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Found 250 results

  1. So, I plan on making some written works here, and I decided to make his so you can understand who I have paired up with who. All of these stories will take place in the same universe... sort of. Basically, in this universe, there are: -2 separate Awakening timelines -2 separate Fates: Revelation timelines -1 Smash World that brings them together. This accommodates for each Corrin and Robin of each gender. Before we get to the pairings, a few notes in the spoiler below. Anyways, the pairings: Awakening: Robin timeline Awakening: Reflet Timeline Fates Revelation: Corrin timeline Fates Revelation: Kamui timeline If there are any thoughts and concerns about the details here, let me know.
  2. I have both a decrypted .3DS and a cia of Awakening, but I have not been able to get the game to be randomized. I have tried extracting, modding, and then repacking the romfs folder back into both the .3ds and .cia but neither seems to have the randomization, as if nothing changed. I followed the steps for the randomizer best I could but I can't wrap my head around why it isn't working. Does anyone have any clue? All forums I've looked at having given me any help and have been dormant for a while.
  3. Hey! So I'm gonna be completely honest, I only made this account so I could post this thread because I feel like I'm out of options. To preface, my lunatic mode run has been...less than ideal, but I've already struggled enough to get to where I am now, I don't think I have the heart to reset completely. I'm stuck on chapter 5, the one where you get Maribelle and Ricken. Apparently it's notorious for being hard to beat on lunatic, so I've looked at guides and stuff for help. The strategy I've seen everywhere was that you basically use Lissa and a Rescue staff to save the two new units and then keep them behind. However, my problem is that I don't have Lissa to begin with - I was struggling with chapter 3 and I ended up having to sacrifice her near the end. It wasn't an easy decision, but I figured that Maribelle or Libra could end up being my main healers. Little did I know that getting Maribelle in the first place was going to be damn near impossible to begin with. My strategy so far has been to send Robin/Sumia up to kill the eastern myrmidon with Celia's Gale so Maribelle/Ricken can hide in the corner and after that I have Frederick/Sully kill the fighter next to it. I'm not really sure what to do next, so I usually just keep Lon'qu/Kellam at the bottom to fight the enemies to the west and Chrom/Stahl just kinda hide in the corner because they're both fragile as shit. I usually survive the first turn, but it's the ones after that get dicey. If I get good RNG, Frederick/Sully and Robin/Sumia pick off some enemies and get left with relatively high health with Maribelle/Ricken still in the corner. At this point Lon'qu/Kellam either survive by dodging and abusing the Killing Edge or they get overwhelmed and die. Turn 3 is as far as I usually get since at this point the main damage dealers can only do so much at the giant swarm of enemies, which usually ends up with one of them making it over and killing Maribelle/Ricken. If those two somehow miraculously survive, it's usually Chrom/Stahl that end up getting killed by this point if the bottom enemies haven't killed Lon'qu already. You can see the struggle I'm facing, right? Quite literally an uphill battle. I'll give any information you guys need, I just need some advice. Hell, I don't even need Ricken or Stahl - as long as I end up with Maribelle and everybody else alive, then I'd call it a success. Why yes, this is my first lunatic run, how could you tell?
  4. Hello! I've never posted on the forums before but I didn't quite know where to ask this, and I couldn't find an answer online. Does anybody know if there is a word limit to the supports in Awakening? I've been working on a few and I got a bit into writing the S Support of Lissa/Sumia, and it equaled out to about 2k words all together. However the game seems to suddenly line wrap and end the Support after about 700 words, or about 80 A presses(Counted them manually) Does anybody know if the game has a limit? or am I doing something wrong in the script? I've attached it for anybody interested. Thank you for your time! スミア_リズ.bin.lz
  5. Ok, I'm gonna to talk seriously.................. Well, many Fire Emblem fans are shipping Robin Boy with Lucina as a love couple, and I don't want to be canon. To be honest, It's canon this love shipping? Because, the FE Awakening and Smash Bros. fans are liking this couple, I don't know Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are going to confirm is canon this couple?
  6. This is the official forum topic for my Fire Emblem Awakening novelization. (I do know that others have done this, but I'm always up for some competition.) I will be rewriting Fire Emblem Awakening's story into a novel that will be less fan fiction like and more book like. For example, the majority of the Shepherds will not be full fledged characters but perhaps mentioned. Some spoilers for the story (only if you have not played the game): Robin will be the main character and protagonist with Chrom being a major character rather then compete with Robin for the title of main character. Robin (M) and Lucina will be the pairing for this story because, 1) it seems to be the most popular and 2) it fits within the story quite nicely when looking at it from a writer's perspective and how the major characters interact. There may be a few original characters of my own but I do not plan on writing many. The book is inspired by many of BLAZINGKNIGHT's ideas from his YouTube video, "How To Improve Fire Emblem Awakening's Story," like the conversion of the original story from a three arc structure to a one arc structure. I contacted BLAZINGKNIGHT for some assistance and advice so please go check out his YouTube channel. I am very much requesting literary critique from everyone so I can write the best possible story! Warning: The first draft will suck, like A LOT. I am writing a first draft without edits then going back and editing through. So far, some major edits that are required are more details, setting up of plot points and general writing competence. Just put together a rough draft of a personal favorite scene of mine (original)! It's titled, Night of the Ball. (Yes, clear reference to 3H). Many aspects of the scene will be confusing to people as I have not yet put out the many chapters preceding it but they will come in time. Also, I am currently rewriting the first 7 chapters of the book to fix a major error with Robin's character that had been haunting me for awhile. Getting there! Below is where the content can be found on Word: Chapter Layout.docx (this is a rough outline) Prologue.docx Chapter One.docx Chapter Two.docx Chapter Three.docx Chapter Four.docx Chapter Five.docx Chapter Six.docx Let me know if there should be any improvements to it (story or otherwise) or how I post the documents. (I'm still new to the interface, apologies.) Night of the Ball.docx
  7. can anyone who has the awakening gay hack on citra help me get the hack im desperate ill even pay just someone help me get it cause no matter what i do it doesn't work please ill let you hack my computer just please help
  8. I feel like a character in Darkest Dungeon....this song is testing my resolve. Best when watched on Youtube's site. Go and read the video's comments while listening, won't you? brb, need another box of tissues
  9. Hey everyone! I used VincentASM's Character Editor as well as various discoveries made by me and many folks over on GBA Temp to hack lots of new supports into Awakening! Gay, straight, and platonic alike. Here's the download link. If you have the US version, simply drag the romfs folder into the same location on your pc as Awakening's romfs folder and allow it to overwrite the files. People with different region versions have different names for the folder contained within "M", so in that situation just copy/paste the files themselves into the appropriate location. [spoiler=Previous Releases] Version 0.1.1 Version 0.1.0 You can find out more info about it here on the GBATemp thread. Have fun!
