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  1. I know there's this ingredient called "meat", but I don't see it very often. Eggs, on the other hand. . .
  2. Lon'qu and Haar are busy in Arena Ferox, not saying a whole lot of anything to each other.
  3. My condolences. I'm not sure what else to say.
  4. One day, I will agree with the hype around Vanessa. That will also be the day that she can injure something.
  5. Currently playing through CS3. Just made it past Chapter 1. My thoughts: The bad: The good (this is spoilered for a good reason):
  6. . . .are you being sarcastic, or is this how you really feel?
  7. Nope! Used Legendary Azura, Flying Olivia, and Performing Arts Azura (though Young Azura can fill in).
  8. The only challenge was figuring out why Leon exploded on turn 1. Equipped Bowbreaker and the issue solved itself. So yeah, Leon and three dancers did it again.
  9. That's half a link. The wrong half, I might add. Try copy-pasting the entire link. If that doesn't work, I might be able to help via PM.
  10. I completely forgot about this. I like it! Would definitely want Solitary Dream for the most oomph! Or. . .Upheaval in the C slot, Chill Def refine, and something like Lunar Flash as a special? Man, the possibilities are fun~!
  11. I like dealing neutral damage to EVERYTHING. So let's start with Alm - the guy with the best neutral offensive bow spread (37/37). From there. . . Weapon: Argent Bow (hits twice, can eliminate the speed penalty entirely with a speed refine or go with Chill Def 3) Assist: LOL Special: Growing Wind (wait WHAT) A skill: Atk/Spd Push 4 (best combat bonuses I can think of) B skill: Killing Intent (since everything should've been dinged with Growing Wind) C skill: Human Virtue (boost his own offensive stats) or Solitary Dream (and now he moves three spaces) S: Brazen Atk/Spd 3 (because at this point everything should wish that it was dead) Assuming he stays between 25% and 80% of his max HP, you're looking at four attacks backed with 64/56 offensive stats (62/54 with Solitary Dream). And this is before merges, or a +Atk asset. Chill Def 3 should guarantee kills on everything. Without Chill Def 3, Spring Lukas survives.
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