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30 Day Fire Emblem OC Challenge

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Day 9- Mercenary Leader



"Sometimes I wish I didn't look like a tough guy. Sure, it's good for business, but if I looked a little softer, I might have kept out of an awful lot of trouble. Maybe found myself a more docile career..."

As a youth in Zephyrus, Damon had very little besides his natural toughness, and his friendship with a boy his age named Pythias. The orphanage where he lived was run by well meaning people, but because there never enough to go around, Damon still had to be a fighter to get by. Feeling confined to his home town, Damon decided to apply his talents to the field of mercenary work, forming a small band of himself and Pythias. Damon later inducted a third member into their group- the incredibly oblivious and frankly stupid Hypatia, whom he is hopelessly in love with.

Damon has many traits desirable for his trait- he's thrifty, a clever strategist, and a calm negotiator. To most, he's a gruff pragmatist who will take any amount of abuse, so long as he gets paid in the end. To Pythias, he's the reserved dreamer who needs advice on how to keep playing the tough guy. To Hypatia, he's the incredibly kind man whose social awkwardness goes unnoticed. The mercenary life's brief taste of adventure and excitement has left Damon with a different yearning- he now aspires to make enough money to fun a comfortable retirement as a shepherd. He's invited his two comrades to join him if they'd like, though they agree he's getting a bit ahead of himself.

Damon is a fighter, both in how he gets by and in his class. He's overall solid axe-wielding unit with the high strength and solid skill necessary to cleave heads effectively, but has pretty middling speed, which leaves him only doubling slower units. That still leaves him with all the tools he needs to break armored units. Damon also boasts outstanding HP and solid defense which make him a very resilient unit, able to handle large groups of physical enemies. Luck and resistance are other weak points of his, but they aren't exceptionally low, and the latter is more on account of being a physical unit than anything else. He has two promotion options: Berserker does more to fix his speed and gives him access to Axefaire. Hero still helps his speed, but not as much, bolsters his defenses and gives him access to swords. His personal skill, Friends to the End, increases the benefit he receives from supports with Pythias and reduces the damage taken when near Pythias.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Like a sheep to the slaughter-"
  • "Nothing personal."
  • "You're holding me up-"

Death Quote: "...I should've figured it'd end like this. Pythias...Hypatia..."


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Day 9 - Mercenary Leader


Name: Mike

Class: Hero

Description: Totally doesn't look like Ike

Bio: Due to whatever events spured the game into motion, the mercenary band has been split up. The player gradually encounters members of the group throughout the game. They all talk about their leader, Mike, but no one can find him anywhere. From his subordinates we learn  more and more about  him and the series of off screen adventures that resulted after  the group were separated. Local villagers also occasionally mention rumours about him, but they often seem exaggerated and outright contradictory, but they confirm that he still exists somewhere. He's finally recruited (provided all his mercenaries are alive and in the player's employee) about 70% if the way through the game by going back to an early game town (think Shadows of Valentina style world map) and discovering him in a bar where he reveals he has been frantically searching the continent for his troops and just kept missing the player's army.

Personality: Comes across as surprisingly ordinary and friendly in contrast to his big reputation.  He is a bit scatterbrained however and frequently forgets who people are because he finds himself talking to so many people.

Statine: Excels in strength, defense and speed, but has basically no resistance and his HP is a bit lacking. Growths are quite low, but his bases are high enough to take him to endgame. Personal skill also buffs any other units that are from his mercenary band. Overall a very strong prepromote though. However given his recruitment involves going to an inconspicuous town you already visited near the start of the game, there's a high likelihood most players will miss his recruitment entirely.


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Day 10- Dual Fighters



"No, you listen- I don't take orders from snotty little whelps like you."

Damon's inseparable friend since childhood. Though Pythias lived the less lower class life of the two and had to struggle less to get by, he somehow ended up the more combative one. In truth, he better suits the idea of a tough and unyielding mercenary than Damon does. That's also the issue though, as Pythias is too stubborn and too sensitive. This makes him ill suited to securing contracts or formulating strategies, so Damon serves as the actual leader. However, whenever Damon needs to act tough, he takes the advice of Pythias to do so- it's not that Damon can't hold his own, but he's simply too much of a pushover to stick up for his own interests without Pythias there to look out for him. In return, Damon helps Pythias keep more of a level head.

Being both extremely judgmental and keeping the best interest of Damon in mind, Pythias has quite a strong opinion of Hypatia; He quickly forms strong opinions on everyone but Hypatia in particular. See, Pythias is very cognizant of the fact that Hypatia is an idiot and a clutz and overall thinks that Damon is looking way below his level. He quite insists he's not jealous of the fact that his friend is now so preoccupied with someone outside their long-standing friendship, but he probably is a little.

