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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, my name is Gats, I'm 18 and French I'm a huge fan of Path of Radiance and FE2/Echoes I hope we will get on well :) I also want to translate The Binding Blade in French, I was hoping to do it with FEBuilder, if someone can explain to me how to add characters it would be very nice of you so I can work on the translation, I need to add characters (/font) like "é" "è" "â"... Thank you very much
  2. Hey everyone, I'm Milanor, or Mila, whichever you want to refer to me as. Anyways, here is some background info about me. I'm a graduate student studying software engineering and I've first been introduced to the Fire Emblem series over a decade ago, back when Sacred Stones first came out. One of my friends told me about it and after seeing him play it, I got interested in learning how to play an RTS game or tactical strategy game of the kind. On my first time, I was really bad at the series and didn't really understand strategy or grasped the concept itself. I remember sending Seth, the main pre-promo unit just slaughtering all the enemies including the boss and not training my lords (Eirika and Ephraim) at all. I couldn't finish the run at all, and it wasn't until I've played Fire Emblem - Blazing Sword that I've learned how to properly play an RTS. Over the years, I've watched LPers, tried strategies all around, as well hints and tips from all over the Internet and became proficient at the Fire Emblem series. I consider myself a highly experienced player of the Fire Emblem series, but not somewhere around the expert level (I tend to avoid hard mode mainly because it's quite tedious and of course, difficult.) - in other words, I'm more of a casual player. Anyways, I found out about Serenes Forest many years ago (probably as far back as 2010), but never really thought about joining until now. I've played through many fire emblem games, mainly the GBA series and Geneology of the Holy War (FE4). My favorite FE game based on the ones I've played is Sacred Stones, mainly because of the usefulness of almost all the characters, the difficulty is friendly to newcomers (at least in Normal Mode), has a overworld map (really like that), has places to grind (newbie friendly) such as the Tower and Ruins, and finally, lots of usability between character classes (each character can choose to promote to either one of two classes), pairings, and gives you a lot of leeway in the late game. As of now, apart from school and IRL stuff, I'm interested in getting my foot in the door towards fire emblem rom hacking, starting from the most basic level. I've played Blazer's FE rom hack "The Last Promise" and it was very enjoyable indeed. After playing through his rom hack, and seeing the additional part of the Fire Emblem community here, I'm inspired to create an easier mode for FE6, which would be me gateway into the FE rom hacking world. Feel free to ask me anything else you want to know about me. -Milanor
  3. Hey there, everybody! I just created an account here and I'm really happy to become a member of this community! However, I'd like to help making it grow as much as possible. I'm a Spanish avid reader and I love languages, so if there's any kind of project involving Spanish-English or vice versa translations, I'd be glad to help! That said, thank you for letting me in and I hope to have a great time here with all of you!
  4. Greetings, you may call me Aramis. Like most of the new recruits members i have been a lurker for quiet some time, measuring close to a year, since i discovered this website. I am also one of those dreaded newschool players that started out with Awakening, as the red-haired Robin from Smash Bros. was just such a delight to watch battling which convinced me to pick up a copy of her game of origin. Despite being heartbroken that i couldn't recreate her appearance in the game, the positives outweigh the negatives by far, as the chess-esque SRPG gameplay and the character interaction won me over. The latter feels a little like having a social equivalent to an ant farm, which is nice to watch over. But so far, i've spent most of my time in my new hobby reading about it at databases, and as a result of this i now know the plot of every single Fire Emblem game, most of the important characters and some bits and pieces about the mechanics without having played them. As you can imagine, that is pretty boring and to leap into the action and get started i decided to sign up here. I'm looking forward to play more Fire Emblem and getting to know you all better. Sincerely, Aramis
  5. Hello everybody! My name is BusterMan64 and I'm new to Serene Forest (the forums anyway)! I'm not that experienced when it comes to forums and stuff, so a tip here and there would help. Anyway, a little about me. I'm a pretty cheerful person and I'm more of a gamer guy than a anime guy. I love Fire Emblem (with a passion) as well as Megaman Battle Network, Suikoden, Etrian Odyssey, Phoenix Wright, any Tales of . Games, and most games from Atlus & Nintendo! Ahh...anything else......oh! I like hearing other people's thoughts on certain things ( and sharing them too)! (This probably isn't the best way introduce myself. I'm not that great with introductions, sorry.) I hope to have fun and talk with many interesting people here in the forest! (And I think Lyn and Ike are the two most coolest and most awesome main protagonist in the Fire Emblem series! Character and Unit wise.)
  6. Hello, Im New Here. I Hope i dont disturb so hello~
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