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"Fun" Pairings

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The first time I played through Awakening, I didn't really strategically pair my units together. Hell - I'm partially doing it on my current (second) playthrough. Either I'd pair units that I thought would make a cute couple or I'd pair units who were complete opposites. And it made me think; if you are on a "fun" playthrough (i.e. not much strategy put into pairings etc.), which units do you get to marry each other? It is something of interest to me, and I think it'd be rather cool to see what other users think :]

To get this thread going, here are my non-serious pairings from my first and second playthroughs:

Playthrough 1:

  • Chrom and MU - I just thought this'd be cool, and it resulted in Morgan being broken without me even trying. Lots of fun :]
  • Nowi and Lon'qu - OK I know that this is a terrible pairing for Nah, but I often paired Manakete Nowi and Assassin Lon'qu up in battles. It was also a playthrough in which I would only use second seals to reset special classes to level 1 from level 30, which made the pairing even worse. Still, it was pretty funny because the two are complete opposites and it was funny to watch the support conversations between Lon'qu and Nowi due to the fact that Lon'qu isn't being fully serious for once ;P
  • Gangrel and Emmeryn - This was just funny for the irony. That's literally the only reason I paired them XD

Playthrough 2:

  • Miriel and Vaike - Just for the brains and brawn thing. They are also complete opposites and work unexpectedly well when paired (although they both boost each other's useless offensive stats ;P)
  • Chrom and Sumia - I know that this is generally considered to be one of the best pairings in the game (and it is part of the reason why I paired them). However, the biggest contributor to me pairing them was because of their pairing in the opening movie (with about a 70:30 ratio of movie to pairing quality when it came to this decision)

Anyway, what are your pairings when you just do it to have fun and mess around? I'm interested to see :)

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Morgan is always broken, I think...

I pair mainly for fun every time, being the pairing nut that I am. :P And I find pairings I like to stick with too, for every playthrough. I've not paired everyone, but so far, I'd be sticking with these:

Frederick x Female Avatar

Chrom x Olivia

Donnel x Lissa

Stahl x Cordelia

Lon'qu x Cherche

Vaike x Sully

Henry x Sumia

Kellam x Miriel

The rest I've not ever really paired. Granted, I didn't get around to doing Kellam x Miriel either, but I've heard things about their support that I like.

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Okay,let's see here...

Inigo x MU

Lissa x Fredrick

Chrom x Sumia

Ricken x Olivia (Inigo looks so good with Ricken's hair colour)

Vaike x Miriel

Sully x Virion

Panne x Lon'qu

Gregor x Nowi

That's about it.I usually never pair for a good child,like how in Pokemon I never breed/search for good IVs.

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I always pair for fun, since the Avatar's pairing breaks the game regardless.

My preferred pairs are

M!RobinxTiki(fun fact, I make the MU Solid Snake when I make a male MU. Imagine the home life of THAT Morgan)

F!RobinxChrom(What, am I the only one with 2 save files)









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When ever I am doing a fun playthrough I use the 'canon' parings.They are based on how fast supports are built.

Chrom x Sumia

Lissa x Vaike

Olivia x Henry

Maribelle x Frederick

Sully x Kellam

Cordelia x Libra

Cherche x Virion

Panne x Ricken(Actually really good)

Miriel x Stahl

Tharja x Gaius

Nowi x Gregor

Owain x Kjelle

Inigo x Cynthia

Brady x Severa

Gerome x Nah

Yarne x Noire

Laurent x Lucina

I then tend to ship the SpotPass characters with others like this:

Robin x Tiki(Mixing the blood)

Emmeryn x Lon'qu(I have a whole fan fiction that I want to write based on this)

Basilio x Flavia(They should have been able to S support)

Donnel x Anna(They charge brigands to attack their village and their family reunions are huge)

Say'ri x Yen'fay(Not in the incestual way, more like Ephraim x Eirika)

Priam x Aversa(Cause Priam gets the best bitches and Aversa is actually nice after the epilogue)

Gangrel and Walhart can go fuck ducks for all I care they do not matter in the scheme of things.

