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  1. hawke's only real issue is his con, an body ring helps with that, as well as getting him an iron axe to start off with.
  2. man i forgot about those people, thanks guys. also i forgot about this, nice little detail.
  3. well these people really only die if you don't choose thier route. anyways for Conquest the death counts are like Ryouma Takumi Saizo Kagerou Hinata Orobo Orochi Reika Kaden Scarlet.(also dies in third route) For Birthright we have Xander Elise Arthur and Elise (if you don't talk to them) Laslow and Peri (if you don't clear the map fast enough) Benny Charolette Keaton Misc third route stuff Izana (he lives in the other two) please correct me if i missed anyone.
  4. oh yeah, i have no problem with the magical stuff, it just makes the games more fun. i think my only real issue with the mainline games was the entirety of AA4, but thats off topic.
  5. yeah i can see your point. ofcourse i'm that guy that also found this game to be very politically influenced, but i don't think i should discuss that here for my views on that matter have gotten me in trouble.
  6. i will say after finishing the game, there is a very evil, but fitting reason, why the DCA exists. (hint, its not a morally good one) also only the royal family can do that spirit stuff (even then that's only on the female side) i believe this is stated in the game. also on the Rayfa voice thing, she sounds older then she looks in japanese as well, i think this was intentional if its like this in the english version as well.
  7. that sounds fuckin nuts, i love it, also great timing with the hisahide post. i wanna see a better look at sasuke too.
  8. President obama is vile and unpatriotic. there i said it, deal with it. also duyba bush was a pretty bad president, i dislike the guy too. i will say i have no idea what someone's opinion on obama has to do with someone's opinion on bush, but eh.
  9. i didn't even look at any of the replies, while i will agree with vile and unpatriotic, i find it hard to believe the muslim part. but yeah, twitter was a mistake, but i'm more amazed that trump or someone on his team managed to fish a 4 year old post off of twitter, i don't use the site but i'd imaged that'd take alot of time.
  10. i do remember hearing that this is similar to what Romney did in the 2012 elections and i'm sure that didn't help him either speaking of, i heard trump re tweeted Obama's tweet about the issue way back in 2012, https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/248112876240379904 would obama say the same thing today?
  11. Honestly you'd need something that's cause less damage and pollution to our planet, the fallout from using one can last quite awhile without being cleaning it up. i mean japan is fine now sure, but it took awhile to fully recover from the nukes.
  12. man i never could get into pachinko, i gave it an honest shot i swear In the Yakuza series i know its a joke, but i don't think nintendo would think of pachinko right now while they still have some arcade games out.
  13. @Ertrick36 i really like your ideas for balancing, my original class idea would either be a spear fighter or a knight so at most i'd could get like a plus 3 boost. (which is still big and can stack with other stuff)
  14. i have to agree with you there, i mean i don't like to think of these people are just figure heads, but there's an alarming amount of people that do. granted we had people like Duyba Bush who was criticized often for being rather dim in public and in speaking, but he somehow got 2 terms, i dunno how that works entirely but hey, politics.
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