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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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I will update a more comprehensive trading list when the dust from set 8 settles, but right now:


B04-065 Robin SR
B06-054 Camilla SR
B07-051 Ryoma SR

I also have some rares from sets 5-7, just ask if interested!


B01-030 Minerva R+
B04-037 Minerva N
B05-001 Roy SR

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+1 to Yaen

+1 to maskedmarth

+1 to Sjon1904

Thanks a bunch guys!

Updated trading/selling list with Sealed C89 Comiket Sleeves and C91 Marker Cards (Hoping to Sell/Trade as a set but also open to splitting up the cards as well)

Looking to sell/trade for cards or cipher merch that I am looking for.

Shipping internationally from Singapore. 

Buyer covers shipping cost if purchasing cards.

Wants List :


Series 7 

  • SR+ Sakura (High Priority)
  • SR+ Hector 
  • SR+ Eliwood
  • All R+ Except Saizo R+, Serra R+ and Sumargi R+

Series 6

  • SR+ Sigurd
  • SR+ Deidre
  • SR+ Leo (High Priority) (Obtaining)
  • SR+ Elise (High Priority)
  • R+ Ethlyn (Very High Priority) (Last R+ for this series)
  • R Effie

Series 5

  • SR+ Lilina (High Priority)
  • SR+ Sanaki
  • SR+ Narcian
  • R Shanna

Promotional Cards & Marker Cards

  • Cipher Sai Elise Promo (Obtaining)
  • Cipher Sai Sakura Promo (obtaining)
  • Cipher Sai Marker Cards (All 3 designs) (Obtaining)

Trading/Selling List :


Series 1

  • Cain R X 2
  • Abel R X 1 

Series 3 

  • Jill R x 2

Series 4 

  • R Kiria X 1
  • R Yumizuru X 1
  • R Eleanora X 3
  • R Hardin X 1
  • R Morimoto X 1
  • R Yahiro X 1
  • R Julian X 1
  • R Feena X 1

Series 7

  • Loyld SR X 1
  • Silas R X 1
  • Raven R X 1
  • Lucius R x 1

Practically all N/HN Cards from all 7 series released so far. (Do enquire to check availability of cards)

Promotional/Marker Cards

  • PR01-13 V-jump Marth x 1
  • Sigard PR X 2 (Nintendo Dream)
  • C91 Hoshido Azura Marker (Looking to trade/sell as a set) 
  • C91 Elincia Marker (Looking to trade/sell as a set)
  • C91 Lyn Marker (Looking to trade/sell as a set) (Sold)
  • C91 Deirdre Marker (Looking to trade/sell as a set)

Sleeve Packs (Looking to trade for other sleeve packs/cards I need)

  • C89 Female Character Sleeves (Sealed Pack)
  • C89 (Blue) Pixel Character Sleeves (Sealed Pack)
  • Female Corrin Sleeves (Sealed Pack)
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Hey guys! Im a little more used to this thread now, here's my updated want list.

Im still looking to buy these cards.


  • B04-063SR Iris of Destiny, Lucina (Promoted) x2
  • B01-054SR Warrior from a Grim Future, Lucina (Promoted) x2
  • B08-004R Divine Dragon's Exalt, Lucina (Promoted) x2
  • B08-039R or R+ Immortal Voice, Tiki (Non-Promotable) x2
  • B08-006SR Legendary Tactician, Robin (Female) (Unpromoted) x4
  • B08-001SR Sacred Sovereign of Hope, Chrom (Promoted) x4
  • B01-080SR Mage of Dark Obsessions, Tharja (Promoted) x3
  • B01-075SR Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia (Promoted) x3
  • B01-078R Wellspring of Youth, Nowi (Non-promotable) x2
  • P01-015PR Enigmatic Tactician, Robin (Male) (Unpromoted) x4
  • P02-011PR Fervent Princess of Hoshido, Hinoka (Unpromoted) x4
  • B02-008SR Captain of the Red Lotus, Hinoka (Promoted) x4
  • B07-054SR Courageous Crimson Wings, Hinoka (Promoted) x4


Thanks for your time

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I'm looking to buy the following cards:
4 Ike B05-089SR
2 Ike B03-001SR
3 Ike S05-001ST
4 Ike B03-002N
1 Ike B03-003HN
4 Elincia B05-075R
4 Elincia B03-005N
4 Micaiah B05-051SR

4 Micaiah P05-015PR
4 Marcia B03-025R
4 Marcia B03-026N
4 Arvis B06-048HN
4 Emma B06-039N
4 Erin B06-039N

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Hello~ I've only just got into Cipher myself, though I've been both eyeing the game and this forum for a while, only now just getting up the nerve to post to try to complete my collection

I don't have much in the way of trading, only really N and HN from sets 5 and 7, so if any of those interest you, just ask and I can check my quantities. Since I don't have much to trade yet, I'm willing to spare some change, or at least get estimates on things I'm interested in to get an idea of what to save for and such~

