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Hacker- "Pink Sheep"

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We all know there are many hackers out there, but i found a hacker named "Pink Sheep"

His castle name is "HJOSSIHC".

How does he hack, you ask?

Look at his inventory, he has 4 out of the 6 "Upgraded" Yatos!! the Omega, Alpha, Shadow, and Blazing. What's worse? The first 3 are at +7!!

I know all this because i've BEEN to his castle before. I've seen it all.. He even has a 60-70 ranged stat Wolfssenger Einherjar as his bodyguard!! The bodyguard has Nohrian Trust and pink sheep's skills are-


Dragon Fang

Rend Heaven


Draconic Hex

This body guard has INSANE stats-

87 HP

76 Str

64 Mag

70 Skill- Which means 105% chance of Rend Heaven/Toxic Brew procing, 17-18ish% chance of lethality, and 54ish% chance of Dragon Fang.

70 Spd

69 Luck (hehe)

76 Def

and 68 Res

All 3 Seals- Battle, Visitation, and Master.

also has a +7 Beastrune equipped 'Kaden's Stone'

With this, the einherjar named 'Mario' has a whopping 99 attack!

But the skills get worse-


Draconic Hex

Nohrian Trust

Toxic Brew

Beast Shield

:( oh god this is ONE tough cookie. Good luck beating him though, as he is REALLY strong!!

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No!!! The castle is not there anymore when I checked just now.

I want those powerful hacked units to grind through gold and and weapon DLC.

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