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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I'm back again to ask another dumb question in this forum. What if the Mjölnir tome not only grants +20 Skill and +10 Speed, but also grants the user to use much higher forms of electromagnetism powers beyond just sending powerful lightning bolts towards enemies? Let's say that House Freege somehow discovered the concept of electromagnetism and gains extensive knowledge of it as years pass, what would happen if Thrud, or rather, his descendants with major holy blood, used that knowledge to utilize the tome's electromagnetism powers to its full potential? Would it make them more powerful? Or would it make them weaker? And how would this affect the story and lore of FE4 and FE5?
  2. This just a what if fire emblem question as say what Lord eliwood passed away early in Roy's childhood how would his adventure be like? How would his relationship be with Lilina and not to forget what about his personality be like? How would he recruit units?
  3. Ok so hear me out what if fire emblem genealogy of the holy war and fire emblem fates revelations had a story swap so imagine Sigurd and seliph and anankos and corrin having game swap thus anankos would be the protagonist of the first gen and Sigurd would have been the antagonist and Julia and azura image that swapped and not to forget mikoto and deirdre imagine how the story would be if swapped so in other like role swap with a different fire emblem game would it be amazing or no ? What would the game be called because of the swap what class for corrin ? Or seliph ? How would the relationship between fathers and their children be like ? How would deirdre be if she was in mikoto's position or Julia in azura's position in fact would seliph be adopted by a royal family like corrin being adopted by nohr family ? What story would you guys imagine in this position would it be a good fanfic story
  4. Basically, which of the factions of the Fire Emblem series can demolish, or at least beat modern militaries in a war. Although Fire Emblem factions are shown to be using medieval weaponry, surely magic would help them stand a chance against the technological might of Earth's militaries. The goal isn't necessarily to conquer or destroy modern nations. The only condition that is absolutely necessary is to force the modern nations and their militaries to surrender. Can any of the Fire Emblem factions in all Fire Emblem games do this?
  5. I'm actually interested on what would happen in FE8's story if Eirika isn't actually a kindhearted and naive person after all and is just a coldhearted sociopath. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that what if Eirika is the kind of person who: is smart and manipulates others by using methods such as pretending to be kind and naive. never actually cares about anybody and only sees others as tools. would leave someone to die just to save herself. never really cares if somebody died whether its an ally or not and would sometimes insult them for being "weak". I could add some more, but you get the idea. How would this kind of Eirika react to the events of Sacred Stones or what events would change as a result of her personality?
  6. So I was kinda looking at the some ideals fighters that we could add in Super Smash Bros. series like the next installment after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Fighter Pass Vol. 2 (incase if Challenger Pack 11 doesn't get revealed at E3 2021). I was looking at the roster that we have two Fighters that were born 1 year older than Mario such as Mr. Game & Watch and the iconic Pac-Man. I did noticed that the roster was lacking with the 70s video game characters and I did seen the 70s video games pretty much lacking showing the characters in those Early Arcade Games such as Atari's Asteroids, Tank, Bandai Namco's Galaxian, etc. I know that we did have two Assist Trophy characters such as Color TV Game 15 and Sherriff were from the 70s and both older than Mario and Pac-Man as well. My thoughts on what I pick as a 70s Video Game Character would possibly fit in as a Fighter: Wagon Leader - The Oregon Trial series by MECC (I know that The Oregon Trial started as a Computer Game in 1971 like Minecraft did and Steve did got in to the roster as well) The Alien (similar to like Duck Hunt) or the Pilot - Space Invaders series by Taito Pong Paddles - Pong (I know that's really more obscured as a Fighter since we do have Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, and R.O.B.) So which video game characters from the 1970s do you think that should be added as a Super Smash Bros. Fighter?
  7. I plan on being a game dev in the future and making my own Fire Emblem-esque SRPG one day, but so far it's a mess of scattered and disconnected ideas that don't really fit together. Thinking about this got me curious what other people would hypothetically come up with if you got to write the plot of a future Fire Emblem game yourselves. It goes without saying that certain games (we all know which ones) have divisive plots so I should clarify that I don't mean an improvement of a story that already exists (so no "x but good/better" type answers), but an original plot that can take inspiration from the mainline series without directly copying their homework. So, what would YOUR Fire Emblem be about?
