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Favourite class line in each of the main series games?

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I notice that I don't really have a favourite class in the series. It changes depending on what game I'm playing, as certain games seem to favour certain classes and give them cooler niches and stuff. That being said, what is your favourite class from each of the games you've played? You can give reasons, although I suppose it isn't required. (Design, gameplay, animations, etc.)

I've only played overseas releases so far so I can't speak for FE1-6.

FE7: I'd say I really like the Nomad line because it was my first introduction to horseback bow users, and I think Rath is pretty great statistically.

FE8: Something about the Cavalier line really stands out to me, you get a fair few and Seth as your Paladin makes a pretty boss impact in this game.

FE9: Fighter line. Boyd oh Boyd. Need I say more. Also his design really stood out to me.

FE10: Soldier line. Moreso than FE9 due to the differences that Aran and Neph present statistically, but they're both pretty useful.

FE11/12: The myrmidon line looks absolutely badass here. Their animations are pretty cool imo, and the design looks regal and deadly.

FE13: I really like the Wyvern Rider line here. Cherche/Gerome are both pretty cool in their base class, and I like the promotion options. Yes even Griffons.

FE14: This is a hard choice between Ninja line and Archer line. On one hand I love the design and aesthetic of Ninjas, and the gameplay choices they bring with hidden weapons. On the other, Archers are f***king great in this game!

So yeah, would love to hear everyone's thoughts and such :Rei:


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FE6 - myrmidon-> swordmaster, crit avoid and repeat.

FE7 - thief -> assassin, still planning on trying HHM and making the assassin trio thrive

FE8 - mage -> sage, Lute FTW, also using all 4 magic types by exploiting a bug is fun.

FE9/10 - Soldier -> halberdier (-> lancer), finally a foot unit without heavy armor that uses lances.

FE11/12 - myrmidon -> swordmaster, crit avoid and repeat

FE13 - mercenary -> hero, having a second place in all other titles for me, they finally shine above the other classes. Also armsthrift

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Fe6 - Manakete

Fe7 - Archer -> Sniper

Fe8 - Manakete again

Fe9 - Myrmidon -> Swordmaster

Fe10 - Myrmidon -> Swordmaster -> Trueblade

Fe11 - Pegasus Knight -> Wyvern Rider

Fe12 - Myrmidon -> Swordmaster

Fe13 - Manakete

Fe14 - Samurai -> Swordmaster, Ninja -> Master Ninja

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FE4 uuh I mean Sigird and Celice roflstomp the game so Knight Lord? Maybe Mage Knight because mounted magic users (especially holsety)
FE5 well Free Knights can use their main weapon both in doors and outdoors, otherwise mages are awesome
FE6 berserkers are fun and paladins are ZOMGamzing
FE7 falcon knights kick ass, so do nomads, paladins are still broken
FE8 see FE7 and FE 6
FE9 pretty much everyone on a horse, wyvern, or Pegasus
FE10 see FE9
FE11 Dracoknights, and maybe mages
FE12 see FE11
FE13 pretty much every class is good so dunno
FE14 ninjas are awesome

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FE 1 - Sage/mage - No res/10

FE 2 - Falcon Knights - Effective against Zombies

FE 3 - Not Played

FE 4 - Master knight, or Paladin - Look at Awesome Finn!

FE 5 - Thieves *Cough* Lara *Cough*

(Archer is my favorite class, regardless of the game, but the rest are classes I prefer to use in almost every playthrough of the respected game)

FE 6 - Berserker - they crit

FE 7 - Pegasus knight - they fly

FE 8 - Bishop - Slayer skill OP

FE 9 - Not Played

FE 10 - Swordmustard - Astra crit, Astra crit, Astra crit!

FE 11 - Theif/Julian - Theives are not useless in this game, as door keys cost money.

FE 12 - Generals, dude. The tanking.

FE 13 - Dark mage. It's a no-brainer.

FE 14 - Archer/Sniper. Any bow user, really. But Takumi is just so good...

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