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  1. It won't be 2022 for another 40 minutes. ;/
  2. You can always put your stream link in your sig (it's allowed, really).
  3. It's Christmas, which tends to be a busy time for people. You can PM me, but I won't guarantee anything.
  4. The reveal posts are a lot more quiet when IS isn't locking stuff behind a FEH Pass! And people will eventually agree on something, given enough data points (this holds true for people who I disagree with on far more, uh, intense matters).
  5. I take no responsibility at all. 😛 Back to the big guy. Deke's selling point is that he starts with pretty good bases, and can deal with Henning should someone get their Rutger killed. He isn't going to dodge and/or double and kill, but he can take hits, have a consistent 1-2 range option on promotion, and still dish out damage. Don't ask what happened to that pictured Deke's Res, weird things happen when I'm allowed to control greenish-haired guys. His biggest drawback IMO is that CON of his, which means my ferrying options are a lot more limited than everyone else who doesn't bench press horses.
  6. So much for a quiet lunch. WRT to making the reveal thread - I'm all for compromise, and that compromise is "spoiler tags". I don't think the first post should be a reaction post, but I can also understand why people would want to react, especially given the FEH Pass news. Put any reactions to the video in spoiler tags, and that should solve both issues - those that just want the video can see the video, and the first poster's reactions are out in public. Which leads to. . . FEH Pass - $10 USD is just for America. It's more cost-prohibitive elsewhere, depending on exchange rates. Please keep this in mind when debating the cost of this new system. Corrin - Yato and its forms are part of the story of Fates. Staves are cool but otherwise not. Hence why I want Yato. Though having a staff Corrin sometime in the future would be nifty IMO.
  7. I don't care for the pass, but I will speak by not buying it (not that I ever did). Or anything else in this game with real money, That being said, this banner gives me hope for Omega Yato Corrin. Assuming he's allowed to wield a sword! Given that the Brave units are in the mix, it means every color is viable in some way, shape, or form.
  8. I told you to tread carefully, and you willfully ignored it. Quite frankly, my opinion of you is in the gutter for trying to gish gallop your way out of the point.
  9. Try finding women that don't agree with you, because echo chambers aren't healthy. Are you trolling or not? Asking seriously, because you do it so often that I have a hard time believing you.
  10. You're either refusing to acknowledge or incapable of seeing the world outside of your own head. Depending on how this goes, it could also be a warnable offense, so tread carefully. Have you ever bothered asking women how they feel about this?
  11. People can like what they want and I can have a negative opinion because of why people like things. That's how free speech works. Though I have other issues about what you said, so either I have huge issues with how you look at female characters, or your message got lost in your words.
  12. Oh, right, Rhea exists. She's interesting because she's a different character depending on which route you take. As for Edelgard, people follow her because they think she's competent, and IMO that's a step in the right direction. Eh. The lesson here IMO is that Roy needs to vet his applicants before making them his advisors. Neither can I. I'd rather be playing FE!
  13. Erk let's go! Because I pulled him as a 5* on his debut banner.
  14. Because in the end, it really is an opinion. And if others are consistently having issues understanding your opinion, then I strongly suggest that you retool it so that it's not so misunderstood. There's plenty of arguments about Micaiah/Celica. Lyn wasn't exactly the bastion of strong character writing, either. Which leaves Eirika (I think Lyon's the bigger problem in her story), Caeda (who doesn't get enough screen time IMO) and Lucina (not my favorite, but hardly the worst character out of a FE game).
  15. I'm gonna care when you start causing discord on this forum. Part of my job is making sure that threads run smoothly. Which means that the issue isn't the argument, it's how you're handling it. I'm not the only mod telling you this, either. If you can't handle this, then find another place to post.
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