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Let's Play Fire Emblem: Binding Blade [blind-ish]


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Never done a Let's Play of any kind before so here's to hoping for the best?

I've been thinking over and over about how I haven't finished a FE game that wasn't localized overseas. I did try to do a ranked run of FE4 but I lost interest after I was having stressful semesters in college, among other things.

A friend of mine had tried to get me to play Binding Blade (or what we called "Sword of Seals") before. I think I couldn't get it to work properly and didn't have the time either. That was years ago.

Only recently have I discovered that Gringe and others have put up a near-completed (as I put it since it's still v0.99d) English-translated patch for Binding Blade after other translations, as far as I've heard, were not as good.* Classic cases of literal translation and yada yada.

So with that in mind, I thought to myself, "Why don't I try a Let's Play to give me incentive to keep playing a game?" After all, my workload has lessened for the time being and even if only one person reads along, I want to try to have fun and be entertaining.

But hold! You saw that [blind-ish?] in the title. Gameplay-wise, I am pretty blind to this game. Story-wise, I have heard a few things so I can't say "completely blind," but I haven't heard enough to piece together the story fluidly. I know things like Roy's super-late promotion time and Hector and Eliwood dying but, otherwise, I'm pretty much dumb about Binding Blade. I haven't even looked up the growth rates or recruitment pages.

The [blind-ish?] thing is pretty important because I know there is a special ending for getting all the legendary weapons but I don't know how to do it. If there's anyone watching, would you want me to attempt it or just play through like a new player if there's no other requisite other than getting all weapons? Either way, I think I would have fun but the appeal of blind playthroughs, I think, is that the player doesn't know what to do and is likely to mess up. Also unlikely to make "biased" choices from results of playing a game too many times.

I'm not playing this with any other patches than Gringe's translation patch.

*I could try reading pure Japanese but that would take forever. My Kanji-reading skills are still very subpar and my slang (as video games tend to use) isn't polished enough. I trip over Pokemon because they are inconsistent between characters (I mean boku in hiragana, katakana, and kanji in the same game? That was new to me). I'd rather not attempt it until my skills are more polished.

EDIT: Please read this post for details about the normal/best ending!

I would like to start with a simple chapter for now and see what anyone thinks.
Hope my humor doesn't come off as offensive to anyone. I just like to jab at games even I like so I'm not bored, especially in FE's beginnings where they're pretty much the same each game.

[spoiler=Chapter 1 - "Bors and Wolt had one job"]

Apparently the relations between gods and men back then were very red and uninviting.
I think this will be a very nice, quiet game.

THE Fire Emblem. Truly this is the only Fire Emblem ever. Nope. There was no shield called Fire Emblem or medallion called Fire Emblem.
Intelligent Systems, stop retconning what the Fire Emblem is, you cads.

Blah blah "sword of light" blah blah "pierce darkness" blah---


Oh hey the start of the game.

Tutorial? Pshhhhh. I'm pro at this game. I don't need no TUTORIAL, psh.
But maybe I'll just check it out for good measure.

Roy, my boy. You'll be a famous tactician the world has ever seen.
You'll even be paired up with Marth as another famous tactician the world has ever seen.
So how about that game of yours coming overseas---

At this screenshot too I like the music here. Very nice beginning theme.

The hardest of matches begins.

I recognize the theme here from FE7.
Good lord. What happened between FE6 and FE7? It's nowhere near as energetic or crisp.
I wouldn't say "bad" but it will take some getting used to.

Okay. I'm bored. Leaving now.

And so the hardest of matches begins.

Why are we such bastards all the time?

If you're anything like FE7, I will recruit my favorite class from you guys.
Let's be good friends, 'k?

I like nomads. Please give me a good nomad.

Does it ever last in a FE game?

Sounds like a nice guy.

Eliwood! You're looking--oh...
Just drink an Elixir, my friend. I'm sure you'll be fine.

That beard is immense. And I thought you said in your Eliwood support something against beards.
0/10 lying Hector

Bandits! Thus, the time for feeding Roy is nigh.


I just...
How do your teeth...
Is this game trying to make it justifiable for me to kill these people because their portraits are ugly?
That's cruel, game.

Oh, Merlinus. You're still here... and balding.
It's kind of funny since I played FE7 first and this is the prequel. I bet people loved seeing these characters look younger in the sequel.
I feel kind of sad looking at the prequel.
Curse you, FE7.

Isn't Lilina a mage? Why did you let her go first?
Or, for that matter, why was Bors, her guard, not with her?
Okay, no, Roy. That's not your fault. It's Bors' fault.
Bors, do your fucking job. You had ONE JOB and you fucked it up already.

Hello, cheapest Awakening SpotPass character. I don't think it's fair that you got treated that way so I think I'll try you out here.

Marcus... Wow.
If you're anything like FE7, I will be benching you after a few chapters.
Disclaimer: this is not a LTC run.

And start!

So now let's look at people's stats:

Base Roy is base.
And I'm sorry to say but you will be hitting that glass ceiling pretty soon my friend, I'm afraid.
But no worries. I don't hate you.

I'm pretty sure you had better bases in FE7. But that makes sense considering your age.
Still benching you eventually.

Good ol' Red and Green Cav archetype... but considering Sain was the strong one and Kent the average, I wonder who's better here?
They did change the archetype a couple times. Tricky Intelligent Systems.
I don't usually play with Cavs/Pals either but I'm willing to try them here

So here's probably going to be a criticism towards me.
I hate Knights/Generals except FE11!Wolf or Sedgar. I pretty much bench them every single FE game I play.
Bors and every other Knight/General will likely be the case.
Any defense mission I fail will likely be because I'm not using a Knight/General.
But I have succeeded every FE game so far with limited use of them, dammit.

...Oh god. Wolt, bro. Your bases.
I want to try you but why you gotta be like thaaaat

So let's look at the enemy line-up.



And shit
Fantastic! It's time for me to FEED.

Just noting inventories and it's a good thing both Allen and Lance get Iron Swords. Can never go wrong in bandit-invested early chapters.
First thing I note after that:

Bors cannot reach any enemy on this phase.
Bors, you had ONE JOB.
I can't even use you to weigh down Marcus because he can't Rescue and Attack in the same turn.
What am I to do you with you, Bors?

Since Lance and Allen have the same Defense but Lance has higher Speed, I place Lance to choke the northern point.
Wolt hides his pitiful stats behind Lance so he might get some kills or something.
Allen and Roy go to guard the south side and get some needed EXP being growth characters and all.
Marcus goes to watch over Wolt and evaluates his life choices considering he had to guard both Wolt's mother and Wolt in the very first chapters of both games.
Bors does his newly assigned job of making sure he stays out of the way so Roy and Allen can grow.

I'm coming for ya!

First of Roy's battles of this journey. He does a crit-kill.
Beautiful. Keep up the good pace.

Meanwhile, Lance does exactly what I want him to do and weakens the enemies to near death.

A different Fighter comes down to attack Roy. He misses but Roy hits him.
A Fighter and Archer head towards my group.

This turn, I decide Allen deserves to get a piece of the action and net himself a kill.
Lance rushes at the Fighter but he's clumsy and can't dodge a 41.
Roy's short of being able to kill the weakened Fighter so I go ahead and place him north. Even if the Fighter hits him next turn, he'll survive both attacks.
Wolt slays the Fighter Lance weakened earlier so he can get his kill.
Since I'm a curious person, I have Bors visit the house since he will use all his movement doing so.

Why, yes it is, sir.
Also, can I say your hair is very jagged.
Please tell me where you get your hair gel.

For Marcus, I figure I'll have him go towards the village since he should be able to reach it in the next turn.

Enemy phase has that Fighter go for Roy. He didn't have much of a reaction time after his miss before Roy impaled him personally.
The Brigand is coming and Archer shoots at Roy and hits.

My turn again! But let me just say:

Bors keeps failing me.

The Brigand is too fast for anyone but Marcus to double, so it takes the combined efforts of Wolt, Allen, and Lance to take him down. The Brigand was able to hit Allen in the process.
I remember that Archers in any GBAFE game are crap and is doubled by Roy. But still not enough to kill the Archer.
Bors goes to satiate my curiosity at the next house.

The context was of terrain and how the trees of a forest will cover me.
Will it teach the enemies that they're dealing with me or the trees?
Also, I'm not sure how well-covered Bors will be since Knights are big and probably can't hide behind or in trees so well.

Marcus goes for the village.

Uh... Wow. That background seems very clashy to me. Especially at the bit where the mountain just drops to a dark green and is right next to a bright red-roofed house. At least, that's what sticks out to me the most here.

Thanks for the tribute! After all, "Money is important!"
I get 5000G for my troubles.

Enemy phase, Archer shoots at Roy some more. With how Roy's sword juts out in his pose, I think he's itching to stick it to the Archer.
Because Lance was probably the most weakened of my units, the Fighters go after him and get their just punishment by Lance smacking both two times in the face.

Turn 3.
Since the objective is to Seize Gate, I decide Roy won't stick his sword into the Archer and will instead stick it into the Fighter most north so he's quickest to his goal.

I take my chances at the northeastern Fighter going for Roy because even with 8 HP, Roy will survive that Fighter's attack.
Roy's first level up! Let's see what he gets:

...could have been worse? He got Res. Good enough for now.

Wolt says "sup Roy" as he kills the Fighter nearby. He's getting close to his first level up, where I might determine to use him more or not.
Lance's been a good sport so far so I give him the Archer kill. Also, this is his first level up.

...could have been worse? He got Spd. Good enough for now.

Bors is doing a good job of seeing to the houses. I say he should visit the last.

You know, I'm out here risking my life everyday to protect the nation. I don't come home after a long day's work just to hear this stuff.

He doesn't need to. He's got a horse.
Don't tell me the horse died.
This would be the worst FE game if that horse died.

Apt to his description, Allen gets hot-headed and charges towards the castle. He will be doing great things for his country.
Marcus is catching up now.

This Enemy Phase's first blood is a Fighter who spots Allen and foolishly thinks he can slay a man on a horse.
That northeastern Fighter mentioned earlier predictably goes for Roy. Roy stabs him for his incompetence.

This is one reason I don't like Knights.

Allen is jealous that even Wolt will be getting his level up sooner and so I concede and give him that Fighter kill.
I pray to Naga that Roy won't kill the Fighter just so Wolt can get his level up. It was successful.
Wolt joins Roy so he can get his kill and first level up.

You had one job, Wolt. To impress me.
I can't risk giving you another 100 EXP out of bias.
If you end up getting another 100 EXP out of attacking rather than killing and you get a better level up, maybe you will be redeemed in my eyes.

Bors huffs it towards the rest of the group.
Lance sinks into the forest.
Marcus catches his breath as he finally reaches everyone.

Enemy finally realizes that they are doomed and don't come for me.

Turn 6.
Roy's looking bad so I have him move closer to the castle and heal himself since I plan for him to take the boss kill.

More like "You bumbling idiot!" for I accidentally fumble with the controls and had Allen attack the boss. Thankfully, boss misses him while Allen hits him once but misses the second attack. Allen is at risk of dying because there's two Fighters and an Archer left.

So I have Lance, who's still weakened, go up and out of the range of the Archer in hopes that the closest Fighter will go for Lance instead.
Wolt's like, "Wait! I'll help out with my new HP and Str increase!" and runs towards the castle.
Bors is running and panting.
Marcus is like, "You fool!" to Allen's brashness and is running to try to save him.

On counter, Damas misses Allen, but so does Allen before he hits on the second attack.

Allen's brashness nets him a shiny level up

To be fair, getting him 5 Skl and more Def sounds good around now.

The distant Fighter is dumb and doesn't wait for his buddy to move so he can't attack this turn.
The nearby Fighter sees Lance and thinks he's getting a hit. He's absolutely wrong. Lance uses his new Spd to easily give him two whacks.
That Fighter that moved also blocked the Archer from getting at Allen.

I'll give the boss a screenshot for his description.
Succinct description. No issues.

I don't want to give Wolt that Fighter kill so I have him try to redeem himself by shooting at Damas.
I'm prioritizing more kills this turn so I have Lance attack the Fighter with full health so Roy has access to kill the weakened Fighter. Fighter misses and Lance hits him twice.
Roy screams for blood and does an overkill to the Fighter from a crit.

Close to victory theme plays!
I'm still not used to the difference in familiar tunes, though I don't want this to mean I'm bashing it since I would like to appreciate older games.

Allen makes a convincing argument that he survived the turn without dying and I say he can go ahead and get the Fighter kill.
Bors isn't making it. Marcus heaves a sigh and Rescues Bors. The weight of Bors on Marcus' tiny horse means he will be slowed down. I have Marcus move in front of the boss. Marcus can't kill Damas and can't double.

Damas misses Marcus but Marcus can sure hit him back. Damas is down to 8 HP now.
Archer goes for Lance. He hits.

I accidentally fumble with my controls again when I wanted to check the hit rate Lance with a Javelin had against Damas. Two 36s means Lance misses twice. I curse under my breath for my fumbling.
I ask that Wolt attack Damas with a hit but not a crit. It's successful.
Marcus sets his sights on the Archer and weakens him so Allen can get the Archer kill.
I have Allen equip the Iron Lance to get WEXP and kill the Archer.
Roy smirks because he has just enough Attack to kill Damas.

I boo at the fact Damas doesn't have a special boss quote for Roy. However:

Roy's ken is real.