Pythias is a member of the myrmidon class, but his stats are more like those of the mercenary class of old. Though still focusing on speed and skill, he has more well rounded stats and higher strength and defense. He can promote into a Swordmaster for Swordfaire as well as better speed and skill, or the more defensive Hero class which also grants him axes. His personal skill is Enduring Friendship, which increases the bonuses he gains from supports with Damon and increases his attack when near Damon.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Out of my way!"
  • "I'm through with your crap!"
  • "I do not like you-"

Death Quote: "I guess this is it for me, friends. Try your best...to get on without me..."



"Hooray for friendship!"

A beautiful but dull and uncoordinated young woman. Not much of a fighter or strategist, she really has her job because Damon fancies her so much and would be loathe to turn down a chance to travel with her. In truth, Damon would let her follow them and pay her the same wage even if she did absolutely nothing, but Hypatia is determined to be useful, with mixed and sometimes comedic results. No matter how unqualified, she'll try her best at whatever she feels will help others. Her lack of wit, at least in the eyes of Damon, is more than made up for by her sweet cheerfulness and undying drive be helpful.

Being somewhat oblivious, Hypatia hasn't caught on to Damon's feelings and merely suspects that Pythias doesn't like her very much. She still tries to be as kind as possible, though- not just to Pythias but to everyone she meets. Her enthusiasm is undying, and will either be very endearing or endlessly frustrating to everyone she meets. While naive beyond belief, she's also so dumb or oblivious or generally decent and unsuspecting that tricking or manipulating her is nearly impossible.

Hypatia is a fighter with a strong emphasis on speed, but compensates by losing to Damon in most other aspects. Her strength and HP are still good, but don't expect much else, aside from a healthier luck stat. She fits into the Berserker class quite well, but Hero is still a good option to try and fix her hit and other issues. Even though Hypatia doesn't have a skill to boost her supports with Damon, she still can provide him with more support bonuses because she and Damon can actually reach S support. Her personal skill, Contagious Enthusiasm, causes both her and her supported unit to have boosted avoid and critical avoid while offering each other support bonuses.

Critical Quotes:

  • "I'm so sorry!"
  • "It didn't have to be this way!"
  • "This hurts me too-"

Death Quotes: "Why do I feel so...cold? Someone...help..."


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Day 11- Wild Rogue



"I open doors and close mouths."

A young but hardened thief from Westros, a nation to the west of Oster-Sudemhof. He prides himself of the quality of his work, and would be among the nation's most noticeable thieves- if his identity was well known. His motivations are mysterious and his past even more so, but the former can somewhat be deciphered. He isn't in it for the money or the glory. Heinrich joins the player out of a sense of bemused curiosity and, while he says he "like(s) to be useful," that's really just a euphemism for "I like to be the best there is at what I do." It's all a matter of arrogant pride.

Heinrich has a very cold and professional demeanor. He doesn't like to talk about himself very much, but he's surprisingly willing to talk about things. He's an expert appraiser, and is quite open about explaining the process of determining an item's quality. Despite his keen eye and keen interest in the worth of jewelry and relics, even the most impressive find can't excite his voice. While he isn't seeking a fast fortune, he does seek to live comfortably, and will traditionally steal what he wants when he wants it, often without anyone noticing until long after he's gone. On an ethical level, he seems unbothered by this practice.

Several factors make Heinrich the knife wielder most capable of direct combat. He has the high speed and skill you'd expect, but is also fairly average (rather than below average) in his durability and even has a good strength stat. This means that, while he still can weaken enemies with his knives, he can also deal excellent damage in direct combat and engage in multiple rounds of it. Unfortunately, his base reclass is Archer- so he doesn't gain a terrible amount of offensive power from reclassing. Still, his promotion to Assassin keeps him a powerful threat. Thieves also can promote into an [A], which is fine but overall is less suited to Heinrich's stats.

Keeping Heinrich alive proves several base conversations over the course of the game, providing useful items and information. His unique skill is Shadow Strike. Heinrich gains +4 attack and +15 crit when attacking a foe who cannot counter attack or who has not engaged Heinrich in combat before during the battle. Most terrifying is that this effect stacks, which means that Heinrich can pretty reliably one-round many foes, at the expense of not gaining much advantage from the debuffing power of knives.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Bingo."
  • "I found your weak point."
  • "Boo."

