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Found 8 results

  1. I would like help from you experiences players in this predicament I'm in. I don't know who to marry who to. I already DID do some pair ups, which are listed below. What other pair-ups should I do for the best stats and abilities possible? Any and all help is very much appreciated! ChromxSumia FeMUxPriam LissaxLibra VaikexNowi Those are my total supports. Who should the others go to?
  2. This will be my FIRST hack and I'm not expecting it to be spectacular. That said, I'd need help with sprites and things like that... I've tried Nightmare programs which don't work with Linux as far as I know. I want this to be an FE6 ROM Hack, for those wondering. To begin, let's start with the story I have so far... It's a Prequel to Awakening, taking place 10 years before it begins (Chrom would be 8 and Lissa 4 at the time, lol). Setting: Tellius Greil Army soon began falling apart over the course of millenia. It eventually stooped down to the title Greil Mercenaries began. Paris, descendant of the Raidant Hero, Ike, was the leader of this Mercenary squad now. He enlisted his 14-year old son, Priam, to join the fighting. Once his father tells him of his lineage, he only begins to feel more pressure. To start him off, Paris sends his son on his first mission, since they had been hired by Crimea to deal with bandits ransacking a local valley with some villages in it. Accompanying him are Mariana (Your generic Cleric... lol rhymes) and Carson (Basically an Oifey. Starts as a General). And now for Priam's planned growths and stuff. Priam - Scion of the Radiant Hero. Only desires to help others. Starting Class: Lord (An enlisted soldier born into wealth. Uses Swords.) Growth Rates: HP 80% - Str 75% - Mag 0% - Skl 45% - Spd 45% - Lck 45% - Def 50% - Res 25% Promotion: Vanguard (An enlisted soldier with peerless combat skill. Uses Swords and Axes.) Promotion Gains: HP +5 - Str +5 - Mag +0 - Skl +3 - Spd +3 - Lck +3 - Def +4 - Res +3 - Mov +1 What do you guys think of this idea? I'm open for others to pitch in for this project!
  3. Einherjar not included. We've had the children, First Gen Males and Females, so its time to do the spotpass paralogue characters. Again vote based on Personality, Story, gameplay, class sets, and anything else on your mind.
  4. Lost Bloodlines 3 is up for those that didn't buy the pack and got early access! Also we got the last paralogue: The Radiant Hero! Nothing for the last spotpass team Others yet.
  5. Basically, are there any Spotpass characters who you like to marry? Whether it's min-maxing, because you like the character, or just for fun doesn't matter, only that your will marry one (or more, different files and all that) of them. You can post your choices for both Male and Female Avatars if you so choose. Male Avatars: I plan to marry Aversa so that I can have a Morgan with Shadowgift, yes, as well as for good stat modifiers in the right places when I'm going with a +Speed/-Luck Avatar (since my children and Avatars tend heavily towards being mages). The resulting Morgan will be a Valkyrie to give me a mobile dark magic user and healer. If the western version of Awakening had the Mute Avatar option, I would have totally married mute +Speed/-Luck (or -Strength) Avatar to Emmeryn on those runs. Female Avatars: My only main female Avatar will eventually marry Gangrel, seeing as he's my favorite Awakening character. Modifier-wise, it's also a pretty good move on my part in my opinion, considering my main female Avatar will be have +Magic and Strength as the Asset and Flaw respectively, giving me a sexy +5 Magic modifier and a very sexy +6 Speed modifier, which will help my Morgan do well in the Sorcerer class (Which is what I'm going for with Male Morgan). Another reason for why I would marry Gangrel is that his modifiers are almost equal to Sumia's (1 Skill and Defense point advantage over her in exchange for 1 point of Luck and Resistance), the only unit that can produce a sibling to Morgan that I'd marry (with the prerequisite that Chrom is getting Olivia on that file). As a result, Sumia!Morgan and Gangrel!Morgan almost become mirrors of each other, each with their own advantages and disadvantages (thanks to gender) that I will fully enjoy comparing until the end of time. If I had another file to save to, I would have made a +Resistance/-Strength Female Avatar and married her off to Walhart, just so I can have a Dark Knight Morgan with Conquest and all stat caps above 40 (with a 46 Defense modifier, leading to a really bulky Dark Knight). It's probably not the best thing to do with Walhart!Morgan, but fuck that! I'll manage anyways. Well, enough about my preferences. What about yours?
  6. What do you think are the best stats modifier if I want to marry one of the spotpass characters ? I would like info mainly for Gangrel, Yenfay, Wallhart, because my next game will be a FEMU run... Thanks in advance !
  7. You remember that whole scuffle with Valm? I never cared for it, as I stated in a previous post, it just feels... Wrong. Priam on the other hand could make a potentially slightly more interesting second half of the game, in my opinion. Maybe the crew could've followed Priam on some sort of journey to help him find the mythical Ragnell, or have a physical or spiritual realization of some sort. Or they could have him "pull a Joshua" an he'd discover he was Ike's descendant and be given Ragnell. It'd ruin the contingency of the story, but I'm sure we could live without Excellus or Cervantes. I'd miss my sweet Cherche though... What do you make of this? Would you replace the Valm campaign? If so, with what?
  8. I need help assuming anyone reads this. So I'm doing my Hard/Classic File, just recently got my main units (MU,Chrom,Severa,Donnel,Brady,Noire,Morgan,Lucy,Kjelle and Gerome) maxed out and I still cant beat Priam's chapter. I have all the children, and spotpass chapters done except this one. I would use my Gaius!Nah, but I passed down Counter instead of Sol, and I wouldn't feel safe without Sol. (Not gonna make that same mistake on my next playthrough...) I don't have Limit Break, cause I'm a poor boy. So I cant go crazy with 50+ stats. I'll post my units and their skills down below. Mr. X (Grandmaster) [+Speed/-Luck] Ignis/Renewal/Counter/Armsthrift/Sol Equipped with a Book of Naga for some well needed Defense/Resistance Chrom (Great Lord) Aether/Luna/Aegis/Rightful King/Defender(Cause no Limit Break/All Stats+2) Equipped with an Exalted Falcion Donnel (Booty Warrior) Sol/Armsthrift/Counter/Bowbreaker/Res+10(Yeah I got some Dread Fighter Skills) Equipped with a Helswath for 2 Range & +5 Defense Chrom!Inigo Montoya (Swordmaster) Sol/Astra/Armsthrift/Rightful King/Galeforce Equipped with Ragnell Olivia!Lucina (Great Lord) Aether/Astra/Rightful King/Swordfaire/Galeforce Equipped with Parrallel Falchion Thats all the units I can remember off the top of my head. Regardless I still can beat Priam's army. Please help...any advice is appreciated.
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