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  1. I didn't do a very good job of explaining myself, so I'll do so here. If some random person was plopped into an equally random medieval army, I'm pretty sure said person would wind up as cannon fodder. And if that character is a representation of me, then that's exactly what I want to see - someone who can observe the events, but otherwise doesn't influence where the story goes. Mark gives the characters a bit of extra exposition, if they exist. But if they don't, then the overall story remains the same.
  2. Mark, because I can choose not to have them around.
  3. If you can't even be arsed to respond to this with your own words, no more topic for you.
  4. Hard work and dedication doesn't necessarily mean that the final product will be amazing. And yes, it IS okay to call it bad on a technical level if the claim can be proven. You are not the gatekeeper of valid criticism. Get that through your head.
  5. Instead of looking at difficulty as a floor, try looking at it as a ceiling. Or, if you'd like, I'll share my idea of "a fun little video game", which is pretty punishing to damn near everyone that isn't familiar with it.
  6. Oh no, it is. And you are not the person to say that it is or isn't. Understand?
  7. My thoughts on the implications of this is way outside of the scope of the topic, so I'm gonna keep that to myself. Regardless, I'm going to criticize the entire genre that panders to those who have unrealistic expectations out of women's bodies/attitudes/a lot of other things. If this offends you, please take the time to step back and ask why, instead of trying to shut it down (much like how you're attempting to shut down routes of criticism you don't like). Actually, stepping back and asking why it's necessary to make so many replies to something like this might not be a bad idea anyway.
  8. And stop. That's a contradiction. Someone who is well-versed in physics will know way more than you or me. I think the reason why this is bugging me is because several forms of media tend to distort things like women's bodies for the sake of their viewers, and that is very much valid criticism. Are you someone who has inside knowledge of what makes a good animation? Assuming I remember, I'll ask a friend of mine, someone who definitely knows more about this than you.
  9. Can you agree that it might be that way for someone else? I don't throw a fit over things like the laws of physic being broken in anime, but a physicist might feel differently.
  10. If it's enough to break immersion/detract from enjoyment, that's valid criticism in my books. Which means it wasn't a very clever comment. I don't mind banter, but try not to point things out just for the sake of pointing them out.
  11. Someone's "eh" is another person's "OH NO"! For a VERY personal example, I wound up in the hospital on Monday. Can't say I'm fine now, but I think I'll live. To the vast majority of the world who has no idea that I exist, it's trivial. To me, it's something I never want to go through again. Are either of those perspectives wrong? Nope.
  12. That's why he can enjoy the sound of it off-screen! So the audience doesn't have to suffer through it! Still, gotta love how much he managed to get done, especially in RD. It's pretty telling when his absence helps to trigger a revolution!
  13. Bastian is a cool case where his actions speak far louder than words. Kinda wish we'd get a bit more of that!
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