  10. Since all the Fire Emblem games in the Nintendo 3DS systems are rated T for Teen by ERSB in North America. I know that in Japan that Awakening is rated B by CERO while Fates was bumped to C by CERO and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia went back to CERO B. I'm just kinda cerious if anyone exactly knows how the CERO rating system works and what did Fates received a CERO C instead of CERO B? I know that CERO C is rated 15 and up while CERO B is rated 12 and up in Japan while we don't exactly have a ERSB rating around 15 and up between T for Teen (13 and up) and M for Mature (17 and up) in North America. Since I kinda looked at some plot stuff and content showed in Fates that pretty much did not have in Awakening nor Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that might have gotten bumped to CERO C. Would these type of stuff appeared in Fates might have bumped to CERO C?: or was it something else that might have got Fates bumped to CERO C?
  11. If you've seen my first post, this is an addendum to that. I'm planning on starting Awakening over, this time on Hard/Classic, and I'm willing to grind and reclass this time, preferably with the SpotPass bonus boxes since I can't afford DLC. This time, any skill the parents can have is fair dinkum. I don't care how long it takes to get it. I'm in quarantine and have nothing better to do. I also have some ideas on what skills I want to pass, but I just want to confirm with you guys if these are good ideas. Which ones are the best to pass down to each kid? (Also, keep in mind that my avatar's asset is Magic and his flaw is Luck.) My current plans: Lucina: Aether and Galeforce (Chrom x Sumia) Morgan: Any male-exclusive skill (preferably Wrath) and Vengeance (Ryan x Tharja) Owain: Galeforce and Aptitude (Lissa x Donnel) Kjelle: Aegis and Hit Rate +20 (Sully x Stahl) Laurent: Tomefaire and Acrobat (Miriel x Henry) Cynthia: Galeforce and Aether (Sumia x Chrom) Brady: Galeforce and Swordbreaker (Maribelle x Lon'qu) Yarne: Lancebreaker and Pavise (Panne x Frederick) Severa: Galeforce and Luna (Cordelia x Kellam) Nah: Swordbreaker and Aegis (Nowi x Ricken) Noire: Tomebreaker and Counter (Tharja x Ryan) Inigo: Galeforce and Swordfaire (Olivia x Gaius) Gerome: Swordbreaker and Bowbreaker (Cherche x Virion)
  12. So, I got Awakening for Christmas, and I've been playing it almost nonstop. I'm currently up to Chapter 11, and I'm already planning my child units. For my first playthrough, I decided to go in semi-blind and not worry too much about the best combinations of skills. I wanna save eugenics for my second playthrough, or whenever I or my mom has enough money for the DLC. I'm playing Normal/Classic, and it's already pretty easy, so I don't wanna ruin it even more by making overpowered war babies. I'm just planning pairings that I think would work well from a character standpoint and/or be funny. Even so, I still want to improve my children's battle performance somewhat and acquaint myself with how inheritance works by passing on skills that their parents learn through their normal class progression. What skills should each parent have in their bottom slot before beginning the child paralogues that they can unlock without excessive grinding and with minimal to no reclassing? For context, here are my planned couples along with their current/default classes: Chrom (Great Lord) x Sumia (Dark Flier) Ryan (My Unit; Tactician) x Tharja (Dark Mage) Sully (Cavalier) x Stahl (Cavalier) Lissa (War Cleric) x Lon'qu (Myrmidon) Nowi (Manakete) x Donnel (Mercenary) Panne (Taguel) x Gregor (Mercenary) Maribelle (Troubadour) x Vaike (Barbarian) Cordelia (Pegasus Knight) x Kellam (Armour Knight) Miriel (Mage) x Henry (Dark Mage) Olivia (Dancer) x Gaius (Thief) Cherche (Wyvern Rider) x Virion (Archer) So, what skills can be obtained without too much effort that are worth passing down? I've already got some figured out. For example, I know I want Lucina to inherit Galeforce from Sumia because it's such a broken skill, I'm planning to give Nah Aptitude so her growth rates become absurdly high, I want Brady to have Despoil to help get some extra gold once he promotes to War Monk, and Armsthrift seems like it'd be a good skill for Yarne because it might help save money on Beaststones. I'd appreciate some input on what naturally-learned skills are worth passing down. Thanks!
