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So just a filthy casual here....

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Online name: Cschollen1
Real name: Carter
Favourite FE Game: Sacred Stones
Favourite Game (other than FE): Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask
Favourite FE Character: Nino (Fuck your elitism)

Least Favourite game: Awakening
Sports:Hockey, Ball Hockey
Online friends:None
Favourite music: None I guess...
Favourite artist/band: Queen
Favourite song: BOhemian Rhapsody
Country: Canada
MSN/Yahoo/AIM: None...
Hobbies: Fe, Video games in general, Tvshows, Anime (especially Clannad. I love Clannad) Sports and not much really.
Good Point: I can contribute some cool things to the website I guess?
Bad Point: I am a filthy casual
Anything else? : [/b] If any of you go on reddit or more specifically /r/Fireemblem you should know me. For those of you that don't however. My name is Cschollen1 I am a casual never really caring too much for the best score but rather just having fun with the game series I love. Also I am kinda obsessed with Nino and uh my main goal for serenesfrest is to spread her holy godliness to the website :) Thats all I guess...

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Word of Advice:

don't mind john post invite except if you are abit retarded

Edited by Thɇ Icarūsu Lørd

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Least Favourite game: Awakening

Shots fired

Also, a filthy casual eh? We may not get along, but you'll get along with K-- *shot*

Welcome anyways to Serenes Forest.

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