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[FE8] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance ~Reborn~

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On 12/5/2019 at 6:01 PM, polarisx said:

EDIT: I fixed it myself with FE Builder, I went through all the other maps to see what could be different about Floor 2 of Lagdou Ruins, and realized it had way more enemies than any other map. I removed 5 enemies from the map and no longer get the debuffs.

THE DEBUFF GLITCH IS BACK AND IT'S CAUSED BY TOO MANY ENEMIES ON THE MAP???? Man, I was about to flip the table and give up on this hack. I've been pestering other hackers on FE Universe for some time now and nobody told me I could just reduce the number of enemies to avoid it. The stupidest thing is that the number of enemies is the same as vanilla, I just changed classes and levels. Also, the latest version of the skill system was supposed to have fixed this issue. Well, guess I have some corrections to make. Seriously, I could frigging kiss you for this solution, man.

On 11/29/2019 at 1:56 AM, Dedesett said:

Ehhhh ... i don't understand what you mean because i don't understand anything of hacking the game but ... if i got that right, you can use 6 more custom animations using the ballistae slots?  For me is a yes, i don't know what others may think. If you want my opinion about what animations (if you are open to debate of what animation to use) i suggest Eirika, Marisa, Lute, Neimi, Joshua hat and if you can the bishop animation as well. But it's up to you. That or give me the previous ups patch, but that seems imposible now.

Yes, that's exactly it. The ballistae occupy 6 class slots (67 to 6C), and maybe I could replace them with the custom ones.


Killing civilians is also a possibility lol

I'll take your suggestions on the custom classes. Not sure about Eirika though. I never really liked any of the alternative animations I used for her, they were just there because Ephraim had a cool one haha. I might run a poll to see if people want her back and which animation specifically.

On 12/1/2019 at 7:33 PM, The Boonsman said:

Longtime lurker here, finally getting the nerve to start posting here in the forums after several years of just silent watching. I wanted to give some feedback in terms of the hack itself, even if I haven't fully beaten it after all this time.

Overall, this is probably the best FE8 improvement hack I've seen in a while, it really does feel as if Sacred stones has been improved on in many ways, and also given new life, with the skills system, weapon balancing, new classes, items, and more. The only thing that's bothered me thus far is actually a little bit of reading into the skills system, specifically about Druid and Summoner skills. Druid gets Slow burn and Tome-breaker, while Summoner gets Anathema and Ignis. It's a little odd, due to Druid getting the more defensively based skills, and Summoner getting some very powerful offensive skills.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! That is indeed a valid observation. I'll swap their skill sets for the next update.

On 12/2/2019 at 12:03 AM, iridium137 said:


This fighter has an iron axe, and so has 75+2*2 = 79 hit.


Seth has 2*15+13 = 43 avoid. The fighter should have 79-43-15 = 21 displayed hit against him. Both sides have 1 leadership star, so if leadership worked, he should have 21+5-3 = 23 hit.


But he has 21 hit.

Alright, I'll run some more tests and see what's up with that.

On 12/2/2019 at 4:03 PM, Dedesett said:

I know, i know, i'm a nuisance but i need to report 1 bug and 1 (bug?).

The first bug is in chapter 2 in easy difficulty, when you convince Ross to join your army, the game softlocks.

The second (bug?) is in the options menu, "subtitle help" turn on and off the hp bar and the "bubble" that appears when 2 characters can talk to each other.

I can take a look at that Ross issue, but the second one is because of the skill system. I remember reading somewhere that the original ASM for the HP bars had the option to be turned ON or OFF in the game menus, but after it was imported to FEBuilder and incorporated to the skill system, there might be some leftovers conflictiing, so that's not on me 🙃

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11 hours ago, bløød said:

Yes, that's exactly it. The ballistae occupy 6 class slots (67 to 6C), and maybe I could replace them with the custom ones.


Killing civilians is also a possibility lol

I'll take your suggestions on the custom classes. Not sure about Eirika though. I never really liked any of the alternative animations I used for her, they were just there because Ephraim had a cool one haha. I might run a poll to see if people want her back and which animation specifically.

I feel bad to make you going through all of this because i asked about custom animations but i'm really grateful to see that you can make it, thank you so much. I asked about Eirikia because i didn't see the custom animation, nothing more but if you don't like it then don't do it, of course. The poll idea is a good idea because i don't have the last word on this, the animations that i choose were my opinion, nothing more. I will wait for the poll, thank you so much.

Edited by Dedesett

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On 3/28/2019 at 8:52 PM, bløød said:

The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance ~Reborn~


*Done up to Lagdou Ruins 5*  

Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM.

What is it?

It is a reskin and rebalance of Sacred Stones using classes and music from all 3 GBA games, a lot of new custom classes with new animations, new spells, new weapons, a skill system and many quality of life improvements made by people much more knowledgeable than me from the hacking community. Vanilla campaign was not altered, but difficulty has been slightly raised. Units also receive slightly more EXP from healing. All of these changes are aimed at making Sacred Stones feel fresh and more challenging, while not altering the story (with the sole exception of Hayden joining on chapter 20). This project was heavily inspired by Sir Serenes' Reskin and Seal's Sacred War hack. There are four versions, two with random growths on level up and two with fixed growths similar to FE9. Read this for more information. The difference between the two versions of the same growth is that one also features a minimug for characters, while the other doesn't. Some people may find the minimug rather intrusive, that's why I kept it optional.