No more enemies! I still gotta wait a turn because Seize is stupid.

We saved the day!

No. Eliwood. ;-;

Lilina is like, "I'm a mage and I'll help Roy!" and I say, "SURE THING."
But Eliwood's gotta be a bugger and be all, "You will do no such thing, little lady. Sit your pretty ass on the throne until your father comes back."

"Sure thing, Pops. Except I'm hitting that glass ceiling pretty soon."

Oh no you don't, Lilina. He fucked up the one job he had.

You will do no such thing.
In fact, you will protect the very bench with your life.

Well, that was the end of chapter 1.
Overall, a very typical FE beginning. One bad level up, two meh level ups, one okay-ish level up, and one good one. I can't say much on the plot since, well, it's just a typical FE beginning.

Everyone's levels and stats so far:

           Class          Lv     HP     S/M     Skl     Spd     Lck     Def     Res

Roy        Lord          3.29    20      6       6       7       7       5       2
Marcus     Paladin       1.08    32      9      14      11      10       9       8
Allen      Cavalier      2.56    22      7       5       6       3       7       0
Lance      Cavalier      2.22    21      5       7       9       2       6       0
Wolt       Archer        2.22    19      5       4       5       2       4       0
Bors       Knight        1.00    20      7       4       3       4      11       0
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Wow okay this is hella detailed and I really like it.

Use Rutger, he's borderline required. That's all I ask. I'd say Lugh or Raigh too but you don't have to.

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Looks interesting so far.

Two important things:

  • Physical range weapons have terrible accuracy in this game. So I'd recommend to use each mage you get (Lugh, Lilina, Raigh).
  • Swords have still better accuracy against lances than axes despite weapon triangle disadvantage. Axes and lances have poor hitrate in general.

Wolt is really not a good archer. You'll get another one in chapter 6 with higher strength and speed growth.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! It's nice to get some feedback for my first LP. :)

I guess the general consensus is magic is great, consider certain units like Rutger and Lilina, and ranged weaponry is horrendously inaccurate. I guess I'll see this firsthand while playing.

Intelligent Systems never learns about balancing, haha.

Now it's time for Roy to get those mercenaries we've been promised.

Apparently double-quotes will not work with spoilers so I'm using asterisks.

[spoiler=Chapter 2 - *Hard-to-Kill Mercenaries*]
Statements like these are never a good sign.

Called it.

I must say: the chapter intro jingle or whatever you call it is starting to grow on me.
Ah, yes, Guinivere. I wonder how she looks now.

!! Can that be?!

It is! Wow. They're already showing the Wyvern Knight this early.
Please tell me I get her this soon. Please please please.

Obviously he was doing his job well too.
God the Knights suck in this game so far.

I like this Milady person already.

Oh. He plans to sell her.
I guess I can retract my earlier statement. He has done a fine job of guarding her for his plot.

This is Zephiel you're talking about. The man has razed Sacae.
You're selling his sister.
I hope you have a plan for when he finds out.

I find this next part funny.

This lady is running from the south and she rushes past Bors' side, goes around him, and nearly crashes into Roy.
I would kind of understand if Roy was in Bors' place and she was going from the south screen and goes straight north.
But what sense does going around a person into another make?

Anyways, judging from this map sprite, a cleric.

In the same vein as Serra, I see. That must mean there is a chance a Priscilla is in this game.
If there is, Priscilla comes first.

I disagree. There's EXP to be gained.
You're not the tactician of this army.
You just get to carry my stuff.
Packmules don't get to talk, Merlinus. Learn your place.

It's not a Fire Emblem game without some kind of girl being locked up or trapped somewhere.

A very appropriate response. Especially if read like it's just a minor thing.

That's right, Roy. Don't listen to Merlinus. I'm the true tactician here.

Starting the map now. I won't be getting our mercenaries it seems but I do get Merlinus and this new person.

...oh god, that 1 Mag is gloriously horrendous.
A level 2 Cleric with 1 Mag.
That's horrendous.
I REALLY hope there is a Priscilla in this game.

Otherwise, I guess 8 Speed on a Level 2 unit is not bad.
Not like a unpromoted staffbot needs it... so that's kind of useless.

And then there's Merlinus.
I do appreciate that he comes very early here but that 3 Speed and Defense.
He really hasn't aged well.

I'm surveying the map and I notice that this map is predominantly lance- and axe-users.
My own axe-user would have been ideal here. But I have no such axe-user.
So it looks like Lance, Allen, and maybe Bors will be able to see combat with their lances.

The enemy make-up:

Only one of these Soldiers has a Def stat. Surprisingly, one among them has Res.
In this particular generation of the map, 2 Spd is the highest Spd these Soldiers have.
These guys will easily get wrecked.

Out of the Fighters, this one had the highest stat in each category.
I am wary since only Lance got Spd last map. Aside from Marcus, he's the only one able to double these 5 Spd Fighters.
Also make that the 4 Spd Fighters.
I'm thinking I got unlucky with Roy not getting a single Spd increase last map.

This guy just proves why Mercenaries are great.

The best Archer between the two. This one has 2 more HP and 1 more Skl, Spd, and Lck.

The boss has some decent HP and high Str and Def. He has a Javelin just to piss me off.

For my first move, I send Merlinus towards the houses so I can view their info.
Marcus visits the village.

Not like it's feasible to get Elen promoted and using magic at this point either.

Hey, you're awesome! I like free Armorslayers.

Marcus uses the rest of his movement to ride towards the Armory.
The Armorslayer has 11 Weight and Allen and Lance both have 9 Con. Either can double the boss with it.

I look closer at the Fighters and Soldiers at the south. I notice their apparent carrying of Hand Axes, particularly these two:

Your ilk will perish in due time.

But then I remember that people have been telling me that the hit rates of lances and axes are terrible in this game. I'm checking this.

Oh... wow.
70 wouldn't be bad for a higher-ranked lance. But this.
It's not like Intelligent Systems hasn't had a history of making swords good just on the basis of accuracy but this is the sixth game.
Well, then again, balance still hasn't caught up to Intelligent Systems.
Still inexcusable.

The really sad thing I find now:

Base Speed Wolt doubles the Soldiers and can kill them.
If even Wolt can kill you in one round, I think you need to hang up your helmets, Soldiers.

I don't want Wolt to get a kill so I'm begrudgingly using Bors to weaken the Soldier.
First time using Bors and what happens. Take a wild guess.

You are the worst.
This is also the first time I'm hearing the "No Damage!" sound and it's a hilarious sound.
It makes sense for armor to make that sound but if it's used for the non-armored units, I'll be laughing my ass off.

Roy can't kill the Soldier so I have Allen do the job. He gets 3 damage from 57 hit but he does slaughter the Soldier no problem.
Lance can't kill the other Soldier with his Iron Sword. I have him go by Allen's side to attack the Soldier with the Javelin for no counters. He's able to kill the Soldier.
I finally notice that the Objective is not shown just looking at the map so I check the Status real quick. Another Seize, I see. I should use all of Roy's movement but the Soldier out of reach probably will go for Lance or Allen and will likely die so I just have Roy plant himself next to Bors.
Wolt runs to Allen's west.
Elen heals Allen for staffabuse fun. The healing theme is pretty soft and I kind of imagine it as a good theme as you look at the stars.
I'm one of those people that listen to instrumentals because I like to imagine scenes. I'm weird like that.

Soldier goes for Lance for that massive 5 damage. He actually hits with a 54. Lance misses him once but strikes true the second.
I neglect that one of the Hand Axe Fighters can take advantage of the fort and goes for Lance. He apparently can hit with a 48 for 7 damage but now Lance can't hit because of his 34 hit.

Are those the mercenaries I was promised before?

They are! I see they are just the units I want for a map like this. Perfect.

By the way,

Shanna flies past Roy while inspecting the scene.

And then she kind of pops out from Roy.
And doesn't stay on that side of the map like I wish she would.
You tease me.

I got new blood.

If there's anything FE7 and FE9/10 have taught me is that Mercenaries are great.
That base 12 Skl and 10 Spd on a Level 5 Mercenary. So good.
I will likely use this man.

The first thing I notice is that her mouth is open in her mugshot. Honestly don't remember if any other mugshot had a character with their mouth constantly open... but I can see why you wouldn't anymore. It looks silly.
And like any GBAFE game, Peg Knights with their pitifully low Con. Except now they're stuck on terrible accuracy lances.
12 Spd's good, though, on a Level 1 Peg Knight. Not too far away from capping.
I hope this isn't a sign that her Spd growth is bad.

If there's anything FE7 has taught me is that any Fighter not Geitz is slow.
Out of the two, seems like Lot is my type. But that's also saying without knowing their growth rates.

Turn 2, for better illustration.

I want Roy to use all his movement so my goal is to get rid of the fort Fighter and plant Roy right on that fort.
I have Wolt shoot at the Fighter. He hits and Fighter misses.
Thankfully, Lance has enough Atk to kill this Fighter with his Iron Sword. Lance successfully slays him with no damage on counter.
Roy's free to take the fort. Attacking priority goes to the Fighter carrying the Hand Axe. He cuts the Fighter down to half HP and Fighter misses.
Allen makes sure to kill the Soldier from the side. Allens' second level up.

For a three stat level-up, not too shabby. Still can't double the 4 Spd Fighters but it's a start.

Elen tends to Lance's wounds. He's one point shy from full HP.
Merlinus visits the house.

Old man, WTA can't save axes. An Iron Lance will only be better than an Iron Sword by 5 hit.

I think you mean, "Just keep using swords," if what I just said is any indication.

Merlinus uses the rest of his movement making the trek towards the other houses and possible Vendor.
As for Marcus:

I'm at a loss of what to do now that I know lances aren't that great in this game. It's also very telling that there is a lack of axes in this man's shop.
I'm thinking that Merlinus will not be able to catch up to the rest of the group before the map ends so there's no sense to have Marcus send anything I need this map to Merlinus.
And I don't know if money is scarce in this game.

I buy one Iron Sword for Roy, an Iron Lance for Lance, a Javelin for Allen to pick up later, and another Iron Sword to send to Merlinus. Marcus' Iron Sword will probably be going onto Roy or Deke eventually but I'll keep it on him for now in the case I need to weaken an enemy.
Marcus makes the rest of his movement towards the group.

Again, for better illustration.
I want Shanna to get this kill so I have Lot move to the fort's southwest.
Wade gets Lot's Hand Axe but I miscalculated the Spd difference of the Soldier and Wade since I didn't realize the Soldier is actually weighed down by his Iron Lance.
Man, these Soldiers REALLY are bad.
I still want Shanna to get some EXP so I don't have Wade do anything now.

There was no twirling lance animation! I almost missed this screenshot!
I expect great things from her.

Deke makes his base at the north fort and I have him equip the Iron Sword.
Bors won't move this turn.

The ending results of turn 2.

So on enemy phase, I'm not sure why a Fighter is moving north when I didn't attack him earlier. Other enemies are coming down.
Deke makes short work of any Fighter coming his way.
Roy holds his own at the other fort.
A Soldier does something unexpected. He throws his Javelin at Shanna when there's a perfectly unable-to-counter Deke right there. He misses and gets his proper death by Shanna's two Javelins.
Hand Axe Fighter misses Roy.

Turn 3

I do some movement calculations for Roy. In six-seven turns, if he doesn't take the boss kill, I should be able to Seize by then. That's the case either if I have him kill a Fighter or not.

Marcus is rushing towards the group so he can deliver the Armory goods.
Merlinus visits the next house. There was nothing to comment about forts. He had one movement left so he can visit the next house and have full movement on the next turn.
Roy takes out the north Fighter.
Lance kills the Fighter in two rounds from the north. Another level up.

I'm thinking of dropping Lance at some point. He's kind of useful for his Speed right now but no Strength increase is killing him.

Allen charges ahead of everyone.
Elen heals Lance from his east.
Bors is able to occupy the fort.
Wolt has to be between Roy and Bors to be with the rest of everyone.

Now the other side.

Archer is coming down. I don't remember if flyers have x2 or x3 weakness to bows. I do a quick check and she will receive 16 damage.
Yeah. x3.

I have Wade give Lot back his Hand Axe from Lot's west.
Lot equips said Hand Axe and moves onto the east fort. We have now effectively choked this point. I have Lot go ahead and attack the Soldier. He kills with success.
Shanna moves onto the mountains out of range from the enemies.

The ending turn set up

Fighter comes for Deke. I don't understand why when there's Lot right there. Was the AI not as good in FE6 than in FE7 or FE8? Fighter misses but Deke says, "I've had enough of this shit."

I am pleased.

Soldier is smarter but misses Deke with his Javelin.
Archer also goes for Deke. Also misses.

Apparently the enemy doesn't like Deke.
Mercenaries are hard to take down, after all. I guess that's somewhat fair.

Turn 4

Shanna will be able to survive the northeast Fighter and Javelin-wielding Soldier attacks. I do want her to get a kill this turn so I'll see what I can do.
I think Shanna and Deke will get the most EXP if they take the Archer and Soldier kills, respectively.

I have Wade soften the Archer from the south.
That damage was just enough for Shanna to kill with the Slim Lance. Shanna is 7 EXP away from her first level up. Here's to wishing for a good one!
Deke goes to slaughter the Soldier. He gets hit in the process for 5 damage.

