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Found 20 results

  1. I've been on a bit of a nuzlocke kick lately, and I've never played a Sinnoh game before now. Decided what better way to get into it... than to play challenge mode where all my friends will die! Also decided to add just a few additional rules... >Species/Dupe clause: Can repeat the "First Encounter" only if the first pokemon encountered is of an already caught species or evolution of previously caught species. Can only repeat twice. The third pokemon must either be caught or KOed. >Cannot use the Starter Pokemon. >A rule only for the Safari Zone (or Great Marsh, whatever): If the first pokemon encountered in an area is a desires pokemon, but it runs away, you may re-encounter the same species of pokemon in the same area up to two additional times. However, if you do this, you must release/permabox one previously caught pokemon per repeat encounter, and yet another if you manage to catch it. >Also each section of the Great Marsh counts as a separate area. Rules added after the start of the journey: >Only Max Revives can be used to save a pokemon, but only in the battle they have been KOed in. Only one Max Revive can be used per battle, and only in important battles against unique trainers, see Gym Leaders, Galactic Commanders, Barry, etc. This can ONLY be put into action if more than three pokemon have fainted in a single battle, or if three or more have been eliminated in a string of battles, such as the Elite 4/Champion. Only ONE Max Revive can be in the inventory at any time: all others must be sold or otherwise disposed of. So with that, I'm already a bit ways in, just getting the Poketch, and what's happened so far... ~Picked Piplup. Not that it matters, it just seemed the least likely to murder my actual first pokemon. ~I dunno why, but I decided to name my pokemon after RPG classes? ~First pokemon (Route 201): Hero the Starly (Calm). Byebye, Piplup, hello Grind. ~Caravan the Bidoof (Verity Lakefront) was killed by a wild pokemon's Critical hit almost immediately. No wonder these things are usually HM slaves... ~Route 202 encounter blessed me: MageKnight the Shinx (Jolly) is awesome. ~Ravaged Path gave me a Psyduck! Alright let's catch this- I'M OUT OF POKEBALLS FU- ~Well that's a wasted encounter... least I was able to sneak through the grass to buy more before encountering Adventurer the Wurmple (Lax) on Route 204. Gotta get this lil girl up to find out what her chosen path in life is...
  2. This is Red Randomizer Nuzlocke. What's interesting about this particular one is that it includes all the Pokémon up to and including the sixth generation [spoiler=PICK MY GOON] Furret is the stuff of nightmares LET'S GO Nuzlocke demands a set battle style ahh that nice familiar face [: Why would my name be anything else? He looks like a bully and an asshole Perfect MUH POTION All non-key items are randomized! Or they should be, anyway I have a terrible foreboding feeling all of a sudden... And girls don't? Televisions are sexist I... need an adult? yo YO YO Pick for me, fellow denizens of the forest! Pokémon Silver Randomizer Nuzlocke starts here QUOTES:
  3. Well my senior year is almost over, and I'll have a good amount of free time, so why not document an LP? the rules: 1. I may only catch the first Pokémon in an area, and if I fail the encounter, I do not get a Pokémon from that area 2. If a Pokémon faints it is considered dead, and must be put in the box permenantly 3. All Pokémon must be nicknamed 4. Shiny and dupes clauses are active (if I find a shiny regardless of if it's my first encounter or not I can catch and use it, and if I find a Pokémon I already have or have had I can choose to continue encountering Pokémon untill I get something new, to add to the variety) 5. All gift Pokémon will be accepted. Wether they will be used or not depends on the team ATM 6. I will allow myself ONE legendary beast, which will be determined by the viewers 7. Ho Oh and Lugia are off limits due to how powerful they are, this is supposed to be a challenge after all! 8. The Nuzlocke officially begins when we get Pokeballs we have won the nuzlocke when we have beaten Red upon Mt. Silver. all images taken will have links posted to view them, this way I don't have to delete images to comply with the posting limit comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated!
  4. RULES 1. Catch only the first pokemon you see on each route/area. 2. If you kill the first pokemon you see, no new pokemon for you. 3. If you encounter the same pokemon/pokemon from the same evolution line you already have, try again until you get a pokemon you haven't caught. 4. No healing inside of battles is allowed, healing outside of battles is. 5. Your pokemon's level can be at most the same as the level of bosses most powerful pokemon. 6. You may only use the same amount of pokemon as the gym leaders/bosses use. (However there is one instance, for which I'll create a poll for) 7. Naming your pokemon is optional. 8. If your pokemon faints during battle, it is considered 'dead' and it must be released. 9. If you lose a battle, you may continue with the pokemon you have inside the PC Box. With that out of the way... Obligatory trainer name. Gary F***** Oak Level 2 Pidgey, a man's worst nightmare. As much as it pains me not to pick Squirtle (Blastoise is my favourite pokemon), I'll pick Bulbasaur, because he's pretty cool and nobody ever picks him (And he'll make two first gym battles easier) That was CLOSE Get used to it, dickhead. The real fun/pain begins NOW Now that's a good way to begin a nuzlocke, one of my favourite pokemon and a pokemon that is actually quite decent. Hyper Fang hits like a fucking truck early on and once it evolves it just gets better. A very good pokemon early on, that holds it own throught the entire game (from my experience) Rattata has been caught :) New route, what are we gonna get? Mankey. It's not a bad pokemon, it's fairly fast and has good damage output, it's certianly going to be useful against Brock. With me not being able to get trade evolutions Mankey might be just the best fighting type I can get, especially once it evolves. Mankey has been caught. Route 2 time baby, now give me Pidgey. That's what I'm talking about! Caught it without hitting it, Ash be jealous. Anyway Pidgey is an ok flying type, not amazing, I find spearow/fearow and doduo/dodrio much better than pidgey/pidgeotto/pidgeot due to pidgey's average attack and speed. Still it has a higher base total than the previous two evolution lines, but it's late final evolution hurts it, when you can get Fearow 16 level earlier, anyway that's enough for the first update. Next time I'll get through Viridian Forest and face my rival on route 22. Smell ya later!