  8. IS has asked you to design a game. They want this new game to take the very best things from each game in order to create something that all fans can enjoy. So, what will you put into this new game? The catch is, you can only take ONE story element and ONE gameplay element from each title you've played. It doesn't have to be the first instance such a thing has occurred in the series. Assume each element would be done well, even if the source game didn't do it so well. Here is what I'd put into a new game FE6: DRAGONS. Support conversations. FE7: Multiple character/story arcs. Light/Dark/Anima magic. FE8: A nuanced villain. Branching promotions. FE9: World building. Base conversations. FE10: Multiple perspectives and opinions on a conflict. Variety of victory conditions. FE13: Multiple protagonists. Class skills FE14: A story with multiple routes. Attack/Guard stance. FE15: Use characters and the setting to explore different themes. Forging. Heroes: This has a story? Some skills such as Obstruct and the Raven tome series. I've played FE11 but I can't remember it well enough to comment...
  9. Over the years, many game series' have been discontinued or abandoned. There is a variety of causes, companies have become bankrupt, games have a cult following but aren't financially successful and so on. Despite this, there are fans that want these series' to be continued, maybe because they believe it had potential, or maybe it's because the last game in the series ended on a cliffhanger that needs continuing, which leads me to the question presented in this topic: if you could "revive" a game series (this can be anything from a new title to a remake or to an international release), which one would you choose? For me, it would be the Mother series. I know they've said they are done with the series, but I would love to see another title with it's unique dialogue, or an international release of Mother 3 or a remake of one of the titles.
  10. We have Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Megaman, Ryu and we've had Snake before. Outside of these particular 5 who do you think would work as well and why? Clear explanations may help people understand your choices! Also this thread is purely hypothesis and fun, so just have fun! My personal picks? Wellllll.. Also will put pictures of the character in Spoilers #1 Simon Belmont; Castlevania I-IV and others were huge hits on pure Nintendo consoles, sure Castlevania saw arguably its greatest game (Symphony of the Night) on that of the PS1, but Castlevania has always seemed to lean more Nintendo in terms of what systems they are on, although it became more of a tug-of-war later on with Sony. Regardless, Simon Belmont is seen as a Nintendo classic character despite being owned by Konami, I'd say he shares that limelight with Megaman, He'd have a very unique moveset with his whip and subweapons, he could also probably borrow stuff from the other Belmonts such as Trevors Curse of Darkness flame based attacks, Richters Item Crashes, and Julius's pure badassness, plus not to crawl away from his attributes such as his very controllable whip from IV and his pure blood bound determination, although which look of his they'd use is a different question, his old Conan one? Or his later Red haired look. #2 Lloyd Irving; Tales of Symphonia which is regarded as one of the better RPG's on the Gamecube and has a cult following, was really fun and its combat emulates smash somewhat in how specials are done, the game has alot of locales to choose from that could clearly be used in smash. Namco already has stakes in this game and the Tales team is part of the development team onboard, along with Team Soul. Lloyd himself is a dual wielding Swordsman *Has veggies thrown at him* WAIT HEAR ME OUT, he'd be quite different then the previous swordsmen, Lloyd was all about speed, he was self taught, has very aerial based moves and a projectile and waves, he also has some very acrobatic spins and twirls, I feel Lloyd would fit right at home in smash with his more flashy moves. #3 Shantae; WayForwards Half-Genie Half Human Belly Dancer has tons of potential at her disposal and that she's been on mostly Nintendo consoles, her fame is growing more and more, and her various moves in her Metroidvania like games could lend themselves well to smash. While she may not be able to use her animal transformations in Smash, the various gadgets she uses in Pirates Curse when she teams up with her mortal foe Risky Boots, could work and she uses her hair for combat as well, theres also the classic Pike Balls, she'd play like some weird mixture of Simon Belmont and Link most likely. #4 The Hero: Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest has been huge in Japan, and has had moderate success in the west, I feel if they added ANY of the protagonists, it would be the main character from V, seeing as V is oftened lauded as one of the better if not the BEST dragon quest, the various spells, moves and the fact that the OA depicts him with a staff could lend way to a more bo staff/magic type character which would be pretty darned awesome. Also he has no offical name, but going by how DQ8 made their default name Eight, maybe he'd be Five #5 Terra Branford Do I even need to explain how big the final fantasy series is? Terra Branford was the main character of Final Fantasy 6, or 3 as us in the west FIRST received it, she is a really talented mage in a dark steampunk world where Magic is considered taboo and is practically nonexistent, I feel she'd be a pretty good representation of the Pre-Sony Final Fantasy, that was all on Nintendo consoles, and how FF6 is often regarded as one of the absolute best RPG's of the age. Terra has tons of magic, and daggers and various other short weaponry at her disposal as well as her Esper abilities which could lend itself to some powerful magical abilities.