  13. Hi! So as the title stated, I am aspiring to become a writer one day, currently I am very interested in getting feedback for my fanfiction. If it's not too much to ask, it would be of great help to hear any critiques, things you liked or disliked in general and why, things that you think could improve my writing etc. The fanfiction revolves around Cynthia from Awakening finding her way into the plot of 3 Houses and her dealing with shenanigans as she narrates the story. It is written in a (Apparently controversial) first person POV in a diary format. It's going for a comedic albeit somewhat dramatic tone. So if anyone is interested, here it is: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24495517/chapters/59128225 Again, any advice or comments are greatly appreciated!
  14. I must admit, I barely remember Awakening. I played through only once on Hard Classic back in the day and at this point I felt like I needed a bit of a refresher. Now I wanted to see how Lunatic was like, and similar to my Lunatic Conquest I was curious how it would play without using the combat effects of pairup, but knowing how integral they tried to make that mechanic in Awakening I was uncertain if this run will be entirely possible. I have seen forum rumors of someone on another forum claiming they beaten a Lunatic no-pairup run, and theories that it is possible, but neither of these were particularly promising, so I did wait until I unlocked the ability to summon teams from the battle box that could be battled to grind before just to test how possible this run will be before committing to an LP. I suppose it is about time to set down some ground rules: 1. Having a unit that is paired up engage in combat is a reset worthy offense. 2. Having a unit paired up that could have been targeted on enemy phase is a reset worthy defense 3. No paid DLC (as I do not have any) I will also restrict the amount of off screen grinding I do based on reader feedback. Now I will still use pairup to increase my maneuverability on the map, so expect liberal use of the pairup, transfer, swap, and separate commands to give me a tactical edge. Also do be warned if things get dire enough, I may leave units dead on the field of battle, but I will try my best to keep everyone alive. Now for reader convenience I will start by try to have updates separate into 3-4 spoiler tags, as I will be looking at the story and supports I get I will separate updates into supports (if applicable) opening story, chapter, and ending story section. I guess it is time to start
  15. Hi, I've started an Awakening PT yesterday and could barely stop from playing to the point I've beaten Yen'Fay this morning while having started an hour before dinner. My rules are: Normal mode (beginner because I don't want to reset the maps), NO MOUNTS, NO PAIR UP except if you need the movement to get to an ennemy and kill it whether or not your unit is paired up (just as if the unit had moved and been danced would play in GBA Emblem), no same chapter master seal for same GBA promotion item (hero crest, knight crest, ocean seal, sage ring, archer arrows, elysian whip), which I flexed a little during the Valm Arc when I had Gregor and 10/10 mercenary Cordelia promoted (I considered my FEMU Echidna the bolt axe hero to be a prepromote I had left her lv 10-10 mercenary until after ch10 and promoted her just before chapter 11 but since she was only allowed to use bronze axes she couldn't fight Gangrel, used an arms scroll at C axes to get to B in order to bolt things). I used a third hero crest on 10/10 myrmidon Lucina just before chapter 16 (Fort Babirussa). I use a full roster; NO PARALOGUES at all, NO ENCOUNTERS, but Anna's shops are allowed, NO MAGIC TILES this one I broke 3x but only because I had no choice and didn't use the item I got from it, sold it for a miserable amount, another time I got 20 exp and the last one I don't even remember but it didn't give me an item. My team: strategist Echidna (+spd -def) up to ch3, reclass at 10 mercenary, used until ch8 when she reached lv 10; Chrom who lagged behind for quite a lot of time at level 13 until he gained 5 levels in ch12 and 14 to get to 18 and I sealed him right before Mila's Tree where he didn't fight at all; Virion who lagged behind until Valm arc started and his killer bow allowed him to gain 8 levels in 2 or 3 chapters, promoted right before Babirussa (he got shit level ups until 13 then 6 good ones, 18 str 19 speed at sniper 19/1). Lon'Qu was a great help but got left behind since Sai'Ri is basically to him what Conquest Xander is to Conquest Silas, there's no point is using Lon'Qu when Sai'ri's stats are equal or better everywhere but in def (she lost by 1 in def to 18/1 Lon'Qu while she won by 6 in HP and 2 in res, 2 in speed, lost by 1 in strength and didn't require me to give any exp/promo item to get there) and I had Lucina as a 2nd swordmaster; Gaius was promoted at level 12 into assassin for passage before reaching the 2nd final boss map of Valm (currently lv 12, 3 more levels to go and only 1 massively hard chapter to do it), he's decent with 21 str, 33 skl and 27 spd and B swords/bows, I used a forged max Mt bronze bow until C rank (8 Mt). Cordelia got good halfway through mercenary when her def got to 13 (around level 5), got strength like a crazy girl (27 str at 10/10/5 hero) and has enough speed to double all mooks and nearly enough for the bosses, she kills Valm arc heroes in 1 round with iron swords...they have 42 HP, 19 spd and over 10 def... Nowi is my mixed tank as she is most of the time, not amazing offensively but she's a Mordecai with good res after 10 level ups without gauge management. Gregor was promoted