Death Quote: "...unfortunate."


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Welp, I missed two days while visiting family, and missed another day trying to catch up on the first two (RIP). So here's three missed days at once! lol

Day 4 - Archetype: Calm Horseman


Name: Fillin || Emerald Blood

Age: 16

Class: Pegasus Knight >> Falcon Knight (Swords, Lances) or Harrier (Lances, Anima)

Appearance: Fillin has an elvish complexion. He has fair skin and long golden blonde hair that falls well below his shoulders. Like most pegasus riders, he's short and slender, but highly athletic. Fillin's armor is white with green trim, and he keeps it polished to a mirror-like sheen. A glittering sapphire set within a silver bangle hangs prominently from his wrist. Glen, his pegasus, is of the same breed as Nevan's Scarlet Thunder. The two pegasi have the same ruby-red eyes, but Glen's superior bloodline gives him a pure white coat.

Description: A high-born pegasus rider serving Baron Carbre. Diligent, but snide and conceited.

Bio/Story: From the moment he was born, Fillin was destined for greatness. More accurately, he could pay for it. The bustling trading town of Carbre is known for its wealthy merchants, and Fillin was born into one of the wealthiest families around. Fillin was spoiled throughout his youth, and he's always been arrogant. What he's most proud of, though, is his skill astride a pegasus--ask him and he'll tell you that he's the finest pegasus rider around. Or don't ask him. He'll probably tell you anyway. When Fillin's ego collides full-force with Nevan's pride, things get heated. Nevan socked Fillin in the jaw within two minutes of meeting him, and their relationship has scarcely calmed down. The two continue to square off at every turn. Baron Carbre worries that the two youths may take things too far, but Roan enjoys watching the two of them duke it out. ("What? I love a good brawl in the morning. I'd build an arena if Dairine would loan me some of her recruits.")

As a retainer to Baron Carbre, Fillin accompanies him on most of his journeys, and the journey to retrieve the Sundered Cup is no exception.

Crit Quotes:

  • "Well, this should be easy!"
  • "Hmph."
  • "Like you ever stood a chance!"

Death Quote: "H-how reckless... of me..."

Stats: Fillin's speed, skill, and luck are well above Nevan's, though Fillin's strength and magic are much lower. His personal skill "Oaken Poise" boosts his avoid and damage dealt when the enemy initiates combat.

Notes: He prefers blue to green, but he wears the family colors. At least he isn't stuck with green hair.

"I've always been a step ahead of you. Surely you've realized that by now?"

Day 5 - Archetype: Young Archer


Name: Alby || Long Bowman

Age: 15

Class: Archer (Bows) >> Sniper (Bows) or Ranger (Swords, Bows)

Appearance: Extremely tall--more than a head taller than Roan. Short mousy hair. Doesn’t have much in the way of muscle or fat. He wears a reddish-brown tunic with a leather chest guard, a three-finger glove on his left hand, and long beige trousers that billow around his lanky frame. On close inspection, delicate stitchwork near the bottoms of his trousers shows that they’ve been extended at least twice.

Description: A young archer(™) from Carbre. He’s struggling to find his way in the world.

Bio/Story: Alby has never had control over his own life. Because of his incredible height, he was drafted by the town garrison at 13. The knight commander sought to train him as a champion, but Alby has neither the competitive temperament nor the split-second decision-making that define a high-quality brawler. After six months of attempting to drill the basics of hand-to-hand combat into the lanky recruit, the commander reluctantly moved Alby to the archery squad. In the year since, Alby has been faring much better. The arc of a perfectly aimed arrow is one of his simple joys. He enjoys sewing, though the commander's harsh drilling leaves him with little free time.

The knight commander of Carbre asked Alby to accompany Baron Carbre on the journey to recover the Sundered Cup. The commander intended for Alby to gain some experience on a simple, straightforward mission. However, as details about the thieves come to light, the inexperienced archer will quickly find himself in over his head. (Only figuratively. Not much actually goes over his head--he has to duck through doorways.)

Crit Quotes:

  • "Try this on for size!"
  • "This'll be a beautiful shot!"
  • "Right on target!"

Death Quote: "Milord... everyone... I'm sorry."

Stats: Alby has good strength, skill, and HP, as well as exceptional height Con. His other stats are fairly average, save for his resistance, which is his lowest stat by far. His personal skill "Long Draw" increases his accuracy and damage dealt when using heavier bows.

Notes: He did the stitching on his trousers himself. His pet peeve is the "how's the weather up there?" joke.