Morgan is always single and ready to mingle.

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Robin x Tiki. Fell and Divine dragon. Morgan being both.

Robin x Lucina. The scramble convo and chapter convo made this one for me plus Morgan is a beast.

Priam x Anna. Don't know why I just think it goes well.

Lissa x Lon'qu. I saw a fanart comic once with Owain being a myrimidon practicing with Lon'qu and thought it was cool

Cherche x Virion. This one just seemed to make sense to me being from the same place and all and bickering with each other.

Vaike x Sully. Two hotheaded people always working out nuff said.

Henry x Tharja. Two dark mages plus Tharja seemed to genuinely like Henry through supports and Henry can keep up with her.

Morgan x Laurent. Two book nerds two peas in a pod.

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Chrom x Sumia just because

Stahl x Cordelia beast is my OTP from the game and not only they look good and have cute supports, they do a great Severa

Henry x Tharja as stated above the two dark mages seems so get along with their issues

Frederick x Cherche because it's fun that both are like the babysitters of the army and bit are servants and Knights plus their Virion relationship triangle.

Vaike x Maribelle or Lissa, the former because of Brady's speech and Lissa because could be like Mist and Boyd (although I preferred Mist x Rolf but whatever)

Lon qu x Olivia because both are shy although I had fun with Virion with Olivia as well and I like his hair on Inigo too

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Chrom x Maribelle (the latter with Galeforce because it makes Brady amusing)

Sumia x Henry

. . .and everyone else sort-of gets whoever's left.

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I don't into eugenics. All of my pairings are done for the sake of OTP.

Chrom/Sumia: I'm a sucker for canon

Frederick/Cordelia: Because they love Chrom each other so much

Vaike/Lissa: Fun supports and Vaike as Owain's father makes too much sense

Stahl/Sully or F!Robin: Keeping the red and green cavs together. Stahl also prime husbando material.

Henry/Miriel or F!Robin: FOR SCIENCE! Henry also prime husbando material.

Virion/Cherche: Great supports. Pairing a lord and his lady knight is also a hobby of mine.

Gregor/Tharja: Great supports. Make Gregor greater than before.

Lon'qu/Olivia: Both shy, both vassals of Basilio's, are you trying to tell me that this ISN'T canon?

Donnel/Nowi: Shotas and lolis belong together, and Ricken sucks.

Gaius/Maribelle: Another set of great supports that manages to avoid both characters' gimmicks.

Don't care about Panne so she gets whoever

For M!Robin I go for either Olivia or Sumia. The cutest girls, the best waifus.

If I had to pick second favorites I'd say

Chrom/Olivia: Both Chrom and Olivia's second best set of romantic supports. I like that it gives Olivia some backstory.

Frederick/Sumia: Two knights: one serious and diligent, the other a ditzy klutz. Together they fight crime make a Cynthia.

Stahl/Cordelia: Cordelia's second best set of supports. Pretty good gameplay wise too.

Gaius/Lissa: Very close second to Vaike/Lissa. I just like Owain with blond hair better.

Haven't really thought about any others.

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I mostly pair up my units for the children's hair colour oops.

But I always pair up:

Chrom/Sumia (OTP)

Lon'qu/Tharja (Black haired Noire is the cutest)


Virion/Oliva (Blue haired Inigo is bae.com)


as for MU I am quite fond of MU/Gaius cause his confession is so smooth I slip over every time

My first time ever playing awakening I forgot to marry Chrom off and he ended up marrying Maribelle while I was trying to set her up with Vaike :(

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Chrom x Olivia

Inigo x MU

Gaius x Tharja

Donnel x Nowi

Vaike x Cordelia

Virion x Cherche

Stahl x Lissa

Henry x Sumia

Those are the only child units I bother with. It's a shame that I really love Inigo, because on Lunatic mode (the only mode I use) his recruitment chapter is just waaayyy too hard. I always struggle with recruiting him because of this. Gerome's not much easier to recruit either.

