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My first PMU! (Closed)

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Thanks for participating, I'll be starting my run pretty soon!

Route vote (Tied, and going with Ephraim)
Eirika: 2
Ephraim: 2

My Units (Closed):
Gilliam (General)
Ross (Pirate --> Warrior)
Neimi (Ranger)
Artur (Bishop)
Natasha (Valkyrie S in Light)
Tana (Falcon Knight)
Amelia (Cavalier --> Great Knight)
L'arachel (Mage Knight)
Marisa (Swordmaster)

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5 minutes ago, Corncake said:

L'Arachel; Mage Knight

And do Ephraim, have fun with the Ghost Ship

She got picked as Valkyrie 2 minutes before you post sorry! Is there another you want to pick for me?

I'm stupid nvm

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45 minutes ago, NinjaMonkey said:

Super Recruit Amelia, Eirika route.

Have fun!:lol:


I'm gonna be playing on my phone on a blank save so I won't have access to super recruit, but I'll still take her. Is there another class you'd prefer I take?

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