  5. Welcome to my first ever Pokémon Nuzlocke. I will be doing a playthrough of Pokémon Uranium, a “banned” Pokémon game. I have already decided my starter, so no poll, unfortunately. Anyways, expect the first post to start today.
  6. Pokemon Sacred Gold Nuzlocke Yes, welcome to this nuzlocke playthrough of Drayano's Sacred Gold hack for Pokemon Heart Gold. This hack allows you to find every Pokemon that had been added to games by the 4th gen, and also increases the challenge of Gym leaders and other trainers. So prepare yourself for a short lived series, where you'll witness beatings, thrashing, shit being pushed back in, and generally unethical treatment of both man and animal. Also, big screenshots! The rules for this playthough will be as follows: [spoiler=Rules]- Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released. - The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. - Must nickname every Pokémon. - A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. - Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to prevent the player from having to catch multiple of the same Pokémon, for the sake of variety. Generally this means that the trainer can keep fighting Pokémon in the area until one is encountered that has not been caught yet, which then immediately counts as the first encounter. - If the player runs into a Shiny Pokémon, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not itis the first encounter in the area. - No legendary captures. - Due to the supposed difficulty of the hack. All gift Pokemon will be accepted. This rule may change if people disagree with it And so, we shall begin! [spoiler=Prologue] This intro screen is a lie. This is not merely Heart Gold, but you can still take a moment to admire the fabulous bird. Oak makes sure we know what we're in for. Don't let the smile fool you; he really hopes I suffer. Here's me with my awesome and original name. Pictured left are the faces of evil. HURRAY! ME TOO! HURRAY FOR ME! Running Shoes, bike, and GB Sounds before even leaving the house. Best mum ever. But seriously, this is pretty sweet getting all this stuff off the bat. I'll be having the GB Sounds on, since I'm a nostalgic twat. Gameboy Colour forever! Don't worry, you only crushed my soul. Anyway, we need to head over to Elm's Lab. A handsome devil. Would you like to cause problems for the establishment with me? Today is our lucky day. Finally, we'll be allowed to leave this place, after years of isolation from the rest of the world. Now, it's a simple case of picking our partner, who will never die. Hmm... Mmhmm... I see... I have made my decision. There's only one choice for me. It's the cutest starter ever after all. And I also have the perfect name in mind. Looking good. I think that's a lax nature. Also, new ability for the hack. Squee. He's much cuter than tubby largekins over there. Yes. Now we can collect numbers and be pestered by the tosspots we brutalise. For example... Our first wild battle. Of course, the Nuzlocke doesn't start until we have Pokeballs. Also, just one example of the new Pokemon that have been added to the region. Another reason to approve of this hack. Our first level up. We also learn Razor Leaf. Thankfully, this old man gives us some stuff to make up for his droning. We heal up and then head onto Route 30 for some more training. Here's another Pokemon that'll get a Weedle instead of. I might actually make us for this for once, since any free balls will help save money for precious potions. Cameos from the inferior 4th generation games? You bet your arse this hack has them! Garchomp please. I'm so terribly bad at making decisions, ma'am. I'm better off with a Garchomp. Okay, he's modest. That narrows it down. Also, I wish I'd named it Garchomp for a comic effect. Alas. Yes, it's completely a mystery to everyone. And, we're all set on the menu front now. Thanks old pal. That sounds urgent, Prof. I'll race right back. After training... ... and doing this. Squee. Now my feelings are hurt. If this guy thinks I'm a loser, then it's gotta be true. But at least I've got an advantage. Thank you Cynthia. That Cyndaquil did a worrying amount of damage with its Tackle. Honestly, I don't know how much this Growl actually helped. Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. Verdante's got it down. Yes. Yeah... good luck with that, mate. Your beautiful, beautiful name. And there you have it; a Nuzlocke prologue with absolutely no Nuzlocking whatsoever. Tune in for the next part, where I'll quest to gather as much fodder as possible. I sincerely hope that I can continue this for a good while, and that you'll enjoy it.
  7. Why hello there Serenes Forest. I am Breezy. I like Pokemon. I like dying on the inside. So what better way to put it all together than by doing this. Anyway RULES 1.) Nuzlocke stuff: First mon on each Route/Nicknames required/Pokemon die when they are fainted 2.) Randomizer stuff: All starters\wild\event\trades\trainer Pokemon were randomized/TM's were (but not compatibility)/ There is a 10% increase on all Trainers levels. So if someone had a level 20 Ivysaur, it would be level 22. 3.) Ha I'm gonna die Anyway I suppose I gotta do this now.
