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Pick my Pairings #2: The Actual Run

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So yeah.

Doing a Lunatic + min-max run.

For real this time.

I need some advice on pairings.

For real this time.

I will be grinding (duh)

Pairings I am doing, no matter what:
Panne x Gregor

Vaike x Sully

Chrom x Olivia

Nowi x MU

Suggested pairings for the rest of the females are welcome.

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Stahl x Cordelia gives Severa everything she could want (luna and vantage) along with fantastic mods.

Lon'qu x Maribelle makes Brady an awesome and fast sage with every skill he could want (galeforce + luna + vantage + limit breaker + tomefaire + dual guard+)

Ricken x Lissa for the same reason (except he has more mag and def but less speed)

Henry x Sumia makes the best cynthia. Because of Sumia terrible str modifiers, Cynthia is better as a magic unit and with henry as her father, besides the great mods, she get everything to be a great support dark flier or even a sorcerer or sage

Frederick x Cherche makes the best Gerome, because he gets Aegis + pavagis, great defense and dual guard+.

Gaius x Tharja makes the best Noire, and she is very similar to Henry!Cynthia, but with Vantage instead of tomefaire, so she makes a better sorcerer but worse supporter.

I'd marry Panne to kellam, because Yarne is the worst kid, so he will most likely be a support unit. Support units need dual guard+, and Kellam gives him that. Besides, Gregor is needed elsewhere to make:

Gregor x Miriel makes the absolute best Laurent, and one of the best sorcerers in the game, with Vantage+vengeance+wrath+armsthrift+sol. I went with this pairing and he was my MVP on Apotheosis.

Chrom x Olivia and MU x Nowi and Sully x Vaike are exactly what I would do, although many people prefer Donnel x Sully.

Since you're doing Panne x Gregor anyway, marry Miriel to Lon'qu and Maribelle to Virion. Brady will miss vantage, but his mods will still be awesome, and Laurent will miss armsthrifit and sol, but have better mods.

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Thank you for the in depth take on your recommendations Nobody.

I will consider some of these.

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Lissa - Ricken is arguably the best pairing for magical Owain. I found her personally the hardest to pair since Owain begs to be a physical unit even with Lissa's magical mods.

Miriel - Personally I went with Ricken. That +6 Mag is beastly. Also he gets Luna from Cavalier line, making him a dangerous Sage.

Sumia - Either Henry(best Dark Flier) or Frederick(best physical).

Maribelle - Henry is arguably the best dad for Brady, but there's rumors that Virion and Lon'qu is great fathers for him too.

Cordelia - Stahl or Lon'qu. Actually she's pretty hard to mess up since Severa will turn out great. There's even a hipster option for her too(aka Ricken).

Tharja - Donny or Gaius. Donny gives Armsthrift, and Galeforce, which makes him a great dad to pass skills(but not for modifiers though). Gaius gives better mods but no Armsthrift. That said, go with Gaius.

Cherche - Frederick is said to be one of the best pairings for her. Stahl works too, since he gives Luna and Aegis.

So, based on my analysis, here's the recommended pairings:








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