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  1. Funny? Yep. Suited for this subforum? Nope. Since this is an idea (and not an actual fic), I'm gonna shove this in Far from the Forest. EDIT: Even if the true fourth option is "screw the story, I'm going to fight in the Smash universe".
  2. eclipse


    You can start by posting this in the correct place, and making the topic title something a little more descriptive! I mean, MODS can mean "help I need a moderator" or "I want to make Sigurd a dancer, how do I do that?"
  3. Shadow Dragon, since Ballista was actually a unit. In a no-warp run, I'd either have to give them the Boots, or I'd have to wait for them.
  4. It was speculated that this had to do with child labor laws or something. I'm not familiar enough with international law to say whether or not this was the case.
  5. If you want something like this, Trails of Cold Steel is thataway. In FE? The closest we had was a ballista. It was tedious. No thanks.
  6. You could change this to "Is (anyone) coming to Heroes in the future?", and get the same answer - MAYBE. Think of how long Nino talked about Legault in-game before he was added!
  7. Out. NOW! Ahem. . . Realistically, it's possible Dorothea's contemporaries could sign up/be conscripted, which means she'd have to face them in battle. Which would suck even more for her, given how she is post-timeskip.
  8. You're going to LOVE some of Conquest's gimmicks. And please, feel free to PM me about your Revelation complaints (because the ninja forest is downright tame in context).
  9. Click on your name in the upper-right corner -> My Attachments. You'll see a little envelope next to some words - that's the post it's attached to. Edit the post and remove the attachment. Tedious? Yep.
  10. Thanks~! . . .oh, that's. . .uhhh. . . The thing showed Linhardt, but I'm also tied with Claude. Which means that the Empire is in serious trouble.
  11. Yet those that intentionally limit themselves have fun with their game, and not just 3H. Shadow Dragon is listed as my favorite FE, and my favorite type of run is a draft, where certain items are banned, and my team is based off of an insanely limited pool of characters. Fun, like real life, is what you make of it, because the rules aren't apparent - or don't exist.
  12. The leader of the "good" country that's bound to be killed off during the story so the plot can move on. Peyton Manning
  13. Dimitri x Lysithea is not a ship. ;/ Now where's the quiz for boyfriends?
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