I'm looking mainly for promo cards I don't have, which right now outnumber the ones I do

Also looking for 


B05-004SR Lilina

B05-022R Shanna R

B05-029SR Rutger SR 

B05-038R Tate R

B05-042SR Sophia SR

B05-048SR Narcian SR

B05-051SR Michiah SR

B05-073R Nilah R

B05-077R Nephenee R

B05-084R Sigrun R

B05-086SR Sanaki SR

B05-089SR Ike SR

B05-092SR Mia SR


B07-002R Eliwood R

B07-004SR Hector SR

B07-007SR Lyn SR

B07-039SR Nino SR

B07-041R Jaffar R

B07-047R Ursula R

B07-051SR Ryoma SR

B07-054SR Hinoka SR

B07-056SR Takumi SR

B07-058SR Sakura SR

B07-066SR Oboro SR

B07-084R Shiro R

B07-093R Sumeragi R



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+1 to wumples

Thank you. 

Hi all, l had put together a small photo album of all of the items I am selling. The prices are stated in the photo description.

I am mostly looking to get rid of them, so I am open to slight negotiation from my stated price.

If not i am also open to trades as well. 

Feel free to send me a PM if you are keen in any of the items/cards you see. 

Shipping internationally from Singapore. Buyer covers shipping cost if purchasing cards. Thank you.

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Hello, I added more cards I want to sell, below is my list

Sell List:
Any # of N/HN from any set (I have all)

x2 B01-007R - Cain
x1 B01-009R - Abel
x1 B01-028R - Merric
x1 B01-030R - Minerva
x1 B01-030R+ - Minerva
x1 B01-035R - Linde
x1 B01-038R - Palla
x1 B01-051SR - Chrom
x1 B01-054SR - Lucina
x2 B01-057R - Robin (F)
x1 B01-059R - Lissa
x1 B01-068R - Sumia
x2 B01-070R - Lon'qu
x1 B01-073SR - Gaius
x1 B01-078R - Nowi
x1 B01-083R - Olivia
x2 B01-097R - Inigo
x1 B02-014R - Saizo
x1 B02-028R - Subaki
x1 B02-043R - Asugi
x1 B02-045R - Caeldori
x1 B02-054R - Azura
x1 B02-066R - Peri
x1 B02-070R - Severa
x1 B02-072R - Odin
x0 B05-001SR - Roy ***sold***
x2 B05-007R - Alen
x2 B05-009R - Lance
x2 B05-025R - Lugh
x1 B05-038R - Thite
x1 B05-044R - Fae
x1 B05-046R - Juno
x1 B05-057R - Edward
x1 B05-077R - Nephenee
x1 B05-080R - Lucia
x1 B05-084R - Sigrun
x1 B05-086SR - Sanaki
x2 B05-090R - Soren
x1 B05-092SR - Mia
x2 B05-098R - Kurthnaga

x1 B06-001SR - Sigurd 
x1 B06-008R - Eldigan
x1 B06-010 - Ethlyn
x2 B06-012R - Finn
x2 B06-036R - Sylvia
x1 B06-038R - Ferry
x1 B06-045R - Mahnya
x1 B06-054SR - Camilla
x0 B06-056SR - Leo ***sold***
x1 B06-062R - Beruka
x1 B06-064R - Niles
x2 B06-066R - Effie
x1 B06-070R - Felicia
x1 B06-072R - Flora
x1 B06-092R - Garon
x2 B06-096R - Gunter
x1 B07-002R - Eliwood
x2 B07-004SR - Hector
x1 B07-010SR - Ninian
x1 B07-015R - Florina
x2 B07-017R - Serra
x1 B07-022R - Lucius
x1 B07-024R - Rebecca
x1 B07-032R - Raven
x1 B07-041R - Jaffar
x1 B07-047R - Ursula
x1 B07-051SR - Ryoma
x1 B07-056SR - Takumi
x1 B07-060R - Saizo
x1 B07-062R - Kagero
x1 B07-064R - Setsuna
x1 B07-068R - Hana
x1 B07-072R - Jakob
x1 B07-076R - Silas
x1 B07-084R - Shiro
x1 B07-093R - Sumeragi
Paypal and USA based buyers only!
Thank You very much!  :)

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I wonder if anybody has the following cards up for sale:

B07-009HN (Swordfighter from the Plains, Lyn) 

B07-008N (Noble Lady of the Plains, Lyn)

Marker card version of B07-007SR (Spirited Noblewoman, Lyn), which was included in a player box set (awaiting shipment)

Also wondering if anybody has a set of card sleeves featuring artwork from B07-009HN (Swordfighter from the Plains, Lyn) and/or the promo card sleeves featuring the boxart of Blazing Blade (featuring Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector) (awaiting shipment).

Please send me a PM if you do have any of the items and prices for them.

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