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Found 5 results

  1. July 29th, 0800 CST, Space, near Colony Five A Pleasant Face It had been a long morning for Troy Lanzer. Newly appointed Captain Troy Lanzer. He still cursed his luck, or perhaps it had been fate. For all the lives he'd taken? He wasn't spiritual enough to believe something like that. Whatever the case, he was now the captain of the Kraken class EUSF Athena. A moderate ship, slightly larger than the others in the fleet, but that was due to it being recently commissioned. Otherwise, it was the same standard loadout compared to the rest. A dual beam cannon set on the front, plenty of AA barrels, missile loadouts, and the EU's special, an electric harpoon. Ship to ship combat wasn't considered enough, in their mind. A well aimed harpoon, even in space, could set things off balance, and bring them closer for an easier time firing. The other specifics? Well, it was a ship. Troy didn't care what class the engine was, how large the hangar was; all he cared about was the armaments. He wasn't like other captains, he took the fight into his own hands. Knowing what his ship did, down to the smallest detail, as far as weapons were concerned, meant that he could do his favorite thing. Or he would've been able to. Because of his medical condition, this ship, this monster of a vessel... Had been assigned to weapons testing. And Troy was set to baby sit a crew of rejects while they tested out their toys, drugs, and whatever temperaments they had on board. He wished he could put it off. Desperately, or assign someone else to it... But he was never given an XO; why would you, when your ship was never meant for combat? He stood, alone, faced with his misfit crew, in the briefing room. He'd been given a cane to aid his walking by the hospital, he kept it to discipline those that stepped out of line. His unfortunate condition wasn't one that affected him physically, not really. "So, let's see... Pavel, Makenna, Rex, Padraic... Sasha... and the unfortunate lackey. Welcome to the EUSF Athena, I don't particularly care who any of you are, and I have little patience for people who want to test that. State your rank, state your purpose for testing-- except for you, Greenfield, and you, Aiza. I know exactly what you're on board for, civilian, and I don't want to hear your shrill voice speak about it any further." He rolled his eyes, read over the small tablet held in front of him a bit more, and then looked at Makenna. "And you, your... Load-- what even is... Whatever, your 'robot' hasn't been shipped, yet. So you can sortie for viewing in one of the Chevaliers or remain on board. I don't care which. And, please, no questions..." Almost done, then. Thankfully...
  2. Path - Nohr Address - 16235-19413-15904-44422
  3. It's certain now. Great Britain is going to leave the European Union after a very small majority voted for it in the referendum. This result has massive consequences for all members in the EU, the EU itself but also for the future of GB. England is a new government lately. Theresa May takes over David Cameron's job as Prime Minister. Against all expectations she chosed the major Brexit-proponent Boris Johnson as foreign minister. England is in danger to get isolated economially and the EU is in danger to break apart. After the "Brexit" EU-opponents in France and Netherlands tasted blood and want to establish a referendum in their country too. In general the number of the EU-critics raised in the past months. What's your opinion of the "Brexit"?
  4. The Greek population voted In the referendum with about 60% against the demands by the EU. Currently the Greek banks have about 45 € left for head. What do you think about the consequences for Greece and the members of the EU? Will Greece leave the EU and will get a parallel currency? If Greece really won't have the euro anymore, could another highly indebeted countries in the EU are hit by it too? Could break the € apart at worst?
  5. Lost Bloodlines 3 is up for those that didn't buy the pack and got early access! Also we got the last paralogue: The Radiant Hero! Nothing for the last spotpass team Others yet.
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