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  1. There's a lot of different possible reasons. One is purity culture at work, where pregnancy is the punishment. Someone else floated a theory that it's to adopt then indoctrinate kids. This one was supported by the fact that newborns are in high demand while teenagers in the foster system aren't. Another theory is that it's to keep a large, poor, uneducated work force. Regardless, this is something that needs to be asked of those that believe it. Even if it means some prodding to get to the actual reasons. The roots of the evangelical anti-abortion movement are not pretty. Archive link.
  2. It's a relatively new invention, linked with segregation of all things. The SBC wasn't always against abortion!
  3. I'm gonna explain the logic of this to someone else a bit later. Feel free to comment on that. SHIT. That's not how democracy works at all. There's a lot of emotional takes. "Abortion is murder" doesn't allow for proper discussion, as it's an argument firmly rooted in emotion. Invoking Christianity would also fall under that - Christians who feel that abortion is murder are free to not abort their own fetuses, but that belief ends with them. Not everyone is Christian, so they shouldn't be bound to Christian doctrine. Likewise, "pro-forced birth" looks like a logical conclusion, but then it devolves into an argument about semantics. Nor do I think that the anti-abortion movement is solely about giving birth - ask why it's so important for that child to be born, wanted or otherwise. It's possible to get to the heart of the issue by being smart about what you ask the other person, but it takes practice. Usually, those that preach "abortion is murder" inevitably blame the woman for having sex (I've backed others into that corner before). My take is that those on the "abortion is murder" side are unwitting pawns in a movement to restrict voting rights. Unlike emotional takes, what I just said can be supported using some of abortion ban laws, some demographic data on abortions, and one other piece of data which I'll leave as an exercise to the reader. If y'all want to talk about Thomas' "revisiting" of certain other cases, that's fair game as well. I don't trust that guy's intentions.
  4. I'm locking this while I figure out what the hell just happened. EDIT: Some posts went poof. I did that. This is a reminder to stay civil. Roe v. Wade is extremely emotional. Grossly misrepresenting the other side is not conducive to being civil. So no remarks about "pro-forced birth", no matter how accurate you think it is. Or accusing the other side of killing babies. Neither of these accurately represents the view from the other side. Mod's gotta mod.
  5. But why would I run Galeforce?! 😜 (sorry, couldn't resist) And now by color. Red - I have them all but I won't turn down merges! Green - Two Heroes I don't have and Freya also doesn't object to merges. Blue - If I'm fishing for a new hero, this is the color for me. Colorless - Niime's new, merges on Leif isn't bad, but August. I have him, I'm sure someone else wouldn't mind him as fodder, but I'm still horribly confused. Pull order: Blue > Green = Colorless > Red, and the gap between Blue and Red is extremely tiny.
  6. Seems to be a bug? In your output, you have randomized affinities.
  7. Thanks for the ping. Looks like all quotes were removed.
  8. Steel is also heavier, which means that people who might've doubled with an Iron weapon may not do so with a Steel one. I'd say it's down to context. Sometimes you need that extra MT, most of the time you don't.
  9. Any ideas for Summer Claude's A slot? Much as I'd like him to be a dedicated Brave attacker, I can't trigger the effects consistently (though that may change once I get my hands on a proper Menace).
  10. I'm in no mood to go through this topic for unmarked spoilers, so I'll put this here. PUT SPOILERS IN SPOILER TAGS! In other words, if it's not in the demo/other material before release, it's a spoiler.
  11. Managed it with Masked Marth, because she could also tank the Brave Axe cavalier. Final team was Masked Marth +10 (and she really needed all those merges), Summer Cordelia from Hall of Forms (this gave her canto among other ridiculous things), Halloween F!Grima, and colorless Olivia. Didn't bother with Abyssal due to time constraints, and not sure if this team could've pulled it off. Cordelia was able to ORKO Corrin on Infernal thanks to a Ninja Yari and Ruptured Sky.
  12. So far, no. I think there are a couple of sedition-like charges floating around, but those feel far too lenient given the supposed crap that was pulled.
  13. Gonzales - It was the first-year Brave squad, except Claude had other things to do so Dorothea took his place. It really wasn't fair. Mercedes/Annette - Brave Ike tanked far too many things. Had to slap Res Ploy on Ashera so Mercedes would harass Ninja Shinon. Micaiah was surprisingly not dead weight with Drive Atk. Hel - Brave Marth, Legendary Caeda, Sedgar, and Wolf were able to get through this pretty quickly. Most of which was Caeda getting everyone out of the way. Palla/Catria - Brave Ephraim used Halloween Myrrh as a buffbot of sorts. Brave Eirika is still busted. So is Harmonic Lysithea. Took me a couple of tries to figure out how to position everyone. Overall more of a pain than it should've been. Corrin - I'm still trying to puzzle this out. Still not sure if Masked Marth or Duo Chrom would be better in the red slot - or who to run in the rest of the slots. Awakening is my second-worst series (Binding Blade takes the cake).
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