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Found 5 results

  1. Something interesting I saw when looking at the cutscene where we are introduced to Sothis' power to rewind time: the circle that appears in front of her not only has the Crest of Flames in the center, which clues us in where it comes from for Byleth long before Hannemann discovers it, but there is also some text circling around it. One line in particular caught my eye, because it says "the goddess always lives in heaven and Fodlan", which basically spoils Sothis' identity (because why else would that line be on a magic circle she summons?). Here's a screencap for proof (excuse the German): I thought this was interesting to share, but I didn't want to use any of the Forum Game or FftF topics in order to avoid spoiling people who haven't played the game yet.
  2. Ever since buying skills has become a thing, I've noticed a lack of interesting character reclassing in Fates. Everyone is either a Swordmaster, Master Ninja, or a Nohr/Hoshido Noble. Which is fine! Those classes are common for a reason! But I'm curious to hear if anyone did something different. Like making Effie into a healer, or making Kaze into a samurai. I, for example, made my Avatar an Outlaw with +Luck/-Skill.
  3. Just a thread where we can discuss things that maybe didn't make the cut in the final game in Fates, or other interesting facts and trivia which aren't exactly well known. I got this idea after watching one of BigKlingy's videos and hearing that apparently Kagerou was planned to be Hoshidan royalty, interesting...
  4. Post any interesting facts you have about anything. As long as they make sense I suppose. I want to see how many there are I haven't discovered.
  5. So I've been thinking recently about the topic of suicide. Really, when you get into the implications of taking your own life, it's sort of incredible, in a very morbid sort of way. We humans are the only species capable of willingly taking our own lives. No other animal would act directly to Kill itself. In a way, we are the first ever failure of evolution. The big evolutionary advantage of humanity is our intellect. However, our intellect has allowed us to do things counterproductive to our own survival. Suicide is just one example (global warming, nuclear weapons, etc.) So what do you think? Have we beaten evolution?
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