Elen has just enough movement to heal Allen in front of him before he must ride off for great justice.
Roy presses towards the castle.
Allen spots the mercenaries as he heads east.
Lance says hi to Roy.
Wolt also says hi.
Bors moves so Marcus can now occupy the fort.
Lastly, Merlinus visits the house.

Yeah. Unlike EASY FOREIGNERS who got the x2 effective bonus, right?

Anyways, I have Merlinus end his turn on the Vendor.
Lot with his Hand Axe hides into the nearby forest so now my turn looks like this (minus off-screen Marcus):

Aaaaand, Enemy Phase predictably has Fighter go after Shanna. And he hits. Shanna does pitiful 8 damage total.

Daaaaang it. Just typical.
Also, her mouth is closed. Interesting.

Soldier also wants a tussle with Shanna. He misses.

Turn 5, scrolled up to see enemy placement.

Merlinus at the Vendor comes first:

I'm sorry but what
I get a healer this chapter and no Heals? Crap.
I just get one Vulnerary since I hardly use them when I have a healer.
It's not like this game is that hard on Normal mode... right?

The rest of Merlinus' movement has him maybe catch up to everyone.
Marcus stands in front of Roy and says, "Your journey is hard and arduous. Here, take this." Roy gets an Iron Sword.
Lance can't move past the forts this turn. I have him take the Armorslayer and Iron Lance from Marcus and situate him outside of the forts.
I'm willing to give Lot the Soldier kill. I'll judge from his level up if he can be salvaged. He gets hit by a 29 but he does kill the Soldier.
I want to draw out the Archer if he moves. I move Deke north.
Allen weakens the Fighter.
Shanna kills the Fighter from the east after both she and the Fighter miss.
Roy moves to outside the fort walls.
Wolt runs along.
Elen has to move without healing.
Bors, being a shitty Knight, can't use his full movement because Marcus is in the way.
Wade is last. This is Turn 5's ending positions:


Suicidal Fighter wants his body to get Deke's sword rammed into it until he dies.

Probably the first of many 99 EXPs starts here.

The badass Mercenary hunts for Lot.

I could have been ended here. Lot misses, by the way.

Turn 6 (scrolled up):

Archer didn't come down and this Mercenary definitely needs to go.
Marcus can shave a turn if I don't want Roy to get the boss kill, but that's also if people can kill the boss before Roy has the opportunity to Seize.
The combined efforts of Allen and Shanna can take down the Mercenary. First is Allen.

Allen no!
We got ourselves a badass over here!

My contingency plan was to try having Lot throw his Hand Axe. If I want Shanna to get another kill, Lance and Shanna don't have enough manpower to kill this badass.

Surprisingly, he does his job much better than Allen.
You better step up your game, Allen, before I replace you with Lot.
I'm just kidding. You're doing good so far, Allen <3

I have Lance weaken the Mercenary further in the case Shanna misses one of her two attacks.
Shanna kills the Mercenary. Phew! That took the efforts of three units.
Roy's getting tuckered out. Marcus rescues him and will drop him off closer to the castle next turn.
Elen follows along Marcus' tracks.
Wolt moves next to Elen.
He who was once one with the group is now left behind. That would be Bors.

Since it seems that the Archer doesn't move, I won't kill him this turn, given that--based on my calculations--Shanna should get another level up if I give her that kill.
Deke moves outside of the range of the Archer. I'm hoping to get chip EXP from Ruud.

Ending turn positions (off-screen is Bors):

And goes for Deke. He misses.
I could have sworn I was in range of the Archer before. Maybe he moves when nearing boss? Bizarre.

This dodge EXP is just what I need for Deke's first level up

No Deke ;-;
Is this what everyone warned me about?
No please don't do this to me.

Turn 7:

With this particular Archer, a fully healed Shanna will still die. Either Allen or Lance will take up the spot where Shanna can directly attack so it looks like I'm using Wade to weaken it. This is successful.
Shanna swoops in for the kill and gets her other level up

Strength is always appreciated.

First order of business after that is healing Lot.

And the unfortunate thing I realized:

The Armorslayer can really only go onto Roy, Deke, or Marcus.
Why do you do this to me, Allen and Lance.

Passing off the Javelin to Allen will negate Allen's doubling against Ruud, and Allen will die in two rounds. In hindsight, I should have healed Allen. My logic was Elen's full movement gets priority over who I should heal. I was sorely mistaken.
I have Lance pass off the Javelin to Allen and then move next to Deke. I hope to get some chip EXP for Allen since he seems to be proving himself competent among the two Cavs.

Okay. Very unlikely chip EXP but chip EXP opportunity is what I'm aiming for. Allen waits in range of the boss.

Deke snatches the Armorslayer from Lance's north because Deke is standing right where Roy will be dropped.
Marcus drops Roy north. If we can get rid of the boss next turn, this map is in the bag.
Bors tries to catch up, as does Wolt.
Lot moves to north-most available space he can get.

And so the turn ends as thus (not pictured: slow Bors):

I don't know why you thought that anyways. You were trying to sell Zephiel's sister. If that man found out--which I think he would--you would have been a mixture of molten steel and boiling blood.
But here, I'll just end you for my own gain.

Ruud misses but Allen hits for that chip EXP I wanted.

Hopefully the last real turn.
I see that Elen is close to getting a level up if I have her heal people but that would require turns beyond what is necessary, and I'm not even certain if she would be a good unit.
Still, I think I'll have her staffabuse for good measure.

Because of the x3 effectiveness in effect, the difference between the Armorslayer and the Rapier is 9 damage, though this trades in 10 less hit for the power.
Either Deke or Roy would benefit from this boss kill since the boss is level 5. Roy has barely seen combat this chapter but he's also the Lord... but then that glass ceiling.
I'm thinking it's Roy again because Roy is close to a level.

Elen heals up Lot.
Lot attacks Ruud from a distance. They miss their attacks.
Lance moves out of the way.
Deke gives Roy the Armorslayer.
Roy stands in front of the boss with the Armorslayer. Ruud can kill him in two rounds.
I move Allen away so Ruud won't give attacking priority to an injured Allen.
Bors moves for laughs.

This new arrangement:

Ruud attacks Roy.
Also no special boss quote.
He hits Roy and Roy misses.

Looks like I'm going to have to do a Rescue-Drop to heal Roy.
Elen heals Roy and is then whisked away by Shanna before being dropped by Allen.

New set-up:

Ruud still hits Roy but now Roy strikes back. I may be able to kill him in this upcoming turn if Roy doesn't miss.

I'm having Lot attack Ruud for the chip EXP. Maybe even a crit if lucky. No such luck on the crit but Lot hits once and Ruud misses.
Allen uses the cover from the forest to attack Ruud. Both miss.
Elen heals Roy.
Roy strikes at Ruud with his trusty Rapier. He slays Ruud!

Should have anticipated this, I guess? If not by my hands, perhaps by Zephiel's?

Roy gets his new level up.

Okay, Roy. I swear you are not a mage-killer. You need to stop this tomfoolery.

So now that we have time to rest, I see that we have a talk with Deke.

I have been thinking something was off about Deke and I think it's that he seems a lot more shaded compared to Roy and co. That to me is interesting.

You more than made up for that with your performance. But your level up, on the other hand...

What about Shanna?

I spend the rest of the turns using Elen's staff to get her her first level up. Please be more magic.

Okay, just keep getting magic and you'll be fine in my book.

With everyone healed and having had Deke take back the Armorslayer, Roy claims the castle.

Ah, Guinivere. How's it going?

Whiplash music. I guess to be expected since she's mad Zephiel's sister and all.

Merlinus, please, no.
Just where did you get this personality between FE7 and now?
Then again, you seem wiser than you did in FE7. I'll cut you some slack now.

Man has a point.

They still have some hope that peace can be made. I guess that's respectable... but Zephiel is quite mad, last I checked.
Here's to trying, I guess.

We have Guinivere in tow in hopes to make peace between Bern and the Lycian League.
Our statistical progress thus far:

           Class          Lv     HP     S/M     Skl     Spd     Lck     Def     Res

Roy        Lord          4.70    21      6       7       8       8       5       3
Marcus     Paladin       1.08    32      9      14      11      10       9       8
Allen      Cavalier      3.39    23      8       5       7       3       7       0
Lance      Cavalier      3.30    22      5       7       9       3       6       0
Wolt       Archer        2.32    19      5       4       5       2       4       0
Bors       Knight        1.01    20      7       4       3       4      11       0
Merlinus   Transporter   1.00    15      0       3       3      10       3       0
Elen       Cleric        3.32    16      2       6       8       9       0       7
Deke       Mercenary     6.00    26      9      12      11       5       7       1
Wade       Fighter       2.20    28      8       3       5       4       3       0
Lot        Fighter       3.75    29      7       6       7       2       4       1
Shanna     Peg Knight    3.00    17      5       7      14       7       6       6
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I dunno about Deke's level being too bad. Speed is almost always good in my book, and defence is cool. Growths in FE6 kind of trend on the low side as well.

Also looking forward to more of this.

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Spoilers: Deke isn't very good.

HP is his only growth that's over 40%. His bases are pretty good and he has amazing con but everything else is pretty lackluster.

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Deke's level up wasn't too bad. Only two stats, but speed and defense are important stats especially speed.

He's one of the best earlygame units. He has great bases and his high con enables him to use heavier weapons like the armorslayer without speed penalty. And like I said, swordusers are pretty damn useful thanks to their high accuracy. So I highly recommend to use him in the earlygame at least.

Healers in the GBA series always have pathetic base magic. Natasha in FE8 also starts with only two magic. However the magic growths of the FE6 healers aren't all that great either.

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Spoilers: Deke isn't very good.

HP is his only growth that's over 40%. His bases are pretty good and he has amazing con but everything else is pretty lackluster.

For Binding Blade standards, Deke's growths range from average to slightly above average in a few stats. His bases and ridiculous con carry him so hard though.

A major strike to him though, is that the maps in this game are pretty big, and being stuck as a foot unit is a detriment if you want a low turn count. (Unless you have a rescue bot for him)

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In regards to Deke's level up, I was referring more to he got a two-stat level up than what he actually got. In hindsight, Spd and Def increases are good for a two stat level-up.

I can try using him some more and seeing the results. I really do like Mercenaries but if Deke keeps getting two-stat level ups, I won't be sure how good he can be in the end.

I won't be very concerned with turn count since I'm not doing ranking and not like you guys will have to suffer through the turns like I will, haha.

As we're having the Princess of Bern accompany us, we must make off for Castle Araphen to the north of Pherae to meet with the rest of the Lycian League.

[spoiler=Chapter 3 - *I set up Lugh*s bomb*]
What sort of news can it be?

"These three" are the Wyvern Generals.

I don't know the woman but I remember the Narcian guy from the Awakening DLC map.
Judging from the little snippet he had there, I'm not going to like this guy.

Are we the latecomers?
What sort of sorrow---


I wonder if Hector also deteriorated in prowess over the course of time.
Eliwood because he's sick, and Merlinus because he's balding.
But Hector seems none of these things.
I say this because I think Hector should have easily been able to take on those Wyvern punks.
But of course, any FE game doesn't take into account your endgame stats for any FE that is a sequel or prequel to a game.

Zephiel, knowing when to rub it into to people.
God what an jerk.

Sounds like perfectly valid reasons of why you shouldn't attack another country.
But by all means, Zephiel, prove me wrong.

Zephiel's got some daddy issues to sort out.
His dad was a jerk too.

You underestimate Hector's prowess.
Two Wyvern Generals, sure, maybe a bit much.
But a Soldier? Come on.

Well-founded, if I may say. If this Idun girl is anything like Nergal.

Ow! Shot down!

Does Zephiel have a--gasp--heart for Brunja's words?
C-C-Character development!

Who is this scrub?

Chad. Chad.
In story-writing, that's like the name you give to a character who's a colossal dick.
I think this guy is the antithesis of that.

Yeah! A great armored Lord would be awesome in our party!

Shut up, you scrub.
I'm the tactician here. My word is law.

I bet "I can show you around the castle" means "I'm a thief."

Thieves are good. I will now call you by your name.

Oh right. Lilina is sitting on the throne until her dad comes back.
If I want to use her any time in the future, I guess I have to get Hector back too.
Because if he dies, Lilina will not be able to leave... I think.

Map start. I should take a look at Chad while I'm at it.

Typical Thief stats, I suppose.
He does have Lightning affinity so if he has good Supports, I think he can be good for that.
Alright, Chad, you might be a permanent member of the team.

Now the enemies this time are:

Soldiers, Knights, and Archers.
Predominantly a feeding ground for the likes of Lot and Wade, though Shanna and Allen can harvest some EXP too.

Red-roofed houses usually mean goodies; however, these are on opposite sides of the map. I'll need to plan accordingly because, again, this map is another Seize map.
These Seize maps are starting to annoy me.

Two chests for plundering. There's no enemy Thief but I wouldn't be surprised if one were to pop up.
The Knight guarding the room has a stealable Vulnerary. If I wanted to, I could have Chad take it but I probably would waste a turn since the Knight can't be damaged by him.
There are no droppable or stealable keys of any kind so looks like Chad will need to take the chests and unlock the way to the throne at the top.
Ideally I should do a Rescue chain so I can limit the turns I spend here.

Most of the EXP is in the castle so I'm deciding who should go to the houses.
I'm thinking Lance will go north and Marcus can go east. Lance has Vulneraries and Marcus will be closest to the castle for less catching-up.