"Yeah, the weather is great. You're so funny. Actually, the weather up here is exactly the same as it is on the ground. Ha. Funny how that works."

Day 6 - Archetype: Strong and Tough


Name: Maeve || Idle Dreamer

Age: 20

Class: Knight (Lances) >> General (Lances, Axes) or Great Knight (Swords, Lances, Axes)

Appearance: Auburn hair cut to ear length. Taller than average, but not a giant. She wears thick, unpainted plate armor on her arms and torso, and an additional ring of armor is fastened on at her shoulders and extends around her neck and shoulders. (Think FE13 armor knight, but with less armor above the neck.) A massive kite shield finishes off her metallic ensemble.

Description: One of Baron Carbre's retainers. She dreams big, but spends most of her free time relaxing.

Bio/Story: Maeve is ambitious. She wants to be the #1 soldier--the one who deadlifts tree trunks and single-handedly fends off invaders. And she’s well on her way: she’s a skilled fighter and she’s fully prepared to put her life on the line. However, when it comes down to it, Maeve would rather be sleeping than training. As much as she wants to be a great, reliable guardsman, she would rather be at home asleep. Protecting others is her calling, sure, but is there anything more beautiful than a well-deserved nap? (No, no there isn’t.)

Maeve accompanies Baron Carbre on the journey to recover the Sundered Cup. As Baron Carbre's retainers, she and Fillin work together every day, and she’s gotten used to his high-and-mighty attitude. Aside from her usual duties, Maeve often finds herself breaking up fights between Fillin and Nevan. The two of them once knocked down her tent in a fistfight, and, of course, she was rudely awakened from her nap. You can see how this ends.

Crit Quotes:

  • "Happy to help!"
  • "For the baron!"
  • "Gods, I'm so tired."

Death Quote: "I can't catch a break..."

Stats: Maeve is a typical armor knight: she has great defense and strength but poor speed and resistance. Her magic is also abysmal, but thankfully she'll never need it. Her personal skill "Recuperation" restores some HP if she chooses to Wait at the end of her turn.

Notes: After years of rigorous training, she has perfected the ability to sleep while standing up. 

"Zzz... Hmm..? Ah! Milord! Yes, everything looks quiet! No, nothing unusual! Just a boring, sleepy watch! Oh, yes, I'll continue to do my best! Phew. That was... a close one... Zzz..."

("Carbre, is your armor knight sleeping while standing up? Incredible! ")


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42 minutes ago, AppleJuice said:

Welp, I missed two days while visiting family, and missed another day trying to catch up on the first two (RIP). So here's three missed days at once! lol

I wouldn't be too worried about it. Participation seems a bit relaxed with regards to schedules- probably for the better, to be honest.


Day 12- Mage in Training



"I've never heard of this card game- deal me in."

A young and talented mage who was attending a prestigious institute for the training of mages. After her education literally went up in flames, Linza's teacher sent her with the heroes so as to find valuable enchantments during their journey, while he would attempt to reestablish the university. Linza also takes the opportunity to continue her magical training through the active use of her abilities.

Linza is pretty competitive and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which feed into each other. Being the top of her class, or at the very least near it, is an honor she's always striven for and enjoyed having. She doesn't need to be the absolutely best though. It's enough for her to just being very good will do, enough to satisfy her own high standards. Similarly, she's always looking for new ways to push herself and new things to learn.

Learning and competition are things she takes an active enjoyment in, and she tries to always eagerly and joyously seek them out at all times. This can actually make her quite nosy, always getting into other people's business and asking a tidal wave of questions about what they're doing, why they're doing it, and what each part of the process accomplishes. Her attention to detail is astonishing, at least with regards to the abstract. With regards to physical objects, Linza is always losing track of items and missing what's in plain sight. She also drinks pickle juice, which most people consider pretty weird, but that doesn't detract from the refreshing effect.

As your first mage, Linza will probably end up your primary magic user. She focuses mostly on big damage. Her magic stat is astronomical, with a pretty good speed stat to boot, and skill that's average but not horrible. This insane power comes at the disadvantage of most of her other stats. While Linza has pretty good resistance, it's nothing special for a magical unit and she'll usually be frail as paper. On player phase, though, she's one of your most reliable damage dealers. She can promote into a Sage for higher magic and staves, or she can promote into [I'll sort out these promotions later.] Her personal skill, Learn as You Go, increases the experience and weapon experience she gains when using weapons of the highest rank she can. However, she has some minor hit problems which might inhibit the use of this skill.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Checkmate!"
  • "Going in for the kill!"
  • "You lose!"

