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  1. Since your higher hit rates are reliant on 1RN, it means that you're not as likely to hit as in a 2RN game. 80% really means "you'll miss this one time out of five".
  2. 1RN does exactly what the name says. 2RN is similar to 1RN at around 50%. As you start to deviate from there, the chances of something happening become more pronounced. In other words, your higher percentages are more likely to hit, while your lower percentage are more likely to miss. By using Fates' combined RN system, it means that the lower half of the percentage range isn't as likely to miss, while the upper range is more likely to hit. So let's take a situation where you have a unit that's facing five 30% attacks in a row. With 1RN, that's a 30% hit. But with 2RN? That's a true 18.3% chance to hit. Now, the odds of dodging all of the attacks are as follows: 1RN: 16.8% 2RN: 36.4% Notice how the 2RN situation more than doubles the odds of dodging everything? WRT to FE6's crappy hit rates, it meant that your lower hit rates were more likely to miss, which is doubly infuriating, given that the enemy in question was on a tile that gave a ton of defense and health regeneration. Then there's RN generation, but that's another can of worms entirely.
  3. It does. . .but for that, you'd have to understand the significance of 2RN vs. 1RN, and why that 50% threshold is so very important.
  4. I like how you completely cut out half of what I said, almost as if it was unimportant.
  5. I thought Luck was useful in New Mystery, where some of the more irritating enemies had a respectable crit rate - and a crit was more-or-less fatal. While supports existed, you'd have to plan your roster around it, and even then, those characters who had supports may not survive that many attacks. For Skill, lower all weapon's innate hit rates by 20, and use Fates' RN system.
  6. Have a read. Then see if that gives you any more insight.
  7. This is getting locked. @NOTchazbc24 I'm still not watching this, and you can thank your title for it. If you have to rely on clickbait, then I'm going to assume it's because you don't feel that the video's content is good enough without it. Also, you're free to put your channel in your sig.
  8. What's more essential to survival, your heart or your lungs? Just because one is important doesn't mean that the other isn't. And the answer is "neither", because IMO it's execution. A story can have great themes and a good plot, but if the execution is off, it becomes a mess (see: Final Fantasy Tactics - interesting theme, plot somewhat makes sense, but the execution is awful).
  9. I nominate Joshua Bright in a maid outfit. 😛
  10. This. . .uh, kind of falls apart in 1-5. I assume he knows what a Branded is. He also knows how he got his mark. Hence he concluded he probably wasn't the lost son of King Ashnard, since it was his brand that was the "proof". My guess is that he plays along with Izuka, hence why he's so hesitant to stand up to him early-on. Once he saw that Micaiah and her band were capable, he realizes that he has an out should things go sour with Izuka.
  11. There's exactly one FE game I could never finish, and that is FE4. I felt like only half of Sigurd's army was necessary. Sigurd himself was the other half.
  12. Since you're looking for a writer for your fan game, I'm gonna shove this into Concepts. I don't have time to devote to this, sadly.
  13. Nah, just that wonky formatting you used on that last post. Had to use some mod trickery to enable the Quote button again.
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