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Who's Who? Randomizer

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So I was going through a randomized Hector run of FE7 when I got this little idea. So here's how it works:

I'm going to post my roster with the name of what my units became. But Who's who?

Some will be obvious while others not so much. Using their respected portraits I did some recolors.

So here's what my roster came out like:


Now it's obvious for at least two of them but let's see how you do.

I'm give you till Oct 28th, quiet generous time line, to tell me who each unit is by their pallet.

I'll only look at a full list and not just a name here and there. So good luck and we'll see how everyone does.

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This game, I now realize, has way to much frickin' blue.

  • Hector (Fiora)
  • Eliwood
  • Lyn
  • Matthew
  • Oswin (Dorcas)
  • Serra (Kent)
  • Marcus (Pent)
  • Lowen
  • Rebecca
  • Dorcas (Lucius)
  • Bartre
  • Guy (Jaffar)
  • Erk (Erk)
  • Priscilla (Guy)
  • Kent (Serra)
  • Sain (Lowen)
  • Florina (Nino)
  • Wil (Marcus)
  • Raven (Louise)
  • Lucius (Karel)
  • Dart (Geitz)
  • Canas
  • Fiora (Hector)
  • Legault (Legault)
  • Ninian (Matthew)
  • Isadora
  • Heath (Rebecca)
  • Rath
  • Pent (Rath)
  • Hawkeye
  • Wallace (Oswin)
  • Geitz (Bartre)
  • Farina
  • Louise (Priscilla)
  • Karel (Eliwood)
  • Harken (Isadora)
  • Nino (Florina)
  • Jaffar (Sain)
  • Vaida (Canas)
  • Karla (Vaida)
  • Nils (Ninian)
  • Renault
  • Athos (Wallace)

I gave it a good couple days first, but I think I'll just submit what I have.

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With 16 days left, it's glaringly obvious that no one is closer to finding the full roster then AnonymousSpeed.

Still I like to see more ideas of who you guys might think of who's who. As stated, on the 28th, I will reveal the full list. I do encourage working together to figure it out.

Good luck and don't give up!

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Tomorrow is the last day for you guys to figure out Who's Who.

I was hoping for at least one or two more posts before the big reveal...But there is still time to place your guesses. 

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Well, times up. Pity that not many people jumped in to this, but then again most have other things to do now. I e: School5bd5e5b7800e8_FullNewRandorun.png.02c942f936fa94c6b01646121752b89b.png

But it's now time to show the answer to Who's Who:

  • Hector - Fiora
  • Eliwood - Karel
  • Lyn - Lyn
  • Matthew - Hawkeye
  • Oswin - Dorcas
  • Serra - Kent
  • Marcus - Pent
  • Lowen - Heath
  • Rebecca - Lucius
  • Dorcas - Farina
  • Bartre - Nils
  • Guy - Jaffar
  • Erk - Erk
  • Priscilla - Guy
  • Kent - Serra
  • Sain - Lowen
  • Florina - Nino
  • Wil - Marcus
  • Raven - Louise
  • Lucius - Dart
  • Dart - Geitz
  • Canas - Harken
  • Fiora - Hector
  • Legault - Legault
  • Ninian - Matthew
  • Isadora - Athos
  • Heath - Rebecca
  • Rath - Wallace
  • Pent - Rath
  • Hawkeye - Wil
  • Wallace - Oswin
  • Geitz - Bartre
  • Farina - Raven
  • Louise - Priscilla
  • Karel - Eliwood
  • Harken - Isadora
  • Nino - Florina
  • Jaffar - Sain
  • Vaida - Canas
  • Karla - Vaida
  • Nils - Ninian
  • Renault - Renault
  • Athos - Karla

So 4 of them just changed jobs out of all of them. I may do this again later this year, so keep an eye out for it. Congrats to AnonymousSpeed for getting more then a few.

Edited by KKAfterbrun

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