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Found 7 results

  1. I really hope DaisyJane is ok and they are just very busy or maybe lost interesting on making these threads. Now then last month we had blue which means we aren't getting blue this month, IS has never given same color back to back, there is also no record where we getting two different colors on same month assuming we get two mythic like last year so no blue, No Fafnir. Colorless is full. That leaves to Red and Green; Green has Dagr with her second rerun and she already welcomed a new unit(L!Byleth), for Red with and old year unit Plumeria and L!Sigurd which is also his second rerun but unlike like Dagr, he hasn't welcome any unit, making him more value than Dagr. Plumeria (Atk/Res Push 4, Sabotage Spd 3, Atk/Res Rein 3) L!Sigurd (Atk/Def Catch 4, Fatal Smoke 3) New Mythic Here Nott (Distant Counter, Atk/Spd Menace) L!Dimitri (Sturdy Impact, Odd Tempest 3) F!Dimitri (Atk/Solo, Odd Tempest 3) (It has to be him right???) Dagr (Atk/Spd 4, Even Tempest) B!Gatekeeper (Harsh Command+, Close Reversal, Joint Drive Def) New mythic here or Green unit missing on Voting gauntlet banner(s) event, too early for A!Fjorm L!Corrin (Distant Counter, Shield Pulse 3, Joint Drive Atk) Bramimond (Atk/Def 4, Lull Atk/Res 3) L!Micaiah (Fury 4, Joint Distant Guard) -------Blessing------- Do I need to explain it? It's pretty obvious it's Dark. Since Book 5 started IS has giving us two of each elements: Astra: Reginn + Ashera Anima: Seiros + Otr Light: Dagr + Ullr Dark: Nott + New Mythic. We are just missing Dark one to complete the circle. Another reason it's because next month we are getting our new freebie unit, assuming we still getting mythic, It will be most likely Astra or Light since it's more appealing to have offense unit than defense unit. -------Personal Predictions------- I had been saying we getting Dark Red Eitri since September, I believe? And I still stand my prediction, it's just fit perfectly for this month/last chapter from book 5. Now then we are getting Wind on December and having three slots empty on Colorless, its just screaming here "New Free unit and New Legendary" I'ma say for now it's Free unit Astra and Staff Elincia here. January looks in shambles... with worst selling unit Otr.... February is schedule to be Water right now and it's anniversary, Naga, Yune and Eir probably moving to remix banners. Leaving L!Fae welcoming either Caeda or Ninian, I'ma guess.
  2. So as most of you already know, in Fire Emblem: Fates, there is a DLC mission called "Royal Royale". In it, you must select a Royal Team from either Hoshido or Nohr. Depending on which side you complete this mission with, determines what kind of reclassing seal you'll receive. Completing the mission with a Hoshidan Royal gives you a Dread Scroll, and with Nohrian Royals an Ebon Wing. What I'd like to know is, on Hard mode (and Lunatic would be nice too) is there a simple strategy to complete this map with both teams? Though I have completed this map before, it took me a full day and a huge amount of frustration. I just wanna know if there's a simpler way to do it. I've tried the whole Elise being easy mode thing, but honestly that only seemed to make it harder for me. Thanks for any help! <3 EDIT: oops I put Beach Brawl instead of Royal Royale. I'm a big smart.
  3. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is coming out so usually I would do research about it before hand avoiding spoilers. So this thread will be semi-spolier free. What I would like to go over is the song "Reincarnation" sung by Yoshino Nanjo or Kurono Kiria in game. This song is very catchy and many people enjoy to hear it. The lyrics on the other hand are very dark and unsettling. It may refer to the Mirages in the game and how they make every depressed. Post your thoughts below. The translated lyrics are (According to Nintendo Insider): I’m breaking down, All the walls I’ve built up around my lonely heart now, You’re the one that takes it all away, My solitude, and all my pain, Reincarnation, Realization, Reincarnation, I want to disappear, I walk alone through the city of lights, I see the same fake smiles every night, Cause everybody hides… They run and they hide from their real feelings, And everyone’s got their stresses too, yeah I know, But I already get that’s the status quo, I’m breaking down, All the masks that I wear to hide my lonely heart now, But what if I’m just lying to myself? If even now, you still want me when I am hurt, Wandering lost in the rain, Then at least help me destroy it all, My solitude, and all my pain, Reincarnation, Realization, Reincarnation, I want to be reborn. Link to Source: http://www.nintendo-insider.com/2016/05/new-tokyo-mirage-sessions-fe-music-videos-reveal-english-lyrics/
  4. Hey, I wanted to get all of the 3 stories of Fates but i'm not sure about which Boon/Bane could be the best for Corrin.. In Birthrights I wanted to get Master Ninja as second class, I heard that +strength or +speed are the best boon and -luck the best bane. In Conquest I wanted to be a Malig Knight or Dark Knight so I thought that +magic -luck could be the best pair. What do you think could be the best boon/bane for these classes ? (No spoiler please the game is still not released in my country and sorry if my english is bad)
  5. The first Shining Force is one of my favorite games ever, so it's kind of a surprise that I didn't play this remake until very recently (like, a day or two ago). But it really did seem perfect for drafting, and I personally really want to do something like this myself, so...here you find me, making this draft. With some rules, no less! EDIT THE DIFFICULTY IS DEFAULT (NORMAL) AKA WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU START A NEW GAME ON A NEW CARTRIDGE (SO NO CHAPTER 1 BANNED MAWLOCK) 1. This draft is for 4 players, who will each draft 7 units in standard snake style format (no last round reverse going on here). 2. Since they can be undeployed immediately, unless there are any exceptions of units forced into a chapter (besides Max, Narsha, Zuika, and Mawlock), there is a 4 turn penalty for each undrafted unit who is deployed, per battle. 3. Max (main character), Lowe (healing chump), Hans (backup combat chump), & Narsha (to make her gaidens worth it for everyone, also requisite non chump/MC) are free. 4. Mawlock is banned, except for the epilogue chapters. Sorry, he's just too much of a game-changer, and I'd prefer not to have him for this draft. 4. You may use Egress to grind during battles, however turns taken in this period will still be added to your total turncount....So kind of a bit counterproductive. 5. On a similar note, if Max dies (and you opt not to reset), the turns will still be added...so yeah, save a lot? 6. However, you may Egress/retreat as long as no Attacks have been made for that battle (for either side) with no penalty...if you actually clear a map while doing this, 20 turn penalty, JERK! 7. The epilogue chapters will be free for up to 20 turns. 8. If there's anything about the rules that needs fixing, feel free to drop a comment on the thread, even if you're not in the draft. Teams 1. Refa- Luke, Zylo, Gong, Arthur, Pelle, Bleu, Jogurt 2. Ice Sage- Gort, Hanzou, Mae, Anri, Zuika, Alef, Lyle 3. BBM- Earnest, Domingo, Kokichi, Amon, Khris, Musashi, Adam 4. SRC- Tao, Balbaroy, Vankar, Ken, Diane, Guntz, Torasu Units List
  6. Spoilers I know that many people have been RAM hacking Fates already, but I haven't seen any direct-capture footage of the classes yet. Hope this video will be enough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6GlpBR2qeg
  7. Looks like the best blockbuster of next year, though Batman will probably win.
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