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Found 19 results

  1. ( This topic will be updated everyday) I’ll now be posting some of my birthright gameplay for now and please send feedback about anything I should fix in it. Sofar I’m at chapter 9 and nobodies master sealed but my hayato is a grandmaster. I did that to hayato so he can be a pair up boy sort of. I have the two master seals and the heart seal you get at the beginning and never used them. I got the sighting lens from the DLC. I also have the 1st map for the DLC so I can to the first wave of them. So this I will be doing for now on and please tell me what I should do for this account. If I’m good where I am for now or I should change something please tell me. should I also make Azura a kinshi knight Birthright journey part 2 I beat chapter 10 And I made my Hinoka a kinshi knight and Hanna as a Swordmaster. I Made Hinoka a Kinshi so she can learn the lvl 5 skill and then I’m making her a sphere master so she can get S in Lance. Hanna I’m probably going to make her a priestess so she can learn miracle and later counter magic. Kaze is starting to get to A with Corrin and I might make Kaze and Corrin marry. I also made Sakura a falcon knight because I feel like she is way better in that than a priestess but I’ll change her back to learn renewal so she gets a 40% Hp increase. I made her a Falcon in my revelation play through and I might do that with Sakura for now on. I also might make her a kinshi to learn Amaterasu to be a better support unit.
  2. Since adding portraits has been figured out for hacks of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, I'm wondering if is anyone interested in doing some minor edits of the DS Era portraits? I have neither the know how nor the tools to do it myself. To start with, a mini portrait version of generic soldier, Ruffian and Fightmonger, so they could potentially be used as actual units in a hack. Comparison of Mini portraits used for a unit to see the style used in Shadow Dragon and its DS remake. This unused portrait in Shadow Dragon was ripped somewhat messily and could be cleaned up a bit. A link to the sprite sheet it was ripped from. > New Mystery portraits tend to be somewhat brighter in New Mystery of the Emblem, so brightening up the portraits not used in New Mystery of the Emblem could be an interesting activity.
  3. By the title, I mean the first two "generations", so to speak, of the GBA and DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Given that these games are twelve and nine years old, respectively, I feel like the only person left who still goes back to them non-infrequently. Of course, I don't go back to these games too often, because they're the games I spent the most time with in my teenage years by a long shot, but I still think the first two Mystery Dungeon series are great games that deserve all the praise they get. I was playing MD Blue on and off for a total of about 5-6 years to recruit all 386 Pokémon species, and currently, I'm trying to do the same in MD Sky whenever I feel like taking a break from Fire Emblem. I'd say I'm well on my way, but there's still a lot left to do, like train up a Pokémon capable of learning Fast Friend to completely max stats so it's possible for me to recruit Kecleon. For some reason I started as a Skitty in my current file... even though Normalize is literally the worst ability ever. I'd probably start over again if I hadn't already maxed out my Explorer Rank, cleared Zero Isle (and Destiny Tower, after like 50 attempts) and recruited about two-thirds total of the game's roster of 493. And for anyone who might be wondering, I don't have much to say about Gates to Infinity or Super Mystery Dungeon. GTI was pretty awful and I didn't find SMD to be much better, but if you've enjoyed those games, that's perfectly fine, they just weren't for me. I picked them up once and put them down after finishing the main stories.
