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  1. Greetings, everyone! Here I am once again bringing one of my many works made over the years... actually complete for once! Okay, I've actually been uploading this in other websites as I wrote it, but I figured might as well upload it here too. Since what better place to post a Fire Emblem story than in a Fire Emblem site? Yeah okay, I didn't while it was a work in progress. Anyway, here it is now. Now, unlike previous stuff I've put up, I won't do with a Feedback thread. Judging from previous experience, I think it's best if the feedback, if there's any, to just be here in the story thread itself. That said, do wait up until I've uploaded the whole thing before actually commenting, in case you're reading this right after it goes up. Once the epilogue is up, the story is fully uploaded and so you're free to post. Well then, the following story is a rewrite/revision from a work long mostly uploaded at Writing.com, for a CYOA style of work. Wanting to turn it into a proper fanfic, I wrote the missing parts, which was mostly the beginning portion. That said, I also did a fair amount of rewriting to the parts I did wrote originally. If by any chance you happened to have read that original version, well, I hope this new one will still be worth the read. Lastly, one word of warning. It'd perhaps be best to read this if you've at least played or are aware of the events of SoV up to the end of Act 3 if you mind to be spoiled. Just in case. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy: Cavern of the Fae
  2. Drafting 1. This is a draft for 3 players 2. Genny Silque Alm and Celica are free 3. This will be played on hard mode Rules 1. No deploying undrafted units 1b. For 1-1 and 1-2 undrafted units may not fight but they may block heal tiles 1c For Berkut fight undrafted units that are forced into the temple must hide in a corner and may not trade or use white magic ect, with drafted units 1d For Dungeons use the evacuate command to undeploy undrafteds 2. All turns spent in all maps count This includes Map spawns and Dungeon fights, Grinding in dungeons IS allowed but you have to pay the turncounts (advice, if you wish to skip map spawns you can use hover rigging https://youtu.be/mCu-rQIVVCo) 2.a.b if you wish to avoid getting ambushed by a map encounter use the wait command to control where the map spawn walks. 3. Saber and conrad are Free for 2-E 4. You are required to do all fights on the world map including Nuibaba's abode and Beast Hunt and also do The dragon shrine fight, the duma lance fight and the Hexlock Shield fight (the necrodragon fight between Zeke's map and Rigel Falls is skippable) 5. Drafting order is snake draft 1-2-3-3-2-1 repeated until all 30 draftable units are taken (Sonya and Deen are drafted separately) 6. Money grinding in dungeons is limited to 15 silver worth of box breaking/grass cutting per dungeon, ( excluding duma tower) provisions are valued at their sell price at the smithy. The first 4 seabound shrine corral does not count toward this limit, in deliverance hideout/Thieves shrine this limit is shared between alm and Celica. 6b. unlimited amounts of grinding is allowed in duma tower 6c. A player upon reaching duma tower is allowed to use the mila's gift DLC to gain 8 extra gold, aside from this all DLC is banned. 7. 0 turning your first visit to dragon shrine will count as 0 turning it, but 0 turning any other map will count as 1 turning it. Penalties 1.Skipping Fear mountain or Nuibaba's abode is a 5 turn penalty 2.Skipping any dungeon map (Duma lance, Hexlock shield, Necrodragons in dragon shrine, Brigand boss) is a 2 turn penalty 3.Having an undrafted unit fight is a 1 turn penalty each time they fight something. (except for saber in 2-E) 4.Deploying an undrafted unit is a 1 turn penalty per unit (on top of penalty 3, does not apply in the final dungeon 1-1, 1-2 or when ambushed by a map reinforcement)
  3. While working on uncovering the Item ID's for Shadows of Valentia I made a tool to enable quicker editing of items. It requires an encrypted save exported by a variety of tools. As mentioned in the post I released the tool in take note of the following: Do not decrypt your chapter, just load it in raw. It incorporates the FEST code that's required, and saves back into a proper format. I will not take responsibility for mucking up your savegame. Create backups yourself. I will release new versions when I can and probably in its own thread. Its wrapped in a ClickOnce installer because I'm a lazy developer. Can provide source on request, not using Git tho. Version https://1drv.ms/f/s!Auf7dSCWvefrhTbz6y9mPY6f_8yx Features: Load encrypted chapters Save encrypted chapters Replace all items of a single type with another Recognize known Item ID's Recognize forge level Replace single items in convoy Added Astra/Sol/Luna Updated types for some bows that were listed as lances Added some venin weapons Known issues: Settings has no purpose Does not properly replace forged items