  11. You know how many series that have been on Sony consoles, not to mention some of the revamps Nintendo has done themselves. Would you buy a Wii U HD collection of the Tellius games? Maybe even a collectors edition of all the console FE's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10? Considering Awakening features elements from 1, 2 and 3 not to mention 9/10. with some nods to Jugdral This in my opinion could be the best way to get all these games to us outside of Japan not to mention revamps of the two Tellius games
  12. What would you want to see changed, altered etc if anything? Thracia has so many interesting mechanics I was curious to see what people would want. Heck I expect an answer relating to an avatar maybe from a few All I feel the game needs is stronger foes and dismounted units to be able to use their original weapon. Maybe make supports more akin to Fe9 which I felt did the system the best.
  13. The question is very simple, could you beat Toon Link in an arm wrestle if he didn't use the power bracelets? What if he did? And if you had power bracelets, would you use them while arm wrestling?
  14. Thread Music This is going to be my little thread where I create Fire Emblem Awakening S support ranks for units that didn't have a S rank, basically, homosexual supports and whatever else I may have missed. (This is not including relationships between parents and their children, or Chrom x Lissa) I take requests too really, but it has to be a unit that only has C-B-A for units, so I can tie off from their support conversations onto mine, basically, I want to make it feel like it would be in the game, and while I'm no millionaire book seller, I try what I can. so small constructive feedback is always welcome, so far, I had 2 requested from the Chat room, I'll put them here and a link to their default support chat so you can read from C to S if you wish Tiki and Say'ri's C-B-A [spoiler=Tiki x Say'ri]Tiki x Say'ri - S Support Say'ri Lady Tiki. Tiki Ah, Say'ri, Good Eve. Say'ri Lady Tiki, might I have a word with you? Tiki Oh but of course...Something troubling you? Say'ri Alas, Lady Tiki, it's something. A pain I have. Tiki ...Do you still miss your brother so? Say'ri While I do miss my brother so, t'is not the pain that I feel. You see, the words you spoke earlier when we last spoke, they touched me. Tiki It pleased me to have you as my friend too, Say'ri Say'ri And I am pleased to stand by yourself as a friend my lady. But... Tiki ...But? Say'ri This may come of as strange my lady, I do not understand this myself, the heart is a peculiar thing. But I believe that I have fallen in love. Tiki I do not understand what is to be thought of as strange, Say'ri, the heart chooses. Say'ri My lady...I believe... Tiki ...Say'ri? Say'ri ...I believe I have fallen for you. My feelings I hold for you, they are not what I would feel for a friend Tiki ... Say'ri I'm sorry My Lady, I know we are both...Women. It would be strange, apologies Lady Tiki, I...shouldn't have said anything. Please My Lady, If you will excuse me-- Tiki Say'ri. Say'ri ...Lady Tiki? Tiki I am glad. Glad that I am not the only one Say'ri Lady Tiki! Y-you mean? Tiki Love is a strange thing, you cannot chose who you love. I thought I would not love again, but It seems I am mistaken. Say'ri, promise me this. Say'ri Promise? Tiki Promise me you wont leave me. Say'ri Lady Tiki, I promise never to leave your side, even when my time within realm is over, I shall be with you, forever...my love. Strange, to love another woman, one would think I'm mad, but it feels...right. Tiki Yes it does...it does. Say'ri and Tiki have attained support level S. Severa and Noire's C-B-A [spoiler=Severa and Noire]Severa x Noire - S Support Noire Umm...Severa? Severa Oh, Noire, what's up this time? Noire I was thinking...about, the other day Severa You mean when you spilt the stew? Noire Ah...yes, sorry again about that, but I wanted to talk to you... Severa Look, Noire it's fine, really! You don't have to apologize all the time, geez Noire N-No wait! S-Severa please! Severa H-Hey what's gotten into you? Grabbing me suddenly like that? Noire I-I'm sorry Severa Noire, what's wrong? Noire Please...let me tell you about the other day Severa Fine, geez, get on with it Noire When I said, that, I wonder why I lean on you...umm, I kinda know why I do actually but... Severa ...But? Noire N-No wait, it's so weird...It's because...I... Severa ...You? Noire I...try to impress you, b-but things always mess up, and I make a fool of myself *Sob* A-And... Severa W-whoa Noire, why would you want to impress me of all people? I'm nothing special Noire B-Because it's so weird...I'm in love with a girl that's so...