  4. I'm looking for a 3ds emulator to play 3ds games on a Nintendo ds console. Is it possible?
  5. So I've been wanting to play this game again... possibly even LP it to put my own spin on it like I've been doing with Valkyria Chronicles (which actually sorta was a PMU, too, and am... still slowly in the process of doing). Lemme give you the low down. I will be using 14 units besides Marth. I will be using Marth and the fourteen others until endgame, but no one else except when I need to recruit units. The number is, incidentally, based off of the number of units one can take to the final chapter. I am playing a modified version of the game (that I patched myself, mind you) that lets me play the Gaiden chapters without killing troops off like some ritualistic lunatic, so I'll have access to the units gained in those chapters. This also means that I won't get Gotoh, I believe, unless the hack somehow changed that. Because I'm not playing on Normal (I'm playing Savage difficulty, which is somewhere in the middle between Hard and Merciless), I'll be starting only with the traditional team, most of whom I won't even be using I'm not aiming for low turn counts or anything like that, so I'm probably not gonna abuse warp staves to beat the chapters in one turn or whatever. I'm not a meta-gamer. No real limits on forges, but I don't often use the forge anyway because I'm a philistine. I'm not saying that I'll let people pick my weapons or anything; I'm just letting everyone know this. Stat boosters and Anna's shops are fair game. Not like I particularly need all of that stuff too much, but they'll be a failsafe in case one of my allies winds up sucking too much. I will actually use allies in their original classes up until the soonest briefing screen. So for example, I will use Maria as a cleric in the level she joins in, but she will switch to pegasus knight as soon as I get to the next chapter. I'll be using the following units:
  6. Hey, I struck gold the other day, and found a used copy of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. I'm extremely happy that I found this game, and now I finally get to experience the Archanea story line... (Finally! So excited!) I am an semi-average player when it comes to FE games. I can determine what will be effective and different combinations of res, speed, attack, etc, but I am nothing compared to the pros. I know that the mechanics work differently in Shadow Dragon compared to more recent games, (Especially the no Casual mode... which I'm going to struggle with...) but is there any tips or tricks I should know about?
  7. I know in GBA it was 31, and any stat above that would loop back around if you reset the game, but I'm curious about DSFE.
  8. Who do you guys think? Feel free to mention those not mentioned in the poll. Gavin get's both of my votes. That perm...just ruined!
  9. This might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if it was at all possible to do a patch of the English translation of FE12 to the actual cartridge? I don't know much about it, but I heard that it was possible to do a patch of the fan translation to Japanese carts of Fates. From what I understand, with a hacked 3DS, you use something called "HANS" (I think) to do a sort of "live patch" of the game. I wanted to know if a similar thing could be done with FE12 cart (and how)? I have a Japanese copy of FE12 and I'd like to be able to actually play it (in English), rather than having it just sit on my shelf. Thank you for any help.
  10. Basically, a fun topic where we give ideas on how to balance the cast of the DS games. We'll begin with FE11's Marth and FE12's Avatar. FE11 Marth is notable for being one of the worst lords in Fire Emblem games. Being swordlocked, low damage output and usually moving fully to get to the throne, he doesnt get lots of chances to get experience. How do you think he could be fixed/rebalanced? As for FE12 Avatar, we all know he/she's the best combat unit in FE12. Having a plethora of class options to choose from at the beginning. Having 8 mini chapters where he/she excels and having above average growths, opportunity to get experience and nice customizable bases. Some of his class choices need some help, while others could definetely be toned down...
  11. So im on Chapter 13 of FE12. This chapter is beating my ass hard. Units Used: http://i.imgur.com/mu1FPWM.jpg Is there anything else i should try? I beat this chapter in FE3 like this, but that was years ago. I have tried a few strategies such as splitting my army in half and covering both routes. Then the Wyverns come down and double any of my magic users except my MU. Then i tried going through the left path only and then the enemies from the right path catch up to me and then just jump everyone. Side Note: I'm trying to recruit Beck and reach 13x. And a ton of my other units are terrible.
  12. So, I wanted to play a couple of the older FE games (specifically Genealogy and Binding blade) but the I can't find a working emulator in my phone. Now the thing is, I don't own a computer or laptop so I'm forced to rely on emulators such as GBA4IOS and SNES4IOS and provenance and so on. But recently a lot of them haven't been working GBA4ios and provenance have both been revoked and the SNES and DS emulators keep crashing. I just wanted to ask is there an alternative to the GBA emulator can I stop the SNES and DS emulators from crashing?