  4. Have you been bored with Shadows of Valentia? Have you wanted to use new weapons, rings, or learn about new growths on a familiar character? Do you just want to have some more interesting maps, with more unique enemy layouts that isn't just 6 Cavaliers 30 tiles away from you? Do you want that one generic boss from Gaiden that wasn't added to SoV to be added? Boy do I have what you'll want. Duma's Power is a work in progress. Any Info is subject to change, and stuff like that, y'know? As the creator of the previous Shadows of Valentia hack, Amiibos++, I'm creating a hack that will alter all 6 acts of the game, and I won't stop until all 6 are done. Duma's Power will change as many aspects of the game as possible, from item stats, to Duma's Attacks, to even some Spell lists. At the current moment, Act 1 is being worked on, and is nearly finished, map wise, along with some stats. This kinda stuff takes time, and is weird to work with. I have no gameplay videos, Shadows of Valentia emulation has gotten worse since my showcase of Amiibos++. Instead, I have a small photo gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/8SvZPsH If the image gallery doesn't work, just call me a dumbass and I'll fix it. I'll post the Act 1 Build on Gamebanana once it is ready. Please, wait warmly until it is. Thank you all for visiting this page atleast. If you want updates on even the smallest of edits I do, I made a Discord specifically for this, where I do accept playtesters: https://discord.gg/XkV6nTyPZ3 Sorry for the crappy looking post lol, have a fallen berkut sprite
  5. This hack is defunct, my new hack has all of the features from this, so go there: How do I install this mod: Drag the files from the downloaded .zip file into your ROMFS folder. This Folder will always have the title id of 00040000001B4000. This has only been tested on a USA Cartridge/Digital, and EUR Digital with the Title ID of 00040000001B4100 on an Old 2DS, so it may not work on a Japanese or English Patched Japanese version of the game. Where do I recruit my new allies: At the beginning of Alm's Route, recruiting Kliff and Faye will result in Marth, Roy, Lucina and Corrin (M) joining, effectively doubling Alm's starting power. At the beginning of Celica's route, you can recruit Ike, Corrin (F), and Robin, from recruiting Genny and the forced Saber Recruitment. Bugs: Shields look odd on Marth and Roy. Find a way to alter where they get attached. Ike's victory animation looks awkward, but a new victory animation isn't possible right now. Will be fixed once I learn how to do specific stuff like that. Male Corrin's cape does not vanish properly during certain animations. Apparently Dread fighter animations don't like his cape. Alm does not hold amiibo weapons in his left hand. Amiibo weapons vanish when put into the convoy, but with auto equip will reappear again. Seems thats about all of it. Now let's move onto the juicy stuff. Screenshots + Download: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12895 I keep this up to date with the releases, so no need to worry. Showcase Video: It's laggy, and it crashes twice, but it gets the point across? This video is from a slightly older version where amiibos didn't use Generic voices.
  6. Since all the Fire Emblem games in the Nintendo 3DS systems are rated T for Teen by ERSB in North America. I know that in Japan that Awakening is rated B by CERO while Fates was bumped to C by CERO and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia went back to CERO B. I'm just kinda cerious if anyone exactly knows how the CERO rating system works and what did Fates received a CERO C instead of CERO B? I know that CERO C is rated 15 and up while CERO B is rated 12 and up in Japan while we don't exactly have a ERSB rating around 15 and up between T for Teen (13 and up) and M for Mature (17 and up) in North America. Since I kinda looked at some plot stuff and content showed in Fates that pretty much did not have in Awakening nor Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that might have gotten bumped to CERO C. Would these type of stuff appeared in Fates might have bumped to CERO C?: or was it something else that might have got Fates bumped to CERO C?
