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  1. When Sara Valestein talks to the mercenaries from North Ambria about their homeland and how they need to fight for their families and gets emotional, she has this really husky voice and sounds very similar to a voice sometimes used by Eric Cartman in South Park. I best remember Cartman using this voice when he acts as Robert E Lee during Civil War reenactments, in which the South nearly defeats the North.

    In addition, Sharon, the Severing Eclipse, has the best voice actor in Legend of Heroes thus far, and even if you become a bandit or side with Ouroboros, you shall always play second fiddle, never Eclipsing her, even though you long ago Eclipsed me.

  2. There's a bunch of things missing here. 1. What exactly makes a unit "good"? How easy it is to plop them in a niche? How many niches they can fill? How cool their voices are? 2. What mode is this for? A Maddening tier list will look different from a Normal one. 3. What exactly is and isn't allowed? Are we using broken weapons to grind out supports/classes? Are we marching through maps ASAP? What about limits to cooking/gardening/fishing?
  3. The train of thought is a little hard to follow in this article, but categorizing those that oppose him as "evil, bad people" shouldn't be par for the course. I could write out an essay on what annoys me about this particular stunt, but it's stuff he's done before. . .well, maybe not the fire hazard things, but still.
  4. Once again, it was Leon and three dancers for Infernal! Had to swap to Death Blow for the A slot. Since the enemies didn't rush me all at once, I was able to pick them off. MVP of this run was the Hardy Bearing seal, which allowed Leon to get an Aether off on Seliph.
  5. @TheSilentChloey it's a running theme for Kiran to do head-scratchingly stupid things in the comics. It's not going to change due to your complaints, so cut it out. Can't say I found this comic very funny. Though the idea of the Nifl/Muspell fighters swapping outfits amuses me.
  6. I'm going to be That Guy and say no. Not because college is bad. But that's, like, three steps away from where you are. The first question you need to answer is "what do I want to do ten years from now?". The second is "how do I get there?".
  7. I hear Final Fantasy Type-0 is on sale, too. If y'all want a really dark story, have at it!
  8. I'm going to with Hel/maybe Gustav. They really need to finish Book 3 properly!
  9. It's the evolution of writing! Mark starts out with some importance, but once the Real Plot kicks off, he/she is relegated to the background. You'll get some cool quotes from certain characters if they're deployed on certain chapters! FE6 avatar - Bramimmond is largely silent. So is Merlinus. One cannot be present in the story AND keep an old man tied up at the same time!
  10. Red > Green > Blue > Colorless, and I got lucky. Colorless was Eleanora or merges. I now have Eleanora in my barracks. SCORE!
  11. I used to eat kale by sauteeing it with a bit of oil and salt and a lot of garlic. Turned out almost sweet that way. Or it could be because I really liked garlic.
  12. TWO THINGS: 1. I'm going to start warning people for overly long posts. If you want to reply in essay format, put your stuff in spoiler tags. 2. Try not to get anyone killed over food, please.
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