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  1. I just saw this now, but congrats on doing this. The sensibility of doing a truly perfect Lunatic+ LTC is a bit strange to me since under 100% ideal player conditions, it's going to end up looking exactly the same as a vanilla Lunatic LTC but with more RNG, but aiming for working around the mode's nuances and getting reasonable consistency makes it a lot more interesting. There are much safer ways to go about things if you're not aiming for LTC. Right now, for example. In general you can use strats involving being unequipped or holding a Bow during enemy phase so Counter is never a worry. You don't even need Vantage if you're going slow- that's just to allow you to get past Luna+/Hawkeye while tanking so you can kill more quickly. It's actually pretty unsafe outside of a perfectly optimized world because using it means you're one unforseen oddity from death.
  2. How possible would it be to predict things using the distribution of skills on a Lunatic+ map?
  3. Suit yourself. But in a nogrind context... as someone who uses everyone on Revelation and breaks the deployment cap in Lunatic+, you're going to have a bad time.
  4. Not really. If you SS him to a Cavalier at GK Lv.5, he'll be gaining exp around the rate of a Lv.12-13 Cavalier, but with about a third of the stats you'd expect one to have then. You also always gain exp as if you promoted at Lv.20 regardless of when you use a Master Seal, so promoting him at 10 will give you a Fred with 10-15 levels of stat growths under his belt... and gaining exp like a a unit that's Lv.30+. As long as you're on Normal/Hard though, it won't matter much. Fred's strong enough that he can stay sort of relevant for the whole game with only a few levels, and he'll be hiding behind Sumia most of the time anyway.
  5. Trying to bench nobody in Hard (kids included) without grinding isn't very feasible unless you want a big challenge, because the game gives you a glut of early units right before a big power spike when everything promotes. If you want everyone trained up, get the rest later with DLC, or they'll do nothing but give you a hard time.
  6. If you're going for optimal, Chrom x Sumia wins pretty badly in just about any sense. But I wouldn't recommend caring about optimization too much on a first playthrough; you don't need it to win and the game has a ton of replay value so you'll want to save stuff for later. Just do what's fun, because that's what it's about. I have to say, it's nice to see so many people still providing fast, accurate Awakening advice so long after I stopped caring. Even if, by the looks of things, nothing's changed in the meta since I left. Good job, y'all. Keep up the good work, and have a nice day~ If for whatever reason anyone wants to find me (or even remembers who I am ), Kuroi's Lunatic+ stream is my current stomping ground. Much more intense than Apo, that.
  7. Probably Assassin. For Apo, I don't think it matters as long as she's got All+2.
  8. ...So I haven't been here for quite a while. I doubt I'm back to stay. The main reason I left was that I was tired of people complaining about Fates and dodging prerelease spoilers all the time, so I guess you could say I'm biased against it. Regardless, Fates got some time out of me, and now I'm right back to Awakening.
  9. If you have Homebrew, you can play the translation on any region of 3ds, just without any online functionality. And since there's a patch, you won't really need to know Japanese to play the JP version, all you need is a copy of the game (either region) and a 3ds with Homebrew installed.
  10. Notice how, in every one of those side-by-sides, the images of the fan translation are screenshots while the images of the localization are pictures with a significant quality loss? The official localization changed a lot of things that didn't need to be changed, yes. It removed stuff from the game, sometimes for no reason. The JP version is definitely better and I'm very glad this patch exists. I'm not arguing any of that, I completely agree. But portraying the localization using objectively worse images (regardless of what they show) ascribes to them a fault they do not have. It makes them, even if you're not consciously thinking about it, worse than they really are. That's what I have a problem with- Treehouse messed up, and I'm for trying to fix their problems, not make them worse. Giving people restoration patches does the former. Depicting the problem as worse than it really is, even if it's already bad, does the second.
  11. Those images are terrible. They don't provide a shred of context by themselves, and are spread mainly by people who just want to complain about stuff, usually for false extrapolations. If people would actually play the game for themselves instead of just looking at bad memes, we wouldn't have things like complaining about bad voice acting in unvoiced supports. That's a financial/licensing issue, not Treehouse being eeevil. Dual Audio is very nice, but here it wasn't a matter of simply re-using existing resources.
  12. It's playable, but there are lots of errors like text skips caused by lack of testing. The Hoshido/Nohr paths have a lot of people playing them and giving feedback because they're a lot easier to patch, but very few people have IK. That said, if you play it anyway, definitely report any bugs you find.
  13. Possibly. But I take responsibility for nothing that happens if it does anyway. For the CG, I assume it would, but would also require custom .cia stuff since DLC. The dual-audio thing deals with code and not assets, so I have no idea what it would take to fix that- though personal experience says it's less of a hassle to toggle the audio every time you return to the main menu than it is to load Homebrew every time you want to play the game.
  14. Oh, I was talking about the 3ds mod to allow downgrading on >10.3, not changing the actual game cart. I don't even know if the latter's actually possible, if it is there's no way I'd want to try it. Yeah, it's a disclaimer. Considering as Amie and the name changes wouldn't affect anything in your save file (and thus nothing from them would get carried over between sessions), it's probably OK, but it's almost impossible to know for sure and there's no way the team wants to be responsible for someone's save getting messed up (there was some weirdness involving the support gallery not properly updating when changing between versions of the JP patch, for example). So try it at your own risk, preferably with a file you don't care much about.
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