  7. Shadow Dragon added 7 of them. Combine that with the 5 from New Mystery (not counting the returning Shadow Dragon OC characters, the BS FE characters, etc) and that's 11 of them total in the span of these two remakes. Which is ridiculous since Archanea's cast is already big enough. These new characters don't even flesh any of the others out, they're entirely self contained. The only one close to fleshing anyone out is Norne, and she becomes a Kris cheerleader. Not once does she mention Gordin and Draug in Heroes nor Fe12. Kris is even controversial and makes established scenes worse. Meanwhile Echoes only has 5 of them. And only 2 are playable. None of the OCs are self contained either outside of Rinea, and she's extremely minor in the plot and not playable at all. Faye's apart of the starting group of Ram bois, Berkut is obvious, Fernand is a founder of the deliverance and helps give Clive, Clair and the others more story and conflict, and Conrad gives Halcyon more purpose and fleshed out Celica's past some more. FE4/FE6 remake please don't let us down.
  8. Infernal Map Not too hard~ Cheeky Flash Cleric means I will be cheeky, too~
  9. Is anyone aware of anyone who has been able to build CIAs that install a DLC to add characters/items similar to how Mila's Bounty works? I'm hoping to achieve something similar to what DeathChaos25 was able to do for fates, where he was able to import Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick into the exdata via installing DLC through a CIA file and "playing" the DLC to add characters/items. If anyone's been successful with it or knows of a guide about writing DLC/CIAs for FE15 please let me know
  10. Does anyone got all three in less than 100 hours? Been playing my file for more than 90 and haven’t got even one... have had farmed inner sanctum for a long time and Thabes and still nothing. On Thabes I usually get a few rusted weapons but they are normally venim weapons. Do you have any tips?
  11. What's the best final map theme? God shattered star (golden deer route) or twilight of the gods (shadows of valentia).
  12. TL;DR: Save editing is indeed possible for Shadows of Valentia, but it's a little more complicated than that. So as we all know, SoV just recently was released in Japan, and was leaked even before the official JP release. Not much research has been done into saves, but theoretically, if it's anything like Fates, a save editor should be simple, right? Wrong. For some reason, IS decided to switch up the way saves were written, making them generally a headache to decipher. Here is what has been figured out about the saves so far: Items: Character Editing: To be added later Post any save editing discoveries you've made here as well!
  13. Eya, I recently bought Fire Emblem Echoes and founf it to be very hard around chapter 4, especially the Alm route (4 units died on me, namingly Python, Clive, Mathilda and later Kliff) and I just wanted to know if that's something normal or me being an idiot.
  14. What is the best hacks or cheats for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia? I’m mainly looking for hacks or cheats to get the rare weapons, Astra, Sol, Luna and also easy level promotions, maxed stats, learned all weapon skills, and after all that, if it’s possible, save the file and not continuing the hacks or cheats. My OCD is killing me. Those items are way too hard to find and I don’t have the time to grind for them. :( Any help would be great!
  15. Hello everyone, If I were to make a fire emblem copycat game but with different characters, story and dialogue and but only keep the gameplay mechanics. Specifically of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, would I get into trouble with Nintendo over copyright disputes? because from what I can gather they can copyright the game, characters even aesthetics. but not gameplay. The reason I'm asking this here is does anyone have any experience with making their own FE inspired turn-based strategy game? and if so what would be the do's and don'ts? to ensure the project, myself and the team do not fall under any lawsuits by Nintendo. I know it may seem shallow to want to copy the mechanics of a game, but I'd rather make a really good copycat than a really bad original game. My other (more personal) objective with the project is to promote cultural awareness of my father country, it's language, dialects, scripture history and culture. there is a lot of media out there in surrounding it like books, movies, and music. But no video games. So that's my motivation for this project, I even found the perfect historic event to take inspiration from, one that would really fit the "FE" archetype I think. So, any thoughts or tips?
