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Favorite and Least Favorite Classes?


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Favorite: Wyvern Lord and Swordmaster(includes Trueblade)

Least favorite: Dancers, General/Knight, Mages (except for the ones in 6,7,8 and dark mages in Awakening)

EDIT: I chose Dancers because I've found them a bit weak and useless specially in Awakening. As for Generals/Knights, they just suck honestly. Never used them and I don't think I'll ever use them.

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Favorite: Assassins and Berserkers/SwordMasters. Giving them killing weapons and gambling is fun.

Least: Mage/Sage. They almost always end up being dissapointing when I put a lot of effort into training them. Plus, the other magic user classes usually are soo much more interesting.

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As for the worst, I say the transforming characters. I mean, the can be fun to use, but they can make the game way easier than it needs to be. The game needs SOME tension.

I'd say that the drawbacks to transformers varied from game to game, but the transformers in Radiant Dawn had it the worst by far (disregarding the royals for obvious reasons).

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Favorites: Assassian, Hero, Sage, Bishop, Falcon Knights.

Least Favorite: Fighter/Warrior say what you want about archers but at least they are made entirely irrelevant (in my opinion) by another class because at no point is a Warrior more useful then a Berserker. What they can use bows, oh you mean they have the option to make themselves easy targets because of their poor defense and speed and that is if they actually hit, nope hand axe is better, by miles as are Berserkers.

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Favorites: Berserkers,I just love everything abotu them, they look badass, they have great stats and use my favorite and problaby the most underrated weapon in all FE games, Axes

Wyvern riders/Lords, I like how most things about them,they have good stats, Lords can use two type of weapons that dont require you to lvl something else like tomes and are simply cool looking

Assasins:The ability to use Swords and bows, while doing alot of dodges is wonderful, they can deal with most things with no problem and are just fun to use

Sorceror/Druid: Dark tomes are preety good, they can do some great damage and some like Nosferatu and Mire can give great extras, although I like how the generic enemies look, I feel like the units in FE 13 could have used a better look.... and sometimes they are able to take some damage, so they arent as fragile as mages

Worse:Warriors,why would I want to use bows as a badass gladiator ? Really.... why couldnt it be something else like a spear ? Sadly they suck and compared to Berserkers,they dont stand a chance

Griffon Riders,lets face it, Griffons dont look as cool as badass looking dragons, the fact that they are weaker in stats doesnt help either, and thankfully....or sadly for some, this class is gone from Fates....

Dancers, you know, they are useful, I cant denny with that but... whats the logic here... you go into a war with might and magic everywhere and you... you dance... really ? Still I feel like they could do a little better with protecting themselves...

Thieves:Tell me... when you ever used a thief to fight when you could use something like a swordmaster or a lord ?...

Dark Knight: They cant use dark tomes,for some reason and the only real blade they can use with no problem has to be the Levin Sword, if you want to get them better strengh then... good luck I guess...

Any class that morphs with the exception of Manaketes: I dont get the logic.... why would a person that transforms into a cat wants to try to face agaisnt someone with a giant axe ? Usually I preffer class changing this weird furry people, as they can be useful as another class...

and I decided to add a extra,Guilty pleasures: Knights/Generals, they can be great when used correctly.... but that could be said about any class sadly, this class needs a boost, they can help alot but they can be beaten easily

Great Knight: Its just Paladins.... with some less stats... im not counting stuff like skills though, they have some neat skills like Luna

Mages: they are great,dont get me wrong but why would I want to use a mage when I could use one that has more durabilty and can use special tomes,aka dark mages...

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Favorites: the Spear Fighter line from Fates. I adore the aesthetics of the classes way better than Soldier and I cannot express my love for Basara. I also like fliers a ton, but especially Kinshi Knights. I also really like Archers and Snipers. I just generally like Lances and Bows.

Least Favorites: Non-Archanea/Ylisse/Fates Mages/Sages because of how awkward they are, GBA Cavaliers because their stats make me physically cringe, and Fighters/Warriors because just lol

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Favorites: Tactician/Grandmaster, Dark Knight, and Taguel.

The cats and DKs use similar weapons, though DKs have the superior statlines

Taguel 'cause Lethality, and 'cause killer rabbits. Don't look at me like that, blame Monty Python.

Least fave is Armor Knights. They can never absorb quite enough abuse as I'd expect them to. Never got the hang of using them.

Also any flier. Glass cannons totally. By the time I'm bold enough to put them in play, the melee units have already swept clean everything but ONE archer I've forgotten about, that kills her.

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Non Promoted:

- Thief (I love their high dodge, fighting animations are usually well designed and their characters are usually good (Colm, Cath, etc)

- Mage (Basically just because I know sooner or later they will end up being a Sage and sages are fucking amazing)

- Cavalier (Pretty basic and they aren't exactly the strongest characters but they bring versatility early in the game as they are able to use swords and lances with high movement)


- Assassins/Rogues (same as Thief basically but with added strength and a ton of criticals)

- Sage (amazingly versatile and probably the strongest overall class in Fire Emblem, they can be your strongest damage dealer with the added bonus of being an off healer)

- Berserker (far and away my favorite class in Fire Emblem, they have insane enough stats, pair them with a good support that improves critical or hit chance and you will never lose a fight)

- Falcon Knight (I'm a sucker for well-made female characters on a Pegasus, and once you go through the tough grind of leveling them as a Pegasus Knight where any shot of a bow kills you, axes kill you and you do very low damage, it's so rewarding to finally get to level 20 and promote them into a Falcon Knight where they become extremely fast, more versatile with weapons and even have solid strength if you give them an Energy Ring or two, as long as you avoid bows you can basically kill anyone granted you have the right weapons)


I don't particularly dislike any class, but the characters of Knights/Generals are usually pretty damn dull (I'm looking at you Gilliam)

I don't really like Archers either, immobile units that can't fight in melee range is usually a recipe for disaster

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Favorite: Between the rogue line, especially in Tellius and Lance Fighters. Im glad Fates is bringing back in daggers because the theives in Awakening using swords upside down was just so weird. Unfortunately outside Ninja there is no true Rogue class, so the closest I am going to get is Butler, which means a Butler run for Corrin at some point.

Least Favorite: Pegasus Riders. They aren't bad and I don't mind using them, they just definately are not my favorite. I always found them boring, and in the Tellius games it was pain to get them to become useful. Dark Knights are a close second because they can't actually use dark magic, so the name makes no sense. Why didn't you just call them Battle Mages, or War Mage, or something that implies a more armored mage.

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Favorite: Heroes

I always felt like these were the most functional axe unit, since they usually have the best balance of speed and defense of all axe units (sorry wyvern). This is in the pre-skill games. Afterwards they get sol, even if berserkers get more serious as a rival.

I like paladins 2nd best, because of their over the top usefulness, and my love for them even spread to other games, like ogre battle and final fantasy tactics advance.

Least Favorite: Priests, Bishops, War monks, Troubadour, Valkyrie

I despise these units. I usually just rely on vulneries in the first few chapters and then promote a mage or shaman, and use them exclusively when I want to deploy a staff unit.

I don't really like myrmidons and swordmasters that much either, because I always feel like they are a strong early and midgame unit that is only useful until the enemy has accuracy on all their units, and is bad from the get-go in hard modes. I don't discard them nearly as harshly as I do healers though.

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