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so, in my conquest playthrough i have a LOT of seals. but the ony unit thats the max level is corrin. just wondering what class should i change into? or should i stick with the class that i already have.:Pent:

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Personally I have more fun with standard classes that for the most part exist in all FE entries, I don't care for the whole avatarr exclusive class thing. Generally I have a preference for physical units but these are my recommondations based on what I've tried so far.

1) Wyvern lord/Malig Knight (frankly I think Wyvern lord is better due to the damage output and defense)

2) Paladin

3) Great Knight

4) Dark Knight

5) Bow Knight (I recommend picking up Point Blank if you have the DLC for it.)

6) Vanguard/Hero (I would only go Hero if it's a Femal Corrin)

7) Berserker (if you can pick up Certain Blow, Death Blow, and Strength Taker, this class can be a lot of fun to use I also like either Renewal or Aethar on this class)

8) Dread Fighter 

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