at level 19 at 16 speed for 19 speed before the boat map, he a tank more than anything else; Olivia was used until she hit level 7 and decent speed/luck since she's Lucina's mother (luck +4 helps with ennemy crits and all other options were either mounted or inappropriate since Lucina didn't want a magic mom, and Echidna doesn't marry a lord AFAIK), Henry is too funny not to use him, without pair up he's much worse since he relies on his HP, def and skill to do anything with trash tier speed and average magic at best, but he's funny, I just regret IS being so lazy, Ruin doesn't even have a proper magic animation, GIVE ME BACK GBA MAGIC ANIMATIONS INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS! or at least the Radiant Dawn animations, much faster than GBA ones but less impressive. Hell, Levin swords are literally the user lifting an arm and the lighting coming from nowhere...please 2013 was a falling down from the animations that were made more than 10 years ago...especially with Ragnell, Alodite, wind sword and tempest blade having real magic sword animations... I digress. My healers were Lissa promoted level 12 into a sage with forged wind to OHKO wyverns in 10 and 11 (it works, also she had 11 def at 12/1 sage wtf but only 13 spd), now level 18 or 19, and Mirabelle (yes I know it's Maribelle but I like fruits) who got 10/mage 10/sage and is now level 10. Maribelle literally has the highest attack in my whole team before even unlocking tomefaire, but I mostly use her for support (14 range staves FTW). Miriel got ditched around chapter 8 and Ricken around chapter 9-10. I've recruited everyone in the main story and they didn't die in their recruitment chapter. Panne has been very useful from ch7 to ch15, then I used her less due to ennemy def and HP taking a huge boost and their damage taking 10 points of boost in 3 chapters. Waiting for the beaststone+ to help her, she's level 22 with good stats (high hp good str high skl/spd good luck 16+1 def and same res as everyone else not named Cordelia, Nowi, Echidna, Lissa or Maribelle who all range bewteen 10 and 17 res). As for difficulty, well, with the self imposed challenge, I find normal to be the most balanced difficulty. Ennemies aren't overly fast and tanky as they are in hard and lunatic, the big roster means I can't get too overlevelled unlike lowmanning, hell I feel like playing Radiant Dawn easy mode, where sometimes is easy, sometimes it's not (especially when I gave 50% of the exp of every chapter past the prologue to FEMU, she actually solod the prologue). The hardest chapters were 8 (stupid desert movement restriction with swarms of mixed attackers), where Gregor nearly died, 11 where Gangrel has incredibly high stats even in normal mode, none of my units could double him even at 22 speed! He even doubled half of my units...well, I sacrificed Gregor, but the guy was like Rambo, he dodged an 83% hit from Gangrel on the 2nd attack, was left with 2 HP or something like that, next turn he one shot a wyvern on PP with wyverslayer and on EP he dodged the other wyvern coming at him and killed him on counter, GREGOR IS FCKING RAMBO! My Nowi with Lissa's Barrier took from 0 to 2 damage from the mages and Lissa and Panne ganged up the sage before he could do anything. Chapter 12 was easy, chapter 13 was like WTF warriors have 35 attack and snipers 28! Lissa sniped the great bow archers and she sniped the snipers who tried to snipe her but were sniped instead by her sniper sniping skills, Henry did a good chunk of the bottom side fighting, while the promoted units and Panne did all they could to secure the kills on the strong ennemies and Echidna trained up to C rank in axes by soloing the top-left side with a concoction. Chapter 15 was far easier than expected, with less reinforcements and no spawn moving reinforcements I could prepare for them and feed Gaius and Virion a good chunk of the flier kills. Chapter 17 was hard due to mixed offense and mixed defense on the ennemy team, my silver/killer/levin sword Say'ri with 1 magic power gained 3 levels and Gaius boss abused because I really really really want him to get passage before chapter 20. Chapter 17 boss has 34-35 attack with 24 speed, 13 def, sits on a throne and her valkyrie res is no joke. Chapter 18 made me get Gaius from North-West to East with the last rescue use I had, which allowed me to open the rescue chest (I didn't even know it was a rescue staff), which I transferred to Panne, who then gave it to Mirabelle in the middle, opened the South-Eastern chest with Gaius before rescuing to the Western one, then opening the energy drop chest before being able to open the Nrth-Western one without it falling in the lava, that was the hardest part since ennemies could be chokepointed except the beastkiller/bow vulnerable griffons who didn't make me cry at all, most fail class of all times, 0 reason to go there except the lv 5 skill...oh wait, I can't use mounts and pair up, no reason to ever use this class. Yen'Fay was so busted, none of my units could tank and kill him, either he doubled them or he could crit them and they had garbage hit rates. That's where my lv 3 sniper Virion got the most broken niche ever, he killed him with 95% hit with the great bow dropped in chapter 13 while Yen'Fay couldn't do anything, I'm glad he doesn't move and is a swordmaster, with hero defenses it would've been hard. Yen'Fay in normal mode has 28 or 29 spd, 35 or so attack, very high avoid (Henry of all people had less than 80% hit on him with C rank thunder magic although he had 23 skl and both sorcerer skills putting the boss down by 25 avoid). If you fight this boss in a full roster balanced exp no pair up