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Found 3 results

  1. Since around the second half of Jedi's Challenge Cup Tournament(congrats to Horace btw), I'd been throwing around the idea of hosting a VGC tournament sometime, but I figure why not do an interest check right now? Pokemon Showdown will be used for this tourney. A Showdown account is the easiest account you'll ever make if you haven't already. So what's VGC? The Video Game Championship format is a fast-paced battle format used for the VGC World Championship Series. Some of you may remember or have heard about when this happened in the 2014 World Championship. The VGC 2016 rules are: If you're like me and are most used single battles and are a bit weary of trying doubles, I highly recommend giving this a shot, it doesn't take long to adjust and it's a blast. If this format is intimidating at all, I recommend reading this: http://nuggetbridge.com/blogs/entry/1005-kasomans-vgc-16-teambuilding-guide-ver-10/ and/or practicing with one of these for starters, experimenting with your team as you get the hang of things. This would be a double elimination tourney, best of 3 and best of 5 for finals. I'm looking for a minimum of 16 participants, more can be added before the tournament starts if more people want to join. I don't have any deadline for this, so it would start shortly after getting enough participants. 1. DavidSW 2. Riptor 3. Honey Bunny 4. TrueEm 5. Emeraldfox 6. commie scum 7. DodgeDusk 8. blah the Prussian 9. Lord Gaius 10. Lord Graham 11. Jedi 12. Quintessence 13. 14. 15. 16.
  2. Link to the Bracket: http://sforestsmash.challonge.com/PKMNChallenge Hey there, you may know me as, That guy who talks about smash way too much, or that prick who has some obnoxious opinions, or just generally, that cool dude.™, regardless of how you may know me or not, I have a tourney for you Pokemon folks. Link to Pokemon Showdown You will likely need this if you don't have it, ANYWAYS. Name of the game Challenge Cup! In the Challenge Cup, which you may know of if you're ancient like I am and have played Pokemon Stadium 2, is basically when you get assigned a completely random team, and in Smogons rulings, anything goes, the only clauses in effect are the "no doubles" and with SO SO many pokemon the chances of getting doubles are like insanely low. Smogon has some small things to add here which I will quote. Smogon Challenge Cup Format I however am not familiar with if Showdown does the 60-90 lvl thing, I'll have to check. I'm looking to make this double elimination, best of 3, except for finals which will be best of 5. However I forget if Showdown randomizes your team for every match, because that would be so amusing to have to play that many rounds with entirely different teams, this is up for discussion. I am looking for 16 victims for this insanity, if you feel like "Yeah Jedi I want to lose to the luck of the draw" or "Yeah Jedi I will totally invoke Joey's luck from Yugioh and win everything" then this is the right tourney for you. If I get more than 16 I will be extending the amount of people, and well this is an interest check so I'm not sure when it'll start for sure. If you people who compeitive Pokemon often would love to give me good rule ideas, instead of what I am thinking of doing PLEASE speak up. 1. Jedi 2. Riptor 3. CrystalPoke 4. Shin 5. DarkDestr0yer 6. Lord Gaius 7. Tsunami 8. General Horace 9. DavidSW 10. Anacybele 11. JSND 12. Quintessence 13. DodgeDusk 14. Nym 15. Dandragon 16 blah
  3. By request from many of you, it is back! If you're interested in what I'm talking about, go here. I'll be offering an explanation though if you don't want to look back. Gym Leader Tower was an event I did back in 2012. It was really successful, even though we had a few inactive gym leaders, and I've had a few people asking me if I could do it again. So, here it is again, only under a new name. It follows the exact same format: Beat all of your competitors. It really can't get any more basic. When you beat everyone, you will be entered into the Hall of Fame. The biggest change from 2012's edition is that I'm not handpicking who gets a spot in the league/tower. Anyone is welcome to signup to be a Gym Leader, Champion or Elite Four member. I will need 13 people, but I will take substitutes as well. I haven't decided how long I'll be running this for, as it depends on the interest. I'm only going to end it when activity dies down, as there isn't much point in keeping it open if no one is interested any more. However, before we begin, I am going to post some ground rules. These is basically the battle clauses, but will also extend to the battles themselves. These are pretty much non-negotiable, but I am willing to change some things by popular request. Battle Clauses In terms of conducting battles: Due to the ease and simplicity of using it, battles will only be considered official if they take place on Pokemon Showdown. However, if both players agree to use Wifi to conduct their battles, then that battle will be considered official. That's all the regulations out of the way. If you want to become a member of the league just post saying that you are interested. As said above, I need 13 volunteers. However, you are welcome to apply for the position even if I get more than 13 volunteers. I will be holding tryouts sometime in February where you can show me your skills. I will take the best 13 that apply. Anyone else can still be on the subs list. You may challenge the gyms in any order you wish. You will need to beat all of the Gyms before you can challenge the elite four, whom you can challenge in any order as well. Fair warning: Gym leaders and Elite Four are not bound to type restrictions like in the games. Kalos League Members Champion: Alfred Kamon Elite Four: Comet (Water-type) / JSND (Fighting-type) / DualSilverGunner (Steel-type) / Not-An-Apple (Ghost-type) Gym Leaders: Breezy Kansaki (Flying-type) / LuxSpecs (Dragon-type) / Silver Lightning (Electric-type) / SmogonsLawnMower (Dark-type) / Esme (Poison-type) / Xinnidy (Ice-type) / Shin (Grass-type) / Assurhaddon (Fire-type) You must defeat all eight gym leaders to challenge the elite four. You can beat the gyms in any order. You must consecutively beat all four elite four members (you can challenge them in any order) before challenging the champion.
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