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What forges do you make and why?

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I’ve been arguing for Sirius to be in Top and others have asserted he should be in High. A lot of Sirius’s utility comes from a wide class selection and good enough weapon ranks. Depending on what forges you have available he could actually be really adaptable.
Anyways, this thread is help people see what I see in Sirius and to know what forges people make. The forges don’t have to be for a particular mode or even for efficiency play.
These are the forges I think are pretty good for H3.

+2-4 Mt, +10 Hit Iron axe (~1600)
Better exp soaking for MU in C2 and can serve as an alternative option for any DK or Berserker in later chapters. Maybe not the best forge but it’s cheap and is as strong as Steel axes with significantly better accuracy. Also, delays the Steelbow forge so you have more wiggle room with your starting bank.

+3 Mt, +5 hit Armourslayer (~4000)
Obviates need to purchase a second Wing Spear and you don’t need to buy all the Physics in C13 Secret shop because you can get the C16 Fortify staff. Marth also gets more exp than he normally would. I’d say it’s cost-efficient. Sirius can also use this to good effect well before C16.

+2 Mt, +10 Hit Javelin (~2500)

Good for Catria, Caeda and even Palla in various chapters. Helps to ORKO some of the more durable mage types. Okay for accuracy vs axes.

+5 Mt, +10 hit Steelbow (~7300)

OHKO’s air units. Helps to push against the DK swarm in C9. Helps to get a stat-booster in C11 by having Jake visit the Secret shop. Handy bow to have against air units in general. You could probably get away without any hit and save like 1K I guess.

+3 Mt, +5-10 hit Dragonpike (~5400-6800)

OHKO’s C11 boss (and pretty much any wyrm before C14), and is useful against C12’s boss and in ORKOing C13’s boss with a FK. Useful in chapters post C20x. +10 Hit if you want more reliability since C12 and C13 bosses have stupidly high dodge rates.

-/+ 1 Mt, +10 Hit Handaxe (~1300)

Plus or minus Mt depending on what MU needs to precisely not ORKO wyrms so other people can get the kills, but enough Mt to ORKO the annoying C12 bandits

+1-2 Mt Wyrmslayer (~1200-2400)
For Marth to be fed kills during C13-C14. SMs and Horsemen can use post-C20x.

+1 Mt Wing Spear (~1100)

In case Caeda can't quite ORKO C18's boss.

+5 Mt, +5 hit Ridersbane (~10000)
Expensive as hell but needed for OHKOing Paladins in C18 (Palla) and C19 (MU).

+3 Mt, +5 Hit Brave Lance (~11000)
Another expensive one. Last forge of the game. Pretty much necessary for C20x boss and that cluster of units near the village in C21. Yay, trade chains.

Most of these forges are pretty common knowledge obviously. I think only like 2 or 3 stand out.

In not-so-efficient play I like to make some fun forges like Excalibur Mt Shavers so I can pretend this game isn't sexist and that Linde is just as good as Etzel. Worth it!

What forges do you make?

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I don't really use forges, but when I do, I make favoritism weapons

Such as something stupid like +5 MT Levin Sword named Pope Thunder.....

Other than that, I stole +2 Javelin from MJ's guide and maybe the staple +4 - 5 Steel Bow

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What do you spend money on then?

arena, maybe a few small forges that i don't remember

i remember being totally broke by chapter 14 without ever having bought any lunatic mode stat boosters.

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