run, don't expect everyone surviving without a cheese strategy, Yen'Fay outstats everyone at this point due to Amatsu dealing physical damage with 5% bonus crit and he has vantage even in normal mode to fck you up. Waiting with impatience to see what I'll need to bring into play for chapters 19 and 20, 19 being the stupidest of stupid map designs, open plain with tons of promoted cavalry reinforcements from all sides of the map, them benefitting from fort bonuses when they spawn while you benefit from being surrounded from all directions all the time by 30-ish damage mixed offense paladins, great knights and dark knights. And the boss is quite hard to deal with If I remember well, he's not that fast but not that slow either for a great knight special class and he tanks well, has high damage and ignores effective weaponry... I hope Maribelle, Lissa and Henry can deal with him (Henry's 61 crit rate with ruin is so funny...when it crits, I bought a ruin tome from Anna's shop before breaking the one he comes with and I used Nosferatu to help my healers who already needed 3 turns to heal everyone). Tip for newcomers to no pair up full roster balanced exp Awakening runs: buy healing items. Lots of them. If you have money, buy more healing items. This game with this playstyle is as rude on you as Radiant Dawn, promoted ennemies take a massive boost to their offense and defense and silver weapons really hurt. Without grinding for def, your units with 40 -50 HP still die in 3 hits from physical attackers and 2 from magical attackers. For real. In normal mode. Pair up is THAT broken, letting you bypass this level of offense is completely crazy. Don't start me on hard mode, I abadon ship long before the final chapters of the Valm arc in hard no pair up full roster, because everyone dies in 2 hits from everything or else gets surrounded by the hordes of ennemies and killed inevitably. I find the hardest chapters in normal Awakening no pair up no lowmanning are nearly as hard as Radiant Dawn normal mode. Especially if the only spotpass items you can buy are magic swords and axes and magic axes require fcking B-rank to even use them. Chapter 12 paladins have 15 def, that's 6 more than bow knights, and they hit hard. Raise and use Nowi, there's no better advice I can give to the mixed attackers issue on a plain without chokepoints when paladins and dark knights all have 35-ish attack and dark knights can attack from 2 range, rendering turtle formation useless. Buy pure waters on ch17 shop, 5 res isn't bad when there are so many magical threats and most of your units have <10 res, literally anyone wielding magic is a threat lol. Forge if you need more offense, forges last for a while (hell 20 ruin uses last me 5 chapters and I didn't forge it at all). Use Virion. He looks like a shitty unit, but when you face 1-2 range ennemies with high speed you can't double and high damage and crit (Yen'Fay typically), longbow is the best way to deal with them. Killer bows also OHKO falcons with little strength level ups from Viron until chapter 15, then silver bow OHKOs them, probably even with base Virion since they have 39 base Mt on anything with wings. Panne is very useful, free horsekiller with 18 Mt, 3 more than rapier, just by reaching level 15, which is easy (the ch10 boss isn't very dangerous and gives her good exp after being poked, and she can get her 2nd beaststone from him, I like killing him with her, she doesn't care for his dialog because he's a human and she wants to take her beaststone so hard that she kills for it). Prepromotes help, Frederick didn't help me because he was forbidden but he would have been helpful until midgame with that sweet def, but his speed getting high early on can result in him stealing kills which is annoying, and he still gets doubled by Gangrel no matter what. Hammers are also very common in ennemy hands and beastkillers exist. And magic. High damage magic. That's it, most fun I've had in a while by playing Awakening (even funnier than the last time I did something similar with that but with mounts allowed, this was 1 or 2 years ago, posted about it in the same section). If you want to share your experience, if you like that or not, etc, let a com so other people interested in Awakening challenges can read it and find something less boring to do than galeforce/nostank Emblem!
  16. As is in the title. Here is what I use... What you need; Luma3DS etc., Checkpoint, FEAST, Fire Editor 3 LINKS- Guide to Install Mods (I used this one)- Fire Editor- (Files are in this page) https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-fire-editor-fire-emblem-awakenings-save-editor.397493/page-142 FEAST- https://github.com/SciresM/FEAST/releases/tag/v1.1 1- Mod your 3DS to have Luma3DS and the works (At least have Checkpoint.) 2- Extract your Save file using Checkpoint. 3-Insert your 3DS SD card into your Computer. 4- Open FEAST/Fire Emblem Save Editor, then click on “Open Compress File.” Click into your SD Card files, go into 3DS, then Checkpoint, then Saves, then Awakening. Select your Save, then select Chapter 0, or whatever yours says, then click “Decompress File.” 5- Open Fire Editor 6- Click the folder button in the top right and select your decompressed save file. 7- Mess with your characters. 8- Save with the right button in the top right. 9- Open your Decompressed save file with FEAST/Save Editor, and Compress it. I delete every other file that isn’t the freshly compressed file to avoid confusion. 10- Remove your SD card from your computer and put it back into your 3DS. 11- Open Checkpoint. Click A on new to get it to respond to you, and back up your save to Awakening. 12- Reap the rewards. Have fun!!