  8. Something I've been meaning to start for a while now, I finally got internet at home again and thus don't have to balance my laptop's charge with when I'm able to leave to get internet (my laptop is janky and doesn't charge while it's running, among other problems). BUT yeah randomize this shit up boiii! This is the remake of Blue that adds in the PhySpec split and makes it so all the characters are available. The original Blue had a lot of characters in the data that couldn't actually be encountered. Not that that makes a damned difference in a randomizer. Also general randomizer rules, only first mon you catch in the route etc. Welcome, I've been here lol. You should know this by now Oak this is only the 67th time I've told you. Also always Renko all day. "God damnit Zak stop naming your rival after me!" Wow, my very own legend? One that I don't have to share? How nice! Game asks what kind of girl I am at the start but then refers to me as a boy. Maybe I'm gender confused idk. Yeah I might be attacked by Keine. The character who would never attack a lone human. >.> So the starters are a Fairy, a Murasa, or a Tokiko. Seems fair enough. I went with Murasa because Ghost/Water is awesome and also she's a sailor and I imagine she drinks a lot and that's funny to me. Zeem gets a lulFairy. This is gonna be eas- Uhhhhhhhhhhhh...... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Yeah that totally was expected. UH DO OVER. Maybe this will end less sacky. Tewi. Incidentally the original release of Blue had her name as Tei (which i'm 99% sure is how you're actually supposed to pronounce it). I say Two-ee because it's funny though. HOORAY I DID IT. Please note that this is definitely NOT the 2nd take I did of this because I needed to grab the Potion to win, nope this is DEFINITELY LEGIT. Anyways Oak's Time Wasting Parcel time. I ran into an her on the way. That's honestly really cool. I ran ofc because I forgot if she's Ghost type or not and Scratch would wiff. Hopefully she's my encounter once I grow some balls. Other stuff I ran into. UFO was one of the mons not available in the original blue. One delivery and visit to the Rivals sister who disregards her brother and gives me a map anyways later aaand... Hooray! NOT HOORAY I wasted my balls on her. Ugggh. Fuck imma restock at the mart and go to route TWENTEH TWO and see what I get. Ghost... SURE. This literally took almost all of them. He knows Lick. And I forgot I was asposed to nickname him. I'll nickname him when I get to creepypasta Ghost town. Ah well to Route 1 to train. AWWWWWWW I could've gotten a Remi? This sucks. I ran into AdReisens here too. They provided excellent experience to Ghost and she couldn't fight back. Everything else I just switched to Tojiko and ran- UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH fucking Gengetsu Raep Tiem meme. I probably set a new record. Ehh Route 3 please don't let me dooowwwwn! I am fine with this. For some reason she got captured on the first ball. IDK why she's being nice to me maybe she felt sorry that Mr Ghostie ate through almost 15 balls. >.> Uncreative nickname. Also I want to point out that Quiet Nature is the exact opposite of the Prismrivers. After I let my laptop charge again it's off to Viridian Forest to battle some trainers and get some money for more balls and preying to god i don't get an encounter before that continue MY VERY OWN LEGEND
  9. Pokemon Volt White Nuzlocke Last year, I survived having my bollocks ripped off by Sacred Gold. Now I'm back, and one generation better. This time, I'm taking on Volt White, Drayano's hack of Pokemon White. Just like Sacred Gold, this hack allows you to catch every Pokemon that existed up to the generation, and boosts the challenge across the board. Will (Zekroms') lightning strike twice? Will I go down on fire? Tune in for what I hope will be another successful nuzlocke, with far less grinding than the last. [spoiler=Rule] - Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released. - The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. - Must nickname every Pokémon. - A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. - Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to prevent the player from having to catch multiple of the same Pokémon, for the sake of variety. Generally this means that the trainer can keep fighting Pokémon in the area until one is encountered that has not been caught yet, which then immediately counts as the first encounter. - If the player runs into a Shiny Pokémon, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not itis the first encounter in the area. - No legendary captures. In this hack, it's possible to encounter them in the grass. If that happens, I'll run and re-encounter. - Due to the supposed difficulty of the hack. All gift Pokemon will be accepted. This rule may change if people disagree with it - Outside and Inside areas will be consider separate from each other in regards to encounters (So I can get encounters inside and outside of Pinwheel Forest). - If I get an encounter in dark grass (wild doubles), I get to choose which I catch. Prologue [spoiler=Prologue] Half black, half white. The ultimate MJ fan! I know this is Pokemon White, but I wasn't expecting to heil Hitler so soon. Oh, Drayano's a woman now. I've seen this before, all Pokemon... new challenges, Have fun. Can I have a Skill Link Minccino please? You know, Black and White have one of the best female trainers, but I'll not undergo the change just yet. No originality. Here's a squad of adorable ragamuffins, except Cheren. You know, I don't think I've ever played in any season other than Autumn or Winter. Yes! And then, we'll be free of this go nowhere hamlet. I hope I get a Garchomp. Well, I'll take yours if you don't want it. I need all the fodder I can get my hands on. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I know the drill. I'll be needing them though. Well, I asked you lot which starter I should take. The winner was... fucking memes. Aren't memes just so funny!? Haha! Memes! Okay. Snivy it is. Seriously? Someone likes Tepig? Fortunately, the Nuzlocke doesn't start until I get my balls. So I don't need to worry about using... except my pride. First battle! I think Snivy must have missed, and hit her instead. Fine work. On the contrary. An easy victory. Yeah, I'm not going be using this room anymore. Cheren awakens his psychic powers! Cheren won't fall for Snivys trickery. Dang! His actually pretty good. Time to cool off, Cheren. Now we're talking. And those are the first battles. We almost got thrash there. And yet the Wii survived. You know, getting the bike like this makes more sense than in the actual game. Ah! The sun! It's blinding me! Thanks. Where at NASA do you work? And now I've stepped into a soap opera. Those aren't her real parents, and it's the mum who dun it. Why. We've already got our Pokemon. I don't need anything else. Well, Lady Dray, it's in the rules. You're best off leaving that to Bianca. Now, let's see our first companion, who I suspect won't last as long as Verdante did. Oh yeah! Hail to the chief! On the other hand, he won't be getting Leaf Storm for a long, long time. One day, you'll read about me in the news: Boy Found Mauled in Ditch. Next time, I'll get my Patrat, Lilipup, or Rattata. How thrilling! Which one will it be!?