  13. Drafting rules This a draft for 4 players You start off with a fresh save file, New game+ is not allowed. MC, Io, Daichi, and all demons up to level 10 are free to use for the entire game. Every other unit has to be drafted to be used without penalty, though there will be a lot of exceptions to this. The penalty for using an undrafted unit is 4 turns. A single battle encounter between you and the enemy is considered a "turn" (regardless of how many moves actually happen in said battle). Keep a note of how many of these happened since the game doesn't keep track of it. Undrafted units are allowed to do/be used for anything EXCEPT fight in combat. There are exceptions to this and this comes into play with forced deployment. You are allowed the use of any and every forced units that show up during the game. The game will be played in Daichi route. You must save EVERYONE (Except you know who). No skipping out battles. Addendum: for the battle "Confrontation" on Day 4, you must choose to fight BOTH parties. You may let them kill each other before swooping in to clean up though. Free battles are allowed at the rate of Twelve free battles a day. Any free battle over this will add to your turn count. You CAN amass your free battle allowance and use it all at once (say on a later day) however. Undrafted units MAY be used in Free battles. Optional Non-Story battles (Vs. Q, God of Luck, etc) are free and do not count into your turncount. Only story battles count. After the drafting is done, trades will be allowed between players, under the following conditions: 1. Number of characters traded are EQUAL on both sides. 2. Both parties express their mutual agreement to the trade. Players: 1. Aisuko: Hinako, Yamato, Otome. Laksmi, Kresnik, Kartikeya, Titania, Makara, Alilat, Toubyou, Hanuman, Leanan Sidhe, Silky, Badb Catha, Wendigo, Moloch, Ictinike, Kudlak, Billiken, Norn, Osiris, Tao Tie, Orcus, Vritra, Abaddon, Pyro Jack, Hariti, Mokoi, Pendragon, Abraxas, Power, Flauros, Shishaa, Seiryuu, Quetzalcoatl, Pazuzu, Baihu, Hagen, Grendel, Gucumatz, Hitokonotushi, Airavata, Murmur, Teezcatlipoca, Jarilo. 2. Wen Yang: Fumi, Makoto, Otome. Culebre, Loki, Ghost Q, Lilim, Sarasvati, Yuki Jyorou, Feng Huang, Lorelei, Kangiten, Trumpeter, Baal, Oberon, Mezuki, Heqet, Cerberus, Orochi, Peri, Parvati, Basilisk, Odin, Python, Wu Kong, Balor, Angel, Hathor, Suparna, Inti, Kafziel, Lham Dearg, Susano-O, Dzelarhons, Orthrus, Mahakala, Nisroc, Yoshitsune, Rakshasa, Myrmecolion, Kumbhanda, Decarabia, Nata Taishi, Botis, Pallas Athena. 3. Balcerzak: Jungo, Joe, Ronaldo. Arioch, Rangda, Nalagiri, Hamsa, Lailah, Kijimunaa, Bai Suzhen, Anzu, Koumokuten, Ganesha, Brigid, Hecate, Mithra, Garm, Yaksa, Taown, Gozuki, Vivian, Ixtab, Vidofnir, Ym, Take-Mikazuchi, Isis, Berserker, Cait Sith, Remiel, Anat, Tonatiuh, Jambayan, Purple Mirror, Pisaca, Girimehkala, Yama, Bai Ze, Tzitzmitl, Behemoth, Ukano Mitama, Ikusa, Orobas, Sleipnir, Garuda, Oumitsuru. 4. Esme: Keita, Airi, Ronaldo. Barong, Tlaloc, Ubelluris, Cu Chulainn, Moh Shuvuu, Tenong Cut, Jack Frost, Zouchouten, Jikokuten, Bishamonten, Nozuchi, Chernobog, Thor, Aniel, Baphomet, Asp, Nekomata, Gagyson, Kikuri-Hime, Jeanne D'Arc, Neko Shogun, King Frost, Waira, Legion, Scathach, Arahabaki, Apis, Barbatos, Kamapua'a, Ogun, Afanc, Gui Xian, Xiezhai, Pabilsag, Nue, Kama, Mot, Loa, Mothman, Bifrons, Fenrir, Oumitsuru.
