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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I've seen a big topic about hex editing for Radiant Dawn that I've barely started reading, and I was wondering if the same could be done for Path of Radiance. I have downloaded HxD (I don't know if it's the easiest to use), I'm totally lost in how to make it work, the Data file seems to not be compressed, but all I see is a list of Aid per class and some skill names with capacity, I don't understand the rest and the hex code lines look like Chinese to me, I know they're multiples of 16 (from 0 to 15) but I can't find the value that is linked to the capacity taken by the skills for examples, all I see is 40s and 50s on one line, there aren't any numbers corresponding to 10-30 capacity. I'd also like to be able to edit the class stats and such. I've been looking for Nightmare editors for years since they're much easier to use than learning to use a hex editor when you're no programmer, but never found any (I've Dld a randomizer/editor but it never launched for some reason). The items would also be a good thing to be able to edit, so that early game weapons weigh less (giving them the same Wt as in TSS would mostly fix the problem with early game snails, and giving tomes the same Wt as in FE6 which has the most usable magic of all the GBA titles unless FE7 is the same, all I know for sure is that TSS has wonky tome Wt, if their tomes weigh more than axes how are these book wanderers supposed to carry them? Gleipnir is 5 or 7 Wt more than the axe Garm that also gives +5 spd!). I think mages would appreciate not having to reach high levels of str to carry their final tomes. I'd also buff Laguz weapons of course, I love Laguz.
  2. I don't know if anyone else has ever seen these pictures, but I assume it is Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, but with GBA sprites. Does anyone have any knowledge on this or anything really about what this even is. I believe this goes here but can anyone help with any info?
  3. So it seems there are leaks that say Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn will be the next games to be remade. If that’s the case, do you think IntSys would incorporate gameplay elements from 3H in the remake? Since the 2 most recent mainline fe games have 3D explore-able environments, I think it would be cool for Ike/the main lord at the time of the game ran around a 3D base where the shops and stalls would be and where he could activate the special base conversations. Sure, that would make the menus for the base to be revised and a bit less efficient, but it would be cool to walk around and talk to the different members of your army. The base doesn’t have to be as large as the monastery, but I think the base would be cool. What do you all think?
  4. Right now, I'm playing through Path of Radiance on hard mode. I've always wanted to beat this game, but never gotten past chapter 9, so I'm starting the game on hard mode with 2 goals in mind. 1. Get better at Fire Emblem in general 2. Learn how to record Gamecube games that are good enough to watch. So here is chapter 1, what I'm looking for is criticism on my play style and if you think you can do better at co-commentary than this guy, hop in the Discord and prove it. https://youtu.be/b9VsCKMfgLw Discord: https://discord.gg/rRPsGxZ
  5. As the title states, I'm looking for an Action Replay code for PoR that allows the use of the Debug menu for the US version. I've tried the one here (https://tcrf.net/Fire_Emblem:_Path_of_Radiance/Debug_Menu) bur for some reason everytime I put it into my AR, it says the code is used for another game. Or does anyone have a way around this limitation of AR?
  6. Hello. I am in the middle of replaying Path of Radiance was wondering if anyone knew if each part of chapter seventeen counted as a stand-alone chapter in terms of supports. What I am trying to find out is if two characters participated in all four battles will they receive +4 to their support bond or is it just +1 like in a regular chapter. Thank you in advance if you can answer my question as I am wondering if I will be able to complete my Ilyana/Zihark bond for the data transfer to Radiant Dawn.
  7. While a fun fact, this is something I feel like will be more valuable to those playing PoR for the first time. In the menu where your characters are shown in a line, scroll 6 pages over to the conversations page. This will let you know who can have a conversation with who. This goes for just normal chit-chat, but it also goes for characters that can recruit a new character! Not too sure who can recruit a certain character, open up the menu, scroll over to the "Conversation" page and you'll have your answers! No guide needed! (It's helpful since not everyone can be recruited via Ike). ...although, it doesn't help you much on Chapter 18, which requires you to speak with said recruitable character with a specific person first(here's a hint for who that is...Rolf) , and then you MUST defeat said recruit with Ike afterwards(it has to be Ike), and you get them after the battle is over...it makes sense why afterwards, but I don't know how they imagined first time players figuring this crap out seeing how killing/defeating recruits is usually a BAD thing! It's a bit of an issue. Not too bad, but it can screw you over a bit(and I think in the JPN version of Maniac mode, you'll be screwed 1 out of 3 good characters in a Prison chapter, since they won't escape if you don't talk to them with a specific character...which, unlike the other modes where you just need to open their cell doors and end the chapter, it is REQUIRED in that mode to get them to escape first)!
