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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Currently looking for the following cards:
Lyn: Blade Princess of the Spring Breeze (B13-004SR and B13-004SR+)
Lyn marker card (uses the artwork of (Lyn: Swordswoman of the Lorca Tribe (B13-005N /B13-005ST(+)))) (artwork image in spoiler)




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Updated with SERIES 14!

Located in Ontario, Canada. Thank you so much! 

Looking to SELL:


B14-010R - Cordelia 

B14-029R - Severa

B14-032R - Nah

B14-056R - Ryoma

B14-060R - Takumi 

B14-093R - Gatrie  



B12-001SR - Ike

B13-001SR - Eliwood 

B13-086SR - Sharena and company 


B04-47R/R+ - Michaelis 

B13-095R/R+ - Laevatein 


B01-059R - Lissa

B04-47R - Michaelis 

B04-070R - Gaius 

B05-007R - Allen

B05-022R - Shanna 

B05-046R - Juno

B09-099R - Dheginsea

B10-027R - Asbel

B10-029R - Shiva

B10-033R - Mareeta

B10-044R - Diarmuid

B10-046R - Ced

B10-066R - Asugi

B10-095R - Bruno

B11-034R - Gerrick

B11-036R - L'arachel 

B11-055R - Faye

B11-063R - Delthea 

B11-090R - Marth

B12-013R - Titania

B12-014R - Soren

B12-019R - Volke

B12-051R - Chrom

B12-082R - Nanna

B13-031R - Louise 

B13-033R - Karel 

B13-041R - Karla 

B13-060R - Cain 

B13-064R - Draug

B13-088R - Summoner and company 

N and HN




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All cards are now up to date!!! I haven't been around lately because of work, but I am excited to begin dealing again and I hope my reputation has held up in my absence!

I am looking to limit my collecting to Archanea Red cards, so I am offering the rest of my collection up for sale. I don't currently have many wants and would prefer to sell, but I am open to trading for anything Archanea related (doesn't have to be cipher)!

Instead of organizing by set, I have instead organized everything by game/color. Hopefully this will make finding that particular character you are looking for that much easier!


Shadow Dragon / Gaiden(Echoes) / Mystery of the Emblem  (Red)


B09-001SR+ Alm
B09-007SR+ Gray

B09-007SR Gray

B09-010R Tobin x2
B09-029R Saber x2
B09-033R Delthea
B09-046R Berkut
B11-058R Clive
B11-066R Genny
B11-067R Valbar

Promo / Marker / Starter
P09-005PR Alm
P11-004PR Mycen

Alm Marker (B09-003HN art)
Celica Marker (B09-006HN art)

S09-001ST+ Alm
S09-002ST+ Celica
B09-003ST+ Alm
B09-027ST+ Genny

Genealogy of the Holy War / Thracia (Yellow)


B06-012R+ Finn
B08-081R+ Ares
B10-002R+X Leif
B10-027R+ Asbel
B10-033R+ Mareeta

B06-006SR Quan
B08-076SR Shannan
B10-031SR Olwen
B10-042SR Misha
B12-075SR Eltshan

B06-012R Finn
B08-081R Ares
B08-84R Lene
B10-002R Leif
B10-026R Lara
B10-027R Asbel
B10-0029R Shiva
B10-046R Ced

Promo / Marker / Starter
P10-003PR Shannam
P10-005PR Finn x2

Leif Marker (B10-003HN art) x2
Patty Marker (B08-080N art)

Binding Blade / Blazing Sword / Sacred Stones (Purple)


B05-017R+ Deick
B05-038R+ Tana
B09-065R+ Raigh
B13-014R+ Matthew
B13-029R+ Pent
B13-031R+ Louise

B05-004SR Lilina
B07-001SR Eliwood
B07-044SR Lloyd
B09-051SR Al
B11-029SR Amelia
B13-001SR Eliwood
B13-016SR Nils
B13-022SR Canas

B05-007R Alan
B05-009R Lance
B05-017R Deick x2
B05-022R Shanna x2
B05-025R Lugh
B05-038R Tana
B05-046R Juno
B07-002R Eliwood
B09-062R Kilmar x3
B09-065R Raigh x2
B09-071R Jemmie x3
B11-002R Erika x2
B11-005R Ephraim x2
B11-013R Niemi
B11-032R Innes
B11-034R Gerik x3
B11-036R L'arachel
B11-041R Myrrh
B11-045R Lyon x2
B13-014R Matthew
B13-029R Pent
B13-033R Karel x3
B13-043R Lloyd

Promo / Marker / Starter
P05-003PR Merlinus
P05-006PR Lilina
P05-008PR Sophia
P06-001PR Eliwood
P07-003PR Athos
P07-005PR Hector

Roy Marker (B09-055N art)
Rutger Marker (B05-031HN art)