Lance heads towards the north and makes sure to stay out of range of the Archer inside of the castle.
Allen charges his way to the east Soldier. He gets hit for 5 damage but the Soldier is dead.
Wolt is useful here to weaken the other Soldier. Soldier misses him.
Chad puts the Soldier out of his misery. Being the same Class Power as the Soldier means Chad will get the full benefit of 45 EXP.
Marcus follows my order of heading to the east house.
Wade goes with Marcus to take out the Soldiers.
Roy makes full use of his movement towards the castle. Pretty much everyone else does too.

I almost forget to screenshot the ending results of this turn:

Enemies move. First battle on enemy phase is a Soldier against Allen. He also hits. Allen disappointingly misses him so he can't kill the Soldier.
Archer goes for Chad. He misses but... Chad's dodging sound effect makes me think it's a Pegasus Knight flying. I'm confused.

Apparently something is happening at the northern house.

Those clothes on the kid. Is that a mage?

Oh, that's Lugh! I've heard about you!
You will go straight to my team. I like mages.

Wait. I need Chad to visit this house?
Dang it.

Raigh? The other guy I was told to get?
Yeah. When's he coming?

Oh Lugh. Don't worry, Chad's coming for ya!

Turn 2, Wade and a Soldier two squares east of him not pictured:

According to that house cutscene, it seems I need Chad up there. Chad's working overtime this map. It's a good thing I was sending Lance up there because I'll have Lance do a Rescue-carry back into the castle.

Lance encounters the Javelin Soldier. Lance dodges on counter.
Chad's backtailing so we can get Lugh.
Marcus is still trekking to the house.
Bors finally contributes for the first time weakening the Archer.
Wolt softens the Soldier for Roy.
I figure Lot will get a level up from the Archer so I have him take that kill. Lot misses.
It's risky but I have Shanna take the kill with her Javelin. That is successful.
Roy uses the most of his movement and knocks out the Soldier with his new Iron Sword. He's 2 EXP away from a level up.
Elen heals Allen in case he gains a level up in HP.
Allen goes at the Soldier he failed to finish off earlier. He kills. A level up.

Allen pls
I kind of want him to get Skill now because if his inopportune misses are any indication, he might need some.
This is not my way of saying, "Just give me one-stat level ups of Skill," by the way, game.

Wade guards Elen.
Deke sprints to Shanna's side.

Before Merlinus moves, I'm taking this screenshot (missing is Lance):

Merlinus moves to Lot's side and trades the Vulnerary to Lot.
I also find out what Merchant does. Neat little thing considering I had Merlinus buy the Vulnerary before, but I think Lot will need the Vulnerary.

Soldier wants to end Roy. He makes a dent in Roy's health but Roy hits him twice.
Roy's level up:

Oh Roy. Beautiful. A four-stat level up.
But that Def is still at base.

Soldier apparently thinks Wade is better to fight than Allen. He is able to plunge his spear into Wade but Wade shows off his brute strength and apparent doubling by outright slaughtering him.
Lance is attacked by the other Soldier. He's able to sink his lance into Lance and Lance also slaughters him. He's 6 EXP from leveling.

Turn 3 enemy placement, scrolled up:

Lance has enough movement to get to the Archer but not enough Atk. Still he'll kill the Archer in another round so I have him equip the Iron Sword for accuracy.

Lance nets himself another level up.

That Speed! But no Strength!

Chad's running up.
Marcus visits the house. I get myself a Mend staff.

Marcus is rushing back to the others now.
Shanna makes short work of the Soldier by crit-killing him.
I make sure Roy stays out of range of the Javelin Soldier. He should be able to take on another Iron Lance Soldier.
Lot has now breached the castle.
Allen moves to Roy's south.
Elen heals Allen.
Wade moves north.
Wolt moves to two paces east of Roy.
Deke moves to Shanna's south.
Merlinus moves to Wade's south.

I try to get the most units to show here. Lance and Chad are not pictured.
Bors is last and can only move one pace north.

Now I get exposed to what's in that room. Apparently the main baddies.

This person can summon dragons just like that?
We're goners.


Instead of ending my game right here, he opts to do it himself.
What a dumbass.

Final stage of game?

Zephiel is leaving Lycia in Narcian's hands.

Gotta give credit to Zephiel. He's not going to discriminate.

You tell me, Narcian. She can SUMMON DRAGONS.
I can see plenty of things to see in her.

Okay, Narcian. It's on your head if Slater fucks up.

Where have I heard this before?
Narcian is a horrible ecchi and I will gladly kill him when I get the chance.

No need. He will be converted into delicious EXP for my team.

Reinforcements! Cavalier and Fighter ones at that. Is that an ambush spawn I smell?
Lance gets shot at by the Archer.
Soldier wants a piece of Roy. Soldier misses but I boo because Roy leaves the Soldier at 1 HP.

Turn 4 enemy place. A Soldier is hiding under the mini-map:

First order of business is getting rid of the house-guarding Archer. Lance slays.
Chad is getting closer to that house. Hang in there, Chad!
Marcus has to get back with everyone.
Wolt enters a skirmish with the Javelin Soldier. Wolt hits twice while the Soldier misses.
Lot moves to the south Soldier's west and attacks. Lot succeeds in killing. Also, this is his first level up.

Keep up the Speed increases, Lot, and we may have to negotiate your permanent status in the team.

I give Roy the Soldier kill since it happens to be the spot that Elen can use her max movement and heal.
Wade moves to Wolt's west.
Allen moves to Roy's west.
Shanna flies to Roy's other side.
Deke moves to Elen's south.
Bors moves as far as he can.

In the top-left, Chad's to the left and Lance to the right.
Merlinus too moves as far as he can, which will be at Bors' west.

Soldier misses Roy. Roy hits once before he crit-kills the enemy.

Turn 5's enemy placement. Really the left Soldier and the Cavs moved.

Now we can recruit Lugh! I have Chad enter the house and...

Now I wonder if Lugh wouldn't come out if I didn't have Chad enter the house. Oh well.

"Borrowed the fire tome."
Intelligent Systems, first Mage Thief, make it happen.

I will approve the magic, magic sword, and sword class.

I'll make you the strongest mage Elibe has ever seen.

Where IS Raigh, by the way?

So Lugh's stats:

I can't remember but I think he's better than Erk at base. That's a plus.
And I know this is one of Nino's twin children. It's good to see the kid.
The magic intensifies since I will be using Lugh.
Also Fire affinity, one of the best affinities in GBAFE.
This kid's looking golden.

If I want Chad to be plundering chests now that the throne room is opened up, I guess I'll pick him up with Lance... though that would be leaving Lugh in the dust.
Eh. I guess Lugh will take the boss kill.

Oh. The boss.

1 Lck. That's hilarious.
No Res so Lugh can take potshots at the guy.
He holds a Steel Lance and a Javelin. If Lugh didn't have any Def, Lugh would be dead by one Javelin.
If Lugh could get one Speed increase, he could double Slater. I'm not going to anticipate this.

Lugh hugs the castle walls towards the entrance.
Lance rescues Chad and also hugs the walls.
Since I need Lugh to catch up, I'm thinking of having Marcus do just that. I send Marcus over to the west side.
Lot attempts to throw his boomerang axes at the Soldier. Soldier falls in defeat.
Allen throws his Javelins at the Knight. Allen succeeds in hitting once.
Even with the Rapier, Roy won't be able to kill the Knight. I have him partner up with Allen and whisper into Allen's ear to equip the Iron Lance.
Wade moves up and Elen is able to situate herself between him and Roy so she can heal Wade.
Deke moves up.
Actually, I notice that one of the Cavaliers up there has a Javelin. Shanna moves to Allen's south and whispers, "No! Use the Javelin!" and she equips the Javelin herself.
Wolt and Bors move up before Merlinus finally does. This is the ending turn set-up:

Marcus is off-screen. He's 9 spaces south of Lance.

More Cavaliers! Just what I wanted!
Knight is trying to stop Roy. He successfully hits with a 58. Roy can only do a pitiful total of 4 damage.
Iron Sword Cavalier can only attack Allen. Allen gets hit but roars, "I WILL MAKE JAVELINS THE BEST THING EVER," and crit-kills.
Javelin Cavalier sees that his buddy got slaughtered and is willing to avenge him by going for Allen. He hits but Allen got exhausted and misses.

Incoming Cavaliers ahead.

Turn 6 enemy placement. Now with more Cavaliers.

Lugh is running south but he stops in Marcus' sight range.
Marcus is like, "Who is that new kid? Oh, poor child is getting all tuckered out. I'll pick him up." He rescues Lugh and they ride together towards the castle.
Lance is still carrying Chad south.
I notice that Shanna is looking less bloody this chapter. I have Allen weaken the right Cavalier with an Iron Sword. Soldier misses but Allen's hits connect twice.
Shanna swings around to the Cavalier's east and swoops in for a kill after parrying an attack.
Elen heals Allen.
Roy moves as far as he can.
Lot misses his first attack and gets countered by the Knight but in the end is able to kill said Knight.
Deke moves to Elen's south.
Wade moves to Lot's north.
Wolt moves to Deke's west.
Bors is to Wolt's southwest.

In the southwest, Lance and Chad are left and Marcus and Lugh are right. Merlinus has yet to move but he's the other off-screen unit.
I have Merlinus move between Bors and Wolt.

Incoming Cavs coming from above. Turn 7.


Marcus and Lance move as far as they can into the castle.
Allen goes in lance a-twirling at the Javelin Cavalier. They both missed their attacks. Fffffff Allen please.

Roy attacks first at the Iron Sword Cavalier. I'm thinking of doing a Rescue-Drop to Ellen or she might just have to take blows to the face. Roy makes up for Allen's incompetence by criting the Cavalier. Cavalier hits him back by now Roy is able to slay him. Roy's now 6 EXP from leveling.

Elen heals Roy. She's 2 EXP away from level up.
Shanna rescues Elen from the north and stays put.
Deke takes Elen and drops her south. Now only the Javelin Cavalier can attack Elen...
...except not because Wade blocks the Javelin Cavalier's only access to Elen.
Lot moves to Roy's west.
Bors moves as far as he can.
I have Wolt stop short of his full movement in the case I need a unit to back up.

Wade's the north-most unit. In the southwest is Marcus and Lugh right and Lance and Chad left.
Merlinus moves to Bors' north to end my turn.

Soldier finally moves to attack Roy. He hits with a 56. Because Soldiers are horrible, Roy is able to kill him in two hits.
This nets Roy a level up:

Roy no
Why you got to avoid Defense
Roy please

Fighter goes for Roy. His boomerang Hand Axe does not connect.
Javelin Cavalier also goes for Roy. That hits. Roy's down to 6 HP now.

Turn 8

Marcus and Lance are now in sight of the group.
Allen has another go at the Cavalier. Allen kills him but not before taking damage.
I want to draw out that other Fighter during enemy phase so I'm using Deke to take care of the Hand Axe Fighter. Deke disappoints me because he does not dodge a 19 hit attack.
Elen heals Roy. This is another level up for Elen.

The dreaded +Skill, +Luck level up. On a unit that can't use these things right now.

The Knight down there has no Speed. Even Lot with a Steel Axe can double him. I do just that.
Roy gets in range of the Fighter.
I ready a rescue chain for Lugh.

I accidentally moved my last unit but I am able to take my screenshot before the enemy moves:

Marcus should end up to the west of Bors. I'll have Bors take Lugh then Shanna take Lugh, drop him off where Roy is, and then move her back a space.

Knight moves first. He sinks his lance into Lot but Lot shrugs it off and turns the Knight into scrap metal.
Fighter takes my bait of Roy. He misses and Roy is unable to kill the Fighter.

Turn 9, now with close to victory theme

I realize, "OH YEAH. There is a 'Give' command!" Marcus hands Lugh off to Bors.
Elen heals Lot.
Bors moves as far as he can before he drops Lugh off.
Roy wusses out and steps a pace north.
This is so Shanna can swoop in for another kill... though she misses first and the Fighter hits her with a 46.

But Shanna gets a level up

My god, Shanna.
Yes. All the Strength.

Lance and Chad move up. I should set up another Rescue-chain for them. No other blue units will move this turn.

This time, Marcus will pass off to Wolt and Wolt will drop Chad down south.

No enemy moves. Thankfully Slater doesn't because Shanna could have died.

Turn 10.

I miscalculated the movement and Wolt can't be given Chad.
However! I can pass Chad off to Marcus and then Marcus can pass him off to Wolt.
It all works out in the end.

Lance gives Chad to Marcus and uses the rest of his movement forward.
Marcus hands him off to Wolt and he plants himself to Roy's west.
I'm uncertain if the Knight blocking the passage to the chests can be drawn out so I have Lot move in range and equip the Hand Axe.
Wolt drops Chad next to Lot.

I do some calculations and, if they're correct, Lugh will just be short of getting a level up from the boss. I then make plans for him to at least get chip EXP from the knight below.
Lugh moves south.
Roy moves to Shanna's east so Elen can heal Shanna.

I'm going to be restricting Elen's healing as I don't know when I can get buyable Heals.

Allen places himself to Elen's north.
Wade moves two paces east.

Everyone's positions after all this:


Okay. Knight doesn't move.

For stealing EXP, I have Chad take the Knight's Vulnerary.
Lugh can kill the Knight just fine. This 37 EXP is the start of Lugh's magical career.
Lot goes north since I'm thinking I'll have him soften Slater and he'll get his level up that way.

