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What would a Fire Emblem Oscars look like for 2017?

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2017 was a big year for the Fire Emblem franchise with not one, not two, but three new games. So I thought to myself, since the Academy Awards are coming up soon, what would a Oscars for Fire Emblem be like? So tell me what categories the awards would have and maybe nominate a few things while your at it. And if this gets popular maybe we could start a poll to decide winners.

So just a few categories to get started with could be Best Game(obviously), Best Voice Actor, Best Voice Actress, Best Soundtrack, and Best Visuals. Feel free to add more if you wish.

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41 minutes ago, Corrobin said:

Best Plot

Do you mean the story plot or the other Plot?

Because I can already guess the winner of the second category if CYL is any indication.

4 minutes ago, Flee Fleet! said:

Categories: Best waifu

Ah now, we'd also need a Best Husbando, we need to be seen to equally objectify :P

Other categories include:

Best Sound Design (For the sound effects)

Best New Mechanic (We have a lot of options)

Best villain (For the salt)

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Best New Meme character: Reinhardt

Best acknowledgement of an old meme character: Oliver. The damaged artwork makes 2011 SerenesForest veeeery happy. Runner ups are Arden and Dorcas.

Game that made IS the most money For Nuthin': Fire Emblem Heroes

Best representation of the series in a crossover: Fire Emblem Heroes

Best gameplay in a crossover: Fire Emblem Warriors

Best character put in a bride outfit: Charlotte, the Money Maiden. 

Best new type of gameplay: Dungeoneering in Echoes

Best Weapon Forgery: I think I have to give it to Echoes. Weapon Refinery was huge for addressing balance in Heroes, but it was rolled out in a way where you'd have to wait for weeks before you got get one of those unique refinements on legendary weapons. After the Sacred Seal shop's example, it felt like a considerable mistep.

Best artwork of an old character: Uhm, it's between Arden in Heroes and Celica from Echoes for me. Think I'll go with Celica. I was happy to have her on my bottom screen as I go Phoenix Wright on the townspeople.

Older game that got the most popularity and new fans in 2017: It's gotta be between FE6-9 thanks to Heroes. If you don't like Gaiden, then Echoes did not make much of an effort to change your mind.

Most impressive new platform for a Fire Emblem game: Mobile. Sorry Switch, I'll play any game on you, but you're both portable and I didn't expect Fire Emblem to be done this well on my dumb phone.  Still hype for FE Switch of course.

Best brainwashed/possessed villain:


Darios. Because the scene where Celica is possessed was spoiled when you hit new game in Echoes and I'm still sour about this dumb premonition dream trope in the 3DS games. And Bruno and Veronica from Heroes are not compelling characters.

Best soundtrack: Echoes. I don't care for Warriors' butt rock, and Heroes just rips tracks directly from games.

Best Supports: Warriors. 

Best Voice Acting: Echoes. Though I'll admit Owain put in work for Warriors.

Best Battle animation: hnnnnngh. Echoes has the most fluid battle choreography in a main game, but Warriors is a freakin' Warriors game. Giving it to Warriors.

Best roster balance: I think they're all bad, lol. Probably Heroes. Warriors would take this if it weren't for every lance wielder sharing the same, unwieldy moveset. Otherwise I wouldn't have minded the clone characters.

Most polarizing new character: Faye

Best DLC practices: Warriors. Even if I counted the gacha system in Heroes as DLC. Warriors is more reasonably priced for what it provides while the only great content out of Echoes was the Deliverance DLC that expanded on the characters and story. 

Best Lord: Alm. Runner up is Sharena.

Best Power of Friendship-driven plot: Warriors. Any plot that says those three magical words earns this trophy. 

Best community event: Choose Your Legends

Best Youtuber reaction to the Fire Emblem Direct: Ghast #JustPlayGaidenBro

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To answer the original categories...

Best Game: Echoes. When your competition is two cross over games that bank heavily on the player's previous investment in the series, there's really no choice for me.

Best Voice Actor: Max Mittelman. The man who started one of the biggest memes in recent memory literally hours after the first sampling of Echoes voice acting was made public. Wonderful job as Gray and strong reprisals as Leo. Also debuted as Gordin this year in Heroes.

Best Voice Actress: Erica Lindbeck.  She played Celica in all three releases and man, I can't help but love all the emotion she put into her character. Also voices Myrrh in Heroes but that's a 2018 role soooooo.....

Soundtrack: Echoes. What can I say, you're always doing one better if your tracks aren't ones ripped from other games, or just remixes of songs we've had merged with our DNA over the last few years.

Best Visuals: Warriors. Sure, not everything in Warriors looks amazing, but it really has a leg up on the other two games being on console.

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