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Found 14 results

  1. I’ve been starting up a YouTube channel where I post footage of my art process. My goal is to draw every single Fire Emblem character. Check out my art and videos! For commissions please contact me via email: joojishibuki@gmail.com
  2. Since Version 3.0.0 patch came out last night for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and they do give out IDs when you upload your Stages from Stage Builder, Mii Fighters, Replay, Spectate, and Edited Videos in the Sharing Content. I was thinking of we should do a sharing our stuff from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate similar to like the Super Mario Maker Course Sharing Thread. I did upload a couple in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that to give out what I have created in the game: Mii Fighters: Mike Jones (Mii Brawler) ID: S8BVCHJX Mike Jones (Mii Swordfighter) ID: B454JDJJ Mike Jones (Mii Gunner) ID: 3YDC3RV1 I am planning on finish making the Alm Mii Swordfighter based off from Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Stages: Mike Pixel Art from StarTropics (I didn't completed the entire pixel art due to the stage element limit was pretty much full and I did made it replicated from the trailer where they did showed 8-bit artworks) ID: 9BLH51GJ Smash Church (This is the second stage that I created) ID: 7D5VS7SP Videos: Joker vs. the 3 Mii Fighters based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics in my first Custom Stage. ID: B450MW8X Mii Swordfighter based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics vs. 2 Jokers in my first Custom Stage. ID: CPC2QPQ8 Also, give it out a try to share what you have created in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  3. Hello guys, it is possible that you have seen my videos on youtube, but anyway i wanted to post some videos of character fights i made for some debate or just for fun, you can ask me witch battles of the gameboy era you would like to see: Fargus vs Nergal Lyn vs Roy: Canas vs Knoll: Nergal vs Zephiel: Erk vs Ewan: Lyon vs Nergal: Lloyd vs Linus:
  4. Exactly as the title says, take a scene out of context in a movie, videogame, anime, web-video, or book, and then poorly describe what happens. Then put the title of the actual movie, anime, videogame, etc. in a spoiler. Feel free to link the original scene if you want. THE ONLY RULE I would like to lay down is if the video features swearing, blood, gore, and/or sexual content, PLEASE provide a WARNING! To provide some examples: After a practice spar, two friends describe their lack of success in gaining allies to prevent a coup. Desperate, the first friend deicides to cast a powerful illusion spell on a village in hopes to dissuade the dissidents from enacting their plot. As he goes to do this, however, he is attacked by ninjas wearing animal masks and a man with one eye and one arm. The man tells this friend that the spell will only work once, and that the coup will continue on regardless. A fight ensues, with the friend loosing his eye, and both sides retreating. The friend who lost his eye meets with his other friend, who tells him that his eyes are the only way to cast said illusion spell. He then nonchalantly rips out his other eye, gives it to his friend for safekeeping, and... dies of blood loss, I guess (it's really unclear). The other friend then turns evil. What I'm actually talking about: A ninja decides to fight a fox alone, although he accepts advice from a rapper. A boss battle ensues, the ninja converses with his deceased mother, and the fox wonders why there was a 6 minute cutscene in the middle of their fight. What actually happened: After the party suffers the bag of kidnapping trope, the rouge tries to tell their kidnapers that they have a contagious disease. Strangely, an argument about cooking ensues instead. With (only slightly) better context: A pair of friends decide to spend the day watching a play. To their horror, they realize that the play is a comedy about terrorists who share their likeness. The Actual Scene:
  5. This is partly an excuse to talk about combat animations (and swordfighting) again, but I really am curious; Do you want the combat animations in the next game to be realistic, over-the-top, or focus more on looking cool than being practical. For those who don't know what Flynning is, you can can look at the Tv Tropes page for in-depth detail and analysis. It's essentially stage swordplay, where opponents seem focus more on attacking each others swords and providing a good show than actually hitting each other. The main reason for this is safety concerns for the actors/stuntmen to avoid accidental injury, although the fact that fencing lessons cost time and money, along with how real life fights are fast, subtle and occasionally anticlimactic, are also factors. Examples of Flynning (note that these are just examples; in a Fire Emblem game, I'd expect the fights to be faster and downplayed in flashiness): An example of a more realistic/authentic swordfight (from Adorea Olomouc):