Death Quote: "Agh-! Ow, oh...don't I get another chance...?"


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Day 13- Lone Myrmidon



"Well now, I reckon I oughta- oh, there hello miss. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

To the south of the continent lies the Bantu Territories- a vast Savannah where three separate factions vie for control. First is the Manaketes, those shapeshifters from whose race came the prophet. They are scattered and few in number, limiting their control. Second are the theocratic city states, established in the territory around religious community. They are the faction most recognized by other nations, but they are lacking in manpower, and other nations like to keep it that way. Lastly are the mercenary guilds, like nomadic nations which sustain their own population of warriors. Still, in the conflicted lands of the Bantu and given the strife on the rest of the continent, there's still room for freelance mercenaries like Zuberi.

His reputation is fairly common, but Zuberi is none the less quite capable. Most of this comes from natural talent, as he is more concerned with keeping his looks sharp than his skills. Women are Zuberi's favorite thing, and he always tries to present the most sophisticated aura to them. The image of a refined gentlemen is one Zuberi is quite fond of in general, which makes him quite embarrassed by his 'south plains accent,' essentially a southern twang. Despite his best efforts to suppress it, Zuberi often reverts back to his native accent when surprised or excited. Sometimes he'll just remain quiet to minimize the chance of it coming out, by any illusion of stoicism is broken should pretty women come near him. Though not a talented negotiator, as his payments often show, he strives towards the same suave accent for both flirtation and dissertation.

Zuberi doesn't take kindly to being cheated or lied to- he's a mercenary, but an honest one, or so he says. While talented, Zuberi doesn't have enough ability to match his arrogance- he loves to show off and make grand, flashy displays of his power. It annoys most people. Another thing about Zuberi is his odd taste in cuisine. He specializes in preparing delicacies from the South Bantu or in sprucing up common dishes eaten on the trail. Among his favored foods are a flatbread cooked on a shield, boiled animal intestines, and an odd mix of animal fat, honey, roasted nuts and roasted insects which only he and Adela seem to appreciate.

While Pythias mimics the stat layout of a Mercenary, Zuberi features more traditional Myrmidon stats. His high focus on speed and skill mean he double almost every enemy and will score critical hits more often than most of his allies. This is bolstered by his personal skill, Showoff, which provides him with a significant +20 crit bonus when near a female ally. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of his strength and defense- Zuberi will have a hard time scratching armors or other defensive opponents, and relies on his dodging ability to survive enemy onslaughts. Thankfully, his high speed is joined by high luck, so he can avoid hits somewhat reliably. Each of his promotions give Zuberi a new way to deal with his damage issues- Swordmaster will eventually get him Swordfaire and better fits his stats. Hero might not start him with an impressive axe rank, but given a little time Zuberi will be able to wield very powerful weapons to compensate for his low might.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Ya ain't seen nothin' yet!"
  • "I reckon yer done for-"
  • "Y'all watchin'?"

Death Quote: "Dad-blame it! What a darned disastrous end to such a handsome young thing..."


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Day 14- Underdog Villager



"I can't stand just standing by doing nothing- if I'm not helping you any, why am I even here? I'm just a waste of rations at that point..."

A hunter from a chieftain family, hailing from an outpost on the outskirts of the Bantu territories.  Her grandfather died in a war against Oster-Sudemhof, and her father never let anyone hear the end of it. While most of her little villa harbored a good deal of resentment towards their former invaders, Mukami always felt their judgement was too broad and too final. So, when Kato and his group marched past their town, Mukami was one of the few to show them some kindness.  Feeling that she wasn't helpful in her own village but might be to the player's army, she decided to tag along with the latter.

Anxious about her usefulness, Mukami is constantly trying to "earn" her place in the army. Simply being in the army doesn't make her an important part of it, anymore than being from Oster-Sudemhof makes someone a bloodthirsty conqueror. Her worries are honestly unhealthy, as she assumes anyone complimenting her or saying she's done well is flattering her. Such concerns have plagued her since she was little. Her family held some prestige in her village, and immediately upon realizing this she became paranoid that any kindness or compliment towards her was illegitimate. Her mind was overtaken by the idea that people might actually dislike her, but hide it so as to stay in a good position with her legacy. Mukami has desperately attempted to mitigate and hide any nobility her family might have a result.