Last non-special screenshot before I spend a couple turns getting Lugh set up and Chad taking chests.

The east chest is 3000G.

I do a Rescue-chain so Lugh can start attacking Slater next turn.

Slater's quotes. Nothing too special but thought I would take screenshots.

I have Elen do a heal on Lot because he's having difficulties hitting Slater with a Hand Axe. I'm hoping that he will hit with his Iron Axe. Two Steel Lances would kill Lot but Slater is currently equipped with a Javelin so I should be safe.
Turns out the heal wasn't necessary because Lot dodged the Javelin. You can never be sure, though, what with my luck of getting hit by a 19 and such.

The north chest is a Halberd. Maybe if I knew that beforehand it would have been handy, but I'm determined to have Lugh get this kill.

Wade moves in closer in case I want to pass off the Hammer to Lot.

Slater misses even with his Steel Lance but Lot hits him once. He gets a level up by chip EXP.

Hard to say if I should be glad for this. Lot didn't get Strength last time but he could do to have more Skill.

So if Lot has the Hammer, the hit is 31 but the damage will be 20. No doubling potential. His avoid would be 6, which should make Slater's hit 45. This is if everything is correct.
I might as well take the chance since this would bring Slater down to 2 HP, enough for Lugh to kill.

It's a little convoluted here but bear with me.
It's getting crowded in there so I have Wade trade the Hammer to Merlinus.
Elen moves a pace west.
Merlinus hands the Hammer to Shanna.
Shanna hands the Hammer to Lot and moves out of range of Slater.

This is how it ended up.

But now I miscalculated again. It's actually 22 damage to Slater and Slater's hit to Lot is 39. I got Lot's hit to Slater right, though.

So I'm waiting a turn so Slater will heal and hopefully Lot will hit. Even if Slater fully heals, it's enough damage for Lugh to kill.

Lot hits. Sweet, sweet EXP is Lugh's now.

Get on up there, Lugh.

Hahaha~ yes!

Wait. I think you're dead though...?
Oh well.

Come on, Lugh! Don't tell me this effort was in vain!
Go, Lugh, go!

Do you guys hear that? That is the sound of my tears through all your speakers.

Just go on, Roy. Get on the throne.

Oh, right. Hector.

Oh no, Hector!
Please! I need a good unit in this army!

Oh no, they have dragons.
Okay, now it makes sense that Hector lost. They had dragons.

So did you, Hector. You know. The fire dragon.
With Eliwood and Lyn.
Oh, wait, I'm sorry. Lyn doesn't exist in this game.

Yeah. And for some reason, us humans disturbed that peace for total control.
I wonder if this game will explain why we did that.

So I guess Bern is important because of being the dragons' domain and we must go to Ostia for answers. Sounds fair.

But wait. I want Lilina.

Ah, yes. Armands, right?
But wait.
Doesn't Armands damn a person to a warrior's death?
And you want Roy to take this weapon?
Hector, what are you doing?!

So we're grabbing Lilina for more magic? Great!
After what happened to Lugh... no wait. I won't bring that up.
It'll make the tears flow again.

No Hector! ;-;
My good unit! ;~;


Hector has fallen. He got the warrior's death that was promised in FE7.
I wasn't expecting Hector's death to come this early but I could see how it could be seen as emotional, especially if one knew that this was going to happen in FE7 and played through Hector's story.

But now we must make our way to Ostia and find the answers to how Bern was able to summon dragons.

           Class          Lv     HP     S/M     Skl     Spd     Lck     Def     Res

Roy        Lord          6.30    23      7       8       9       8       5       3
Marcus     Paladin       1.08    32      9      14      11      10       9       8
Allen      Cavalier      4.74    24      9       5       7       4       7       0
Lance      Cavalier      4.28    23      5       7      10       3       6       0
Wolt       Archer        2.65    19      5       4       5       2       4       0
Bors       Knight        1.11    20      7       4       3       4      11       0
Merlinus   Transporter   1.00    15      0       3       3      10       3       0
Elen       Cleric        4.42    16      2       7       8      10       0       7
Deke       Mercenary     6.23    26      9      12      11       5       7       1
Wade       Fighter       2.55    28      8       3       5       4       3       0
Lot        Fighter       5.17    31      9       6       8       2       4       1
Shanna     Peg Knight    4.15    18      6       7      15       8       6       6
Chad       Thief         1.56    16      3       3      10       4       2       0
Lugh       Mage          2.27    16      4       5       6       6       3       5

By the way, I had to cut out some images that I originally had in here because of the limit. I don't want to have to compromise too much since it's supposed to be a blind let's play and I figure it's necessary that everyone needs to hear and see my reactions to cutscenes, events, and the like, but I also like to provide screenshots of what I'm doing in the gameplay.

So I may need to make double-posts for a single chapter. Unless anyone can suggest a method of not having to cut out too many images.

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Anyone can recruit Lugh, but they get a different conversation.

The no-damage noise is the same for all units, and yes it is FREAKING HILARIOUS.

Thieves can't promote in this game, so don't overuse them.

You won't see Raigh for some time.

Hope I didn't give away *too* much. Great LP so far; huge amount of detail. And you can probably do a few double posts and get away with it; I've done that in the past.

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This is NM right?

-Rutger isn't really borderline required on NM.

-Deke's likely your best hero crest unit on NM. His bases make the deal.

-Magic's fine, and Lilina isn't a total PITA to use in NM.

-Wolt's passable once he gets some speed here, but you get 2 Nomads and they kinda shit all over him.

-Alan and Lance are pretty much your best growth units.

-Lot is essientially Lowen as a fighter, except with a wee bit more speed.

fe6 has a few different things than the other gba fe's you're familiar with. have fun with promotion items.

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I'm pretty surprised that Lot got TWO strength increases, with a growth rate that's really low (the same as Shanna's, I shit you not). Don't be expecting 6-7 stat level ups every now and then; it's a blue moon experience. Personally, I think if you can get lucky with 4-6 speed before promoting Wade, he can be decent, but that's pretty lucky.

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Responses to quotes are put in spoilers just so everything is cleaner. Anyone can still make comments to what I say.

Anyone can recruit Lugh, but they get a different conversation.

The no-damage noise is the same for all units, and yes it is FREAKING HILARIOUS.

Thieves can't promote in this game, so don't overuse them.

You won't see Raigh for some time.

Hope I didn't give away *too* much. Great LP so far; huge amount of detail. And you can probably do a few double posts and get away with it; I've done that in the past.

Dang it. Will keep that in mind if I play this game again.

Hilarity will ensue.

I'm not too miffed about Thieves not promoting. FE7's Assassins lost their ability to steal, I think, so I pretty much never promoted Matthew or Legault.

No, Raigh!

I'm not likely to scold or chastise people for spoiling things for me, but what would be the point of a blind-ish LP if I knew what I was doing? Haha. You didn't give too much away. You gave me the vague answer of "for some time" and I wouldn't have considered promoting a Thief even if there was an option.

Thanks for the compliment!

[spoiler=Howard the Duck]

This is NM right?

-Rutger isn't really borderline required on NM.
-Deke's likely your best hero crest unit on NM. His bases make the deal.
-Magic's fine, and Lilina isn't a total PITA to use in NM.
-Wolt's passable once he gets some speed here, but you get 2 Nomads and they kinda shit all over him.
-Alan and Lance are pretty much your best growth units.
-Lot is essientially Lowen as a fighter, except with a wee bit more speed.

fe6 has a few different things than the other gba fe's you're familiar with. have fun with promotion items.

I'm playing this like I got a new game so was forced into NM, yes.

Based on what another person said and maybe implied in yours, it still seems Rutger is a good unit at the very least. I don't even know what class Rutger is but I'll keep it in mind.

I'll keep trying Deke.

Oh man. I don't even know when I get Lilina and what base level she is but she's already not here in three chapters.

I always felt kind of bad for units like Wolt and Wil. Stuck in class with no real EP, kind of getting shat on by their bases, growth rates, or just better bow-users. I wanted to like Wolt but I'm being cautious being mostly blind and all.

I'm favoring Allen since he got more varied level ups. I'll admit that Lance's Speed so far is great.

Oh. That's... interesting. Kind of wasn't expecting that with Lot.

I think I heard about the promotion item thing. Not how severe the situation is but if people bring it up as a problem, I'm going to expect like maybe one of each promotion item type.

[spoiler=Yui Hirasawa]

I'm pretty surprised that Lot got TWO strength increases, with a growth rate that's really low (the same as Shanna's, I shit you not). Don't be expecting 6-7 stat level ups every now and then; it's a blue moon experience. Personally, I think if you can get lucky with 4-6 speed before promoting Wade, he can be decent, but that's pretty lucky.

Oh crap. Lot did get two Strength increases, didn't he? For some reason I thought he had Skill in the first level up.

No way. Lot has the same Strength growth as Shanna? That's insane.
Six-seven stat level ups, no. I consider my level ups "good" for GBAFE standards three-five stat level ups in the important stats. Only thing is that I don't know any growth rates so I can't be excited for if I get an increase in a stat that a unit has like 15% growth in, since I'm still in the early parts of the game. I can only take a guess based on a unit's class.

Also apparently because Intelligent Systems likes to throw curve-balls like Lot. A unit I expect to get Strength to not get Strength.

Ooh yeah, 4-6 Speed in Wade is asking for some luck. Maybe in another playthrough or if he gets lucky on chip EXP level ups.


Spoiler: every map is seize.

Oh no my spoiiiiilers.
It's a good thing I'm not aiming for ranks, I suppose!

Roy's army is slowly making towards Ostia, but first...

*Okay. I had my first reset here. I'm providing the playthrough but here's the summary of what happened:
Rutger ambush spawned and killed Wade. I thought that if I killed Erik like I could right at the end, Rutger wouldn't spawn. Now, I'm still not going to go see the recruitment page and see how to properly do Rutger's recruitment but now I know he ambush spawns... so... 8)

Have fun reading this if you want, haha.

[spoiler=Chapter 4 - *How do I save Clarine?!*]
Oh fuck me.
Not this shit again.

Last time, Darin wanted Priscilla.
Now I assume Erik sold the girl mentioned in chapter 3 for money.
Laus just never learns.

It's always Laus.

Oh, there's Narcian.
Please tell me I get to smash his skull in this chapter.




Is this the obligatory "hint-at-incest" brother-sister relationship?

Ho! Shots fired!

I warned you, Narcian.

Oh thank god.

No. Please don't give any "pleasure"s. Ever.

So Narcian orders the blockage of Ostia, says he wants Roy's head, and leaves.

... you know, Narcian, perhaps if you didn't try to leave these tasks to scrubs, this wouldn't be an issue.
If you don't act now, I'm just going to be too powerful and then crush you later.
But okay. Leave.

Map start. Also,

Welcome to Laus and "Cavaliers: the Map."
Aside from the village in the top-right, it seems Laus was lovingly reused remade in FE7.

Now I may have some trouble because Cavaliers have some decent defenses and can reach far.

Most are Cavaliers but there are two Nomads and two Archers. I found these to be the best among the enemies.
I actually like Nomads in GBAFE. Mainly because Rath was a lot easier for me to train than Wil or Rebecca.
If there's a Nomad in this game, I may be already justified on preferring that one over Wolt by a long shot.

Eliwood or Hector should not have left Erik because now Erik is here to fight Eliwood's progeny.

That smug grin. The best of smug grins.
If there is absolutely one thing I remember about Erik is that he moved in FE7. And that was also a Seize map.
He has a Steel Sword and a Javelin. He's going to be weighed down constantly, the Steel Sword down to 8 Speed and the Javelin to 7. Javelin means Deke and Marcus can double; either is Shanna.

Also had a jerk dad who left his son to die.
I'm noticing a pattern here.

This is Cavalier and Bow-User Central so lance units are good here. I will fight Cavalier to Cavalier, maybe even Knight to Cavalier. None of these enemies have particularly interesting weapons so I should be safe.
I also remember in FE7 that this map had a Brigand come down to destroy Priscilla's village. I'm going to anticipate the same deal.
And I think I remember something about Pegasus Knights coming up to attack a stationary Merlinus. And Pirates.
This map didn't hold a lot of good memories for me.

But there seems to be something important in the north village because:

A Cavalier is blocking my closest entrance to it. I guess I'll make that my highest priority.

Marcus does his village-visiting duty as my first action of Turn 1.

I have Chad to open doors and chests, but this kid apparently has a magical door key that can open any door.
You know what they say about a golden key: "A golden key can open any door."
... wait. Isn't that an idiom about how money can accomplish anything?
Oh you, Intelligent Systems.
I get a key that is good for Funds ranking and Marcus goes as far west as he can.

I don't know if that Cavalier blocking the north village will move so I have Bors plant himself west of the north bridge to choke that point.
Allen slips past Bors and equips the Javelin.
Lance takes the Javelin in the convoy, equips it, and defends the south bridge.
Merlinus will visit the house so Marcus doesn't have to.
Lot equips the Hand Axe and stands his ground behind Lance.
As now I know every map is a Seize map, Roy rushes his way south.
Deke goes behind Bors.
Lugh runs on over to Roy and properly introduces himself.
Shanna flies closer to the central bridge but out of range of the Nomad.
Elen moves 1 space south.
Trying to prioritize moving out from this small area leaves me with little else to do with the other units.