  6. Is anyone planning to stream or release videos of FE Gaiden before Echoes is released?
  7. So, I followed Custom FE:Fates Support Convos example and make my own Fire Emblem Fates support thanks to FEITS! Watch, Comment and Share! This is my first time doing this, so it is still very clumsy. Oh, and if anyone know where can I find the sound file for that "click" when you scroll through dialouges, then please tell me.
  8. Hey everyone! Welcome to another awesome FE12 playthrough by me, PKL! This time, I will be tackling Maniac Mode again but with no growths. In my quest to be like dondon...be a LTC master improve at this game there will be no growths this time! So, the rules: 1. Maniac Mode (H2) Difficulty. Classic Mode. 2. Rainbow Potion and Bond Drop are allowed. Growth Drop is banned. 3. Lunatic is assumed to have been played, so Lunatic statboosters will be available. 4. Mixed Class Sets for Male Units are allowed. 5. I will be playing through the game as fast as possible but if a chapter is deemed too difficult to LTC for the challenge, stalling is fair game. 6. Full Recruitment. 7. No permanent unit deaths allowed. 8. How's everyone is super banned. 9. Strategies must be a little bit reliable at least. Went with Orphan for Max Str. Makes it easier to hit important kill benchmarks throughout the Prologue. Went with Skl/Spd for the next best thing. I wish I could have both +2 str and +2 Spd. +2 Spd lets MU not get doubled by some P8 Thieves but that's not as important as hitting 1 point harder. It makes a ton of difference. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZleBp734zsUeZXpSe8Vxu7jd Turncounts so far: Chapter Turns Rescue Hammerne Thief Warp Again Rescue Again P1 2 P2 3 P3 3 P4A 4 P5 3 P6O 3 P7C 3 P8 7 C1 6 C2 6 C3 17 C3x 6 C4 5 4/5 C5 9 3/5 3/3 C6 5 2/5 3/3 C6x 2 2/5 3/3 C7 5 2/5 3/3 C8 3 1/5 3/3 C9 5 4/5 2/3 5/5 C10 2 4/5 2/3 5/5 C10x 1 4/5 2/3 5/5 C11 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C12 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C13 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C13x 2 3/5 2/3 5/5 C14 2 1/5 2/3 4/5 4/7 3/3 C15 1 1/5 2/3 4/5 3/7 3/3 C16 3 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 3/3 5/5 C16x 2 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 2/3 5/5 C17 5 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 1/3 5/5 C18 2 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 1/3 4/5 C19 4 0/5 1/3 2/5 6/7 1/3 3/5 C20 1 C20x 4 C21 2 C22 1 C23 1 Endgame 1 Total Turns so far 149
  9. I used to do some videos on youtube, probably will start up again.. No voice on most of these other than the select few LP's (I'm missing my old channels lps sadly). But I have 2 series of videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6DB7CFEB2DC3B33C This one where I do arcade mode randomly in fighters. And a series of Arcade recordings done with the likes of Shin, Horace, Xinny, Refa, Darros and others. https://www.youtube.com/user/Jedisupersonic7/playlists and other random videos, if I decide to revive my channel of sorts.. I probably will do random playthroughs and more of what you see above. Maybe smash stuff from blackwolf too. NOTE THESE ARE OLD
  10. Topic. I watch Pewdiepie all day, every day. He is truly a great man and has helped me out of my depression. I owe him my life.