*sob* Severa Wh-WH-WHAT!?...Y-You're?...B-but....WHAAAAAAAAT? Noire A-A-And now I've messed u-up again *sob* Severa H-how Dare you N-Noire! I was going to do that first! Noire *Sniff*...H-Huh? Severa G-Geez, Do I have to spell it out!? When you always relied on me, looking up at me and coming to me for everything, it felt like I was actually doing something worthwhile, like mother... Noire S-So you... Severa Tch!...Y-Yes I...I guess I do too...g-geez making me say things like that Noire *Sniff O-Oh Severa...You're...You're too kind I...I just Severa S-Stop it, stop making that...t-that adorable face you... Noire e-eheh... Severa and Noire have attained support level S Tharja and (F) Avatar C-B-A [spoiler=Tharja x (F) Avatar]Tharja x (F) Avatar - S support Robin Tharja? Tharja Ah...There you are...hehe Robin ...Tharja Tharja Robin~ Robin You're holding my hand... Tharja Does that bother you? Robin ...Not at all Tharja hrm...Normally you'd squeal in despair Robin Maybe I like it? Tharja Maybe? Robin Maybe I've fallen in love with you Tharja Maybe is such a strong word... Robin Then I'll be more specific. Tharja, I am in love with someone Tharja What...What, who is this person? Just give a name and-- Robin Tharja, it's you Tharja N-nono, not like that Robin -They switch places, Tharja is behind Robin- Robin You're always behind me, that's no fair Tharja... -they switch again, Robin is behind Tharja- Tharja Ah-ahh--Robin... Robin Tharja, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Tharja Robin...heh... -Confession- "I can't believe it, you and I? Forever? eheheh...No backing out now, got it?" -Picture is Tharja with Generic avatar arms around Tharja's stomach, Tharja is using her right hand and stroking a generic chin just cut off the screen, looking up and smiling, with her other hand on Robin's arm- Robin and Tharja have attained support level S Lissa and Maribelle C-B-A [spoiler=Lissa x Maribelle]Lissa x Maribelle - S Support Maribelle Lissa! Darling! I must speak with you! Lissa Maribelle? What's the matter? Is something wrong? Maribelle N-No, nothings the matter, I just, needed to speak with you Lissa Phew, you look like you just ran a marathon, I thought something had happened Maribelle Well, I had just come back from town, I had some business to attend to. Lissa ah, okay...what was it you wanted to speak to me about, Maribelle? Maribelle I wanted to speak about you Lissa Me? Maribelle And me Lissa ...You and me? what do you mean? Maribelle My darling Lissa, I know this may come of as odd to you, but the person who I long to spend my days with is in this room Lissa But Maribelle, we're the only ones in this ro-- Oh...Maribelle, you? B-But we're just friends aren't we?! Maribelle I'm sorry Lissa, you are indeed a very special friend to me who I hold close to my heart, I wouldn't allow anyone to harm a single hair upon your sweet head, but when I think of you, I know my feelings towards you aren't that of "just friends". Lissa Maribelle...I can't Maribelle ...I'm sorry? You mumbled dear, could you spea-- Lissa I can't Maribelle, I can't be with you Maribelle You can't...? It's...Oh...I understand, this must be strange right? I understand wholeheartedly Lissa, love is flexible, but for some it's-- Lissa N-No Maribelle, I love you too, but I can't BE with you, I just can't! Maribelle Whatever do you mean? What's stopping you? Are you being blackmailed? Lissa, darling if something's the matter Lissa No Maribelle, it's nothing like that, It's my problem, I can't be with you because of my lineage, how sad would it be if it just ended at me? I can't be so selfish to just stop it here Maribelle Lissa...You forget of Chrom Lissa I can't just leave it onto Chrom! I can't just dump my responsibilities onto him, I can't be that selfish Maribelle I'm sure that Chrom would understand. Didn't your sister say "you should always follow your heart"? You can't let things pin down your happiness, That comes first, if not nothing else Lissa -sniff- Maribelle...You are always so kind to me, but I'm still not so sure Maribelle Chrom loves you Lissa, he would want you to be happy, he wouldn't care about silly things like "lineage" he would want his sister to be happy, as