The ending results

Cavaliers are on the move. First one picks a fight with Lance. He hits with a 57. Lance is able to hit once.
That guarding Cavalier moves! He goes for Allen. He stabs at Allen and Allen spears him for good measure.
Nomad shoots at Bors. Bors has impenetrable defenses and I hear that hilarious sound effect.

Turn 2

Roy should use all movement this turn as long as I can lessen the enemy numbers. My priority list is Nomad, lance Cavaliers, then sword Cavalier.

Through the combined efforts of Wolt and Shanna, I can down the Nomad. Wolt and the Nomad hit each other.
Shanna kills the Nomad in two strikes.
Deke picks a fight with the Iron Lance Cavalier while gripping onto his Iron Blade. Deke kills him in two while not incurring any injuries.
Allen switches to the Iron Lance, wraps around to the Cavalier's west, and guts the Cavalier dead. The experience gained from this fallen foe has Allen earn more...

HP, Str, and Skl. Could do for more Speed but I did ask for Skill before. Nice job, Allen.

I'm thinking of having Marcus visit the north village as well. Westward he punches it.
Merlinus visits the house.

You... have a nose.

I know the drill.
Red-roofed houses and villages means stuff for me.
All other houses and small houses means they can be raided and pillaged by bandits.

After that encounter, Merlinus will be the last one to leave that small bit of land. He goes westward.

Lance can get himself entangled with the Iron Lance Cavalier and Nomad on the left even without Elen's healing.
I remember that there is an Armory and Vendor this chapter. I hope there are Heals.

Lot rushes on ahead to the Cavalier's west and misses to sink his axe into the Cavalier. Cavalier misses as well.
Elen heals Lance.
I admit defeat to my original plan of using Roy's full movement. I have Roy attack the Cavalier with his Rapier so Lugh can possibly have this kill. Roy hits and the Cavalier misses.
Lugh bravely attacks the Cavalier in direct combat. He slays his foe.
This gives Lance access to the spot I need for him to encounter the Iron Lance Cavalier and Nomad. I have him go to that spot.
Bors runs to Shanna's south.
Wade pats Lot's shoulder and consoles him for his incompetence.

Chad stops at Wade's east.

I have drawn out the Cavalier as anticipated. Both Lance and him miss.
Nomad misses his shot. He starts to regret it.

Nomad: Ffffffffuuuuuuu
That's a crit-kill.

Meanwhile, a few miles off...

Clarine speaks to herself.

Until this guy shows up.
Wait. I think I know you. Rutger... right?
Maybe Rutoga?


"Churlish." That's a word.
Not "disgusting," not "outright dispicable people." But "churlish."
Such delicate vocabulary.

No! For fuckssake, I think this girl's had enough!

I'm sorry but I barely know who you are either, Clarine.

Turn 3 enemy placement

Marcus heads ever closer to the north village. I WILL know what is in that village.

Roy can't jab his sword into any Cavaliers so I would like to move him as far as he can. Again, priority kills to Iron Lance Cavaliers.

Lugh can reach the east Cavalier. This Cavalier will need to gain at least 13 damage for Lugh to get this kill.

First I have Lance charge at the Iron Sword Cavalier (the west-most Cavalier). The Cavalier is unable to sink his sword into Lance but Lance spears him twice. This spot is also ideal to draw out the two other Cavaliers southwest.
Wolt and Wade will have to work together to get that east-most Cavalier down to a Lugh bite-size attack. Wade misses and gets hit for his incompetence. Darn.
Okay. I'll get to him later. I'll have Shanna take out the Cavalier that Lance weakened. She kills him without any injuries.
With some work, I manage to see an opportunity with Deke's Iron Blade. Deke can only hit once as the Cavalier misses.
That's okay. If Wolt can hit, Lugh can still feast. Wolt's attack is a success.
All this effort for one Cavalier and Lugh now has his kill. Finally! 10 EXP from a level up, too.
If Lot and Allen hit this last eastern Cavalier, there are no threats to the rest of my army. First is Lot. Lot hits and dodges.
Allen gallops to the Cavalier's south and kills. Fantastic!
Roy and Elen run straight west while Bors and Chad do west and south.

Merlinus' duty is to visit houses. He'll follow Marcus.

Lance encounters the Iron Sword Cavalier. Cavalier sinks his sword into Lance. Lance hits him twice.
Iron Lance Cavalier also gets a hit in Lance. Lance damages him twice.

We get interrupted again by Clarine and Rutger.

Oh. Rutger's a nice guy.
Why didn't you say so?


Clarine, your priorities. Please fix them.
Clarine's hiding behind her text bubble, by the way.

Obviously run away--

Um excuse me Clarine
What are you doing
You are heading straight into enemy fire!
Also this is Turn 4 enemy placement.

This is where I don't know what to do.
I try to have everyone in range go right up to Clarine and nobody has a Talk command.
I'm panicking because she just planted herself right in enemy fire and I can't figure out how to recruit her.


I try to calm myself down and think. "Perhaps Clarine has to come to Roy but not the other way around?" If so, I need to keep her protected until then.
But then I think, "Maybe an answer is in the north village?!"

Dang. :c

The man gives me a Steel Blade. That's nice except I DON'T KNOW HOW TO RECRUIT CLARINE.

"Wait!" I say to myself. "The village south! Where Priscilla is in the prequel/sequel. Maybe Clarine's bro's there and Clarine's bro needs to recruit her?"
This is my plan of attack.

After Marcus uses the leftover movement to the west, I steel my resolve to protect Clarine. The Cavalier just south of Erik cannot reach her so I must deal with all the enemies east.
Now if Erik moves if someone gets in his range, I'll be in some deep shit real fast--but I must protect Clarine! The poor girl's been through times as is!

As I'm constantly checking her stats to see what she can survive against, here, have a screenshot:

Her Magic is crap but no I have to prioritize saving her.

Okay. Unfortunately, she can really only survive the western Cavalier's attack. This is the one I'm referring to:
Because knowing my luck of getting hit by 19s, 50s, and the like, she will not survive two attacks.

I'm making it my goal to eliminate the opposition. Lot attacks the south-most Cavalier with an Iron Lance. It doesn't kill but that's okay.
Lugh's taking that kill. Another level up for the kid.
Oh please, Lugh. Please don't screw up this level up.

...eh. Magic and Speed please for next level up.

Elen heals Lance. I can have her get attacked next turn if need be.
Lance attacks the Archer from the south. Both hits connect. He's 2 EXP from leveling.
Shanna goes to the Cavalier's east and kills without getting damaged. I should give her an Iron Lance soon since her Slim is looking like it's breaking soon. Shanna's 11 EXP from leveling.
I can't risk this Archer surviving. I'm having Allen attack him with the Iron Sword. Phew! Archer's done.
Roy should be able to survive the Iron Lance Cavalier and Erik's attacks if he moves. I have Roy force Allen to equip the Iron Lance.
I then go, "Oh wait... maybe I should just Rescue-Drop her. Why did I think she was heavy--oh right, FE9/10 Rescue mechanics." Deke snatches Clarine. I feel so sorry for her being handed off to all these men left and right but it must be done.
Wade takes Clarine and sets her down and away from combat.

Now stay there!

Bors moves to Lugh's south.
Wolt moves to Clarine's south.
Chad's heading towards the village.

Off-screen is Merlinus. His destination is still the same.

Oh not you guys!
I don't need you guys right now!

I accidentally skip the cutscene but Pirates are heading towards the south village. I'm really going to take a stab at it that Clarine's bro's in that village. MUST GET THERE.
Iron Sword Cavalier wants Lance's blood. Cavalier gets a little but Lance spears him twice. That's a level up!

That Speed!
But the Strength!
What are you, a Myrmidon on a horse?!

Iron Lance Cavalier wants Roy but uh oh I left the Rapier on Roy. Cavalier misses and Roy takes the Cavalier's HP down to half.
Erik doesn't move. Okay.

So Clarine does self-recruit herself!


I'll be having none of your sass right now.

If you guys can't tell, I'm rubbing my temples right now.

Exactly. Excuse me, lady. I just did.
And I know this is Normal Mode and all but uh you didn't make it easier for me to know what to do.

How is Merlinus talking here? Roy and Clarine are on the main land and Merlinus is nearing the north village.
Other than that, I agree with the old man for once.

...phew. Okay. I guess I should calm down. This lady's attitude isn't helping but this unbridled frustration isn't either.

Bear with me, Merlinus, but she is a Troubadour. As much as her sass is not worth it in a real army, in an FE army, it's okay.

She knows how to actually pay for service unlike that cliche where a rich person doesn't know that you can't just take apples from stalls.
She's not completely dumb but she still ran into enemies to get protection services.

So. Right. Clarine. Troubadour. I like Troubadours.
Overall has better stats than Elen. And that, I think, is a bad thing since Elen doesn't get as many chapters before Clarine like Serra does with Priscilla.
But this is Normal Mode. I've only heard here and there about the horrors of this game's Hard Mode so maybe Elen has major use in that mode than this.
As much as I don't appreciate her bratty attitude, I will be using Clarine. Interesting thing is that she has Lightning affinity. Pretty good affinity.

Turn 5 enemy placement without Pirates or Chad:

Now I know that Clarine self-recruits herself with Roy, but does that mean that her bro is in the south village or not? I shall find out soon.

Merlinus visits the house near the north village.

Does this mean that Nomads are more or less accepted since Lyn's mode?
Oh, I'm sorry. Lyn doesn't exist in this game.

You know. I wouldn't be surprised that now that Clarine was recruited that they decide that Erik should start moving. I was planning to move Lugh further into an Archer's range but haha wouldn't it be funny if Erik moved and killed Lugh because it turned out what I said was true?
I'm sure some of you would while I would go into a catatonic state.
I will not be taking that chance. This game already threw me Clarine's self-recruitment in a bad zone. I will not be risking Erik moving.

Bors picks his fight with the Iron Lance Cavalier. He misses and the Cavalier hits.
Wolt lodges a bolt into the Cavalier. 4 EXP away from a level up. If I remember correctly, Wolt will level up by chip EXP alone. That's dedication if I ever saw one.
Lugh takes credit for the kill.
Marcus lets Merlinus take a break from his house-visiting duty since the house is on the way to the south village.

The Reaver and Slayer weapons. Yes, they're great.
Though it would have been good if you were in a village and gave that weapon to me but whatever.

Marcus uses the rest of movement towards the south village.
Chad drops by the Vendor.

Clarine has a Heal staff herself but I'm not sure if I should switch between Elen and Clarine. As much as I want to just use Clarine, I'm pretty sure I heard something about a legendary weapon only being able to be wielded by the likes of Elen and some other person.
I pick up a book of Fire and a Heal staff. There's still the Armory to visit.

Shanna's close to a level up so I think I'll have her get this Cavalier kill. First, Elen will heal Lance.
Lance goes off to approach the Archer with his Javelin. Lance hits once and Archer counters.
Allen has the exact amount of damage to kill this Archer... but he misses and Archer hits.
Roy attacks the Iron Sword Cavalier with his own Iron Sword. Roy hits but so does the Cavalier.
Shanna kills the Cavalier but apparently her Pegasus did not anticipate a 43 hit attack. Still, Shanna levels up.

Shanna intensifies.

Deke moves west.
Clarine has to start contributing for her protection service. I have her heal Roy.
Wade moves to Shanna's north.

Merlinus not pictured.
Lot moves to Elen's south.

Game, you didn't.
Did I just make a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Please don't tell me Rutger is an ambush spawn.

Pirates are on the move.
Archer targets Lance. Archer hits and perishes from Lance's double Javelins.

Turn 6
In the southeast, Hand Axe Pirate left and Iron Axe Pirate right.

I will not necessarily wait for those Pirates for EXP but now I'm concerned about Rutger. Do I get to recruit him this map? Do I have to wait for another conversation to happen?
Will I get ambush spawned? Will he go after Clarine if he does?
Too many questions. I suppose I can wait around a while to see if Rutger shows up. I'm not going to risk killing Erik and having Rutger never be recruitable.

Marcus tears across the fields towards the southern village. He will visit the next turn.
Chad inspects the Armory's wares.

Slim Swords are cool for starting Myrmidons and promoted Falcon Knights... but I don't have a Myrmidon and Falcon Knights can equip Iron Swords with no AS penalty, I think.
Would Rutger be a sword-wielding class? Aha! If that's the case, maybe that's what this Slim Sword is for...
...but more than likely unless he was a Mage, he should be able to wield an Iron Sword no problem anyways. Most males can. Hrm.

Besides, Slim Swords cost more than Iron, have less use than Iron, and for what? 10 more hit and 5 Crit? Unless I knew this game like the back of my hand, Slim Swords are not interesting to me right now.
Shanna's the target audience for the Slim Lance and she's capping Speed soon. I could go ahead and buy her another for her before I wean her off that and onto Iron Lances.

I go for one of each of Iron Sword, Slim Lance, Iron Lance, Javelin, Iron Axe, and Hand Axe. I'm down to 7760G.

I check the Units page to see who's closest to a level up amongst my fighters. It's Lugh. But if I have my calculations right, he still won't be able to level up unless he chip EXP's off of Erik. Lugh's safe from dying from Erik. I think I'll give it a shot.
Lugh moves west.
Lugh will do 9 damage to the 21 HP Archer. I'm going to draw this guy out with Allen since Allen's attack should bring him down to exactly 9 HP.
Before I do that, Elen heals Allen. Two more heals and she'll level up.
Allen moves to two paces west of Lance.
Clarine heals Wade for staffabuse.
Roy moves closer to the castle.
Deke moves one space south just in case.

