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IfIHadToPickADude Attempts to Complete Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth!

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So I need something to occupy my time with, and I have this desire to try my hand at doing some sort of Let's Play. So here it is!

IfIHadToPickADude's Journey In Attempting to Complete Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth on a 3DS That is Held Together By Duct Tape With Pictures Taken On An Android Phone!

Wait. That seems to be a bit too long. How about...

An Etrian Odyssey Newcomer Plays Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth!

Ah, much better. I haven't beaten this game yet, but I plan to! Or die fail trying. This is for the people who have no idea what Etrian Odyssey is or those who are experienced in it and have come to chastise me at every mistake I make. Before I start, I have to say I have played up to part way through the fifth floor of the first stratum so I (kinda) know what I'm doing up until then.

Also here's some rules I'm putting into place so this stays (somewhat) organized:

  1. No changing a characters' class after I registered them. I'm not skilled enough to take advantage of this. And because I don't want to use it.
  2. Each member will be a Musical Reference of some sort.
  3. I have to also tell a story about these fools going through Yggdrasil. It'll be boring to just comment on my guild's journey with just portraits!
  4. Following rule 2 and rule 3, each character has to have a backstory and personality based on said musical reference.
  5. If I feel I need to add more rules, I shall.

So yeah, that's the rules. It's getting late where I live so I'm gonna go visit Far From the Forest to rest my mind a bit, sleep, and come back to update this after I get home tomorrow because I spent hours trying to get this right. 

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While I'd be amused with a character named after a musical slowdown, I'd also have to explain sheet music to people who can't take a joke.

In other words, good luck, and please make Coda relevant. :P:

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22 hours ago, eclipse said:

While I'd be amused with a character named after a musical slowdown, I'd also have to explain sheet music to people who can't take a joke.

In other words, good luck, and please make Coda relevant. :P:

How did I not think of naming characters after musical notations? Ah, well I'm glad I'm giving each character a first name and a last name so I can have a little more wiggle room with the personalities and ensure that Coda is relevant! And thanks for the well wishes!

Without further ado, the journey will begin!


Listen, I may kinda hate myself but i'm not a masochist okay?


Oh? And how mighty is this "Yggdrasil"?


Ah, got it. It's just basically a Tree God. That, after banning existence near it, is ordered to be explored because we wanna be the strong!

So now we reach the town and...


Such choice we have, don't we? Eh, let's go see what this "Explorer's Guild" place is all about.




Uh, well I certainly didn't expect some dude to start monologuing some stuff that sounds like it belongs in r/gatekeeping. Anyway, Edgar I'm here to look at guilds!


Well I asked to look at guilds, so I'm gonna have to kindly decline.



Fine, I'll create my own guild.



Oh Edgar, I assure you that not only will it go down in history but also probably start a religion out of us! Maybe not that last part.


Now you're telling me how many people I can bring into Yggdrasil? Fine! I'll find those who are willing to adventure into Yggdrasil under the name of L'Etoile! Luckily for me I know five people foolish brave enough to go through the trials of Yggdrasil! First up we have...


Meteora Coda! (Thank @eclipse for giving me the inspiration for his last name) A man whose ghosts of his past are catching up to him, albeit slowly. That doesn't mean it won't affect him any differently. Speaking of someone with a dark past...


Rhapsody Cecilia! A criminal that decided to become an adventurer to escape her fate back home. What did she do that she had to flee? Whatever it is, she's keeping quiet about it; like how this next adventurer keeps their origins a secret.


Crowley Emeritus, a Necromancer who strangely has a white left eye and a green right eye. Whenever she's questioned about why she decided to traverse Yggdrasil, she just mentions her white eye is her reason. Emeritus does seem very eager to do something amazing for some reason.


Dr. Vienna Dee, a prodigious Warlock who dedicates nearly all his free time to studying magic trying to find a major breakthrough that is larger than is last one. He travels through Yggdrasil in order to better understand the nature of Yggdrasil and the creature that inhabit it. Vienna is in a hurry to find this breakthrough, however. And for the last adventurer...


A Brouni Botanist simply known as Buffett. A very laid back person who goes through life at his own pace. He "goes where the wind blows him," even if it meant leaving a very prosperous botany shop to his family back home.

Now that we have the members of L'Etoile all together, we're told to head to the Council Hall! 


Ah, thanks for that buddy. It's not like there a sign outside telling me that this is the Arcania Council Hall. So what's your name fine sir?


Nice to meet you Ramus. One quick question though, how is braving through the Labyrinth going to help build a better future for the city? You're not gonna explain and are just letting me figure this out all on my own? Okay, whatever you say "your highness."



Are you sure that this won't kill us all?



Ah, wonderful! Thanks for the words of encouragement Ramus! I think we'd be-


Oh. I think we'll go see the shop now. Bye.


Why hello there Syrik. You seem kinda out of place here. Why did you come here?



So you set up shop, so you can buy stuff from adventurers that you will later resell so you can get a lot of money. Any, uh, chance that you could share a cut that profit with us? No? Okay, your loss. Guess we'll have to go to the Inn then and see what's waiting fo-




Holy crap, I think I found the best character in EO5. Anyway, we'll gladly stay in your inn Jenetta! In fact, we might as well rest up before we go complete the qualification exam.


So that's where I'm ending it. Sorry for the lack of my own story other than the introduction of the characters. I'm planning on writing the story on FanFiction.net (which will finally let me use it outside of reading fanfiction) my Tumblr (yes I have one for writing stuff) and link the new entry every time I post about this so these posts don't become so long. So expect the story for this chapter and the next on the next post. I'll see you guys later!

Edited by IfIHadToPickADude
I don't have the stuff to use FanFiction.net so I'm doing it on my Tumblr cause that's just easier to do.

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If I can make a story out of a draft run, you should have NO problems with this~!

. . .though a past incarnation MAY have had a little too much fun with EOIV a long time ago. . .tee-hee~!

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