  17. So here's a little fic I've been working for a while now on Ao3 and Fanfiction.net and I'd thought I'd post it here as well. It's a story revolving around the future kids and exploring what their lives were like before jumping back in time as well as chronicling the events that lead up to that point. Now any and all feedback is very much appreciated and should be put into the feedback thread which I'll link to in the spoiler. Anyway without further delay here is Fire Emblem Awakening: One Last Chance Chapter 1: A World of Despair The blood red sky loomed over the fires of a burning village. A demonic chorus of moans harmonized disgustingly with the screams of terror echoing through the wind. A teenage girl with long blue hair and a tiara backed further into the alleyway. Two purple and monstrous humanoid figures stood before her and blocked her only exit. The one in the front wore nothing but arm gauntlets and torn up brown pants. Its abdomen was well defined and muscular and it looked clearly strong enough to cleave a building in half with the axe nestled into its hand. The one behind it, however, was thinner and wore much more clothing as torn up as it was. Instead of an axe, this one opted for use of a long silver broadsword. However despite the differences a couple things remained the same. Four glowing red dots glared at her through the decrepit old masks mard with rows of jagged teeth. A purple mist billowed forth from their bodies and oozed onto the floor. Several ragged breaths escaped her mouth in seconds. Thick drops of blood trickled down from the endless amount of scars coating her body. Pain seared through every point of her body. She gripped her sword and winced as her legs spread into a fighting stance. Her body was beginning to reach its limit. A tug at her shirt prompted Lucina to look down. A little girl with short brown hair gazed at her. Her eyes sparkled with tears glistening in the glowing flames around them. A mix of blood and dirt stained her small brown dress. She smiled down at the girl. “Don’t worry, I promise everything will be okay” The girl smiled back but not soon after a sharp growl pulled their attentions forward. The sharp edge of the axe met her gaze and immediately her sword darted through the air. With a clang of metal, Lucina blocked the risen’s strike. Her teeth grinded against each other as her feet slid backwards from the force of the strike. “G-get back, now!” She ordered. The child simply nodded and ran further back into the ally. Lucina took a deep breath and after mustering her strength, rammed her shoulder straight into the risen. The undead monster staggered back and wobbled for a bit before swinging its axe once more. However, this time Lucina expected it and swerved to the side causing the axe to crash into the ground. Now without any hesitation, the young lord lined the tip of her blade with the center of the risen’s chest and lunged forward. The risen’s entire body halted for moment as it glanced down at the long golden blade protruding from its chest. Lucina gripped her sword’s hilt and with a yell pulled the blade up and through the risen’s neck and face. With a shriek of pain, the undead monster dissolved into a purple vapor. Heavy ragged breaths puffed into the air as she winced from the pain pulsing in her arm. Alright that’s one down. She looked up and for a moment her heart stopped. Nothing but flames and corpses met her gaze. Where’d the other one go? “Heeeelp!!!” A painfully familiar high pitched voice rang through her ears. Her eyes widened at the realization. Quickly she spun around only for her heart to sink. a large purple mass loomed over the small girl quivering against a hard wall of cobblestone. There’s no time! Lucina charged the risen only for a sharp pain to cause her to faceplant into the stone pathway. She tried to push herself back up only to be met with more throbbing pain. She managed to lift her head and met eyes with the terrified girl. At that moment timed slowed to a crawl as the world around her crumbled. Tears filled the girl’s eyes as her lips began to move. “You promised” she said as the risen’s sword began to fall upon her. Her heart stopped at the utterance of those words. A torrent of despair slammed into her body and whipped through her anxious mind. There was a loud scream, followed by blood spatter and then silence. The promise was broken. The two halves of the girl’s body slumped to the ground as a dye of crimson dripped from the risen’s blade. Her stomach yanked at her throat as she suppressed the bile rocketing upwards. Her eyes screwed shut as she turned away from the sight. She couldn’t stand death. The mere thought of it filled her dread but it was something that was all too common in this despair ridden world. However, slow footsteps pried her eyes open and back towards the risen slowly advancing on her. Her heart began to sprint through her body as every instinct in her body screamed at her to move. Though any attempt to do so was only met with an excruciating pain. Was this it? Suddenly, A loud shriek of pain pierced the sky as a javelin whizzed through the air and struck the risen clean in the face. “Bullseye!” Lucina heard a familiar voice shout out. Large feathered wings slowed to a stop as a bright white pegasus landed beside her. A young girl in pegasus knight armour with short hair in pigtails colored in the exact same shade of blue as Lucina’s own rode atop the mighty steed. “The great hero Cynthia Strikes again!!” the girl said as she hopped off her pegasus. “Woah woah woa-ahh!” Her arms flailed about in the air before she fell face first into the cobblestone path. Lucina sighed at her sister’s clumsiness. “Owww” Cynthia whined as she pushed herself up and twirled around. “you okay Lucy?” She asked with an outstretched hand. “I’m fine, thank you Cynthia” She said as she was pulled to her feet. “Are you sure?” Cynthia raised an eyebrow, “cause it looks like you can barely stand!” “I’m fine really” Lucina reassured as she sheathed her sword. She then turned back to Cynthia, “Besides I thought I told you wait for me back at camp” Cynthia’s eyes glided to the floor, “Yeah I know but you were taking so long that me and snowflake got worried and besides...” She faced her sister once more as she struck a heroic pose, “A great hero is never idle!” Lucina’s heart fluttered a little at her sister’s beaming smile. She’s just as cheerful as ever. The young lord sighed, “Alright I suppose it’s fine” “Sooo where’s that woman’s daughter you went to go save?” Cynthia asked as her eyes wandered about the alleyway. The question stabbed through Lucina’s chest as no answer followed. Cynthia’s pigtails drooped as her eyes landed on her answer laying behind her, “Oh…” “We