  16. So recently I've been replaying Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia after almost half a year of the last time I did so. It's still my favorite Fire Emblem game and I'm enjoying this playthrough, but I have been noticing a lot more of its flaws and rougher spots. Mostly with the story, but also in some cases the animation. It started off rather nit-picky, with simple thoughts of how they could have altered a line of dialogue to make it better, or that the conversation should have been about something else entirely, but they were pretty minor and stuff one realized in hindsight, so it didn't bother all that much. As the game went on, however, these moments piled up, to the point were everytime the game entered the visual novel mode, I found something new that the could have changed with at least one NPC present. The thing was, though, that not all of these moments came off as amateur writing, but instead that they didn't have the time or the money to expand or flesh out everything that they could have. For instance, the only quest giving NPCs I really remembered were the cheese lover, the woman who lost her son, and the pirate who tells you that his father had a tricorn hat. Yet when I played the game again, I thought that they should have been the most memorable NPCs in the game with their unique dialogue, interesting stories that occasionally added to the world, and their interactions with the player. However, this would have required either hiring a new voice actor or extending the paycheck of an already present one, having them record various lines for saying "yes", "no", "are you done yet" and "the quest is done". The voice acting, as great as it was, did mean that editing already recorded lines became an impossibility unless they delayed the game or asked for more money, which isn't always a wise idea in game development. Heck, even something as simple as adding unique portraits for NPC would have cost resources and time, and then they'd have to decide who gets what portrait. Even the animations, great as they are, do have sighs where they were limited in some areas. Every class only has one critical hit animation, there are no variations for critical magic spells (although that has been the case for every Fire Emblem game) the copious amounts of clipping show they didn't have the budget or time to make more animations or fix the clipping issue. Even with the fluid animations and smaller details such as characters having proper footing on uneven surfaces, these aspects are pretty noticeable. This is far, far from saying that the game is unpolished, but I'm curious if anyone else has any thoughts or opinions to share on how the lower budget affected the quality of this game.
  17. I went with Gray being a Mercenary, Tobin being an Archer, Kliff being a Mage, Faye being a Cleric, and Atlas being a Mercenary/Cavalier. Well what are the best options?
  18. Hello guys! I found a lot of information regarding the raw growth rate stats but had trouble finding any comparative data, thus decided to try to form my own charts. I have thus far inputted all the growth rates and then formed an average and compared each character's growth rates to the average. I totalled them all up and this allows some really good comparisons: I will work on a proper document with even more info like this including charts and graphs, so stay tuned! If you would like to help just DM me :) I have many plans and will probs do this for each game! The excel document should be ready soon with ordering too! If this all exists already please tell me, but thus far I haven't found anything like it! Name HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Total Alm 16 8 13 7 2 15 1 63 Lukas 6 -12 -2 -13 -3 10 0 -13 Gray 1 -2 -12 -8 -8 -10 -2 -40 Tobin -4 -12 8 -13 -3 -5 -2 -30 Kliff -9 -12 3 22 -13 5 -2 -5 Silque 1 -2 -7 -8 27 5 0 17 Clair -9 -2 13 32 17 -5 0 47 Clive 11 -2 -7 -13 -8 -5 0 -23 Forsyth -4 -2 -12 2 7 -5 1 -12 Python 1 -2 -17 17 -13 -10 2 -21 Luthier 6 -12 33 2 17 0 0 47 Mathilda -4 8 3 17 12 5 2 44 Delthea -14 28 -7 17 7 -15 2 19 Tatiana -14 8 3 2 2 -5 2 -1 Zeke 16 3 13 17 7 10 -1 66 Mycen -24 -32 -32 -28 -28 -25 1 -167 Faye -4 -2 -12 -8 -3 5 1 -22 Celica 6 18 8 12 12 0 2 59 Mae -9 18 -7 2 7 -5 0 7 Boey 11 3 13 -8 -8 10 -1 21 Genny -14 18 8 -8 2 -15 3 -5 Saber 16 -7 -12 -3 -8 10 -2 -5 Valbar 16 -2 -2 -8 -8 15 -1 11 Kamui 6 -2 -12 2 -8 -5 -2 -20 Leon 1 -12 8 -8 -3 -5 2 -16 Palla 6 18 8 -8 -8 10 -1 26 Catria -4 -2 3 17 -3 0 0 12 Atlas 1 8 -12 -13 -8 -10 -2 -35 Jesse -4 -7 -2 7 22 -5 -2 10 Sonya -4 3 8 -3 -3 5 2 9 Deen 16 3 -7 2 -18 5 -2 0 Est -9 13 8 2 22 15 1 53 Nomah -29 -22 -17 -23 -23 -25 -1 -139 Conrad 6 -12 18 7 7 15 6 48