I'm leaving the rest in their current positions. Marcus is southwest to the south village entrance and Chad's at the Armory.



Reset: 1

I'm not sure how I'll do more playthroughs of a chapter but I'll think of something. Haha, oh god, I was laughing when Wade died because I anticipated a Rutger ambush spawn and it happened.
Murphey's Law came to bite me in the ass.

Edited by Dual Dragons

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Out of their archtypes, allen and lance have the most similar set of growths.

Tho both are totally worth using and facewreck shit so hard man.

Clarine's fun, she's a dodgetank.

Murphy's Law will find you, and it'll come quite often later on.

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In some versions, Narcian will say "I wll have much 'fun' with her when I return!" instead of "I will give her the pleasure of my company when I return!". The former is arguably worse imo.

You get another priest later who, imo, is at least a bit better than Elen. But yeah, said priest and Elen are some of the only light magic users in the game. It's pretty rare in this one.

[spoiler=Slight spoilers, maybe. It involves the Nomads of this game.]
You get 2 nomads. The first one you get is fine but has a pretty terribad STR growth.
I'd recommend using the second one you get.

Also, in Chapter 4, the bandits will get to the village fairly quick once they show up. I'd recommend sending Shanna/Thany over there or something.

Edited by Draco

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[spoiler=Howard the Duck]

Out of their archtypes, allen and lance have the most similar set of growths.

Tho both are totally worth using and facewreck shit so hard man.

Clarine's fun, she's a dodgetank.

Murphy's Law will find you, and it'll come quite often later on.

Huh. I'll keep that in mind. Guess my Lance is just rejecting the Strength increases.

Will keep trying Allen and Lance then. Do want the facewreckage.
I approve the dodgetank.

I can only fathom what will happen in my future, haha. Seems ambush spawns are a thing in this game so must keep chill.


In some versions, Narcian will say "I wll have much 'fun' with her when I return!" instead of "I will give her the pleasure of my company when I return!". The former is arguably worse imo.

You get another priest later who, imo, is at least a bit better than Elen. But yeah, said priest and Elen are some of the only light magic users in the game. It's pretty rare in this one.

[spoiler=Slight spoilers, maybe. It involves the Nomads of this game.]
You get 2 nomads. The first one you get is fine but has a pretty terribad STR growth.
I'd recommend using the second one you get.

Also, in Chapter 4, the bandits will get to the village fairly quick once they show up. I'd recommend sending Shanna/Thany over there or something.

I find either of them pretty bad but the second one does send me vibes that he's gracing her with his presence which definitely sounds like what a narcissist like Narcian would say.

Hopefully light magic is better in this game, maybe not stat-wise but situation-wise.

Dang quote spoiled me, haha. I shall see! Probably shouldn't quote if someone's got spoiler tags.

Chad and Marcus were already heading down there. It's pretty similar to the case in FE7, where I've had Eliwood and Matthew guard that area until someone could get Priscilla. Seems easy now but if this was HM then I don't know.


This is really interesting so far i never thought looking at pictures and reading would be this fun

Also i havent played this game so i have no advice

Thanks! It's always appreciated to get any feedback.

So the things I learned last playthrough of this chapter:

- Seems Erik doesn't move in the slightest
- Clarine self-recruits herself at the risk of dying for protection services starting around Turn 4 or Turn 5
- North village holds a Steel Blade
- Northeast village is a Door Key
- Rutger is coming to slaughter my team at around Turn 6 with two Fighters and an Archer (which killed Shanna with a 40-something hit in the same playthrough Rutger killed Wade haha)
- Generic Pirate reinforcements

You guys weren't kidding about Rutger. He killed Wade with just his Atk alone. That's some scary stuff, man.

So this new playthrough, I can employ these points and hopefully not have one of my units explode again.

New questions:

- Just what is in that south village?
- Since I was very close to the Rutger's group's spawn site, was it possible that I was standing on Rutger's group's real spawning squares or he had more in his group but I blocked them off?

Let's do a space-time rewind as I hopefully get through this chapter with less confusion and less unit-dying.
*Well, that didn't work out.
Turns out that I was standing on Rutger's actual spawning point and so he got Lugh this time LOL.

[spoiler=Chapter 4.2 - *Well played, Rutger*]
I will have my revenge.

Okay uh... Welcome to Laus and "Cavaliers: the Map," take two. I liked my strategy before but it was just that I ended up in the spot Rutger would be spawning. Turn 6 I didn't do any real important so if I can replicate the last playthrough's results, that would be good.
Especially since Shanna proved to the world that her Strength growth beats all odds (assuming it's low like most Pegasus Knights).

Basically the same as my first turn last playthrough except now Merlinus is not on house-hopping duty. A recap of what I did:
- Allen equips Javelin
- Marcus took the Door Key
- Lance withdrew the Javelin from convoy and equipped it
- Everyone moved to their spots shown in the screenshot

Iron Lance Cavalier goes for Lance. He succeeds in hitting but so does Lance.
Iron Sword Cavalier aims for Allen. His sword scrapes Allen's face. Allen pays back in full force.
Nomad goes for Bors. Impenetrable defense sound.

Turn 2

I will be replicating the Turn 2 actions.

- Wolt attacks Nomad and incurs damage
- Shanna kills Nomad
- Deke kills Cavalier without injuries
- Allen kills. Were my RNs not screwed with here?

Apparently so.

- Lot misses
- Roy hits Cavalier with Rapier
- Lugh kills Cavalier
- Elen heals Lance
- Everyone moves into positions; Chad will cross the bridge

The RNs seem to have been replicated just fine. Lance and Cavalier miss each other.
Nomad misses and Lance crit-kills

Clarine and Rutger interruption. He doesn't release her yet.

None of the RNs were messed with here. Usually I'm very sloppy so I thought it would have been messed up a turn before or this turn.
- Lance attacks with his Iron Lance (forgot to mention in the last playthrough) at the west-most Cavalier. Cavalier misses and Lance hits twice.
- Wade misses the east-most Cavalier and gets hit
- Shanna kills the Lance-weakened Cavalier
- Deke attacks the east-most Cavalier with Iron Blade once while Cavalier misses
- Wolt sinks a bolt into east-most Cavalier
- Lugh takes that kill
- Lot hits the last Cavalier
- Allen kills
- Positions, everyone!

Iron Sword Cavalier hits Lance. Lance counters with two hits.
Iron Lance Cavalier and Lance trade blows.

Clarine and Rutger interruption. This time, he's letting Clarine go. Clarine's still an idiot to head into the battlefield but now I know how to recruit her.

Now I panicked here and had everyone go up to Clarine. Did that mess with the RNs?

Apparently not. Wow. I was pretty clean last playthrough. That's... very odd.

Everyone's in position.

Pirate interruptions. This time I don't accidentally skip the cutscene but not that it really matters because all I missed was, "Heh heh heh..."

Iron Sword Cavalier and Lance brush each other up.

Lance's Speed is being godly for a level 5 Cavalier, I think.

Iron Lance Cavalier gets the slash from a Rapier.

Clarine self-recruits herself. Yeah, yeah. Don't cause any trouble now, little miss.

- Bors misses the Iron Lance Cavalier and gets hit in return
- Wolt shoots at said Cavalier
- Lugh kill-steals
- Marcus heads straight towards the south village
- Chad buys the same items as last time at the Vendor: one Fire and Heal each
- Elen heals Lance
- Lance throws his Javelin once at the Archer before he gets countered
- Allen attempts to do the same but messes up
- Roy stabs Cavalier but gets stabbed back
- Shanna kills Cavalier but also got hit. She still intensifies


- Clarine heals Roy

HERE'S WHERE WE CHANGE THINGS. Now I'm back to actual sentences.

This time, Wade, Lot, and Merlinus stay away from that little death zone. Last time, Rutger's group spawned right near Clarine... and they surprisingly didn't go after her I'm very confused by this.
But still, they have a range of 5 movement just by their class alone. So if Lot, Wade, and Merlinus stay in their current positions here:

I should be safer, ya?

Erik and Rutger interruption.

Oh no, buddy. You are not getting me this time. I'll make sure of it.

Archer shoots at Lance and Lance kills him.

Marcus has already moved.

So now I must preempt the Rutger ambush spawn.

First Chad swings by the Armory and buys the same weapons last time: one of each of Iron Sword, Slim Lance, Iron Lance, Javelin, Iron Axe, and Hand Axe.

Okay now. Rutger's coming. Gotta situate myself and welcome him with open arms. If I had to take a gander on how to recruit him, it would be through Clarine.
Last time, he did exactly enough damage to kill Wade with just his Killing Edge alone. Wade's got 28 HP and 3 Def. Rutger was able to double him so he has to have at least 9 Spd. Killing Edge I think has 8 Mt, +1 from the WTA, and then Rutger's own Atk... so... I guess 8 Str?
My best contenders to either not die or not kill him are Deke, Bors, and Lance.
But then the crit chance. Everyone knows in Fire Emblem that a crit chance above 0 + Murphy's Law = guaranteed.
I'm not sure if I was standing on squares where he and his buddies were supposed to spawn but I think if I do it like this...


Deke equips the Iron Sword.
Lance had originally moved to north of Lugh's original position but I had Rescue-Dropped him out of range of Rutger.
As I am about to rescue Lance, I notice this:

While I would like to do this, I think I should wait until I get access to see who can Support with who.

Clarine heals Lance.
Elen heals Wolt.

I'm ready.
Let's go.

Well played, game.

Bye, Lugh.


Reset: 2

Will I ever get to see what is in that south village? I will try to get the actual end to chapter 4 by tonight!

Edited by Dual Dragons

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Spoiler: you don't.

You crush my dreams. Oi. Haha.

[spoiler=Chapter 4.3 - *I finally know what is in the south village!*]
I-I'm... back... for another round.
Dang it, Rutger.

I took this screenshot in the last playthrough.

Now I have your stats! You can't outsmart me this time!
I was one point shy from his real Strength. Killing Edge actually has 9 Mt.
13 base Speed. Hurgh. If Deke was weighed down and he had base Speed, even he would get doubled.
God, Rutger, why.
I will admit right now that you are looking like a viable addition to my team--and I'm not even that much of a fan of Myrmidons/Swordmasters because of the sword-lock/one-range nature of the class

So somehow I did get messy the first time, was somehow able to replicate it the second, and now the third is different. Looks like I'm doing a completely different playthrough.

Slightly worst than before. No Strength.

A major difference in Turn 1 is that Lot is able to hit the Cavalier.

New Turn 1 ending results. Roy uses full movement and Chad moves further towards the village.

Lance misses all his attacks and gets hit in both encounters. Darn.

Now that Nomad exists.

I have Deke equipped with his Iron Sword take out the Nomad.
Roy, with his Rapier, goes for the Cavalier in his full movement. No damage on counter.
Wolt weakens the Cavalier further.
Lugh takes the kill.
Lot lodges his axe into the next Cavalier. He dodges afterwards.
Allen is one point shy from killing the Iron Lance Cavalier. He misses anyways and gets hit.
I'm hoping that Lance can dodge this time now that he's equipped with the Iron Lance and tends to his wounds with a Vulnerary.
Wade grabs Lot's Hand Axe and successfully hits the Cavalier.
Shanna steal-kills.
Bors moves to Deke's southeast.
Chad moves towards the village.
Elen heals Deke.

Marcus off-screen.

Iron Sword Cavalier goes for Lot. He has a clean shot of 8 damage to Lot while Lot misses.
Iron Sword Cavalier comes for Lance. He hits but Lance is equipped with a weapon he can double with and hits twice.
Iron Lance Cavalier can also sink his weapon into Lance. Lance misses once but is able to get it in the second.

My other run was better. Oh well.

Elen heals Lance.
Lot attacks the south Cavalier carrying an Iron Lance. He hits while Cavalier misses.
Lugh sets fire to the Cavalier and levels up.

Speed this time. That's good. Now he may start doubling certain enemies.

Lance takes a free shot at the Archer before doing a crit-kill. 11 EXP from leveling.
Shanna puts down the Iron Sword Cavalier with not a bruise on her. She's 11 EXP from leveling.
I move Deke west.
Roy moves to two spaces east of Lance.
Wolt now has a chance of taking a potshot at the Cavalier. That hits. He's 5 EXP away from leveling on chip EXP alone.
Bors digs his lance into the Cavalier. CLANG sound from no damage.
Allen has a slightly better chance of killing this Iron Sword Cavalier with his own Iron Sword. He slays the Cavalier.

Wade and Merlinus will stay in their positions, very far away from Rutger's spawning group.
Marcus visits the north village and Chad is inching closer to the south one.

Pirate reinforcements.
Iron Sword Cavalier swings his sword at Deke. Deke doesn't dodge but he is able to whittle the Cavalier down about a third of his health.
Iron Lance Cavalier misses Roy. Roy stabs true.

Turn 5

Chad drops by the Vendor and buys a Fire and Heal.
Marcus moves towards the south village.
Lot takes back his Hand Axe from Wade. They can have their Support together. I'm told that there isn't a way to know who Supports with who so I guess I can go for it since it's a blind playthrough and all.

Really, Wade. You're not even the Fighter I'm using the most. You'd best calm down.

Or he doesn't want you to die because you already did.

