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Found 11 results

  1. This is just my take on it from what I gathered with the trailer! The description says this is a country ruled by the church of Seiros, who was the woman who received a gift by the goddess, meaning the kingdom is a theocracy. First, it seems a lot of people think the lady at the beginning with the dragon crown is the goddess herself, but if you take a look at her clothes, you'll notice they're identical to the ones Seiros is wearing on the painting: Meaning the lady is actually the descendant of Seiros or Seiros herself, and that along with the crown means she's the queen ruling over this kingdom, since, as the description says, the kingdom is ruled by the church of Seiros. Now this queen is clearly at war with some other people with some barbaric designs; one of them even tried to attack her and a soldier stopped him. It can be assumed some are not happy with the church ruling over them, which is of course to be expected. But what I noticed through the trailer is that our three key characters (Edelgarde, Claude and Dimitri) are also shown fighting against the kingdom. Dimitri and Claude are shown fighting against an unit called "Kingdom soldier", whose design correspond with the same one who was defending the queen. Edelgarde, on the other hand, is seen fighting against Mercedes, whose clothes look to me kind of like that of a nun, and her overall design fits better that of the church than that of the enemies with their barbaric designs: Then we have Edelgarde talking about what a horrible world it was, and she says: "some believe the crests, tokens of the goddess' power, are necessary to maintain order. But they're wrong. The crests are to blame." Meaning she doesn't agree with the church at least partially. She would later warn her teacher that if they're to follow "this path", one misstep would take them to ruin. And speaking about the teacher. His name is Byleth, which is another name for Beleth, the king of Hell, who had a vast knowledge and the ability to command legions, which agrees with him both being a teacher and a tactician, so it's not a coincidence. But the fact it comes from a demon lord makes it ideal for him to be the one going against the church and the goddess it serves. Byleth can be seen fighting against a kingdom soldier too, with a design also seen before: So what I want to make clear is that, maybe not at the beginning, but at some point, our three key characters will be on the same side, fighting the church, so it's not like Fates in which you choose sides, and it will not be a war against the houses, but against the church. Also, since Edelgard represents Spring (according to the japanese title, which is Four Seasons), it will probably start with her, then we'll get Claude (Autumn) at our side and lastly, Dimitri (Winter). As for the queen, I don't mean to say she's evil. Maybe she's wrong, or waiting for something, it's happened in past games. But it did striked me as weird that she, who looks so benevolent, like Elice or Emmeryn or something, shows no sign of sadness or pain while watching the massacre unfolding around her, her face doesn't even show seriousness or severity, nothing. It doesn't mean much now, just that it's weird. Sorry for the links instead of the images, and for any grammatical errors, since English is not my first language. And well... that's my take. If all of this was already discussed somewhere, I'm sorry, I get lost easily! If not, I would love to talk about it, your own thoughts and theories, I just want to talk about this game so bad haha. Thank you for reading!
  2. What do you think is the reason for this scene? (besides the fact that Kamui's a damn Pokémon for all we know)
  3. I had an idea for a general FE thread and changing the topic regularly (about weekly or so) about speculating if things went differently at pivotal moments in the story of the various Fire Emblem games because its fun to speculate what would have happened at these moments. The first pivotal moment I had in mind was what if Greil survived in his first fight with the Black Knight and how this would have changed the Tellius Saga. Q1: For starters I think that Greil would realize after healing from his wounds that he was no match for the Black Knight since he could no longer use his sword arm and would double down on his efforts to train Ike realizing if anyone was going to beat the Black Knight it would be him. That being said he would still remain in charge of the Mercenaries. The positive of this would be that Ike would become much stronger and skilled at a faster rate than he did in the original story but wouldn't have developed so much leader since he was thrown into that situation so suddenly. Now one hitch I have is that I do think while Greil might have survived the first encounter with the Black Knight he would have eventually met his end at his hands since the Black Knight is encountered multiple times throughout the story and he would do anything to prevent Ike or Mist from having to fight him so soon even if it meant him knowing fighting a battle he could not win. If he did survive until the ending parts of the story where Ike originally fights him I do think he would let Ike fight him having trained him intensely in that time and believing he could beat the Black Knight. Some other implications are the impacts this would have on the events Radiant Dawn with Griel still alive but aging would probably have handed off the responsibility of the Mercenaries to Ike. However, as events progressed he would be forced to explain who the Black Knight really was and the meaning behind Lehran's Medallion and reveal some of the more important parts of the setting much sooner. The story at this point could go in multiple directions with the Mercenaries either supporting the Laguz alliance like they did in the original story or being completely focused on preventing Ashera from awakening. This is meant to be in good fun so feel free to post your thoughts about it all. Oh and lets try to refrain from Fates spoilers/ Fates scenarios since the game has yet to have a world wide release. Q1: What if Griel survived against the Black Knight? Q2: What if Zephiel was killed in FE7? PM me your ideas and suggestions for what if scenarios in the Fire Emblem stories. Particulalry for FE 2, 4, and 5 as my knowledge of those games is sparse at best.
