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Sorry I've been kind of dead lmao, been drowning my free time with the new ACNL update.

Here's a Spheal I doodled last night. Yesterday during ExtraLife, I decided to do a pokemon type twitter meme, where I would draw my favorite of whatever number 1-29 was picked on it. I did it with a twist where they were all from memory and some of the results were comical. I only did like 10, and most of them looked like trash, but Spheal is rad.


I also like the Mew I did


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Me (And by extension) and my corrin are both the most precious of cinnamon rolls. I am like, super small irl, standing at a whopping 5 ft tall, so relationships are always fun, with my partner always being taller than me.

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Eh, to me, the protag is a self insert, so I see her being my age. Same for Lillie and Hau.

I don't know why Pokemon would revert to canon 11 after a few generations of ambiguously teenaged protagonists. Little kids want to be the big kids, and it's easier for adults to self-insert into teenagers, at least.

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