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In Fire Emblem Awakening, the timeline Lucina and the other children characters were originally from saw the world being turned into an apocalyptic wasteland by Grima the Fell Dragon. In order to prevent such a future from happening again, Lucina and her group traveled back in time.

However, in doing so, Lucina brought forth an even darker future even though the world has been saved -- a future that shall affect Fire Emblem games to come... by being waifu material in the eyes of much of the fandom!

The franchise has been saved... but... will it ever be the same?

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I'm joking that the future of Fire Emblem has went for a darker turn after it has been saved with Awakening because of the fanservice. Lucina is mainly there as like a figurehead and that her returning to the past to save the future is like a metaphor on Awakening saving the franchise.

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