  10. ... Will likely not be starring in this game. Pokemon Yellow Randomised Nuzlocke I'm back again, my sweet treats. I did say, after my Sacred Gold victory, that I'd return with another game. I know it's been longer than I was hoping, but I'm finally here. This time, I'll be doing a nuzlocke of the first Pokemon game I ever owned; Pokemon Yellow. There's a twist though, and that's the randomiser, which will ensure some interesting sights and battles. Because it's the yellow version, I won't get the choose my starter; what I get is what I play with. Will I win another nuzlocke, or will that Pikachu bend me over and make call him daddy? The Rules 1: Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released. 2: The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. 3: Must nickname every Pokémon. 4: A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. 5: Species/Dupes Clause. 6: Gift Pokemon can be accepted, but they count as the single encounter for that area. 7: Interact Pokemon (like Snorlax) count as the encounter for the area. 8: Battles must in be set mode. 9: Nuzlocke doesn't start until I have Pokeballs. Episode One: A Star is Born [spoiler=Episode One] Hello, old friend. A warm welcome to you, too. Only that middle egg is ready for battle. Dang straight. Lower case. I'm no shouty tosser. I mucked up in the Sacred Gold playthough. This time, I'll make no mistakes. Oak, you dirty ol' dog. Enough of this prattle. It's time to get into the game. I think I had an N64 when I first got this game. No matter. I did have Snes, too. There should be an item in this PC. I randomised items as well, so lets see what I got. Nevermind. Time to start the adventure. The music. I love this old Gameboy music. It makes me feel young again. That's right. What awaits me on this new journey? Shades of Naxxramas by the sounds of it. Time to get my Pokemon. Yes, it lets me pirate old Gameboy classics. Here we are. It's time to say hello to Nobface. Aww hello. No! That Pokemon is mine! Remove your phallus visage from my sight! I don't need him. I'll just hunt down my own Pokemon. With my bear hands! Hey, old pal, 'bout time you showed up. But we aren't out of the woods... or grass just yet. Here we go! Who's it going to be? ... ... ... I wasn't expecting that. Evolvable by Celadon, with a good typing. I think I'll get along well with you, little Staryu. Well, we are close to the sea here. So I guess that Staryu makes some sense. "Back to the studio." Ooooooo! Someone needs a Burn Heal. Let's get this formality out of the way. We all know how this is going down, ol' buddy. I hope that you'll be the one in the bin very soon, erection head. No sweat, Oak... just give me that Staryu. Oh yeah. I still have regrets over the Staryu I caught into Sacred Gold. Damn that Weezing and its critical Thunder. This time, things will be different. Me and Lazuli here are going to have a grand old time of it. I'm feeling lucky. And ready to offer some payback. [spoiler=Episode One: Vs Rival] Yeah yeah... lets see what lame Pokemon you got. Just look at penis cranium here. So smug. ... Okay. Shades for me. When does Staryu learn Water Gun again? You had to just rub in it in, didn't you. You cheesey, dastardly dick-nose. This doesn't count because I don't have any Pokeballs yet. Yeah... I think I'll skip our next battle. You'll be waiting a while before you can smell me. And there you have it, folks. It feels good to be back, and I hope for another victory in the nuzlocke challenge. I hope that you also enjoy this playthrough.