Some good has come of this mindset, at least. Mukami has an exceptional work ethic, and does her best at everything she attempts without complaint. She's also quite humble, but this perhaps goes to far, to the point where she can almost never accept compliments and in fact becomes more anxious when receiving them. It can take a good while for her to comfortably receive anything from anyone, and any gift she's given is often the subject of many "are you sure?" and "how can I pay you for this?"-type questions. Her village is of the Orthodox creed, which further contributed to the cautions displayed towards those of Oster-Sudemhof, though Mukami rarely feels confident enough to speak on such matters.

While Pythagoras has pretty weird stats for an archer, Mukami's are pretty standard for the class. She's quite speedy, quite skilled, but a bit frail. While she won't deal as much damage per hit as Pythagoras will, she can at least double most enemies. Her main issue is joining later and at such a low level, but it's possible for her to catch up. Eventually she will have to choose between Horse Archer and Assassin, both of which are fine enough promotion options. Her personal skill, Best Effort, grants +4 attack, +4 attack speed and +20 hit when attacking if the damage/speed bonus would allow her to defeat the enemy in one round when she would otherwise be unable to. It's very situational but has its uses, especially in training her, and can come in handy once her speed is up and brave weapons are available.

Critical Quotes:

  • "I'll do my best!"
  • "Don't mess this up..."
  • "Come on, please work..."

Death Quote: "There I go again, making more trouble for everyone..."

To be honest, I don't like the majority of personal skills I come up with, but what can you do?

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On 10/9/2018 at 7:40 PM, AnonymousSpeed said:

I wouldn't be too worried about it. Participation seems a bit relaxed with regards to schedules- probably for the better, to be honest.

Agreed, though I'd like for my 30 days to be as close to consecutive as possible haha

Day 7 - Archetype: Youngest Rider


Name: Slaine || Valiant Princess

Age: 18

Class: Cavalier (Lances) >> Paladin (Swords, Lances) or Valkyrie (Lances, Light, Staves)

Appearance: Black hair, mid-back length. Slender. Piercing blue eyes that shine with determination. Slaine wears lightweight, royal blue armor consisting of two teardrop-shaped pauldrons and a round chestplate. Her chestplate is adorned with a prancing golden horse, though it's half-covered by jagged splashes of mud.

Description: The youngest daughter of the ruling family of Sencha. Bold and charismatic.

Bio/Story: Slaine was born into the ruthless Lean family, the ruling family of Sencha, a poor nation to the southeast of Mugan. Though her family is known for their cruelty, Slaine is the exception to the rule. She has a relentless sense of justice, and she's known to ride through the villages surrounding the capital, chasing bandits and judging local conflicts. For years her compassionate nature has put her at odds with her father, the patriarch of the family and a more traditional Lean. As the ruler of Sencha, his heavy hand has fallen on many an unfortunate family.

When she learned that her father was conspiring with the Nessans to invade Mugan, Slaine was outraged--the long-struggling people of Sencha could not afford a war, especially with the great Mugan. After years of being suppressed, Slaine challenged her father in the throne room, calling him unfit to rule. She was dragged upstairs and locked in her room to await punishment for her “treason”. Hours later, as Slaine lay awake at night, the door to her room creaked open, and a massive, silver-haired man stepped into the room. As the man loomed in the doorway, his broadsword caught the moonlight, and in an instant Slaine realized the fate her father had planned for her. She leapt from her bed, ran to the window, and jumped. Her right hand snapped as she thudded against the earth, but she had no time to lose. She found her horse, armored up, and rode for the border without looking back.

While Roan and Carbre are passing through the border town of Athirne, Slaine bursts through the village gates--with her father’s men in hot pursuit. After the group fends off the riders of Sencha, the barons listen to Slaine’s tale. They offer her their protection and safe passage to the capital, but this proves to be easier said than done.

Crit Quotes:

  • "Whatever it takes!"
  • "This is the might of Sencha!"
  • "You won't stop me!"

Death Quote: "No... Not yet..."

Stats: Slaine is a growth unit: she has low bases, but she has good growths in every stat but defense. Her decent magic growth would make her a serviceable Valkyrie. Slaine's personal skill "Winds of Change" boosts the speed of nearby allies after she attacks an enemy.

Notes: Slaine is right-handed, but after breaking her dominant hand, she's learning to fight with her left. Luckily, she's a quick learner.

"We've never seen eye-to-eye, but now I know the extent of my father's cruelty. His rule will be a short one."

These have been getting pretty long. 

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Day 15- Middle Rider



"You don't have to tell me what's in the letter. That there is a mystery is more exciting than knowing the answer to it."

