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  1. Hm... This seems like an issue that might be affecting certain games: Ever since the Update, Hyrule Warriors: DE (playing it to complete story mode and the Adventure Maps now that I have all the bloody weapons) has been having the same issue with voices.
  2. Generally just neutral on her; She's not particularly unique or gripping other than that she's our Marth in terms of first actual Lord played in a Fire Emblem game. About the only thing that makes me support her inclusions in spin-offs is that she gets to talk with Player Avatars because that's basically her main role in Fire Emblem and she has not let me down so far yet. So I guess she's sort of the proto-Camilla before Camilla, being an attractive woman who mainly talks with the player representation of the game.
  3. M!Robin. Both in terms of character and gameplay (tome user using mainly lightning magic with a pretty good moveset). So I'm really happy that they went with him as the default. From there, going by both character and gameplay, it basically goes Leo, followed by Xander, before finally rounding it out with Lissa (in terms of only character) or Caeda (in terms of only gameplay).
  4. FATES PACK: Arthur and Subaki. Arthur would use the Fighter moveset and Subaki would clone the Pegasus Knight moveset. SHADOW DRAGON PACK: Draug who would use the Knight moveset. AWAKENING PACK: Basilio who would use the Fighter moveset. Adult Tiki using a unique base moveset would also be interesting.
  5. I think Velezark works fine as the sole giant boss. It was fun trying to predict which of the maps had him in the final boss battle and which ones didn't include him in the final boss battle because one of the optional battles was a boss-type mission where the enemy commander summoned him. (And also because Velezark appears only once per map in a normal mission and once per map in a Distortion mission and only on the endgame-focused maps/missions.) Speaking of, if I remember correctly, these characters are among the ones who summoned him: ... So I think it's safe to theorize that every voice actor has recorded a line to be used for summoning Velezark to the field.
  6. Maybe do both? Have Darius as the MC and include an Avatar creation mode as well. In terms of other things The only real regular classes that we're missing out on right now is the Fighter and Knight classes so getting two characters who are of those classes will be good. Otherwise, I don't really see anything I want to change about the first game.
  7. Meh. If there's too many sword users, there's too many martial arts users as well. Right now, most franchises are well repped in terms of potential playable characters. I generally want only one or two characters for certain franchises.
  8. No idea what you're trying to say here, because that should be pretty obvious. Especially if the majority of the move's power lies in that final hit so not being able to hit with it is no good.
  9. Errata: Robin's moveset: I've done some testing now that Tharja finally got Astra and she's... got some differences alright: For the first thing, I can now confirm that Goetia is not just Rexaura with a different animation. It lasts about 1 second more than Rexaura but there's more time in-between each hit and it doesn't keep the opponent in place which means they're able to recover and escape some of these hits... including the final hit! In addition, only Goetia's last hit hits behind Tharja while Rexaura hits behind Robin for all of them. So to sum it up: Goetia lasts longer, deals less damage on average to both HP and Stun Gauge, and is less safe than Rexaura in general. Furthermore, with Robin, I can do this: And while I have had some success in replicating this with Tharja (except for the part where I managed to execute the crit, the Stun Gauge went away just before the final hit), it seems much harder to do with her. (I blame her weird dodge.)
  10. I remember getting like 8 Silver and one Gold from the final Story chapter, so there's definitely something that's fishy here.
  11. Navarre wants Marth and Caeda materials. (He also wants Outlaw Materials.) Minerva wants Linde, Marth, and Navarre materials. Linde wants Minerva and Gharnef materials. Owain wants Niles, Lissa, and Lucina materials. Tharja wants Olivia, Robin, and Validar materials. Olivia wants Robin, Tharja, and Chrom materials. And they all want their own materials for the usual crests that require one's own material. (Combo Crest IV, Skill Crest III-V, Mastery Crest, Sanctuary Crest, and Talent Crest III.)
  12. Personally, I'm partial to Robin because his Critical Hits are much more powerful (due to slightly higher Mag and Luck stats and significantly higher Skill). As for Navarre vs. Lyn, Navarre not being stuck with Dracoslayer (allowing for Plate + Wingslayer) + slightly better stats makes him slightly better than Lyn despite Lyn's extra slot. (Especially as it makes Wo Dao rather flexible in what it can do.)
  13. Well, from my own testings, if there is a difference in attack speed, it's practically nonexistent, so I think they both have the same attack speed.
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