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  1. I'll have to do this when I'm on next, since I have to leave soon. However, I'm not entirely in the loop when it comes to patches, so which one(s) should replace yours? And once you're done with a final patch, would you mind if it was re-added to the list?
  2. And I will enforce this. As in, if I see you reply in this topic again, it's an automatic suspension. If you want to bring in a different point, that's fine. Do you know what isn't fine? Being passive-aggressive about your stance, or generally implying that the other guy's an idiot. It's one thing to debate. But you are NOT to put down whoever you're debating with. If you're as smart as you think you are, you should be able to get your point across without resorting to such tactics. Likewise, if I get a PM from you, I shouldn't see such things in it, either.
  3. Beruka turned into a slightly less useful Silas, which is about what I expected out of her. Thanks for running with her~!
  4. He saw what the rats did to my Internet cable, and quickly changed his mind. 😛 Or maybe it's because his Vengeance hints at something. . . No, you read it correctly~! Still, one SFer is hardly enough to warrant the original statement.
  5. This is not a thread to come in and teach the unwashed masses.
  6. Mareeta's entire kit + Galeforce: So, uh, I heard you like hitting twice and going again before the opponent can get a word in edgewise. Kaden + Mordecai: Not necessarily skills, but you can run them on the same team. . .and if you do, keep their default B skills, and have one of them use a movement skill on the other, that's a +6 to all stats on both of them. Pretty nifty IMO. Guard Bow + Distant Def + Dull Ranged + Distant Def: The first 18 damage off of every ranged attack is negated. So are buffs.
  7. 1. Stop posting. 2. Pick something. None of the choices are so ridiculously hard that it's impossible to clear. None of them are so groundbreaking that picking it first ruins everything. And none of the choices are going to ruin your finances or burn down your house. It's a game, so treat it like one.
  8. Says who? Their B skills are so sexy that I didn't notice! 😛 --- Claude made me laugh, and for that, I'm going ham on him. Next would be Edelgard/Dimitri for fodder purposes, then Byleth because I'm a collector. But IMO she inspires me the least.
  9. 1. Yes, this is in the wrong place, and I think the "correct" place would've allowed you to post this. 2. We on SF have our own Discord, so advertising yours without running it by the staff is a bit rude, no? You can always invite people via forum PM or something.
  10. Y'all need some Vika in your lives.
  11. On the upside, it means you'll have time to fully enjoy Three Houses before Luigi's Mansion shows up! Maruj was overdue for a good level. GO GET MORE OF THEM~!
  12. We don't bite. Well, most of us. 😛 Anyway, welcome~! Don't forget to read the rules and all, and send me a PM if you have any questions about them~! (end generic greeting)
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