The older sister of Thrim and middle child of the three Pegasus Knights you can recruit. She enrolled in Northumbria's Pegasus Knight program so as to honor her family legacy of military service, but it would not be long before Twegra followed in the footsteps of the oldest sister and dropped out. As he education progressed, Twegra found herself enraptured by romantic philosophies and writers, and adopted their nonviolent stances. After much deliberation, she decided to drop out from the military program which she found herself unable to support with a clear conscience. It wasn't that she couldn't justify some conflict in the world, but found having a vicious army of amazons was a bit excessive and perhaps a bit bloodthirsty. Thus, Twegra instead applied her skills and her Pegasus to a more bloodless career- that of a messenger.

This path was motivated by more than it fitting her skillset though, as being a messenger also entertained Twegra's romantic fancies. Carrying letters, which can carry so many things- secrets, confessions, passions- caused her daily giddiness. She was ecstatic to help people communicate their intimate feelings, like an odd sort of hero helping star crossed lovers or lost family members unite with each other. Twegra has a love of all letters in general, not just personal communication. Ever since her schooling days, Twegra has voracious read books, plays, essays, poems- anything else that could be read. She dabbles in poetry herself, but keeps most of these scribbles secret- which is fine with her. Secrets are another romanticized idea in her mind, something oddly noble and intriguing. She sometimes tries to use her war experience to write "real" emotional poems, but the more she dwells on her circumstance and the events which placed her in them, the more disorient and discouraged she becomes.

Twegra is your bulkiest Pegasus Knight. While still frail and fast, she features the highest defense and lowest speed of the three sisters. Her strength and luck are in the middle, but her resistance is actually the worst. Her HP is, suitably, the highest as well, as is her magic. Something something promotions I haven't come up with yet. Her personal skill, Lover of Letters, will boost her combat ability if she has a tome in her inventory.

Critical Quotes:

  • "What horrible horrors!"
  • "A regrettable turn of events..."
  • "The tragic climax-"

Death Quote: "I laid lower others with my lance...this is only fair..."


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Day 16- Another Lord?



"I will not allow this wickedness to go on, not in Westros, not anywhere, jurisdiction be damned!"

Edith is an Imperial Inspector, a prominent position in Westros. Her duty is to investigate the nobles of the lands and make sure they aren't planning any conspiracies against the Emperor. Part of the conspiracy in Oster-Sudemhof involves trying to start a civil war in Westros and drag the nation into a war against Zephyrus, which is something Edith cannot allow to happen. That means it's time for her and her small team of aids to cleave some heads for king and country.

The illustrious position of Imperial Inspector is one Edith gained through favors to her father, a knight who worked his was up towards some renown. Though somewhat new to the role, Edith is very much concerned with presenting an indomitable presence. On the mental front, this has meant vigorous studying, and on the physical front, training for battle under her father. She has yet to have the chance to improve her combat skills as much as she'd like, but her investigations will soon bring her to many opportunities to do so.

Though she presents herself as a stern arbiter of justice as qualified for her position as one her age can be, Edith is actually very emotional. The degree of empathy she possesses is quite high, and she's very concerned about the plights of her comrades. At the same time, Edith doesn't want to appear soft and very much acts the part of a stern commander. She's also quick to anger, despising when she is talked down to and especially if it is implied her position came from pure nepotism. Even more enraging is injustice- Edith has a somewhat romanticized view of the concept, but is extremely passionate about ensuring that simplistic but useful view of right and wrong are enforced.

Part of that idea of justice is a strong sense of duty. Edith loathes laziness, and has a sort of patriotism which accompanies a naive trust in her nation and its ideals. Also revolting to her are lies and deception, and so she is very straightforward about almost everything except any emotional vulnerability- even her most furious moments can be bottled up temporarily before they finally explode. This extreme honesty is perhaps not great for her job, as her investigations are not often that hidden, which will present quite a few issues for her over the course of the adventure.

Her idea of diplomacy is more or less that it's for other people to worry about. Her job is to arrest people she knows have done wrong and to beat people who don't come quietly. Because of her empathetic nature but also her cold shell and short fuse, Edith is both the best and worst listener in the army.

As far as being a direct combatant is concerned, Edith has the clear lead over Kato. Her weapon type is the most excellent variety, axes, and she has a mount. On promotion, she gains bows, making her like a warrior but better because she's on a horse. However, she lacks Kato's support functions, or his speed. Her best stats are far and away her strength and HP, with quite solid skill and defense to boot. Her speed, though, isn't too hot. Her stats are therefore something like an armor knight- she can take many hits, but will end up doubled a fair bit. At the very least, she's faster than Adela, and a brave axe is devastating on her, especially since she has a Fighter reclass for Axefaire. Edith's personal skill is Proper Jurisdiction, which increases damage dealt by 3 during player phase and decreases damage received by 2 during enemy phase. Her unique axe, the Sagaris, is decently strong and has horse and armor effectiveness, not to mention exceptional accuracy.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Yield now, fool!"
  • "You brought this on yourself!"
  •  "Don't push me!"

