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  1. I don't think America's gonna step in on this one. Collusion/Cold War aside, it would mean involving ourselves in what's essentially a massive domestic clusterfuck. Ideally, we would, but realistically, I can't see it ending well for either country. Caveat: Strongman leader that agrees with their internal monologue. If someone like Saddam took power in the US, those conservatives would be frothing at the mouth.
  2. 1. Your title sucks, I'm going to fix it. This is its own game, not a SMT thing. 2. Since TMS is ONE of the games on sale, I'm moving this to General Gaming.
  3. So in lieu of a warn, take a verbal warning to go read the rules again, and PM a mod should you have any questions about them. As for shipping - I ship Byleth with no one. Ditto Edelgard.
  4. I believe this is a Hard run. Still not sure if it would be doable for TC, though - requires visiting a secret shop only accessible via Warp.
  5. They sort-of did via Byleth's alternate colors? But I doubt the lords themselves will appear as anything but background characters - it would mean full kits and whatnot. Though the three lords do need swords in their Lord class, so. . .
  6. Given the sheer number of units NOT introduced, I think it'll be fine. This probably isn't the last "not exactly the SRPG we grew up with, but still part of the FE series" banner we'll see. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cipher characters found their way in. I'll give my actual thoughts when the units drop. Perhaps they'll surprise me.
  7. . . .real cross over. Because the fact that Fire Emblem characters appeared alongside original characters means TMS wasn't a real FE game. I mean, FE characters appeared in Project X Zone 2, but we don't have a separate subforum for that here. Brave Exvius is thataway.
  8. Time to whine~! . . .just kidding! I can't say I'm thrilled to see Yet Another Avatar in Smash. But I'm hopeful that Byleth's fighting style will be unique enough such that he/she doesn't feel like another sword lord. The stage looks good. Love the nod to all the paths!
  9. If you can recruit the princesses, you can staff-abuse heavily. Warp/Rescue/Again are NOT to be underestimated (but check everyone's staff ranks). Marth's biggest hurdle is his speed, followed by his HP/Def. If he can survive a round with Medeus, you can patch him up and have him go again. Not sure if Nagi's Divinestone is capable of chunking Medeus (it did in SD). You can always shove every last stat booster on her if you don't mind turning her into a sacrifice.
  10. Given how Heroes is, I don't think we're in danger of NOT having a sequel. But fear of not having what you want isn't a good thing - sooner or later, your desires and reality will diverge. Better to learn how to handle it, especially for something as small as a video game. CCGs are another beast entirely, so I'm going to leave that alone. I'm on the moderator end of things. I'll take quality over quantity - big numbers are irrelevant if I have to kick them off the forums.
  11. TMS isn't as popular, so I seriously doubt it. Kiria/Tsubasa would be the best contenders.
  12. . . .uh, what? I'm gonna throw this into Concepts, but I honestly have no idea what you're getting at.
  13. I went in blind, and unlocked CF. And yes, it was an accident - I literally had no idea what those dialogue choices did. Do not underestimate clumsiness!
  14. Unless you completely neglected Marth and didn't recruit the princesses around Medeus, you should be able to eke a win out somehow. Falchion's strong.
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