would I, but I want to be the person to make you happy. You've always been the person to bring a smile to my face, let me bring a smile to yours. Lissa -sniff- Maribelle... Maribelle Lissa...Remember when I said I had some business to attend to in town? This was what it was... Lissa -Gasp- A ring? D-Does it even work like that? Maribelle Who's to argue to love? Will you spend your days with me? Not as a friend, but as something more? Lissa ...Oh Maribelle, I...I will! I will take that chance! We will be happy! Maribelle With your answer, Lissa, I already am Lissa and Maribelle have attained support level S Avatar and Morgan, this isn't incest or a marriage or anything, no, this is parent and Child but with same sex couples, how you may ask? I've written out here! [spoiler= (F) Avatar & (F) Morgan recruitment] [spoiler=Recruitment]Robin You...don't look like a treasure hunter. What brings you here? Morgan There you are, Mother! I was beginning to think we got separated. Robin ...I'm sorry, what? Morgan Well, no harm done. At least we can head home now. ...Goodness, the air here agrees with you! You look a decade younger, at least. Robin Wait. Let's go back to the "Mother" thing. ...You seem to have me mixed up with someone else, I couldn't possibly have a child Morgan Ohohoh, Mother you're being silly, It's me! Morgan! ...Your daughter? Love of your life and Mommy's little girl and all that? Wow, you're acting really strange today. Let's go home and get you to bed. Hmm, but which way is home? Is it- Ngh! M-my head! Robin Easy! don't try to force it! Just stay calm, and start simple. Who is your father? Morgan Huh? It's Tharja! (Or any other Female) Robin I don't understand how that's even possible, but if you are, in fact my daughter, then you may have come from the future with Lucina Morgan ...Are you out of your mind? That's not even possible! Robin It's hard, I know. And you don't have to believe me right this minute. But you must come with me. It's dangerous alone, especially if your memory is gone. I was in the same position once, you know. If Chrom hadn't found me lying in that field, who knows what would've happened to me... Morgan Wait, you woke up in the middle of a field, too? Hah! Like Mother, like daughter, huh? Oh, that's too funny! Robin ...Glad to see you inherited my blithe outlook. Just try to stay close, will you? We'll discuss this more later Morgan Yes, ma'am! [spoiler=After Battle Dialogue]Robin So you're my daughter huh? What, did we adopt? Morgan No mother, blood related and everything! You've told me the story before about my birth Robin I'm curious, if we're blood related, how could we have you? We didn't...uhh...ask someone to... Morgan Whaat? Oh nonono! no mother nothing like that! No. Magic! Robin ...Excuse me? Magic? What kind of-- Morgan Very, VERY powerful magic they say, you and mother where so stubborn apparently, you wanted it to be natural too so-- Robin I-I think I get the picture Morgan...I don't know what to say...this sounds so strange to me. Morgan I would think so. Robin Look Morgan, there are some things I need to speak to you about as well. -Scene Change- Morgan That's...a lot to take in. Robin It's everything we know about the situation at this point. Morgan The future I came from is in ruins... You're sure about that? Robin One possible future is in ruins, yes. But you may hail from another path. We're fighting now to ensure that no one's future is lost. Unfortunately, if you join us, it'll mean more fighting for you, too. Morgan I understand... I'm sorry, but even after hearing all that, I still don't remember anything but you. Robin Don't apologize. We'll pull your memory back bit by bit if we have to. Besides, if you start apologizing, I'll have to as well. My past is still full of holes, but I'm getting along. And you will too. Morgan As long as you're with me, the rest will work itself out. Now, come on. We've got a future that needs saving! Robin Hah! You really do take after me. Morgan You know, now that you mention it... There is one other thing I remember. Robin What's that? Morgan I've always strived to become a great tactician like you. And even though this war is terrible, at least now I can learn from you firsthand. Robin Well, you're nothing if not optimistic... Wherever or whenever you came from, I'm glad you made it here, Morgan. Morgan Me too! >To world map Requests for anything next?
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