do you think I should go about maybe reining in the problem of not outright eliminating it?
  5. Until the Lightsworn Structure Deck finally gets released in the US. I haven't been this excited about a release in a LOONG time.
  6. Welp. Here goes: 1. My favorite video game of all time is: A. Final Fantasy II/IV B. Luigi's Mansion C. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker D. Superman 64 2. My nickname when I was a kid was: A. Faggot B. Vin-Kohai C. Coconut Head D. ZM 3. I got suspended in the fifth grade for: A. Punching someone in the face B. Cursing at a teacher C. Slamming a locker door shut D. Streaking 4. My least favorite Fire Emblem game is: A. FE7 B. FE13 C. FE6 D. FE5 5. I had an avatar of the following characters before. Which is it: A. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic series) B. Minami Shimada (Baka and Test) C. Luigi/Mr. L (Mario series) D. Reimu Hakurei (Touhou Project series) 6. I considered committing suicide in the 8th grade because: A. Someone on the Internet dared me to do it B. My parents told me I was a failure C. I was getting humiliated by kids at school at the time and my homeroom teacher added on to my misery D. Just because 7. My preferred area of SF to post in is: A. Fire Emblem Drafts B. Other Games C. Forum Games D. Introductions 8. A pet peeve of mine is: A. Seeing that there's jelly in the peanut butter B. Getting ignored after asking a valid statement that should be responded to C. Both A and B D. Neither A or B 9. My favorite TV show is: A. Family Guy B. Hannah Montana C. 24 D. Desperate Housewives 10. My favorite FE13 character is: A. Lon'qu B. Validar C. Cynthia D. None of the above Bonus: How well do you think you know me? A. A lot, bro. You rock. B. Eh...so-so. C. Not too much. D. I don't even know who the hell you are.
  7. I go to do the magic-money-rock trick and one of the rocks smashes apart to reveal a Sapphire. What the hell am I supposed to do with it? >_>
  8. Yeah. She was driving home from her job, and apparently some guy was driving in front of her with the Confederate flag waving from the back of his car. He flipped her off, but she didn't really care. But, he pulled over and started driving behind her, and blinked his headlights at her. If she didn't stop at a gas station, who knows what would've happened? Kinda scary.
  9. Just curious. I mean, the guy hasn't showed up for a while, but when I looked at how many posts were in a particular topic, his name was grayed out like Crash's, meaning he was banned in some way. Again, just curious.
  10. My arm has a large red bandaid wraped around it, and I'll need to drink tons of water for the rest of the day, but I'm alive. I'm pretty exhausted, too.
  11. Anyone else watch this great anime, as well as A Certain Scientific Railgun? The only ones I know that do besides me are Sask, Luster, and Cordelia. WE NEED MORE FANS, YEAH.
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