should go back” Lucina said. Cynthia simply nodded as she helped her sister onto Snowflake’s back. In no time at all they were airborne. -------- “Wh-what do you mean you couldn’t save her?” A village woman in tattered clothing and brown hair stared at Lucina in disbelief. “I’m so sorry I…” Lucina hesitated for a moment as chains began to wrap around her heart. “...the risen overwhelmed me...th-there was nothing I could’ve done” Pools of tears began to sparkle in the woman’s eyes. Lips and eyelids quivered uncontrollably. Hand-like gates erected over her face as a loud heart wrenching wail of despair exploded into the air. Lucina’s heart sank as she watched the scene unfold before her. Her fingers wound tightly into a fist as her nails dug into her palm. The slaughtering of that girl clawing at her mind. “Emily!!!!” The woman cried out her daughter’s name. “I’m so sorry” is all Lucina could say as she moved a hand to the woman’s shoulder. The distraught mother swatted the lord’s hand away. “Sorry?” She said before glaring at Lucina with her tear ridden face, “YOU’RE SORRY?!?!? SORRY WON’T BRING EMILY BACK!!! SHE WAS ALL I HAD LEFT IN THIS DAMNED WAR TORN WASTELAND!!!!” She shoved her finger in the young lord’s face, “AND YOU LET HER DIE!!!! IT’S YOUR FAULT SHE’S GONE!!!!” Lucina could only stand in silence. There was nothing she could say. The woman was right after all. If only she hadn’t been so weak, then perhaps she wouldn’t have failed to save little Emily. “Hey! Lucy tried her best ok!” Cynthia suddenly interjected as she pushed herself in between Lucina and the village woman. “Cynthia” Lucina whispered to herself. “Well she should’ve tried harder!!” The woman spat as her glared smouldered down to the younger of the two sisters. “It’s baffling to think that she is the heir to the exalt name!! Had lord Chrom been here instead, this never would have happened!” Her glare then rose back to Lucina, “He was a strong and model leader that cared for his people” She pointed at Lucina once more, “She is weak and will never be the exalt her father was!” Those last words slammed into Lucina like a hammer smashing through plated armour. Again the woman was right. Cynthia’s face scrunched into a glare “Well I’d like to see you do better! You probably wou-” “Cynthia that’s enough” Lucina grabbed onto her sister’s shoulder. “B-but Lucy-” She looked up and her pigtails immediately drooped into a whimper as she looked into her older sister’s hard stare. The young lord then addressed the village woman, “I apologize about her” The woman merely scoffed and turned to fade into the darkness. Cynthia swatted Lucina’s arm away as she turned to face her older sister. “Lucy why’d you let her get away like that? She was saying so many mean things about you so why? Why didn’t you say anything?” Lucina looked down at her sister’s wide eyes that sparkled with concern. Those same eyes that sparkled at her when their father died. “Because she was right” Lucina said without a hint of emotion in her voice. “Whaaa?” She reeled back in surprise, “Don’t say things like that Lucy!” Cynthia grabbed Lucina’s shoulders and began to shake her sister, “You’re the exact opposite of what that lady said! You’re super strong and a fantastic leader! Father would be nothing but proud of-” “ENOUGH CYNTHIA” Lucina shot out. The shaking came to an abrupt stop as Cynthia let out a terrified squeal. Lucina brushed off her sister’s hands, “I am weak” She said, her voice laced with venom. She put her hand to her chest, “I failed to save that girl because I was weak! All I could do was watch as she was mutilated right in front of me! So no, I’m not as strong as Father so please repent from telling me otherwise!” Cynthia’s eyes dropped to the floor as she noticed a couple tears drip from her sister’s chin. Maybe she had gone a little too far. Lucina took a deep breath and began to move a hand over to her little sister’s shoulder only for her sprint away into the darkness. And just like that, her heart slammed into the abyss. Her eyelids began to twitch as her vision began to blur in a foggy haze. Hand-like gates covered her face as a desperate wail began to crawl out of her mouth. “F-father why did you have to die?”
  18. Now, I would prefer we take this to a discord, where it seems easier to organize it. But I dunno if that's allowed or not. https://discord.gg/naQ2j3G So I've been absolutely aching to replay awakening and would love to do it in a draft format! I'll go ahead and post the standard rules here, but I'm absolutely fine with changing the rules if enough people want too! I hope to see y'all soon! [spoiler=FE13, aka the one with(out) galeforce]Drafting:1. This draft is for 4 players.2. Chrom, Avatar, Frederick, Olivia and Lucina are free for all to use.3. The game will be played on Hard Mode Classic.4. The last round of drafting is reversed.Rules:1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling)2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units.3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty.4. Paralogues are optional and are free up to 10 turns.5. Challenge battles are banned. You may have undrafted units clear a challenge battle to shop, though any items obtained must be discarded/cannot be used or sold.6. Map shopping is allowed, excluding items sold from Anna Merchant shops.7. Mothers are drafted with their children, but are drafted at the same time as the rest of the units.8. Use of items obtained from event tiles, the barracks and renown items are banned.9. Use of DLC and Spotpass (including Free Content) is strictly prohibited.10. Forging is allowed.Extra:1. A unit that activates Galeforce may not move. Taking another action with Galeforce other than using a healing item is worth a penalty of 10 turns.2. Avatar may take on any unmounted class.Penalties:1. Undrafted units performing any disallowed action is worth a penalty of 4 turns,2. Undrafted units pairing up with drafted units is worth a penalty of 20 turns instead.Exceptions:1. Ricken and Maribelle are free to be attacked without countering in Ch.5.2. Nowi and Gregor are free for Ch.8.Teams:(names go here)[spoiler=units remaining]Lissa+OwainSully+KjelleVirionStahlVaikeMiriel+LaurentSumia+CynthiaKellamDonnelLon'quRickenMaribelle+BradyPanne+YarneGaiusCordelia+SeveraGregorNowi+NahLibraTharja+NoireAnnaInigoCherche+GeromeHenryMorganSay'riTikiBasilioFlavia