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First playthrough:







Second playthrough:




Third playthrough:





But real talk, Kellam is cute with everyone. His supports with anyone are really cute.

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Okay, I'll bite:

Chrom x Sumia - pretty straight forward

Lissa x Lon'qu - for obvious canon reasons

Maribelle x Virion - a 'noble' choice

Olivia x Stahl - idk...

Cordelia x Gregor or Ricken - for 'red' hair Severa

Tharja x Gaius - odd couples are fun

Sully x Kellam - because it makes sense

Nowi x Donnel - because why not...?

Miriel x Ricken - Nerds are smart

FeMU x Priam - Because I'm fucking bias, and I think its the best pairing EVER!

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I go by both eugenics (I'm sorry I love to metagame) and by pairing preference, so it usually ends up like:

FeMU x Inigo

Chrom x Olivia

Kellam x Miriel

Henry x Maribelle

Vaike x Sully

Lon'qu x Cordelia

Those are the only ones I constantly stick to. Sometimes I'll pair Gaius up with Sumia simply because I think they're adorable together. If I'm playing as a male Avatar, I usually romance Cherche. <3

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Miriel x Vaike is really funny and it works

Olivia x Gregor is unconventional and a little creepy but at the same time their supports are awesome

Kellam x Panne has pretty crappy supports, but I find the idea of them being together amusing, especially given how aggressive Panne is and how innocent Kellam is.

Lissa x Lon'qu also works well. I often do it just for their story (if anyone could break Lon'qu's bubble, it'd be Lissa IMO) but the resulting Owain has an ugly color combo.

Most of the other pairings I do are either too common to mention, or just too obvious.

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Some others I thought of.

Sully x Stahl. Gotta pair the cavs together

Cynthia x Gerome. Cute support convo and fliers fly together

Owain x Cynthia. Two overly heroic and exaggerated characters just fit good together.

Chrom x Sumia. I just really like this one for some reason.

Cordelia x Frederick. Both have an obsesssion with Chrom.

Nowi x Donnel. Both look like kids just seemed right

Noire x Inigo. Hilarious support convos with Noire trying to get Inigo to flirt with her

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Why do people keep saying Frederick is obsessed with Chrom? I never saw this anywhere. I only see him being obsessed with his duties. o_O

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Chrom/Olivia because of Royal Inigo, and one of the alternatives leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Gaius/Tharja, not just for optimization

Henry/Sumia, makes the most sense out of her pairs if you ask me. Despite what the game pushes.

Cordelia x Gregor or Ricken, for brown haired Severa. (I prefer Ricken, though.)

Inigo/Severa, supports are cute and Inigo does need someone to put him in his place. Also, another reason why I like doing Chrom/Olivia.

Robin/Nowi, because it's (among) the least creepy out of Nowi's supports. (Though, I'm a little saddened by the fail in Nah's Endgame quotes in regards to this.)

That's it, for now.

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Pairing's from my Second run

Gerome X Nah

Donnel X Cordelia

Chrom X Olivia

Frederick X Sumia

Inigo X FeMU

Gaius X Nowi

Gregor X Panne

Ricken X Miriel

Morgan X Cynthia

Owain X Severa

Laurent X Lucina

Yarne X Noire

Brady X Kjelle

Lon'qu X Lissa

Henry X Tharja

Stahl X Sully

Libra X Cherche


Vaike X Maribelle!

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Why do people keep saying Frederick is obsessed with Chrom? I never saw this anywhere. I only see him being obsessed with his duties. o_O

It's from the opening/ending of Harvest Scramble.

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It's from the opening/ending of Harvest Scramble.

Oh, that? Even that I can't really see as Frederick being obsessed with Chrom himself, just with having a good relationship with his lord. I'm pretty sure he'd be the same way if Vaike was his lord instead of Chrom. :P

I can see why you guys would see it a little differently, as I feel Frederick doesn't quite understand what some of his actions could implicate. But yeah. lol

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