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  1. I don't know what your stance on Touhou is, but the playable cast is exclusively female. The current event involves a lot of traditional Japanese cooking. I don't know what genius turned a bullet hell into a RPG, but here we are. The grinding can be tedious, but there's two different Auto modes to get through that. The really hard battles require planning your team out, and taking advantage of the in-game mechanics. Event stories are mostly silly, but the main story's, well, interesting (it blows Heroes books out of the water, and they juggle a much bigger cast). I'm having fun, at least! tl;dr - There's a LOT of different games out there. I'm really picky about who makes my games and what franchise they're from, which is why I usually stick with what I play.
  2. The game I have in mind was very much marketed to the Japanese audience (hello there Type-0 saturation), but due to the way they did their gacha, it wound up being a very solid game regardless. Heroes was a global release, and I feel like they're going after people who are after girls and/or people who want to have the most broken units available (hence the ridiculous weapon descriptions).
  3. Good point. Target audience for the games with the male avatars are people who are familiar with the series - which definitely includes otaku (with Final Fantasy being the "least otaku", if you will). I don't think I need to outline who the all-girl games target. Heroes is looking for money, full stop, which would explain why weapons went from "Special cooldown -1" to "insert essay here", never mind the million alts. The lone "other" is aimed at kids.
  4. And that's also fair! I'm in it for the FE aspect as well. However, there's certain people who would rather complain about gender ratios, which tells me that they place more emphasis on that. Hence why I think it would be far more productive to find a game that does a better job of representing that than whining about it on some forum. Life's way too short to spend on gacha games that aren't fun!
  5. That's perfectly fair~! But it's a reminder that the gacha world is huge, so complaining about something in one game over and over makes me wonder why they do that to themselves. There's a reason why I refuse to play Brave Exvius, despite my love of Final Fantasy!
  6. Let's see if this holds true for the gacha games I play. My app icons feature: Male - 3 Female - 3 Other - 1 Of the ones with female app icons, two of them have all-female casts. Either my taste in games is absolutely amazing, or y'all need to play games that cater to gender equality instead of being miserable in Heroes. Of my games, the one with the heaviest fanservice, by far, is one with a male icon. My data may be horribly limited, but it shows that if you look for games that cater to your passions, you'll find them.
  7. What are Tina/Saias' stats? Full stats, not just magic. I have a theory, but since I've never played FE5, I'm not sure if it holds water. Hence why I'm going to math it out.
  8. Normally, I try to keep the more serious modding decisions out of the public eye, but I didn't think you'd post literal trash in here. The only reason why this topic is around is because I want the refutation to be public. It's also locked because I don't need any other hot takes. Psychology is simple to those that don't think things through. Or people who are trying to peddle snake oil. They are not an excuse to not think things through. This is a sign that you're relying way too much on labels. I, for one, like looking at those things that don't quite fit, because it means that I learn new things. A computer doesn't look like me, but my first thought sure wasn't fear. Neither did people whose hair wasn't the same color as me. Though my mom yelled at me when I asked her whether or not a woman with a large stomach was pregnant. Loudly. In a store. Which reminds me, if any of this is resonating with you, then congratulations, you need to examine why you're afraid of so many things. Some people approach new things with curiosity instead of fear. Do the world a huge favor and never say stuff like this in public again. Black people are people first, and not being able to see past that is a personal flaw. News flash: Every single race under the sun has negative things associated with them. Negative stereotypes exist, but it's up to us to decide whether or not we're going to see a person as a person or those stereotypes. Racism isn't a mental illness, either. It's a choice. And because it's a choice, the rest of this is bullshit. Yes, you are capable of not being racist. You are capable of taking responsibility for your actions and choices. But when you choose to attempt to justify your shitty decisions with this, then you chose poorly. Choices such as these have consequences, like getting kicked off the forum for being racist and not being smart enough to shut up about it. Thanks to the way the political environment has shifted, any benefit of the doubt I would've had has evaporated. Blame the people who parrot this nonsense, including yourself. Clearly some of this had to resonate with you in order for you to make a post about it.
  9. Four things: 1. I shoved your original post in spoilers, because it's obnoxiously long. If you want to separate your list into individual spoiler tags per arc, feel free to do so. But the original post is not to be longer than the seiyuu lists of everything Toriyama has worked on. 2. This is a Fire Emblem forum first and foremost, we're not going to be well-versed in this. If you want better discussion, please find a Dragon Ball forum to post this. 3. Don't post twice in a row (you did this earlier). 4. Part of posting things and asking for feedback means that you'll have to deal with people who don't agree with your views, especially if you don't say why you assigned X character to Y power level. If you can't handle that, then don't post things and ask for feedback.
  10. @Mercakete it's no longer invisible! That fix shouldn't have touched any content, but if it did, please let me know!
  11. Sorry, I'm barely coherent. Chapter 42 - 4/234 SR Point: Within 4 turns defeat all enemies, saving A-Pys Art for last. On Sagiri's route, this SR Point isn't too bad, due to how the map is laid out. But on Saizo's route? Think Chapter 16 of Awakening. That's right, things spawn at inconvenient times, and they spawn to the left and right. Thus, have the Arcadia, Nadesico, Tyranado Rex, and a couple of other units go down the center, and have your other units go to the left or right. Make sure to split your heavy hitters, because there's battleships mixed into those reinforcements. Your job is to get your ExC as high as possible, then spam Multi Action/Restore Action to wipe out the generic enemies. Once the boss is all alone, pummel him using your strongest attacks with Valor/Soul. Make sure Saizo gets the killing blow! This will most likely end up being the mother of all clean-up operations on turn 4. Shin Getter Robo can delete most of a battleship's health with Shin Shine Spark on Valor. Your other units can take care of the small guys. Don't underestimate the girls on this map - Pricilla and Angela can rip through enemy's health. If Shiro has his Ace bonus and you took the Soul/Valor cost reduction in the customization options, his Valor will be 25 SP (read: amazing). Hopefully Shiro is in Great Mazinger, because Thunder Break hits extremely hard. Van makes amazing bait on this map, and he should be able to hit 170 Morale if he dives the enemy and uses Wall. If you can deal with the reinforcements in a timely manner, you'll win the map. Good luck!
  12. Nope. Please take the time to read our rules again. While there is an older thread, it falls under necroposting rules. Thus, posting a new thread was called for. Whether or not anyone answers is another story, though.
  13. There's always reruns! But yeah, sorry about your luck. I agree on sparkable banners, if only so you get a merge for free.
  14. So, math. It's great for the GBA games, because the numbers are relatively small. If someone's gonna bait way too many enemies, and will take fatal damage, then rethink your strategy. Here's the relevant equations. The doubling threshold in this game is if one side's speed is at least 4 more than the other side.
  15. 1. Yo don't post twice in a row. Either copy/paste quotes into your existing post (which is so much fun), or think a bit about whether or not you want to quote before you post. 2. Check out Tales of Berseria. I think Velvet would count, for story reasons.
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