S07-003ST+ Marcus
S07-004ST+ Shanna
S10-002ST+ Eliwood
B05-033ST+ Sue
B13-003ST+ Eliwood

Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn (Green)


B05-073R+ Nailah

B09-076SR Skrimir
B12-010SR Miciah

B03-036R Jill
B03-040R Ranulf
B05-057R Edward
B05-084R Sigurn
B05-090R Soren
B09-078R Lethe x2
B09-090R Caineghis x2
B09-091R Ike x3
B09-095R Zihark
B09-099R Dheginsea x3
B12-025R Stefan

Promo / Marker / Starter
P03-003PR Oliver
P03-013PR Elincia
P05-015PR Miciah

Miciah Marker (B05-053HN art)

S05-004ST+ Mist

Awakening (Blue)


B04-087R Inigo x2
B08-033R Owain
B08-048R Fell Robin

B08-010R Virion x2

Promo / Marker / Starter
P02-004PR Panne
P13-001PR Lucina

Severa Marker (B04-095N art)

S02-004ST+ Miriel

Hoshido (White)


B07-062R Kagero
B10-061R Azura
B10-064R Selkie

Nohr (Black)


B02-64R Laslow
B02-066R Peri
B02-070R Selena
B06-096R Gunter
B10-076R Ophelia x2
B10-082R Velouria



B11-076SR+ Rowan

B13-095R+ Laevatein

B11-076SR Rowan x2

B10-090R Sharena x2
B10-095R Bruno
B11-095R Anna
B13-084R Alphonse

Promo / Marker / Starter
P09-001PR Alphonse x2
P09-002PR Sharena



B13-066R+ Norne

Marth Marker (B01-001SR art)
Marth Marker (starter exclusive art)

Marth/Caeda Sleeves

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Hi everyone, recently received Series 13 boxes and below is my updated list of haves and wants. 


Series 3:


B03-025R Marcia

B03-036R Jill

B03-040R Ranulf

B03-044R Naesala

B03-046R Leanne

B03-069R Mitama

B03-072R Selkie

B03-083R Silas

Series 4:


B04-035R Feena

Series 5:


042SR Sophia

Series 6:


001SR Sigurd

008R Eldigan

012R Finn

036R Sylvia

038R Erin

064R Niles

066R Effie

072R Flora

076SR Charlotte

Series 11:


045R Lyon

058R Clive

067R Valbar

082R Chrom

Series 13:


012SR Serra 

014R Matthew 

022SR Canas 

027R Ninian

029R Pent

031R Louise

033R Karel

055R Abel

060R Cain

070R Lena 

084R Alfonse

088R Kiran

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Looking for a few more cards to finish off a deck or two. I don't have much in the way of trades so I'm looking to buy the following.

N/A moved it to a new post at the bottom pls forgiv

hit ya boi up

Dms are cool

I usually do paypal

US located for shipping

Edited by Wake
Bought some of the cards i needed, added other cards i need
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Hey there everyone, I am currently looking for a few cards, those being as follows

B14-001SR Lucina x1 found

B14-078SR Gawain x2 found

B14-081SR Titania x2 found

Any help would be greatly appreciated, feel free to message me when you get a chance.

Located in United States

Thanks again!

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Hi, everyone! So I currently have a list of cards that I am looking for. You can find the following here at my google sheets. It's listed by card color (at the very bottom at the tabs), series, then card. Cards that have the asterisks (*****) are cards that I am missing from my collection/deck-building. Please send me a message if you have any in stock or would like to negotiate. I am also working on a selling/trading list for the future, so this current list is my want list, not selling/trading. I can PayPal directly and shipping in U.S.. Much appreciated! (^-^)

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+1 nekogami92 (Fast payment and great communication! Thanks!)
+1 MrBawa (Smooth transaction and nice to trade with! Thank you!)
+1 Amethyst (Great communication and prompt payment! Thanks)
+1 Quillish (Easy transaction, very nice to deal with! Thanks for your purchase!)
+1 Kaflet (Still a pleasure trading with you for a 2nd time! Thank you!)
+1 Backer (2nd trade with him, safe packaging and great shipping speed! Thanks again!)

Thank you all for the recent trades/sales!

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I feel like I'm replying a bunch, but I'm really on the hunt for a few more cards to finish off a deck.

Laevatein: Earth-Scorching Searing Steel B13-095 R+X x1

Laevatein: Cleaving Blade of Flames P13-012 PR x2

Rutger: Blood-Red Rage B05-029 SR x2

Rutger: Swordsman of Vengeance B05-031 HN x4

Rutger: Scarlet Demon of Vengeance S07-005 ST

I usually buy and pay via paypal, since i don't have anything substantial in the way of trades. Pls hook ya boi up if you can.

Edited by Wake
Bought some lyns bruh
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