  11. Hello, welcome to my LTC playthrough of EHM. These are the rules: 1. The game will be played on EHM, skipping Lyn Mode. 2. Gaidens can be visited but ideally they're going to be skipped. 3. Minimal arrow drawing, if any. Although replaying a chapter to get a more favorable outcome can be done. That's about it, really. Here's the first chapter: Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZldAAn4O5nKO9Rn8Z4IVRJOz
  12. Topic. I would post my PR, but I don't think I can put it on my 3DS Camera/SD Card, and I don't have a capture card either, so :/
  13. Rules: 1. Game will be played in Maniac difficulty (H2). 2. Anything goes to save the turns! This includes Lunatic Statboosters, the Rainbow Pot, you name it. 3. The goal is to get the absolute lowest turncount possible in Maniac difficulty. While rigging is allowed in this run, I dont make a habit of relying on it for strats and I wont rig stuff like a 1% crit on Jagen. 4. Units that Im planning to use: [spoiler=Units that will be used] 1. Cavalier Avatar- tested Fighter and Cavalier and Cavalier won. The extra bulk makes strategies more reliable and cuts 1 turn from Prologue 3 and Athena. Bases: HP 20 Str 7 Mag 0 Skl 7 Spd 9 Lck 3 Def 8 Res 0 Sword E Lance D Growths: HP 70% Str 55% Mag 20% Skl 60% Spd 45% Lck 60% Def 40% Res 5% 2. Marth- obviously, I need him to be competent by Chapter 12. He got the Growth Drop. Bases: HP 26 Str 8 Mag 0 Skl 10 Spd 10 Lck 9 Def 8 Res 0 Sword D Growths: HP 110% Str 70% Mag 5% Skl 75% Spd 75% Lck 90% Def 40% Res 15% <- after growth drop 3. Ryan- my plans include a competent horseman to ORKO Hardin with Parthia, and which unit would be better for the task than Ryan? Will be constantly changing from myrmidon to hunter to sniper to horseman to swordmaster. Might also be used as a second string Dracoknight. He got the Bond Drop. Bases: HP 18 Str 5 Mag 0 Skl 10 Spd 11 Lck 3 Def 5 Res 0 Sword E Bow D<- stats shown are him as a lv1 myrmidon. Growths: HP 80% Str 50% Mag 0 Skl 80% Spd 50% Lck 40% Def 30% Res 5% 4. Palla- of course, it wouldnt be a good run without the godess of destruction right? Bases: HP 24 Str 10 Mag 2 Skl 11 Spd 16 Lck 9 Def 9 Res 6 Lance B Growths: HP 70% Str 60% Mag 0% Skl 90% Spd 30% Lck 20% Def 30% Res 10% 5. Caeda- Wing Spear hax and Prologue. Bases: HP 19 Str 6 Mag 2 Skl 7 Spd 15 Lck 13 Def 7 Res 6 Lance D Growths: HP 60% Str 30% Mag 0% Skl 80% Spd 95% Lck 80% Def 25% Res 10% 6. Malicia- Hammerne, rescue, warp and again. Need her to save the most amount of turns possible. Bases: HP 16 Str 0 Mag 2 Skl 1 Spd 4 Lck 12 Def 1 Res 5 Staff C Growths: HP 50% Str 0% Mag 40% Skl 30% Spd 60% Lck 40% Def 20% Res 40% 7. Catria- as much as I hate her, Ill probably need her for the Wyvern Valley. If only I could bench her. Bases: HP 22 Str 7 Mag 2 Skl 8 Spd 14 Lck 9 Def 8 Res 6 Lance C Growths: HP 80% Str 50% Mag 0% Skl 80% Spd 80% Lck 50% Def 30% Res 10% 8. Luke- its a maybe. Havent had much luck giving him kills as of Prologue 5 but who knows... Luke is benched. 9. Sirius- I will siriusly use him. Bases: HP 28 Str 12 Mag 1 Skl 14 Spd 13 Lck 4 Def 11 Res 6 Sword B Lance A Growths: HP 95% Str 65% Mag 0% Skl 60% Spd 50% Lck 60% Def 50% Res 5% 10. Feena- Dancer/10 11. Wendell- starts close to warp rank which is cool. He also is promoted so some rescue strats might rely on him over Malicia. 