  14. Okay so a few questions. Does Draug make a good hunter or should I reclass him into something else. When should I reclass him? I do have ryan by the way. Thinking i'm just going to keep him archer to sniper. MU is cavalier. Thinking I might reclass to him fighter at some point. Currently on chapter 1 playing on normal. Team i'm mainly using, draug,Marth, MU,Luke,Ryan,(probably going to throw palla there whenever you recruit her), Also generally chipping with cecille.
  15. Hey guys recently I have discovered this adorable game series called Densetsu no Stafy I have Currently played Densetsu no Stafy 1 and Densetsu no Stafy 3 and working on 2. Of course the game series is Japan only except for the 5th game Legendary Starfy. But yeah I played almost all the GBA entries and I am blown away at them they are so unique and just as cute or cuter than Kirby. but I have never seen such a blend of Marine action and platform mixed in one game and it works well. So my question is has anyone else here heard of the game or is a fan of the series? As I noticed via youtube searches and web searches that this amazing game series does not have the attention it should have or a proper fan base there is very little stuff on it around. The series was quite a hit in Japan and the first USA release did amazing so yeah are there any fellow fans of the series possibly lurking around here on SF? and if you played the series which have you played? I have all 3 GBA entries but missing the DS ones. Heh I know the series did not completely die or become forgotten maybe there is some more fans scattered about that has had a chance to experience these titles.
  16. Are there any hacks of these two games? All I know of is the All Characters, and Avatar reclass avatar into anything hack for NoGBA$? Also a "Fire Emblem Evil" hack for Shadow Dragon that ends after the first chapter.
  17. This is a game I created from Pokemon Ruby. Here is a rundown of the changes I made The storyline is new The maps have been changed In the original ruby game, you started off in the back of a moving truck. This time, you begin your journey in bottom deck of a ship This time around, you don't battle gym leaders. I wanted to give the players an original experience. This time around, you must save the world from destruction Here is the link to download the game http://www.kingfiles.net/zwd9p7rzkj43/Water_World.rar
  18. Sad but true. May 20th of this year, we will lose the ability to play some quite amazing games online. This also includes the only 2 Fire Emblems with competitive multiplayer(FE11 and FE12). This is not Nintendo's fault. Nintendo outsourced server management to GameSpy for the Wii and NDS. GameSpy was recently purchased by a company and they don't seem to care about anything other than mobile gaming, so all of the old GameSpy servers are being shut down. But this doesn't have to be the end. Nintendo consoles have all been emulated, with the exception of the current gen(and we'll get there). If you look for NES games, or SNES games, you'll find that fans have painstakingly preserved these experiences so that they can be enjoyed far into the future. So, why don't we do the same thing with Nintendo WFC But how do you propose we do this? It's not going to be easy. I don't even know if we'll be able to write servers for every game in time. What we need to do is make sure that as much data is collected about each of the multiplayer games that are going offline as possible. There is an effort being lead by an emulator developer named ToadKing to reverse engineer each game and collect as much data as possible to do this. But how can I help? 1. Use the guides on ToadKing's website to capture packets of as many use-cases of online in any game that is going offline and send it to ToadKing. 2. Anyone with network protocol experience would be invaluable in extracting data and figuring out the encodings of data 3. Any information you can find relevant to the multiplayer. Most multiplayer games use Nintendo WFC's servers to find a match, and then from there everything is Peer2Peer. Please spread the word! May 20th is a few months away, but it'll be here before we know it
  19. So does anyone play or used to play Emblem of Gundam? It's a strategy game somewhat similar to Advance Wars but it's only in Japanese for the Nintendo DS. Here's a trailer.
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