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Post your Pictures or PR Videos here!

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I would post my PR, but I don't think I can put it on my 3DS Camera/SD Card, and I don't have a capture card either, so :/

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When a game saves a screenshot to the SD card...
And I open the SD Card on my computer...
Where do I go in the directory to find the screenshot?
Never mind, I figured it out on my own.
2nd EDIT:
I've got a story that comes with this one, courtesy of the Memory Girl...
"Charizard hatched from an Egg and saw Erik for the first time at..."
"a large city."
"The Pokémon remembers that its feelings were indescribable."
"Charizard was raised by Alexander and evolved at a snowy mountain."
"Charizard had a very hard training session with Alexander."
"The Pokémon definitely remembers that it felt proud."
Oh god that was so cheesy I'm gonna barf
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Game Sync is really annoying~

I think I've finally settled with the appearance I want for my character~! I mean, I own a lot of outfits at this point and I'll probably change a lot anyway, but this is probably the outfit I'll use the most x3 Just the hair is probably going to stay


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Could use some help here with uploading videos. Since I'm from North America whenever I tap into the global link, by default the site keeps assuming I am American even though I am Canadian. How can I edit my profile on the site so it recognizes my proper nationality.

This is really tedious because I have to type global link Canada to enter registration which makes for clunky navigation. I really want to start sharing videos but I can't if one part of registration assumes I am American and the other Canadian (my real nationality and location of 3DS).

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