  19. Hi Everyone! I know it's been a really long time since Awakening has come out, but after listening to the Fire Emblem Premium arrange of ID Purpose and taking a look at a Redditor's attempted translation of the Premium Arrange, I decided to take another listen to the original (pseudo-)Latin lyrics again. I just wanted to share what I now hear and my thoughts on the song. Lyrics that I heard: Se vi a vi a, vivi asa. Non visi a, vis a signis fortis, soli sat. Te, memor, va, indica, illia qua it o via. ... O vires tangunt vas(em)! I! Descat e meto! Va! Mi volans vas! I! O, mi descet vi et, o, mi, a! Fire Emblem! A pur os met o! A, furti abeas sic ut tu, parato sit. (O vires tangunt vas(em)! I! Descat e meto! Va! Mi volans vas! I! O, mi descet vi et, o, mi, a!) ... Vi o sat... I took a look at an earlier post on this topic. However, after studying Latin for 5 years and reading many authors, I began to consider that there were possibly elisions within these lyrics. An elision is basically when two words become one due to a vowel dropping out. An example would be: "Ave emptor" becomes "Avemptor" due to the "e" of "Ave" being elided with the "e" of emptor. This also occurs if the there's an "h" at the front of the second word, or if the ending of the first word ends in a vowel followed by an m. So, keeping this in mind, I thought that some syllables have to be supplied due to them being dropped when being sung: Se vi a vi a, vivi asa. Non visi a, vis a signis fortis, soli sat. Te, memor, va, indica, illia qua it o via. ... O vires tangunt vam! I! Descat(e) e meto! Va! Mi volans vas! I! O, mi descet vi(am) et, o, mi, a! Fire Emblem! A pur(um) os met(e) o! A, furti abeas sic ut tu, parato sit. (O vires tangunt vam! I! Descat(e) e meto! Va! Mi volans vas! I! O, mi descet vi(am) et, o, mi, a!) ... Vi o sat... If these these elisions are correct, then I believe that the song can be translated roughly as follows: By their strength, strength, I lived at home. And I saw, alas from the signs that the strength of a single man is not enough. You, o unforgetting one, show where the road goes. ... O the powers are reaching the vessel! Come! Begin to scatter from me (myself)! Alas! The vessel is flying to me! Come! He shall abandon the road for me and me alone! Fire Emblem! Cast off the fair face of the deceptive one! May he thus go away so that you might be safe! (O the powers are reaching the vessel! Come! Begin to scatter from me (myself)! Alas! The vessel is flying to me! Come! He shall abandon the road for me and me alone!) ... With enough force... I realize that elisions, if they are present, are inconsistent. The main exceptions are interjections, such as "a", "o", or "va", but even they sometimes get elided. After reading an attempted translation of the Premium Arrange, I thought that perhaps the original lyrics also followed the dynamic between Grima and the Shepherds. The first verse might be Robin reflecting how he's found a place among the Shepherds to belong despite having no recollection of his past. The second verse is Grima calling towards his vessel to come and join forces to bring ruin. The last verse is the Shepherds calling for Robin to resist and come back to them. I'm not really sure what to make of the last line. What do you guys think? Reddit Translation of the Premium Arrange: Original Topic Post:
  20. Hi folks! For the past couple months I've been learning how to add new characters to Fire Emblem Awakening, and have gotten pretty good at it. As a special request I've decided to make Roy, a character I know nothing about outside of Smash Bros. I've attached my current progress on his model, which is going pretty smoothly. Roy here is going to be a fully realized character with Supports and everything. However, as I said I know nothing about Roy and so writing Supports is beyond my ability to accurately do. To that end I'm looking for some aid: if anyone is interested, I'll accept pretty much any Support Conversation you give. Don't worry about formatting or anything, I can build the actual support file myself, I just need the words. The only guidelines are: 1. He needs to support with both Avatars and Chrom 2. No S Supports with any characters that can have children, since I don't want to interfere with that part of the game 3. Yes S Supports with 2nd Gen characters and any non-reproducing 1 Gens (Tiki, Anna, the Khans, etc)... I'll update this thread with my progress on Roy's design, of course.
  21. Full Lineup: Red: L!Eirika, Sothis, Phina Blue: L!Chrom, L!Azura, L!Julia Green: Gunnthra, L!Lyn, Gerik Colorless: Alm, Duma, F!F!Corrin
  22. Please bear with my ignorance as I'm completely green to FE hacking. This is really more out of curiosity as anything else, and if it's feasible maybe worth researching. It's possible to expand a Unit's available Supports without removing existing ones, which is at the heart of the Same Sex Support Hack for Awakening. I'm wondering if this is theoretically possible for this to be done with Einherjar, such that a person could write Support conversations for them using available hacking tools. The lack of Supports with these characters is a major bummer for me since the main draw, for me at least, of using Marth, Roy, Ike, Micaiah and other FE guys is for my oldschool bros to hang out with the Awakening crew and with each other. Were this possible I'd probably immedately get to work at developing a Support hack for the entire Tellius troupe. From what I've read, Einherjar are basically Avatars in disguise, so could they function in this way as well? In the Support screen they appear as greyed-out characters, but is that because they simply don't have any options available, or is it because Support is not actually possible for them?
  23. Hi! I've been playing Fire emblem for years now and I've finally gotten up the guts to play lunatic in Awakening, and I was wondering who's the best marriage partner for each girl? I'm not going by support convos, I want to make all of the kids as strong as possible. BTW, my MU is a girl, but I'm pairing her with Frederick, and I'm pairing Chrom with Sumia. Both of those pairing are non-negotiable, but as far as everyone else; fire away!
  24. Heyo! I'm on a quest to get some of the strongest kids you can get in this game, and through many threads and help from the advice people have given me on some of my other posts, I think I've got some great pairings; but alas, I have one last problem: Panne. I have every single character a partner, but her. The only men not taken are Kellam and Gregor, and I don't know who's a better Dad for Yarne. Thanks in advance!
  25. Heyo! I was wondering who is best for these lovely gals to marry for their kids to have really good stats and/or good abilities. IMPORTANT: Most threads I've read say to marry them to either Henry or Ricken respectively for their magic and such. I'll more than likely change Brady to some other magical class, but if Owain stays a myrmidon should he have a different father besides a magic based one? I don't really want to change his class. Thanks!
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