Death Quote: "Dammit! How could I have been so careless? Father...I failed..."


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Day 17- Mage Secondary



"There is nothing more deceptive than a legally binding agreement."

A cynical mage assigned to accompany Edith and assist in her duties. He hails from the Bantu Territories, where his parents were mercenaries, but found the life inglorious and so used his accumulated funds to move to Westros and begin a career in civil service. Unfortunately, his foreign-born status has held him back, and a career over a decade long has left him subservient to one whose job he'd honestly be better at. While Edith is still clever and has a stronger knowledge of Westros law than Tendaji, it is the latter who has the subtle cunning necessary for an investigator. He is at least an invaluable asset to Edith, and offers a voice of reason and, though it is usually ignored, trickery.

Tendaji has an emotionless demeanor, one which seems far less vigorous that Edith's bold sternness. His outward appearance is more reflective of his inward nature, which is coldly pragmatic and assumes the worst of people in every situation. Even for Edith, in whom he sees no hidden wickedness, he assumes that she'll act in the most stupid way possible, and the idea of giving others legitimate credit is lost on him. He is very willing to lie if it will benefit him, but even that has left him with a slow climb up the ladder. Edith has a naive loyalty to her homeland, while Tendaji is loyal to the emperor because he feels it is the most reliable way to further himself. After living through the series of gambles which characterized his extended family, he's quite interested in reliability. He is prematurely bald and is a vegetarian, though not for any ethical reason. He simply doesn't enjoy eating meat.

Tendaji is a mage and has a somewhat high level to the other characters he joins with, acting as a sort of pseudo-Jeigan for Edith. As compared to Linza, Tendaji has shoddier magic, even a mediocre one, but is noticeably faster, and can reliably double even faster enemies if trained. His defense and resistance each has significant advantages over Linza, though the former is stacked in his base stats and will still end up subpar after enough chapters have past. His skill and luck are pretty good as well, which gives him quite reliable hit rates. His personal skill is Confirm First, which will boost his critical hit rate if his hit rate is at 100%.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Right where I want you..."
  • "Seems you're in a spot of trouble-"
  • "We're better off without you."

Death Quote: "There is no sense in pushing myself until I die. Forgive me, m'lady, but I will be retreating now."

As with Armond, Tendaji will then continue to act as an adviser.


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Day 17- Prideful Troubadour



"Don't you have any desire at all to be ladylike? Not even well read?"

Edith's younger sister who accompanies her on her missions. She has both the arrogance to imagine herself an accomplished polymath and the drive necessary to become one. She picked up some riding skills from her father but otherwise found herself quite repulsed by the roughness, grime, and vulgarity of the combat training her sister so enjoyed. Godiva therefore became a more recreational equestrian, whose care for horses accompanied her desire to keep peaceful the riding experience for both her and her mount. She also demonstrated remarkable ability to her tutors and was endeared by those successes to her studies, which she has continued to pursue rigorously.

Godiva fancies that one day she will marry an influential duke, and will then exercise wise influence while also solving the most complicated issues at the forefront of mathematics. Most of her unoccupied time is spent with books on politics, philosophy and the sciences. Part of the ideal Godiva has set for herself is being very proper, something she holds all people have a responsibility to do. She makes an excellent cup of tea, but also has a tendency to look down on the less proper, less academic sorts around her.

Being a staff wielder on a horse automatically makes Godiva an invaluable asset, as does her being the only healer available to Edith's team before the route convergence. Her luck is abysmal, but she is slightly less frail than Castinus. However, she has only average speed and a slightly lesser magic stat. Her high movement keeps her a competitive support unit, but she might be an even worse potential fighter than Castinus. Upon promotion, she can either become a tome-wielding Valkyrie or a sword-bearing Crusader, which will allow her access to magic swords that she can use with some effectiveness. Her personal skill, High Class, increases her avoid as well as her healing power if her mount is untarnished and she is at full health.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Lowly dullard!"
  • "Be removed at once!"
  • "You've been bested!"

Death Quote: "It seems someone...miscalculated. My beautiful future...all my dreams..."

The death of Govida will produce greater changes than most unit deaths in this game.

I'm actually going to stop here if no one else objects i.e intends to continue the challenge as well.

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