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Found 6 results

  1. Shigure, Dark Sky Singer PA!Shigure's decent Attack allows him counter well, but he would need to buff his Defense and Resistance to handle enemies' initiation. Dancers/Singers are the ultimate support units in my opinion. They can give buffs with their C slot and Sacred Seal slot; counter any color their team has trouble with (besides PA!Olivia since she is colorless); and most importantly, Dance and Sing their teammates to massacre the rest of the enemy team, to retreat, or to undo a minor mistake. As support units, a bad nature will not impact Dancers/Singers as negatively as it will affect combat units since their primary job is to Assist their allies rather than fight. Unless a specific nature is absolutely needed to counter a specific threat, natures are not too important. Level 40 stats: HP: 31/34/38 Atk: 28/31/34 Spd: 26/29/32 Def: 18/21/24 Res: 21/24/28 Total: 139~140 Default skills: Weapon: Dancer's Score+ Assist: Sing Special: [none] Passive A: [none] Passive B: Geyser Dance 2 Passive C: B Tome Valor 3 Blárraven: General use, Arena offense, Arena Assault Dancer's Score: Tempest Trials, Chain Challenges Blárblade: General use, Arena Assault
  2. Hey! First of all, new here, and second of all, I'm thinking of a Shigure(or Kana) with both Better Odds and Even Better(maybe Renewal as well) so he can be extremely hard to beat on the battlefield. To start off, you will need to buy either Even Better or Better Odds off a Shigure/Kana from a previous game or from Streetpass. Since he and Kana are the only non-beastman(wolfskin/kitsune) characters that can become those classes, you have very few options to make this type of build by yourself. Kana with these skills is more self-sufficient, due to her personal skill, though I prefer keeping a male avatar so for people like me, Shigure is the only option. Either way, both characters need to have Keaton/Kaden as their parents, and Keaton/Kaden need to already be Wolfssegner/Nine-Tails(respectively) at Lv. 5 or above, in order to pass down their healing skill. After the kids gain both skills, they can either be a tanker, a badass DPS, a nuker, hatever you want them to be, really, as long as they can reliably survive the Enemy phases. (Disclaimer: I am just a person that has many experimental ideas, none of which are really meant to be put into use in competitive play. If any readers decide to use any of my ideas in competitive play, thank you for thinking my ideas are good enough for the competitive scene. If you like these ideas, please let me know.)
  3. So I'm planning ahead for my Lunatic Mode Classic Revelation Run. I'm pairing Kaden with Azura, but i'm having a little trouble deciding what class Shigure should be. Berserker from S-Supporting Velouria stood out to me (Azura and Keatons modifiers are attack/speed/skill oriented, which would help a Berserker greatly) Here are his growths and caps as a Berserker: Shigure(Berserker) Growths: HP/70% Str/67.50% Mag/7.50% Skl/50% Spd/75% Lck/37.50% Def/35% Res/32.50% Shigure(Berserker) Caps: HP/70 Str/42 Mag/26 Skl/31 Spd/39 Lck/27 Def/23 Res/28 His awful Magic growth diverted my attention away from Falcon Knight and to Kinshi Knight. Kinshi Knight is generally a lackluster class, used as a Flier Killer niche. One of my favorite tactics involve sending a squadron of fliers (Wyvern Lords, Falcon Knights, Malig Knights, etc.) at a small group of enemies. With Shigure's Personal Skill and a few supportive skills, he could be a great assist unit and Flier Killer. Shigure(Kinshi Knight) Growths: HP/40% Str/47.50% Mag/7.50% Skl/50% Spd/55% Lck/55% Def/35% Res/47.50% Shigure(Kinshi Knight) Caps: HP/50 Str/29 Mag/27 Skl/32 Spd/37 Lck/37 Def/21 Res/34 Berserker's stats are no-doubt better than Kinshi Knight, but Kinshi Knight provides a rare opportunity to apply tactics instead of raw force. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Shigure sings a fourth stanza of Lost in Thoughts All Alone and I looked at the wiki for the Japanese lyrics and it's translated version and this is what I got. うつせみ描えがく夢ゆめ 記憶きおくの双剣そうけん 揺ゆれる面影おもかげ 惑まどいを切きり裂さいて 迫せまる亡失ぼうしつ 藍玉らんぎょく淡あわく光ひかり満みちて 果はてぬ黎明れいめい あなたを独ひとり思おもう In this dream, painted as if it were the real world the twin blades from their memory rise, familiar faces flickering, as they sever the lies and illusions. As the time of parting approaches, an aquamarine fills with a gentle light. In this daybreak that never ends, I think of you, all alone. (Lyrics and translation, courtesy of the wiki) So I decided to make my own version of it, like a fanmade version of what it'd could be in the English version, all in the hype for this DLC pack because I already got mine from the store and I'm so excited! x3 In endless dreams The double blades rise Familiar but not Hides away the lies, Illusions, cause pain and joy You don’t know who to trust Sing with me a song of lies and escape As we try to find our way to light As the daybreak never ends, it will all fade Lost in thoughts all alone What do you guys think? 0:
  5. Okay, I finished Birthright and Conquest, and now I'm starting a playthrough of Revelations. I didn't get a lot of units married in my playthrough of Conquest, but in Birthright, Azura married Kaden. Shigure was pretty great, but Azura turned Selkie from tanky to trashy. I'm wondering which child wouldn't get completely ruined by Azura's terrible HP and Defense growths for this playthrough. Right now I'm thinking her and Hayato might work, but I'm really not sure, since Rhajat was a decent Res-Tank for me in Birthright.
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