  11. Hello, and welcome to Supershyguy94s playthrough of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War!!!!! We know what were here for. LUTE GET OUT I will not be doing just any run, though. I am going to be doing a Nuzlocke, or no resets run. I am mainly doing this for self-torture enjoyment. : ] Here are the rules: If someone dies, I dont reset and cover up their death with lies. If Sigurd/Seliph dies, I reset and send others who had died in the failed attempt to their doom. NO abuse of the second rule. EVER. I can use one use of the Valkyrie Staff, but only to revive a future mother in Generation 1. Those are the rules! I think they seem fair enough I hope [spoiler=Jungby Castle] Wow, the run is starting! Obligatory history class. The only important part is the Lopt. Sect killing people and the 12 crusaders stopping them. These two are the rulers of Freege and Dozel. They dont like theyre good guys, though Oh hey, its Alvis the most OP Mage in the game! (that mains fire, anyway) A crisis? Well, its to be expected in Fire Emblem games. Also, this guy can see the future. The previously peaceful country attacking? WHO WOULDVE THOUGHT. In all seriousness, though, any country with ugly rulers is probably evil. Id use them as a wall. See? Even Midir wants to be a wall! Whoa. Theyre violent. Alec, by the way, youre wrong. They burn the place first. Its a gameplay element. Oh hey! Its Oifaye! (that sounded more clever in my head.) Oifaye is the best! Hes our tactician! Without him, this playthrough wouldnt happen! Basically, we play as Oifaye! We start! Also, Turn one formation and the like. ; ] Wow, Ardan is slow. He has vantage, or charge, or whatever they call it these days, but not pursuit. Benched Now we look at someone quite the opposite of Ardan. Sigurd, the somewhat OP main lord of this generation, has pursuit. That means he can double. No pursuit :/ He has critical, though, which might earn him a lover Yes criticals are a skill in this game (with two exceptions) Alec is better than Noish in practically every way. He has Pursuit and Nihil, which negates critical and, I believe, the special sword effects of death. Hes not staying on the team for long though. Midir got criticaled? No fair, Gandolf didnt have the ability. Thank you. this cutscene would take forever without this. Also, Aideens ONE guard didnt do so well so shes not exactly NOT being kidnapped right now. Man, the enemy phase theme is so catchy We meet our two new characters, both of which will get a lover (because theyre both good). Lex, the guy on the right, is really good and hopefully wont die. Azel Well, hes pretty good. Aw, Azel likes Aideen. He is not marrying her. Definitely not. Oh, and he can ORKO these bandits too. Thanks, clever level design. Azel mains fire magic, the worst in the game. He has pursuit, though. Lex doesnt have pursuit, but I can solve that problem he does have vantage and Paragon, though. That, with my plan, will make him top tier. Lex visits the village Azel saved, and a turn later these guys show up. Theyre Cuan and Ethlin, and they rock. Also, theyre married. Yay lovers critical! Poor Fin. Only gets one forced line of dialogue (and is still really good) Ethlin has critical, but no pursuit. At least she uses staves though Fin, meanwhile, has pursuit and an extra prayer skill! Thatll be helpful in a pinch. Cuan has continue, which is like pursuit but doesnt always trigger and attacks more. Ooh, close. Noish was severely injured by these fighters and Ethlin couldnt heal him this turn, so I built a wall. The healer animations are cool. But why doesnt she have a stave? Getting Fin experience! [spoiler=O.O] Or not I forgot about that village, so Noish and Alec go around the long way and build up their love points. Azels mission is to save these two villages in six turns. Good luck, Azel. Azel isnt the fastest, so Lex heads over for some help. We dont need it here, after all. Also, I had Noish visit the speed ring village -.- One village down. Only one more left. Fin versus the boss! Who will win? Whoa. Fin, get out of there. I decide Fin isnt worthy of defeating the boss. Lex can instead. Meanwhile, Alec and Noish block the chokepoint and rack up them love points. Azel isnt far behind. Also, Lex saved that village in the nick of time. Lex dodged : ] And hit him One round of combat later, Lex gets the kill! Jungby Castle is seized! Then we recruit Midir. Gandolf, if you wouldve have cheated to get a critical, this wouldnt have happened. Yikes. That pursuit is nice, but those stats Well, thats all for now. I hope you enjoyed so far (I promise, this will get exciting) I would like any feedback you have, because I have no idea if Im Lets Playing well or not. Thanks!
  12. HI FRIENDS I'm Breezy and we're doing a Pokemon Randomizer I was planning on doing an Emerald one but it wouldn't work and LeafGreen is also green so they are totally the same game right? RULES AND STUFF Standard Nuzlocke rules If it dies it's dead Nickname it all RANDOMIZER SETTINGS Random starters and wilds (No legends though because I am a wimp) Random TM's AND compatibility Gyms are random too [spoiler=CHAPTER 1: Totally Random] Hey look it's the best Gen 1 Starter Pokemon I'm not Honestly my favorite part about GBA Pokemon randomizers is the random Pokemon at the start I like her hat okay? I probably should have thought this through I'm fairy certain my thought process here was that Vayne players in League almost always go against the entire world and since this is a Nuzlocke that is likely to happen to me Hmmmmmm As we all know Vayne-s hate teamwork wait you don't all know that dammit HERE WE GO No random items because reasons YOU CAN'T MAKE ME :< That's a lie *insert obvious 911 joke here* I have eyes Is one of them Entei Please let me pick Entei SETTINGS Well I made it so starters have 2 evolutions and at this point I was worried it didn't randomize But no need to worry That was Dawn's thing Breezy this isn't Gen 4 Shut up I mean I think it was obvious which one I went with WHO'S THAT POKEMON?? [spoiler=IT'S] Scrub I can 1v5 you any day Ayyyy lmao Also I randomized moves because YOLO Leaf Blade is OP Oh yeah That happened Didn't lose to the Rival Already doing better than Dusk Encounters don't count until I get Pokeballs BTW WHO'S THAT POKEMON??? No NEXT TIME: NEW FRIENDS DEAD FRIENDS And stuff