  8. Hey everyone! As much as I hate to, I'm selling my home consoles and games as I prepare for an apartment and a lifestyle of moving between two countries fairly often. I'm able to keep my handhelds just fine, but my consoles would be too much of a pain to move and use in the PAL region (as mine are NTSC). So! You guys luck out, because I have the following FE games for sale: Fire Emblem (Famicom) Gaiden (Famicom, has okay box & manual) Gaiden (English reproduction cart that works on NA NES) Mystery of the Emblem (Super Famicom, back plate is very yellow) Mystery of the Emblem (English reproduction cart that works on NA SNES) Genealogy (Complete in box, with manual and bloodline chart, very nice) Thracia 776 (Super Famicom, complete in box. Manual and cart are very nice, while box is decent) Thracia 776 (English reproduction cart that works on NA SNES; translation is iffy but playable. OK condition) Path of Radiance (Gamecube, complete in box - disc is great) Sold! Radiant Dawn (Wii, complete in box - disc is good but has been resurfaced, plays great) You'll notice that I haven't listed prices - I know that these games (especially the last two) can be quite pricey. I know what everything is worth, but I will listen to any and all offers as long as it is decent. It would make me much happier to see them go to a loving FE home, than have to sell them on E-bay. I don't have to pay E-bay fees if I sell them on Serenes, which I definitely have in mind. Although not FE, I also have for sale: NES console with all the works (has great pins and two controllers) Legend of Zelda (Gold cart) Zelda II (gray cart, has manual) City Connection Kid Icarus Little Nemo the Dream Master Crystalis SNES Console with all the works (clean pins and one controller) Earthbound A Link to the Past (has manual) sold! Terranigma reproduction cart (in great shape, has a custom cardboard box, plays on NTSC) Dracula XX (Super Famicom, compete in box - game and manual are very very nice, box is pretty good) White Wii Console with all the works (Has gamecube ports, black wiimotion plus wiimote with nunchuck) Okami (disc is in great shape) I also have a first print Game Boy Pocket, that doesn't have a battery light (first prints didn't have them) but is in great shape and works great! Also for sale is a Roy amiibo - I have an extra that's still in the package PLEASE NOTE: Most of the NES/SNES games come with universal game cases with custom covers. Just ask! They were owned with a collector's mindset and are in great shape unless otherwise noted. When you inquire, I would be happy to give a description and give photos. Again, just ask! Thanks for looking guys! It breaks my heart to sell any of it, but it's something that works best for me right now and I really want to see it go to a good home. I'll listen to any offers, and I also love Cipher cards! ;p (speaking of cipher cards, I have a pretty good reputation for trades and things there, and I take customer satisfaction very seriously)
  9. Hey! I've been streaming Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and I intend to stream Radiant Dawn after. If you want to watch, come stop by at www.twitch.tv/lordvessel I look at chat so feel free to talk. Also, give me feedback in this thread or PM me feedback on twitch if you stop by. Thanks!
  10. PoR Normal mode. Posting here because i like peanuts.
  11. So I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned Petrine from PoR and by some chance I also looked at an image of Renning right after and I noticed something. They've got the same exact hair and eye color. Giving it a little bit more thought I also realized they share the same class. Now there's not a whole lot of information out on either of these characters save for one is branded and has a hatred of Laguz and the other was part of the royal family. Petrine is fighting with Daein and has a lance specialization while Renning is with Crimea and has a Sword specialization. Lances beat swords according to the weapon triangle. Renning for some reason was also sparred and was warped and twisted into a weapon for reasons unknown. I don't know if I'm pulling at strings but does anyone think there's more to these two than once thought or at least there there may be more going on?
  12. so i have never played fe 9 and people are saying this game is very easy, but people have said maniac mode is actually considerably harder than hard. so i want to know how hard is fe 9 maniac mode compared to other fe games, give some reasons please not just mm is harder than hard. so yeah.
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