  19. Since the latest Nintendo Direct shown that there is an upcoming Super Smash Bros. title happened today and the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch system on 2018. But, we haven't seen any footages nor any characters revealed for the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title and they haven't shown the Fire Emblem Switch title in today's Direct. I'm guessing that we could see Alm (he does use a bow since he does use a bow in his Hero class on Gaiden and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and it would avoid use the Plain Swordsman category since what happened to Chrom when he was going to be planned during at Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U) or probably add Celica since Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released last year and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia did managed to sold well outside of Japan and it did managed to outsold Pokemon Sun and Moon's numbers since May as one of the Top 10 Best Selling Nintendo 3DS games. However, since the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title is coming to the same year as the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title, but we have no idea which games is going to be coming out first. I totally think the Fire Emblem Switch protagonist is probably going to be showing up either as an Unlockable Newcomer similar to like Roy in Super Smash Bros. Melee since Roy's game The Binding Blade did released after Super Smash Bros. Melee or he/she will might show up as a DLC Newcomer similar to like Corrin since Fire Emblem Fates did released after Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. I don't think it would make any sense and we don't exactly know if he/she will show up as a default fighter since his/her game is going to be coming this year if the Fire Emblem Switch title as well as the Super Smash Bros. Switch title and we still don't have a single release date confirmed other than confirmed 2018 for both of these titles. I know that Sakurai did add Roy and Corrin to the roster as Unlockable, DLC, vice versa since Sakurai did said he's a big fan of the Fire Emblem series and I totally think we could see the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch protagonist being appearing for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Switch title sometime during at the development. What do you guys think how will the protagonist of the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title will show up for the upcoming Nintendo Switch title of Super Smash Bros.? I'm pretty sure we could see some or a few Nintendo related characters (like any ARMS characters, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, etc.) who debut from the Nintendo Switch games that were released around 2017 through early or mid 2018 will might show up for upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch either as default, unlockable, or even DLC newcomers. Edit: The E3 Presentation and the latest Nintendo Direct confirms the new title for both games revealed to be as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for December 9, 2018 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now set to Spring 2019 instead of 2018.
  20. I never even got Deen, because he is the worst between him and Sonya, in order to get Sonya I had to give up on Deen, so with Jesse, Saber, and Kamui, which classes should they be once they become villagers?
  21. I personally like Alm's route better. I just really hate Desert Maps, and Swamp Maps. And I just like Alm better. Plus keeping Celica's army alive is a pain.
  22. Does anyone else not like the voice acting in SoV? Maybe it's just me, but something turned me off about it. Honestly while playing the first time, I didn't like the game as a whole and I couldn't pinpoint why, but after second run with VA off, I really like it. And it's not like there was anything WRONG with the actual voice acting, more with the fact that EVERY SINGLE LINE is read to you and you just have to sit there and listen when you've already read what they're going to say, or just cut them off in the middle of their sentences and get weird sounds of "Alm, let's--I don't kno-- In that ca--Okay." I know this happens in many other games too but I always liked that Fire Emblem avoided it. To contrast, I love the lines that were voiced during dungeon exploration. I wish there had been more to that, maybe because you actually have something to do while they're talking at you. I dunno. Did anyone else feel this way? Am I just weird?
