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I've been watching/reading enjoying DB/Z/GT/etc since I was 7 years old and I could go into huge fanboy mode about how much I love the series despite obvious flaws.

My favorite characters are the humans who were prominent in Dragon Ball but fell aside in Z slowly but surely. Although I do like all the major characters.

Tenshinhan is my personal favorite though. All his techniques and just everything is so cool. Not to mention that he never backs down from a fight no matter how badly he is outgunned.

Looking forward to Revival of F also Xenoverse is pretty awesome, even has a Monster Hunter like quest system haha.

Edit: Also requesting this put into the entertainment section

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I am not an anime person. At all.

DBZ is the only one I watched to it's end, and re-watch fairly often. Well, that and the original Dragonball.

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