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Found 3 results

  1. Jedi

    Batman Ninja

    With anime talent coming off Jojo, Gurren Lagann and more to aid this project its sure to be interesting at the very least.
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/solkia2010 Streaming Batman Arkham Origins 60FPS in 15 minutes Will be streaming all 3 games for the next 3 days to get ready for Arkham Knight
  3. Hey so I think you guys know how these things work at this point. So I'm just gonna explain the team and playthrough goals and you guys can fill in the rest. The main goal of this playthrough is to give some much needed love for Dark Knight!Tharja, and how she doesn't need Nosferatu to be an invincible tank. I'm using Nowi as well, for comparison's sake. Also going to try and give some love to Cherche and hopefully see her climb up in the tier list, because I think her potential is largely unexplored. Using both of the Pegs as well to try and get a better idea of which is the better one. Pairings Chrom x Avatar Avatar!Lucina tears apart your homes and has no problems at all being one of the best units in the game. Going to also make an attempt to explore what Chrom is capable of, beyond just being +3 speed to Avatar. Tharja x Henry Still not too certain about this pairing. Tharja pretty much has everything she needs, though a bit of extra skill wouldn't hurt. 12/1 Henry can give decent pair up bonuses to her though. Nowi x Lon'qu I've never really ever bothered with Nowi, but the hype she gets in the tier list really interests me so I'm giving her a shot. Went with Lon'qu as the support partner because he can probably hit Lv.10 by the time Master Seals are buyable and then he'll give more speed than Gregor will. Cherche x Gregor Gregor is a really nice pair up partner given that he can be insta promo'd for some free move. Cherche likes the speed and the move and will hopefully be capable of greatness. Sumia x Frederick Do I really need to explain this pairing at all? I hope not. Cordelia x Vaike Wanted to try something different than the popular Cordelia x Stahl as of late. Vaike gives her everything she needs, though I don't know when he'll be able to promote to Warrior. These guys are the key parts of my playthrough, but I will be using other units as well (mostly in the earlygame since I won't have everyone then) to clear maps faster. Premonition POOR YOU if you don't know how to beat this in two turns. REST IN PIECES if you can't beat it at all (which isn't possible haha). 2 turns Prologue Chrom pairs into Avatar and they go up. Lissa pairs into Frederick and he goes up. Got a bit lucky with the Dual Strikes but I'm not complaining. 3 turns/5 turns Chapter 1 Chrom pairs into Avatar and she goes to the fort. Fred goes down by the other fort. Avatar is attacked by several enemies. She kills one on the enemy phase which lets Frederick reach the Archer and get attacked by the boss on Turn 2 enemy phase. Virion pairs into Sully and she sits on the bottom fort. From this point on its really simple. 3 turns/8 turns Chapter 2 Fred pairs into Stahl and he goes up, swaps to Fred and attacks the barbarian on the left fort. Sully goes into the left woods and waits. Chrom pairs into Avatar and she attacks... something that I forget but it wasn't relevant because it died. Fred goes full up on turn 2. Fred attacks the boss on turn 3 and this really simple map ends. 3 turns/11 turns Chapter 3 Chrom recruits Kellam and pairs into Kellam. Kellam goes to Avatar and transfers Chrom to her. Sumia pairs into Fred and he goes left. Avatar goes left. Stahl pairs into Sully. Lissa pairs into Miriel. Sully, Miriel and Vaike stand outside enemy range. Avatar and Frederick eliminate everyone on the bottom left side on enemy phase. Miriel goes up to Avatar, switches to Lissa who heals her. Frederick, Avatar and Sully make their way towards the door. Avatar opens the door on turn 3. Fred goes up and kills the Knight. Turn 4 has Avatar, Frederick and Stahl kill the enemies that Fred lured and make a very easy five turn. 5 turns/16 turns Paralogue 1 Least favorite map in the game right here. Spent at least three turns feeding kills to Donnel to recruit him only to have him rot on the bench forever. 10 turns/26 turns Chapter 4 Avatar pairs into Chrom who goes up and switches to Avatar. Sully pairs into Vaike who goes right. Fred pairs into Sumia and goes left. Avatar attacks Marth on turn 2 and ORKOs with dual strikes and a chrom crit. Everything suicides on enemy phase. 2 turns/28 turns Chapter 5 Fred pairs into Sumia who goes up the mountain and attacks the Dark Mage. Chrom pairs into Avatar who kills the Barbarian. Vaike pairs into Sully and the two handle the bottom with Kellam!Lon'qu. 6 turns/34 turns because reinforcements are a pain when you don't know when they come out Chapter 6 Fred and Sumia are able to handle the right side with ease. Avatar and Chrom can handle the left just fine. Sully, Ricken, Vaike, Lon'qu, Kellam, Panne and Gaius handle the middle choke point well, with support from Maribelle's Mend staff. 6 turns/40 turns Chapter 7 uhh, everyone goes right and clears map. Not like this map is hard or anything. but i didn't want to just say "GO RIGHT" like i do in all my drafts. Oh, and uh Fred dodged a hammer. 3 turns/43 turns Paralogue 2 Fred pairs into Sumia. Vaike pairs into Cordelia. Both of the Pegs handle the bottom portion of the map, with Fred+Sumia getting the Victor kill. Chrom and Avatar go up to the village, and Chrom gets some levels in the process since I don't want to waste the EXP. Panne+Kellam and Lon'qu+Ricken (I don't even know) go up and handle the initial archers. 6 turns/49 turns Paralogue 3 Fred and Sumia go down the right side and get the boss. Chrom and Avatar go down the left bridge and Chrom gets a few levels. Cordelia, Panne and Lon'qu pitch in where needed. 5 turns/54 turns *Will have proper stats soon now that I know that code tags go boom now Resource List Chapter 6 Secret Book - Unclaimed Paralogue 2 Goddess Icon - Unclaimed Paralogue 3 Seraph Robe - Unclaimed Renown Second Seal - Unclaimed
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