  23. So, what are your favorites and the not so favorites? Mine so far: Favorites: Celica. Shes very lovely to look at, but also a deeply sweet person. Shes stubborn and ruled by her heart, but people point this out. Shes great when she puts her Big Girl Pants on at the end of Act 3. Leon: Should not surprise anyone that i love the purple haired gay guy. Hes done so well, that hes not a stereotype. I love that Nintendo put this guy in. He knows his love is unrequited, and is prepared to deal with it. Mah pewr dude. Plus hes a great unit. Mathilda: Oh shes fantastic. She looks good, is a solid character both on and off the battlefield, and her relationship with Clive is cute. Clair: her support with Gray won me over, that B...yass slay! But shes great. Noble, but not super classist. Shes a lot like Maribelle actually. Mae: Shes so cute. Energetic without being bratty and annoying. Totally hiding that shes got feelings for Boey. I love her supports with Celica and gives her pep talks all the time. Not-So-Favorites: tbh i only really have the one. Gray annoyed me at first but hes got layers and is a cool dude once you get to know him. You know isnt cool when you get to know them? Faye: Shes kind of an asshole. Her entire character revolves around Alm. Theres literally nothing else to her. In a sea of characters with great characterization and depth, she sticks out really sorely. Unlike other characters that are similar (guys like Camilla or Tharja), Faye looks sweet and innocuous. Her design is nice and charming, shes not overbearing in speech either. But shes an asshole. Unlike other really assholish characters like Severa, Faye is not tsundere. But still an asshole. While her A support with Silque is kinda ok, the ones leading up to that really paint a highly unpleasant picture of Faye. She seems to dislike other women, and only wants to be around Alm, and to hell with everyone else. Im sorry, no matter how you paint it, Faye isnt gonna be anything other than a massive jerk to me. I dont take kindly to interlized misogyny, period. (and saying Peri is worse isnt an argument because at least there was more to her than murder.)
  24. I remember back when I first started lurking around SerenesForest, there was a thread where fans would discuss their opinions on various characters from Fire Emblem Fates. A successor thread was eventually made for Fire Emblem Awakening following the conclusion of the Fates one, and I remember keenly following both threads because of how interesting it was to hear other people's opinions on various characters. Now that Echoes has been out for almost three months now amongst the worldwide audience to the point most of us are familiar with the game's cast, I'd figure it'd be a good time to make a "Opinions on that Character" thread for Echoes similar to the Fates and Awakenings ones from the past. For those that participated in those threads linked above, you should already know how it works. For those that are new to a thread like this, it's simple: each day, I will randomly pick a major character from Fire Emblem Echoes and make a post in this thread asking fans to give their opinion on that character. When giving your answer, you can consider any aspects related to the character: personality, overall character, performance as a unit, stats, design, voice acting, etc. Below is a list that will be updated with various characters for each passing day: 08/12/17: #1: Alm #2: Celica 08/13/17: #3: Forsyth #4: Valbar 08/14/17 #5: Tatiana #6: Atlas 08/15/17 #7: Faye #8: Nomah #9: Berkut 08/16/17 #10: Luthier #11: Kamui #12: Irma 08/17/17: #13: Mycen #14: Boey #15: Rinea 08/18/17: #16: Delthea #17: Est #18: Halcyon 08/19/17: #19: Tobin #20: Conrad #21: Slayde 08/20/17: #22: Clair #23: Leon #24: Massena 08/21/17: #25: Mathilda #26: Genny #27: Fernand 08/22/17: #28: Zeke #29: Saber #30: Desaix 08/23/17: #31: Kliff #32: Palla #33: Grieth 08/24/17: #34: Python #35: Mae #36: Nuibaba 08/25/17: #37: Clive #38: Jesse #39: Rudolph 08/26/17: #40: Lukas #41: Catria #42: Jedah 08/27/17: #43: Silque #44: Deen #45: Mila 08/28/17: #46: Gray #47: Sonya #48: Duma 08/29/17: #49: Randal #50: Emma #51: Shade #52: Yuzu I'll be posting the next updates to this thread between 8:00-9:00 PM CST each day, so be sure to come back and check around the given time frame to give your opinion on the next batch of characters. For these first few days, I will present two playable units to give opinions on. After a short while, I will be presenting three characters to give opinions on: two playable units (one from Alm's army, the other from Celica's army) and one major antagonist/major NPC. The choices for these playable units plus major enemy units and NPCs come from SerenesForest's Pre-release Character poll.
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