12. Yumina- Physic and Rescue bot. 13. Navarre- he's an excellent unit and I picked up to make him the possible second horseman I need for 20x. Bases: HP 23 Str 9 Mag 0 Skl 16 Spd 16 Lck 7 Def 8 Res 0 Sword C Growths: HP 90% Str 45% Mag 0% Skl 50% Spd 70% Lck 70% Def 20% Res 5% 14. Minerva- comes promoted with an exquisite axe rank and dragonpike rank. Useful for the Dragon chapters. Bases: HP 32 Str 13 Mag 1 Skl 12 Spd 15 Lck 11 Def 16 Res 3 Axe A Lance C Growths: HP 80% Str 50% Mag 0% Skl 60% Spd 50% Lck 60% Def 30% Res 5% There are some other units that might also see some use here and there but thats the core of the team pretty much. 5. Obligatory the game must be played to the True Ending. 6. Drill Grounds will be used. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZldtbItelXudUdEIpL310VTn Turncounts: Prologue 21/21 Chapter 1 6/27 Chapter 2 6/33 Chapter 3 6/39 Chapter 3x 6/45 Chapter 4 3/48 Chapter 5 7/55 Chapter 6 5/60 Chapter 6x 1/61 Chapter 7 4/65 Chapter 8 3/68 Chapter 9 5/73 Chapter 10 2/75 Chapter 10x 1/76 Chapter 11 5/81 Chapter 12 5/86 Chapter 13 4/90 Chapter 13x 2/92 Chapter 14 1/93 Chapter 15 1/94 Chapter 16 1/95 Chapter 16x 1/96 Chapter 17 1/97 Chapter 18 1/98 Chapter 19 1/99 Chapter 20 1/100 Chapter 20x 3/103 Chapter 21 1/104 Chapter 22 1/105 Chapter 23 1/106 Endgame 1/107 [spoiler=Videos]: (up to 3 vid and link limit apparently, so copy and paste the link into your browser to see the rest) Prologue 1-4 Athena Prologue 5 Prologue 6 Draug and Prologue 7 Cain Prologue 8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aOMNCXUzZE Chapter 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEUKpr6naws Chapter 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Owy2hjcmg Chapter 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGPSN4YpvN4 Chapter 3x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxs5iu4O5fk Chapter 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JEo5zCohhs Chapter 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdtY8CON4v8 Chapter 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_0AydJ5BK8 Chapter 6x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh6C3QTwOP4 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=dzxdG2muMiY Chapter 10 Chapter 10x Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cN8vtBfqzE Chapter 13x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQWNmoXV0RM Chapter 14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2S1iV-R92I Chapter 15 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_cZayvHAs4 Chapter 16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgySZZyr_gw Chapter 16x and 17 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYtaYJzyzjs Chapter 18 and 19 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDTjtJkqbvQ Chapter 20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gCwXwtm0sk Chapter 20x http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=hLAbey3jPA4 Chapters 21-Endgame http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=uSRG44vD-MQ
  14. Well...umm I wanted to share something with you guys I`m sure you will enjoy its my FE4 playlist I made all the videos in it all FE4 stuff heh but with some twists I used many cheats on it so its sorta a broken plathrough Lol. I thought maybe this would be neat to share here is how it goes,first generation has more changes to classes Alec as a master knight and noish a sword master? sweet right? and the second generation is where its better as it focuses more on holy blood and holy weapons (if you mix a bunch of holy blood together growth rates sky rocket! I don`t even know how high they are) anyhow the playthrougs are meant for fun so I hope any who come across enjoy there is plenty of stuff for you to sit back to and relax while seeing have fun :) here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnvW8GIFkQA2ntvUJEYnSpyeL3kDlix5S
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