More like the opposite but whatever helps you sleep at night.

It's called "caring."

Oh dang, Lot. Dem's fighting words!

Lugh sets the north Cavalier aflame.
Lance with his Javelin has a distance match with the Archer. So far Lance is winning with one hit in and Archer zero. The dreaded 1 EXP from level up happens with Lance.
Allen misses weakening the Cavalier and so does the Cavalier.
Wolt shoots at the Cavalier. He gets a level up. What could it be?!

A... good level up for an Archer.
You're still not getting kill EXP.

Roy thrusts his Iron Sword into the Cavalier. Cavalier responds with punishment.
Just enough HP for Shanna to kill with one Slim Lance. She slays. Level up!

Anna is blessing her with the Strength.

Clarine heals Roy.
Elen heals Deke.
Deke moves to Shanna's south.

Everyone else is holding their ground this turn.

Rutger and Erik interruption. This means RUN.

Archer goes for Marcus. 57 hit and he does 3 damage to Marcus.


Marcus storms across the fields towards the south village.
Chad minds his business at the Armory and buys the same stuff two playthroughs in a row.
Shanna takes care of the Archer. We will have no pests while Rutger cometh.
Elen heals Lot. She's 3 EXP from leveling.
A Pirate is coming so Lot sinks into the forest with his Hand Axe, in case the Pirate attacks.
Lance rescues Shanna and moves to Deke's north.
Deke takes and drops Shanna south.
Clarine heals Wolt.
Roy moves two paces east.

Now can I please not get killed?

The moment of truth is at hand.


Oh! Yeah!

I wasn't able to take a screenshot just when Rutger stopped but the Pirate below missed Lot and Lot hit.

I have you now!
Okay. Now to figure out how to recruit Rutger.

Let's talk.


You can't be so dumb that you didn't think about running away yourself.

She says as she got herself into enemy fire.

Clarine, how would he be abandoning you this time?

For her, apparently that's not enough.

This argument again.
Clarine, take a real close look at Rutger.
Does he look anything like the idealized vision of a gentleman?
Please say no.

I wonder how their Support works out if they do have one together.

I say this every second she's talking right now.

Don't do it, Rutger. Your sanity is not worth it.

He has sold his sanity to the devil herself.
He was a young man.

After that, Clarine moves to Lugh's north. I have a feeling Rutger and her have a Support so I might as well start building that up.
Of course, though, I don't know how good that is because Dark affinity isn't that great, as far as I can recall.

Chad heads towards the Pirate hopefully for some EXP.
Marcus visits the south village so I finally know what's in there!

I can.

I'm glad you believe in me, old man.

Why do I have a feeling it's a Devil's Axe or something?

I wasn't expecting that.

Send that to the convoy for now.
My first stat booster! Who should I use it on?
My first thought would be Roy but that would be funny not helpful.
Clarine? Nah.
Rutger? Maybe.
Either Allan or Lance would be great choices.
But then... there's Milady.

I'll settle it later. I'm hoping battle prep will be available to me soon.

With Rutger in tow, maybe Erik will be sending in reinforcements. Marcus heads to the west.

The best Fighter.
They suck.

Lugh feasts on Pirate EXP. He's 14 EXP from a level up.
The Fighters are so much suckage that even Roy can kill the west one. With an Iron Sword. Fighter doesn't hit and Roy increases in Weapon Rank. Sweet! Now it's a C rank.
I should work on Lance and Allen's sword ranks a little. Lance practices twice on an Archer. That's a wrap for Lance's level 4 status. He's onto level 5!

I'm so proud of him.
He did so much work this chapter and finally got Strength.
I'm proud, my son.

Bors moves. Now why would I want him to do that?
Merlinus moves where Bors used to be.
Rutger gets himself between a Fighter, Clarine, and Merlinus to pick out his personal Iron Sword before turning around and striking at the Fighter. Fighter gets a 33 hit in but Rutger kills. First Rutger kill!
Allen charges at the Archer with his Iron Sword. Archer bleeds out.
I don't know if to risk there being more reinforcements from Erik's castle. Deke goes in front of Wolt just in case.
Elen squeezes herself between Allen, Clarine, and Bors to heal Allen. Her brittle Heal stafff is two uses away from breaking. This is now Elen's level up.

Dang it.

Let's leave everyone else in place for now.
There's still an Archer to the west and Pirates coming onto the mainland.

Turn 8 southeast enemy placement.

There was no indication that there could be reinforcements. Maybe I should go encounter Erik now? Let's go do that.

I think Chad can handle the Pirates. Chad ducks into the furthest northeast forest he can get into.

Now who should get Erik's boss kill? A level 10 Cavalier would do good for everyone.
Roy, Lugh, Deke have more than 50 EXP. Allen, Lance, Shanna have 50-ish EXP. Rutger, we just got. Chad will be fighting Pirates.
Erik does the least amount of damage with his Javelin and gets weighed down the most with it. His Def is 8 and Res is 2, meaning the gate gives him 11 Def and 5 Res. His Avoid will fluctuate between 36-38.

I think I have an idea.

Lot moves west.
Allen preps to toss his Javelin at Erik.

Eh. That's okay. My tradition will win, I suppose.
Now that I realize it, I find it weird that his palette is a generic Cavalier's palette. No change even to his hair. I don't know how I didn't realize this till now.

Allen misses.
Marcus gets in range of the Archer.
Shanna rescues Lot and takes him west, stopping short of using her full movement.
Deke takes and drops Lot.
Roy moves towards the castle.
Clarine heals Lot.
Rutger moves west.
Elen heals Rutger.
Lugh moves one space to the northwest.
Lance moves to Shanna's east.
Bors moves to Elen's south.
Wolt dillydallies along.

Wade will be left where he is. Chad is off-screen to Lugh's southeast.

More Pirates!
Iron Axe Pirate misses Chad. Chad hits the Pirate once. He doesn't have enough Speed for the Pirate. A little sad, I guess.
Hand Axe Pirate only has 2 Hit for Chad. Chad dodges.
Erik switches to his Javelin and hits Allen. Allen's Javelin doesn't quite hit Erik.
Archer sinks a bolt into Marcus.

Turn 9 enemy placement

While I still have the Halberd from the previous chapter, my calculations say Lot would outright slaughter Erik--provided he could hit.
I'm thinking of giving

Chad attacks the Pirate. No damage on counter. He's 9 EXP from leveling.
Lugh comes down and further weakens the Pirate. Hope Lugh can survive the next turn. He's 4 EXP from leveling.
Rutger heads towards the Pirates. Those children Chad and Lugh can't handle them themselves.
Shanna weakens the Archer from the west.
Roy fells the Archer. Roy levels up!

Mage-killer Roy confirmed.

Lot has a go with Erik. They trade blows.
Allen rescues Lot and places himself in front of Erik.
Marcus takes Lot, drops him, and moves away from Erik's range.

Roy and Shanna are off-screen. Roy is two spaces west of Marcus and Shanna two spaces west or Allen.

Erik heals for 2 HP.
Pirate surprisingly aims for Chad. Chad dodges and finally kills the Pirate. This is Chad's first level up!


Hand Axe Pirate also aims for Chad. Now the Pirate has no way of hitting Chad with 0 hit.
Erik switches to the Steel Sword, raises it, but fails to hit Allen. Allen is able to hit him.

Filthy Pirates.

I don't want to risk Lugh's death anymore so I'm pulling Chad and Lugh out.
Rutger sees the kids and goes past them towards combat.
Allen will die in three-round combat with Erik. Allen slams his lance into Erik but Erik swings down hard on Allen.
Clarine heals Allen just to piss Erik off.
Marcus rescues Clarine.
Deke takes and drops Clarine.

Finally able to fit everyone in.

Erik heals a little.
Hand Axe Pirate totally misses Rutger.
Erik thrusts down on Allen. Must have been a serious concussion because Allen misses his target.

Invading Pirates.

Now that that one Hand Axe Pirate is in the forest, Rutger can't kill him in one round. Still, might as well flush him out of the trees. Rutger stabs twice without injury.
Allen steps into combat with Erik. They both miss.
Chad is able to roll into the east forest, stab a Pirate, miss an attack, and slice again.
Wade moves west.
Lugh steps out of range except the most weakened Hand Axe Pirate, in hopes to draw him away from Chad and Rutger since he's the least durable.

One man and two children are having difficulties with Pirates.

Erik licks his wounds.
Iron Axe Pirate cries as he misses and gets killed by a kid thief. That's another 1 EXP away from level up.
Hand Axe Pirate will always miss Chad. That dodge EXP is a level up.

The power!

Hand Axe Pirate will always miss Chad.
Meanwhile, Erik and Allen are on a roll missing each other.


Lugh sees his orphan brother is in trouble and tosses a fatal fireball at a Pirate. That's Lugh's level up.

Lugh's getting speedy.

Close to victory theme!
Rutger should get a kill. Chad softens up the Pirate.
Rutger slashes the Pirate to death.
Allen and Erik are having a longstanding duel. Allen isn't successful, but Erik sees Allen's exhaustion and takes advantage of it.
Clarine has to do another heal and get Rescue-Dropped out of there.

And then there was only one Pirate left.

Erik is making the tiniest stitches for his wounds.
Pirate actually manages to sink his axe into Chad. Chad withstands it and makes plunges his blade into the Pirate two times.
Erik and Allen miss. Jeez!

Hopefully the last real map screenshot.

Lugh makes the Pirate turn into a charred body.
Allen finally hits Erik. So does Erik. Allen is 6 EXP from leveling.

Going to the next turn.
Erik misses. Allen hones his sight and spears Erik. From this, Allen gains the knowledge of being...

A stronger, faster, and luckier Cavalier. Yes.

I don't mean to take this long but Allen kept missing. Let's see if we can get Shanna this boss kill.

Allen moves out of the way since he's too strong.
Deke lands a hit on Erik while Erik is wobbling with blood loss and misses.
Marcus rescues Deke.
Shanna can kill Erik with two blows from her Slim. And Shanna kills with no recoil!

Shanna's power is absolute. Aside from I think one level, she has gotten Strength every time.
I am the absolute power.

Like jeez, woman. What do you eat?!

I want Clarine to get a level. Going to spend turns healing people. Rutger will also be spending some turns by her side.

By Turn 18...

...eh. Please redeem yourself eventually.

Let's go take Erik's castle and never speak of the monstrosities named Laus, Erik, and Darin every again. 8)

Good. I never want to hear Laus again on this journey.

Now that Rutger's on my team, yeah, certainly. Means he'll stop killing my units.

Ahahahaha. Haha. Ha.
That's funny, Roy. No, really, that's cute.
Maybe if your dad told you his stories, you would have already known about Laus like I do.

Nah, brah. It's just Laus.

I guess she is supposed to represent Bern and all... but it's more her brother than her.
Stop apologizing.

A rather sad fact being realized indeed, Roy.

We only had two real dragon-slaying weapons last time and it still took the efforts of really trained individuals to take down a dragon.
I hope we have a good plan to combat against multiple ones.

For whatever Zephiel's thinking that the world needs to be "liberated," looks like we're heading into gray morality. But why does he think that, and why through violent means?
We'll need to find this out in our journey.

We have defeated Laus and we will never talk about the this godforsaken place ever again!
And thus we march onward to Ostia once more.

But before we go on, we take a rest at Laus and so record our progress of the day...

           Class          Lv     HP     S/M     Skl     Spd     Lck     Def     Res

Roy        Lord          7.06    24      7       9       9       8       5       4
Marcus     Paladin       1.10    32      9      14      11      10       9       8
Allen      Cavalier      6.06    25     10       6       8       6       7       0
Lance      Cavalier      5.08    24      6       8      11       3       6       0
Wolt       Archer        3.06    20      6       4       6       2       4       0
Bors       Knight        1.23    20      7       4       3       4      11       0
Merlinus   Transporter   1.00    15      0       3       3      10       3       0
Elen       Cleric        5.19    17      2       7       8      10       0       8
Deke       Mercenary     6.73    26      9      12      11       5       7       1
Wade       Fighter       2.65    28      8       3       5       4       3       0
Lot        Fighter       5.66    31      9       6       8       2       4       1
Shanna     Peg Knight    6.49    18      8       9      15      10       6       6
Chad       Thief         3.32    18      4       4      12       6       2       0
Lugh       Mage          4.56    18      4       6       8       6       3       6
Clarine    Troubadour    2.10    16      2       5       9       9       2       5
Rutger     Myrmidon      4.61    22      7      12      13       2       5       0       

A new table shall be added! This details the deaths and resets on this journey, categorized by when, who, and by what method. This will be put in the spoilers to keep the posts cleaner and so the statistical progress of characters is the main table of posts.

Reset: 2
[spoiler=Death-Reset Table]


[*deaths* meaning a game over character goes down; 0 so far!]


Chapter 4           Wade                   Ambush spawn - Rutger
Chapter 4           Lugh                   Ambush spawn - Rutger
Edited by Dual Dragons

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That Lott might be blessed in str lol.

If you think NM Rutger's a pain, you'll LOVE HM Bonuses Rutger who could ORKO A non-lance equipped Marcus,

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Shanna / Thany got strength four times in a row. LOL! In my hard mode run she didn't get one single point till level 8 the point I benched her.

Clarine's level up was kinda typical. Don't expect to see that often a level up point in magic.

Rutger is GOD in hard mode. Though in normal mode he still kicks ass.

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