  4. So i've been thinking alot about where in the world Tellius is. Now people are quick to say that its in a world all its own apart from Akaneia and only accessed through the Outrealms and I got that but... Fates details We see the world map just loops and repeats in Awakening but with the push by IS to make every continent related to Akaneia in some way it has me wondering if they will ever have Tellius and Akaneia crossover and explain their relation to one another. Kind of how Gaiden and Awakening explored Valm to an extent. Sure as much as I'd love for another Tellius centered game its just not going to happen. But a game with both Tellius and Akaneia could be a possibility. Plus maybe they can explore or hint at how Priam came to be in Valm and all. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  5. Anyone else remember the very first trailer for Fates? A scene that stuck with me was the segment where a barren canyon is replaced by a green field with islands floating in the sky. They don't seem to be a genuine feature to Hoshido or Nohr, making me think something happened to bring the islands there. Another scene in the introduction trailer involved Azura flying through floating debris into a bright light. Said debris looked a lot like the islands featured in the first trailer. With recent revelations concerning the Awakening expies, I'm wondering if these elements are connected. Maybe it's just me, but I'm wondering if Fate's final villain is capable of warping dimensions together. The floating chunks of land in the first trailer are actually from a different dimension entirely. Because they have no place being in Fates' dimension, they're not obeying the laws of physics. Obviously this is very bad. Here's where the Awakening children come into play. [spoiler=TK's BS Theory]What if the villain intends to warp Fates' and Awakening's dimensions together for whatever reason? Clearly, this is bad for both worlds. Owain, Severa and Inigo became aware of this villain and traveled to Fates' dimension to put a stop to them. This could also explain Fates' own second generation. The children are coming from a split dimension very similar to Fates' original dimension.
  6. So... Watched all the videos so far on the My Castle, and while it was dominated by the Hoshido version a fair bit I think we saw a bit of Nohr... and possibly a third My Castle? Here's some images to illustrate what I am talking about. [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 1] -note the dark dragon statue in the background, and more European style buildings [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 2] -note Zero the Nohr exclusive Thief/Archer and European style buildings... Also a Lack of Cherry Blossom/Sakura trees and general darker colors [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 3] -Nohr exclusive Severa Luna in a Nohr my Castle... Same terrain/colors as other Nohr My Castles... Compare with the Hoshido My Castle -So bright, and filled with Cherry blossoms! :0 Even when the Hoshido My castle looks a Lil bare it still looks more bright than Nohr's... [spoiler=Nohr My Castle?] -Is this an extension of Nohr my castle? Possibly... Desolate looking, dark colors... Or maybe something different? [spoiler=Desert My Castle?] -I find this section the most fascinating as it looks completely different from Hoshido and Nohr's My Castle areas shown so far... Could this be for the third path? ...a castle in the desert? ...so then my question is what do we have in these images here? Is it 3 distinct areas? 1) Usual blossoming hoshido with the sakura trees. 2) a darker looking area with either green or dead trees but European type buildings and dark dragon statue. 3) desert-like area full of chasms but seems to have mixed buildings? Or something different entirely? I guess my theory is, the desert-like area is the third path My Castle. Another possibility is that your my castle terrain changes during the story, or based on choices/actions taken by the player within the My Castle environments. ...possibly lack of interaction with your My Castle could result in it being barren instead of the green it starts out as? Or maybe its something to do with seasons as Vincent seemed to suggest? What do you think? Anyone else have some good theories or finds?
  7. I mean like on the website you hear a song that's most likely the "avatar creation" music and after awhile a melody plays that sounds exactly the same as the beginning of her song in the "Choose Your Path" trailer and since "Id" was a recurring song in Awakening that had different versions, will this one be as well?