  13. This isn't FR Omega because I couldn't find a rom.Don't worry,this will still have plenty of fails. Well,I have no idea how to start this,but whatever.I'm going to use all the standard nuzlocke rules.I won't add any extras other then I pick my starter by the last number of my trainer ID because I'm a wimp I'm too lazy to look them up. [spoiler=ERRANDS] Do I need to explain? Well,I'm a girl,and I'll just name myself a random name similar to my username.DEAL WITH IT. Again,explaining. That name is so unoriginal it bites.And the text speed is so slow.Button mashing doesn't do much,either. THAT'S BETTER.Why can't you change the settings before you start like in Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald?The slow speed makes the intro much tedious. Free potion right at the beginning of the game!This is helpful if your starter has extremely poor defense. I KNOW THAT.I HAVE PLAYED A POKEMON GAME BEFORE. Well,got to the lab,did story shit,and checked my ID.Last number is 6,so Squirtle it is. I HAVE NO CREATIVITY,OKAY? Well,here's my Squirtle.Sassy raises Sp.Defense,but lowers speed.Fuck.This little dude will probably be out sped by Brock's Geodude. Did more story shit,and now this bastard wants to fight.I'm going to be out sped,I know it.Spoiler=I am. I WOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO DO THIS IF SOMEONE'S TACKLE HIT. Eh.That wasn't that hard. Dude,you out speed me with a Bulbasaur.I think you picked the right Pokemon. Now,onward to Viridian!I wish I had Pokeballs so much. I don't want to go in here because I can't buy anything,but I have to.Because story. I don't really want to be associated with him. Of what?A Pokeball.One.Pokeball.Plus,you can't tell me what to do! Never mind,he can. I won't say hi,though.Silent protagonists rock sometimes. Now to go all the way back. I hate to admit it,but yes.I do. Why does it include him? I also have my own request.GIVE ME POKEBALLS,AND THEN I WILL LEAVE. He doesn't give the team who probably helped him any credit. Can't well all admit this would've been awesome and easy if so?Very anime like as well.And,I just thought,how does it only get data when you catch them?And how does it get that data?These questions may never be answered. FINALLY. Really?You look younger then Blaine,yet he can do his job perfectly fine. Again,why us? I think this is just an elaborate plan to get Gary out of Pallet Town so he can have some peace. That has been done many times. Wait,he says he "hates to say it."Hate.Where'd the jerkass go? Okay then.We're going to your place after this. Yeah,same with that clerk at the Viridan Pokemart. She agrees that Oak could do this himself. [spoiler=Team] Did some grinding on the way to Viridian the first time.He now knows Bubble.Tail Whip has been rendered useless 90% of the time.Thanks game.Thanks. Well,tomorrow or later today we'll see who my first Pokemon is.I only hope it's not a goddamn Rattata.
  14. Mr.Night here with another LP, but this time I am taking a breather and relaxing with pokemon because I want in on all this pika pika goodness. However I will be doing a nuzlocke challenge as well because I have never finished one before. (tried once before on some hacked version but it just didn't feel right and quit before the first badge) So on to the rules. Rules: 1) one pokemon per new area, no double catching either, if I meet the same one I have caught before, I can catch the next one. If its still one I have caught before or I kill it, tough luck, I must move on. I can catch evolved forms of previous caught pokemon however. 2) If pokemon dies, it goes to the box of the dead. If I lose all my pokemon including ones in pc, its a wipe and my run is over. I go crawl to a hole and live in shame as a shit trainer. 3) No legends but event pokemon and ingame trades are allowed. 4) Items are allowed, same with healing in pokecenters. Switching in battles is also allowed so there is no excuse. All revives will be sold. 5) If I don't get any pokemon that can't learn an HM I need to move, I can catch one and use it only for that sole purpose. The hm slave is considered a zombie pokemon that just helps out. So to get this started. The start of my pokemon journey Pokemon Memorial
  15. Another doohicky nuzlocke thingy between myself and Horace, taking Fire Red and Leaf Green respectively. El Rules - One mon per area - No doubles - If a mon dies, it be deads - No super chickens - Loser is whoever kills more mons or actually wipes After SS Anne, Silph Co and Giovanni, cruel trades will take place where Horace and I will choose a non-starter mon to steal from the other. Once a mon has been stolen, it cannot be restolen later. Deaths Shin: Lost to Lance Horace: Lost to E4 Rival Refa?: 1 - Cerulean City Happy watching!
