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  1. Those GBA pegasus knights that were the first to show up, had low strength growth, and eventually fell out of favor because wyverns are closer to what I want out of a unit.
  2. Kind of depends on the RNG at that point IMO. Though I think there's an Aspect that sort-of deals with that (assuming I remember to bring it along). I went Conjurer because Alden can tank things in a pinch. Gotta love that passive that heals him when he deals damage!
  3. Issue is securing kills. Being fast is great, but not when you're tickling enemies. My Alden's a Conjurer, and he's happily destroying everything that's in his path.
  4. That's odd, I didn't have too many issues with that one. Then again, battlemages solve a lot of problems. I'm sure someone can make Magician useful, but I have yet to find such a unit.
  5. Iago - Original Reinhardt and Legendary Leif did most of the heavy lifting. Fallen Mareeta was able to tank the blue flying mage, while running around and making life miserable for the enemies that my horse guys couldn't get to. Lachesis danced, and her Atk Tactic was what won the map (Leif failed to secure an early kill otherwise). Laguz kings - Valentia means I can hack out Leon, and everything dies when Leon's allowed to be fielded. This map was no different, even with two different versions of Alm (Brave 'cause I screwed up and Valentine's) and Mae. Brave Alm wound up tanking a certain transformed lion (I think it was Brave Alm?), which was enough for Leon to get the final kill. Ashnard - Surtr existed, the end. Sacred what? - This one took several retries, and I needed some serious creativity. Kaden needed Escape Route for this to work, or he'd end up in a spot where he couldn't run. Summer Corrin's contribution to the run was repositioning Kaden as needed. Midori somehow tanked the blue mage, and Brave Camilla donated Atk Tactic so that Kaden could ORKO Innes. I'll deal with Naga later. My FE6 roster is shaky.
  6. I wish the game would stop randomly glitching, though. Lost a couple of units due to a very specific glitch around one of them.
  7. Uh-oh, a wild Ashe appeared. I'll gun for him, but Caspar doesn't look like a bad consolation prize.
  8. Chapter 16 Free Commandos - 4/93 SR Point: Any ally unit defeats at least 3 enemy units in the same turn during a Player Phase. This point is easy. This map is easy. Keep an eye on the amount of damage everyone takes, and that's it. Setting up the SR point isn't too hard - get someone to 5 ExC, get three enemies to low health, trigger Multi Action, kill an enemy, trigger another Multi Action, and figure it out from there. It's a nice breather of a map, which is good. Some of the SR Points on the later maps are weird, and there's one which I'm not quite sure about. Let's see if I can figure it out before the heat death of the universe! Chapter 17 - 8/101 SR Point: Defeat all enemies within 5 turns, with Shako and Chirico scoring the kills. In other words, Domon and Van can chip enemies down, but Shako and Chirico are the only ones allowed to make them go boom. Domon will need to scale back his weapons, as he can one-shot with a crit. It shouldn't take too long to get everything squared away. Once the second half of the map starts, use whoever you want for kills. Ryoma should be OHKOing things once Getter Beam is online. The enemies don't hit particularly hard, but they are somewhat evasive. Another not-too-hard map, except one of the enemies wasn't in Fairy Stab range, hence the turn count. Oh, right, the guys that aren't on this run. Not sure about Shako, never used him. Chirico is what would happen if Sousuke had the firepower of a battleship in his machine. Chapter 18 - 4/105 SR Point: Defeat Ecrevisse within 2 turns Have Arcadia Accel straight ahead, and have everyone else catch up. Ecrevisse should target Arcadia, and we all know what happens when things mess with a battleship. Open fire when it's your turn again, and that should be enough for the SR Point. After that, it's straight clean-up. There's a cute scene if you have Spike and Angela duke it out.
  9. Iron Lance, unforged 😛 Sadly, I don't remember much of the lances. Though given the nature of those last maps, perhaps something accurate?
  10. It's not bad. Mostly everyone has a niche, whether it be blowing things up quickly, dodging, or being hit in the face repeatedly while doing questionable damage (dammit Elias, I believe on you).
  11. More like overhauled, there's a lot that needs to be fixed (mine glitch, I'm looking at you). Anyway, moved to somewhere more appropriate.
  12. Camilla's a damn good combat unit, but I think Beruka will work for this as well, as long as you promote her in time, promote her to the correct class, and swap her to lances immediately, in that order. If she can hit D lances by a certain point in the game, I think she can pull the same cheese as Camilla.
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