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Found 8 results

  1. So, there's a lot of discussion about this, so lets make it a game, shall we? The Aether Foundation is... mysterious, to say the least. A good portion of the fandom has latched onto them being evil and pretending to be good. Now, this is a very obvious conclusion, they follow some of the Evil Team standards, right down to the grunts. Do you think the fandom is on the right track? Or is this a "double red herring", they present something, people assume the opposite out of suspicion, but it's in fact genuine? Place your bets now folks!
  2. Didn't see a thread for this so I decided to make one. So its that time of year again when Lord Gaben descends from the heavens demanding wallet sacrifices. Steam sales are on until through July 4th for the summer season. Anything catch your eyes? Purchase anything or find any cool deals? I had a couple of gift cards that added up to $75 on steam so I kinda binged a little. Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection Ashes of the Singularity Kerbal Space Program Ikaruga Valkyrie Chronicles Doom AVGN 2 Risk of Rain Feel free to post any good finds or recommendations...
  3. Ok everyone, E3 is here! With all sorts of hype going around (with the presentation from Betheda last night increasing it), I just wanted to see what others were hoping to see in 2015 E3 and how you feel about it after everything is shown and done. While I am focusing on Nintendo, if you guys want to bring up other companies' presentation, go right ahead (just please don't start a war in the fourms, thank you). I really want to see what other people's opinion are! While I will give my thoughts and opinions later, I will say that Bethesda (and the Nintendo World Championship) started things out pretty well (even if FPS's aren't really my thing)!
  4. I didn't see another thread like this after a quick search, but if there already is one or this doesn't belong in this section, forgive me. I've been thinking about making a thread like this for a while since I love watching well made AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and sharing them with people. So if there are any awesome AMVs you have seen (or even made) and want to share with others, please contribute (you can also list who made it and if it won any awards if you want)! Just be aware that most AMVs are spoilerish in nature, so you have been warned. This AMV is my favorite of my all time favorite anime Steins;Gate! It also won some awards as well. Awards Big Contest 2012: 3rd Overall Best Editing Best Technical Editing - Metrocon 2012 Best Technical - Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 Best Drama - Connecticon 2012 Best Drama - SMASH 2012
  5. Are there some things that even now, you feel a bit ashamed of? Or have done in FE or not done in FE that may be worthy of confession? I have not ever played Hector Hard Mode. Ive never beat Radiant Dawn on higher than Easy mode. Ive not finished Shadow Dragon cuz it bored me to tears. FE4's big maps and my bad patch scared me. I didnt finish FE6 with the special ending/gaiden chapters complete. (wheeh) Ive never even seen FE12. I never play Normal mode in FE13, but i always play with Nancy/Casual mode on cuz less headaches that way. Ive actually gotten Lyon in FE8. And then got real mad that he has unbreakable tome and junk, but ive done everything in the game there is to do. So he was useless. Ive bought Apotheosis, but have yet to try the actual map. (~preparation~ lol) I use Bartre. I shamelessly grind in FE13. If im grinding in FE8, its for supports. Ive never used Brom in FE9. Your turn~
  6. As requested by Aethern, I want to know who you think is the better waifu. Lissa, with her canon cuteness, or Olivia, with her non-canon shyness that is loved by many. Oh, and for Rey, I included the japanese waifus as well.
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