  16. I figured I'd get in on this FireRed Nuzlocke action, but normal ones are so LAME. So, I randomized it a bit, just for variety, which some say is the spice of life! Randomizer Settings were put as follows: -Remove Trade Evos (everything either evolves from holding an item on level up or through level threshholds) -Update Moves to their Gen 6 stats -National Dex from the outset -Random starters (Stage 1/3) with random held items -Random wilds (similar strength, so no SURPRISE WILD RAYQUAZA in the beginning) -Randomized trainers, type themed (does full randomization make Gyms the same? will test later, but this works for now) -Randomized TMs, preferring same-type compatibility -Event Pokemon are also randomized: Legendary->Legendary, Normal->Normal Dupes clause is in effect, but I doubt I'll have to worry about that. Also, event 'Mons will be treated as separate from main encounters, because I'm a slag and will probably die by the time I get to Misty anyway. RETSUGO. [spoiler=GASTLY WILL CARRY TEH URN (Beginning to Viridian Forest)] MORE LIKE FLANRED AMIRITE EH no? okay ALREADY OFF TO A GOOD START according to assbee I am a gurl FUH Q rage I never had one as a kid TV so smrt option fuckery because I hate slow text speed SO SENILE wow calm down this doesn't involve your curry-senpai HOW THE FUCK DID THIS STAY THE SAME GASTLY WILL CARRY THE RUN Chikorita is there too I guess WE WENT GASTLY BECAUSE MARF IS A CHUMP PLANTBACK s-senpai why are you giving me pearls now I just met you ALSO ARE YOU BOLD I'LL FUCK YOU UP WITH MY GOAST HYPNOSIS STRATS SO EZ TAKE THAT CHUMP ONE OAK'S PACKAGE LATER TIME TO CONSCRIPT STUFF AT LEAST I CAN HIT NORMALS NOW I'm pretty sure that association with Scorri means you have to do this in some form OH MAN TM 06 WHAT IS IT RAGE NO I COULDN'T AVOID CATCHING ONE The game is taunting me already. I blame Shin. WHY DO I HAVE SHIT NATURES EVERYWHERE also them Satan stats what even is this berry FOR FUCK'S SAKE I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU THIS CAME RIGHT AFTER GAME FUCK OFF SHIN FUCK OFF FUCK YOU TRISTIE OAK I'LL WALL YER SHIT (Leech Seed sucks by the way) it's still chumpy though tbh a Rattata would be better than this piece of shit team I have so far NEXT TIME ON FLANRED SPOOBY WOODS [spoiler=The Master List of Mons] ASSly (Gastly) - Starter Starting Level: 5 Current Level: 13 Status: Alive/Active Scurri (Skitty) - Route 1 Starting Level: 3 Current Level: 12 Status: Alive/Active NANANANA (Batman!) (Zubat) - Route 22 Starting Level: 2 Current Level: 6 Status: Alive/Active FUCK (Smeargle) - Route 2 Starting Level: 2 Current Level: 2 Status: Alive/Inactive Ass Needle (Kakuna) - Viridian Forest Starting Level: 5 Current Level: 5 Status: Alive/Active
  17. So, since ORAS are dropping later this year, and I'm on summer holiday, I thought I would do an LP. I decided to go with a Randomizer Nuzlocke, because why not. It's set to opponents teams being type themed. Pokemon types and stats are still the same, so I don't get totally blindsided, but abilities are randomised. Movesets are normal, but starters and TM moves, and all wilds are totally random. I've also turned off game breakers (So I don't get dragon raged. sonic boomed early on) Standard Nuzlocke rules apply (Fainted pokemon are dead, and are put into a death box, only 1st met pokemon of each route can be caught.) I've also decided to take up the duplicates clause I will be playing in set mode. Contents (Part 1) [spoiler=Part 1 (The Choice)] Hoenn CNFRMD Anyways it begins, Even though Rayquaza will likely never feature... Shame... Um, boy? Tolkien reference no.1. Expect many more. So i'm in the back of the truck... Am I furniture? But mum... (I'm british, so I'm using a U) But MUUUUM!!! Healz FTW I AM NO MAN... oh wait (Thats number 2) Seems legit BUT MUUUUUUUM!!! And you want me to go get them? Seems fair... But I don't want to be a hero! Meh... MEEEEEEEEEH HOLYMOTHEROFJESUS!!!!!! [spoiler=Part 2 (Miss Malcom)] Guess who I chose! Well... That was easy... THE RIGHTFUL KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN! (no.3) Thanks for the butt ugly monstrosity... Really. Reference no.4... I may start toning down the Tolkien... HOLY CRAP ITS ANOTHER MONSTROSITY!!! Yeah! Sure creepy lady... I'll just prepare my rape whistle... Yay! Potion! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And yet I have this orange suckbitch... I put mah balls in mah pocket... I'm going on an adventure!!! Yeah... I'm not even sorry... [spoiler=Part 3 (Dayum Nature)] YEAH!!!! Shit... And I'm all out... So... yeah... it died... Damn... Stocking up!!! It'll do. And it levels up pretty quickly... This happened a lot. A lot... Finally!!! DAYUM NATURE, YOU SCARY! Shadow tag... Okay... AWW YEAH! AGAIN!!! it's stalling me... But no attacks are coming. #Walllife After a lot of scratching... More fodder!!! Hey bro... Bye bro... BERRIES!!! Another fight with no attacks... I'm coming daddy!!! [spoiler=Part 4 (Bulbafishing)] Pokemon 101-how to town... So we can go lift. Plot twist: he's your father But DAAAAAD!!! YOU GIVE HIM A POKEMON!!!! I'M YOUR SON!!!! Oh yeah... Rub it in... So Ralts isn't randomised. (He killed it, btw, but somehow still caught it...) If I get that far... And you must be going through your mid-life crisis... It's a wild!!! This time!!! YES!!! If this were gen5, I could triple battle... It's dumbo!!! Can it learn fly? ANTI PARAHAX!!! So this kid has an unknown. Must still be learning the alphabet... This dick got a crit and took me down to 2HP. Luckily I had an oran berry... Serves him right... Wha? Hmm... WHAT??? If I was fishing and found a Bulbasaur, I'd freak!!! He then proceeded to seed all 3 of my dudes... Pretty much sums this guy up... [spoiler=Part 5 (Petalburg Hax)] Forgot to take the encounter pic. This is petalburg woods, in case you didn't know. But yeah... Moltres... Moltres is so badass it's solution to injury is lava!!! WHAAATT!?!? HUGE POWAH!!!! He has wing attack as well... Mmm... Because you didn't blaze it... YEEEES!!!! Shrooms? We gonna get high? Papers? We definitely getting high! Dude, I'm 10, I do what I want! Lazy aqua grunts: Taking over the world... sslloowwllyy... SHEEET!?! Thats better! Damn right! Drugs? YEAH!!! Great ball!! Operation blaze it! PETALBURG HAX!!! Excellent! AMULET COIN ACTIVATE! Feebas... There are some things money can't buy... A generous donation from our sponsor She's my slave servant Should've blazed it... But if you blazed together, you'd both win... I'm here!!!