  8. I'm on the website right now, just checking stuff out and I noticed that in the sky for the Nohr side, there are dragons. This is just speculation, but does anyone else think that there might be a possibility of Wyvern Riders being Nohr exclusive, while Hoshido might have Pegasus Knights? Or are Camilla and Hinoka really just counterparts? If this has already been discussed please let me know!
  9. So lets go back to before we knew Awakening was how it is (I know its a hot topic. I quite liked the game but this isn't the topic of discussion) What if FE13 had become FANTASY BATTLES ON MARS? Like IS originally thought they might try? We'd have probably seen some more advanced versions of the familiar weaponry like laser swords, drill lances, energy bows and the like. Magic would probably be unchanged (Or something like Star Ocean). I oddly have the feeling it would have felt like a post-apocalyptic type of story, a very barren world with little hope. But our heroes would make it a better place through much toil and sacrifice. Either that or something over the top G-Gundam style. SHINING FALCHION! Ahem anyways Maybe it would have been the Days of Ruin for the FE franchise in terms of narrative if it went the first route. Or maybe something like gladiator, the lord is trapped in a hostile world and their only way to survive is to get a rag-tag crew to survive a prison/arena style deal for awhile and break out rebel against the oppressive society and bring peace. You know maybe I should make my own games.. Lol
  10. I just thought of it, what with a lot of people debating who Chrom should marry that I've read recently, that Chrom and the Avatar (either female or male) are actually soulmates. Before you jump to conclusions, I say soulmates in its truest definition: two people ideally suited to one another as either close friends or romantic partners. This would make sense as to why Chrom comes to trust the Avatar so intrinsically. It also lays to waste the "debate" of who he's supposed to be with, as whilst the avatar remains Chrom's soulmate (whether they maintain a platonic relationship, or a romantic one) this leaves the position of Chrom's "true love" open to player interpretation (or as the game suggests, Sumia). You could argue the game supports this idea: they claim to be two halves of one whole. Two halves of one soul, maybe? I haven't had too much time to think it through entirely, so I was just wondering what you guys thought, and if there was any more evidence to support/discredit this theory.
  11. Hello people of the forest that I... didn't burn (Really! Honest!)! Since I had not seen a forum like this on the site, I took it upon myself to create a place for us, the FE community, to share, create and argue all kinds of conspiracy theories! I'll start us off with a pretty non-conspiric one I sorta thought of/stole- Jugdral is Tellius (partly): This is one that, for a long time, I simply wrote off (as most people did, I assume, as I've only seen it once). The theory went that Tellius could be an 'ancestor/descendant land,' of the Kingdom of Silesse, as its general land-shape is similar to what we can see of Tellius (because the map cuts off) when rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. So, as I said, I thought this was bull crap. But then I did a regular run of Infinite Regelia and started counting the deadlords. It was then I came across what changed my mind, Simia, the ninth deadlord. I noticed after a little bit how Simia rather heavily resembled Mia of FE9/10. And I made the connection then that- 1) Deadlords are made from living (or once living) warriors, who maintain/regain many of their previous skills and abilities. 2) Simia resembles Mia, a once-living warrior from Tellius, and both are Swordmasters 3) of twelve Deadlords, the only ones with their origins covered are Mus (Raydrik), Bovis (Galzus), Tigris (Dagdar), Draco (Eyvel), Canis (Sara), and Porcus (Lifis). Simia's origins are still up for debate. These facts together made me began to give some validity to this 'Tellius is the same as Silesse' theory. Could it be that Simia is Mia's deadlord? The similarity in their names, appearance and abilities got me thinking, yes. And that would mean that Tellius was before Jugdral (I really wish is it was 'Judgral'), and that they are the same continent. 'But AnonymousSpeed,' you say, 'Silesse is a frozen wasteland akin to Illia, how could it ever be Tellius?' Well, has not the flow of time moved and change the continents of ours world? Antarctica, a barren field of snow and ice, was once near the equator in the massive heap know as Pangea. And also, there have also been times were the planet has undergone sudden drops in temperature (the ice ages). Is it not plausible that the events of Tellius occurred many centuries and millennia before the events of Jugdral, and that in that time the land shifted northward, becoming much colder? And why would the map of Tellius just, cut off in the east? Maybe to hide how beyond Daein and Begnion lies the stage for the unborn epics of Sigurd, Leif and Seliph?! Possibly. Yeah, I know, there must be about a hundred things going against this, but it's still fun to see how plausible this really is. So, feel free to bring in your own conspiracy theories or argues against them. Either way, don't stop conspiring! Let the discussion rage like the fires I totally didn't start!
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