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Found 2 results

  1. Oh boy, here we go. Path of Radiance was a game in this series that I always really liked, but due to my poor handling of CDs as a kid I never had the chance to play through it fully beyond that first time years ago. Finally, I had the chance to play it again to refresh myself, and thought, "Wait, wasn't there supposed to be a super difficult Japanese exclusive mode never seen in the West?" Enter: Maniac Mode. In this first part, I do the first 3 maps of the game and we start to get a look at some of our units. Already I can feel some of the difficulty increase, but it's nothing too crazy just yet. On I side note, since I'm playing this in part to see if this game holds up after not touching it since 2005/2006, I have to say that I really like the strong sense of characterization your units get right off the bat. It's pretty coo'. I can't believe that I forgot to mention this, but if anyone interested in this wants to see a particular unit then go for it. I almost made this into a PMU, but like I say I haven't played this in years so I wanted to be able to at least use some units that would be guaranteed to be good. Pick Some of My Units doesn't have as nice a ring to it, but there ya go. I'll do me best to raise any requested character within reason. Except Boyd. Okay, yes, even Boyd. Full Playlist Individual Chapters/Parts
  2. It's the return of my avatar run … with a few changes. Instead of using other peoples' avatars, I will be using ten of my own (so please don't ask me to put your avatar in here). This run will also be on LUNATIC MODE. Therefore, my one and only rule is: 1. ANYTHING GOES! Seriously, I may beaten lunatic classic once, but that was with a lot of grinding. If I need to cheat and grind everyone post-chapter 4, I will do just that. I'll still fail a lot to make the run amusing. I'll be using Chrom seriously, and he will be joined by a few other non-avatar units: Miriel, Maribelle, Henry, Laurent, Morgan, and Brady. They won't be in every chapter, but they'll be doing their thing in chapters where I need an extra staff user or some extra muscle. I'm also going with Robin/Miriel this run, and I will play through every paralogue in the game. As for the avatars who will be showing up this run, well, here they are: Unit Asset Flaw BD EY HR HC VC GD Robin Magic Skill 01 02 04 09 01 MA Luna Def Luck 01 01 03 19 03 FE Raven HP Spd 01 01 05 20 01 FE Luka Luck Res 01 02 01 17 02 MA Iona Str Mag 01 02 03 07 01 FE Iain Str Def 01 01 03 03 02 MA Allen Speed HP 01 01 02 08 03 MA Amara Res Def 01 04 04 04 02 FE Corin HP Str 01 01 01 01 01 MA Maia Skill Mag 01 01 01 01 03 FE And with that out of the way, here we go! Premonition Chrom: This is it, our final battle. You're one of us, Robin, and nothing -- Robin: Ugh … why do I have this sudden feeling of deja vu? Oh, hello Chrom. ​Chrom: … Robin and Chrom pair up, and Chrom stabs Validar in the face with his silver sword.
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