  18. Because nuzlockes are weirdly fun and I've never actually completed one before curse you, White, I considered doing one for X. After some talk with people off and on SF, I came up with some rules: Standard nuzlocke, but because this is also a Kalos only run, the wild encounter rule is slightly altered. Instead of the usual rule, if my first encounter on a new route is a non-Kalos pokemon, then I must treat it as a trainer battle (no running) and the rule is ignored. This carries on until I finally encounter a Kalos pokemon. The duplicate rule will NOT be in effect No exp share, because I'm a real player nut No gift pokemon are to be used. The only exception to this rule are the fossil pokemon you can choose (I think? Been a while), since you can optionally choose to revive them If any of you would like to suggest any rules or change any of the ones I've listed, do tell The only other thing to note is how I'm actually going to playlog this. I could have it done entirely with text, but I think it might turn off some people from the nuzlocke. There's a possibility I could record and commentate with a crappy webcam take photos using said webcam for juicy parts, but we'll see what the poll tells me. I would use Miiverse, but apparently you can't take photos of X/Y and upload them to Miiverse, which confuses me somewhat, but that's for another time Index: The story begins (up to Shauna battle) The worst nicknames (up to Santalune Forest) STAB moves are so useful. Equipment failings aren't (up to roller skates) First gym badge. Also known as the I'M SO PARANOID chapter (got my first badge!) THE FLOWER THAT KILLS ALL! (just outside Sycamore's lab) THE LEGENDARY BATTLE WITH THE STONER-LOOKING GUY! (outside Sycamore's lab after the battle) Innocence and horseshoes (beginning of route 5) THE DEBUT OF THE MIGHTY PALADIN! Featuring crappy friends (beginning of route 6) The cinders of love. Also this game is rigged to give me shitty natures (just after the firework display) I'm just a painter, who paints his life away... (just after the 2v2 rival battle on route 7) Horde battles should only be a thing when you're EV training (just before route 9) "Class" doesn't even begin to describe how... thing they are (just after the end of Glittering Cave) Another awful nature and the chapter where Poly kills me afterwards because I didn't get to route 10 (just before Cyllage City) Second gym confirmed Glitzville. VASHIANE SMASH. Bring your Doritos dip (got my second badge!) I have 20 hours playlogged already how do you even (just before route 11) Canines don't stand a chance against birds! (near the end of route 11) [spoiler=Casualties]Need the Fletchling (level 10. Route 22) THO? the Bunnelby (level 10, Gym Leader Viola) Glaedyr the Quillidin (level 23, Cyllage City Gym)
  19. Attention denizens of Serenes! Basically Horace and I are duking it again in a Nuzlocke where pretty much everything is randomized. Pokemon, pokemon types, pokemon learnsets, locations, TM compatibilty, stats and the like. Considering that it's gonna be hard, we might as well see how few deaths we'll get past with. Both of us have different randomized sets, so I can blame my loss on the fact his is better! Deaths Shin: 3 - Cerulean Horace: 1 - Cerulean [spoiler=Shin goes to Pewter!] What else did you expect? And who knows which Pokemon will be there? Not I! Not actually horrible choices. Considering we've made evolution random too, it would be safe to stick with something evolved! But that would be boring! Ha, take that Wigglytuff! Your ice typing is your downfall! GOD NO! I call hax. Just like with every other time I've lost to him! WHO TOLD YOU I DID POT. Oh well, it turns out that it sucks anyway! And it's a great source of XP! Speed Boost Rhydon would have been pretty bro however! He also has BONERANG. How did he find a Weedle in this MADNESS? Then I didn't catch this thing! Next time for the FOREST and BROCK.
  20. So, I thought I'd start off by telling you all what exactly it is I'll be doing here. I'm going to be going through a Nuzlocke run (if you don't know what a Nuzlocke is, Google is your friend) of a FireRed rom hack called 'Liquid Crystal', which is essentially Pokemon Crystal with GBA generation graphics and some other changes. For example, it has the berry system and uses the Pokemon B/W system of EXP gain. You can read more about it on their website which can be found via Google. It's not going to be a 'Let's Play' in the sense that I will simply document my journey in small updates. It's a "story" Nuzlocke, meaning, I'll be writing a story loosely based upon what happens in my game as I play. So, I hope you like to read because there will be a lot of that here (it's a shame I can't draw. Otherwise comics all day err' day). The formatting may be a bit wonky at first because I'm still trying to decide how to do it (I'm transferring from Google Docs to here but the forum doesn't retain the original formatting so bleh). I can't give you a set time on when updates will happen. We'll see what I'm allowed to do with regards to IRL obligations and this. I'm still working on a title... [spoiler=Nuzlocke Rules] Rules of the Locke 1. Only the first Pokemon found in any given route may be captured (does not start until Pokeballs are received). a. If a duplicate pokemon is encountered, the player can choose not to capture it, and instead may capture the next non-duplicate pokemon that is encountered. -Dead pokemon reset the 'already caught' status. b. Different levels of caves do not count as a different routes. c. Legendaries do not count towards this rule. d. Gifts and trades are free, and do not conflict with the 'first pokemon' rule. 2. Set battle style will be used. 3. All Pokemon caught must be nicknamed a. Legendaries will not be nicknamed. 4. When a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released immediately. a. The trainer is given a choice of 3 pokemon to box. 5. The game ends when no more Pokemon are available to be used from party and PC. Special Rules 1. If a legendary is caught, it is allowed to be used in any ONE given battle, and must then be released. a. No legendaries from Kanto may be caught. 2. Upon the successful acquisition of all 8 Gym badges from the Johto region and the completion of the league, the player is allowed to revive ONE of the three pokemon that he/she boxed. *Things that are not mentioned here are either allowed, or will be dealt with when I confront them.
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