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Emperor Hardin

Cool extras that could be done for the DS remakes

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While I enjoyed the DS Games very much, I thought I'd address some of the commpaints.

* Have the background info from the developers notes all in the game.

* Make more prepromotes like Jorge and Lorenz have less pathetic growths and/or base stats.

* Give Pirates their own growths in Shadow Dragon

* Spread out the classes a bit more. Book 2 Barst is a pirate, Ellerean is a dark mage,

* A classic mode that has most of the original growths

* More balanced stat caps no 30 Defense for Paladins

* Uniform colors in battle animations that are similar to hair in that they reapeat. Astram and Dolph both wear the same shade of green for example.

* Get rid of the Gaiden chapter requirements, but keep the replacement generics for new players.

* Have various objectives in multiplayer such as one player tries to defend, while the other tries to seize.

* Put in a few more characters like an ex soldier from the Gra army

Anyone else have any ideas that'd be nice?

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This is for Shadow Dragon, since I've never played New Mystery (and never intend to).

- Gameplay updated for the 21st Century, instead of the archaic, clunky 1990's NES gameplay that we got.

- PC's having decent growths/base stats/weapon ranks.

- More variety in the type of enemies.

- Have weapon levels rise faster.

- Supports

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I absolutely adore Shadow Dragon, and it is one of my favorite games in the series. Those additions could have possibly made it my favorite game in the series. Personally, I wish that the art style was brighter.

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Have Gaiden chapters with sensible requirements and chapters that actually have some form of role in the plot that expands the world/story. The only Shadow Dragon Gaiden that I actually felt had any reason to be there was Horace's one which also had a good recruitment condition. Shadow Dragon's story is nicely done but it does suffer from not having any permanent characters except Marth, Nina and Malledus. Imagine having Gaiden Chapters that did something for the plot if Hardain or Minerva survived late into the game. Particularly Hardain. He's such a major character in the sequel yet he has like ten lines of dialogue in Shadow Dragon.

Of course I'm specifically talking about Shadow Dragon for this one. New Mystery did something different with its Gaiden Chapters.

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Mine are for New Mystery, as I haven't yet tried FE11:

*I'm not a fan of FE12's Reclassing. It's too footloose; switching one's class should have very strict limits based on the specific unit being reclassed (why the hell can you turn Wendell into a General, etc.), and it should require a separate item. In fact, Awakening pretty much got it right, IMO.

*Heavily alter the way the Avatar works. The character should be silent during cutscenes, save for certain interactions where you'd be given a choice what to say (these choices could have a significant impact on what chapters you play/enemy reinforcements/gaining goodies/etc.). The in-battle, mechanical support effects with Avatar are fine, but the number of actual conversations borders on stupid; he/she should only be speaking to 7th Platoon members and possibly Marth. One of the Avatar's chief abilities would be access to all the reclasses, much like Awakening (see above).

*Put in a post-game with a world map, preferably as an unlock. It would be made fully clear that this part of the game is in no way canon, and exists purely to explore and engage in a variety of additional battles which would not be possible to include in the main story. Marth would no longer be necessary to deploy during this mode (though since you'd have the Falchion in your possession doing so anyway'd often be a good idea). You'd also be able to get additional stat-ups and Boots, but only one pair of Boots would be usable on a given unit. To unlock the post-game at a higher difficulty, you'd have to beat the main story at that difficulty first (possibly with a minimum grade level).

*Let Arms Scrolls affect Staff rank, especially since Reclassing would be much more restricted (see above).

*Remove gender prereqs. This does not mean remove character prereqs: only Linda should be using Aura, only Marich should be using Excalibur, etc.. But basically, if the Avatar has a chance of wielding it, the restrictions should come off. I should not be penalized for making a male My Unit and then finding out I can't use the Lady Sword or Resire. Maris might be able to turn into a Mercenary/Hero, for example, or Abel might have access to Pegasus Knight/Falcoknight (that would be hilarious, as the support convos indicate Est's mount -hates- Abel) A side note on this: the original rider of Pegasus, Bellerophon, is a male.

*If Fog of War is staying in the game, allow Julian/Rickard/Thieves (if the Avvy gets to add Thief to their list) to quadruple the size of their field of vision while in it, and put a Torch staff (rank E) into the game which clears the effect out to a range based on the user's Mag. 20x is pure horsecrap; it's not even the potential difficulty of the opponents, it's that you're screwed over by -drawing your movement path incorrectly before confirming it-. The hell?

*What is the national treasure of Medon doing in a random chest, on a random mountain peak, in a random Gaiden chapter which, in itself, is a completely inappropriate inclusion in the first place? Minerva should have this as one of her pre-equipped items when/if you recruit her (I'd suggest Michalis but that's far too late).

*Make Manaketes not be pieces of doo-doo (especially Bantu, good lord all of his base growths are negative). Getting a Mega Flare to the face should be a bit more effective than merely being stabbed by a sharp stick.

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