Minimug: 0nOzfML.png?1

What was changed?

  • Fado and Vigarde are now true kings (Zephiel)
  • Ismaire is a blade lord (Lyn)
  • Caellach is an armor lord (Hector)
  • Seth has an exclusive class (Silver Knight)
  • Riev is a dark druid (Nergal)
  • Hayden joins automatically on chapter 20 and has an exclusive class (Bow Knight)
  • Mansel joins after completing the vanilla requirements to unlock Hayden and is an archsage (Athos)
  • Kyle is our boy (Roy - master lord). I know, unexpected
  • Added animations to the phantoms
  • Amelia is a soldier and can be promoted to halberdier (using knight's crest)
  • Orson is a knight lord (Eliwood)
  • Duessel has exclusive battle animations and map sprites (Gold Knight)
  • Selena now has an exclusive custom class called gremory
  • Valter has an exclusive custom class (Malig Knight)
  • Knights, generals, great knights and kings move 1 additional tile
  • Trainees join you automatically promoted (Ross-pirate; Amelia-soldier; Ewan-shaman)
  • Magic system revamped with new spells. With the exception of siege tomes, wind spells have low mt and 2-3 range. Fire spells have average stats and 1-2 range. Thunder spells have high crit and are locked to melee range.
  • Added generic female enemy units for more diversity. It always bugged me how 99% of the women of this franchise only fight for the player.
  • I manually edited every enemy in the game to improve them by increasing base stats, growths, level or giving them better equipment (in a similar fashion to Seal's hack). Bosses have been buffed and are no longer a joke. 
  • Since stealing doesn't seem to work with the new skill system, more enemies will drop items
  • Since Glen is the only creature campaign characters to not have a custom class, I gave Glen the ability to use bows
  • Armory and shop inventories have been improved so you will have access to better weapons earlier in the game. On top of that, the preparation shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game.
  • Allies join you at appropriate levels so they won't require grinding to become usable.
  • Some of the promoted monsters have custom animations too.
  • All weapons in the game only give 1 point of weapon EXP. Your units will have to train hard if they want to brandish those OP legendary weapons. 
  • Units gain support points by being up to 3 tiles away from each other
  • Myrrh's dragonstone is unbreakable, but is no longer effective against monsters. It has also been nerfed so Myrrh wouldn't be too broken with unlimited dragonstone. To balance it out, her dragonstone has 1-2 range. There is also a second type of dragonstone that can be aquired in the game.
  • Lagdou Ruins is a high-level challenge area for post-game activity. Enemies over there have better stats and powerful, exclusive weapons. The location also offers much more gold and the chest in Lagdou Ruins 10 has a 10% drop rate for each of the sacred weapons.
  • It is possible to save the game in the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins.
  • Starting on chapter 9 there will be mini bosses carrying good loot for the player.
  • There is a leadership mechanic which gives units additional avoid and hit rates. (usable by the player and enemies)

Quality of life changes

  • Detailed HP bars (by Circles and Zane)
  • Skill system (by Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze,Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1)
    (the skill system also comes with the "stylish finisher" feature that makes any final blow dealt to a boss be displayed as a critical hit)
  • Show Heal Amount (by Tequila)
  • Map Danger Zone (by Circles) - Press the select button to display enemy range
  • Monster Weapon Display (by Brendor)
  • Colored stats, growth and talk display (by Tequila) - Press SELECT while in the status screen to toggle between growths and stats
  • Increased EXP from healing (by 7743)
  • Gain support at various distances (by Venno)
  • Units can act after talking or having support conversations
  • Metis' tome can be sold (useful for people playing fixed growths mode)
  • The preparation screen shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game.
  • The preparation shop items have the same pricing as regular shops
  • Cool custom stat screen background (by LordGlenn)

Skill list by class (beware of spoilers)


Some screenshots (will update as I play)

  Reveal hidden contents


Credits (will update after I finish the hack)

  • Our lord and savior 7743 for FEBuilder
  • Sir Serenes for the idea and palettes for Riev
  • TBA, Arch, Skitty and Temp for phantom animations
  • IS, Hairyblob and Maiser6 for quicker Zephiel animations
  • IS and Blademaster for Athos animations
  • TR143 for fixed growth mode
  • Temp and sniper_zero for Eliwood repalette and ranged Durandal animation
  • Alusk for alternative soldier hover and moving animations
  • Spud for soldier Amelia animations
  • Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp and Wan for halberdier Amelia animations
  • Brady Shinners for the animation database
  • St jack, Seal and Sacred War for ballista animations
  • Iscaneus and Nuramon for knight animations
  • TBA for brigand animations
  • Glenwing and MK404 for fighter animations
  • SALVAGED team and flasuban for cavalier animations
  • IS, Circles, Kao and Marlon0025 for Tethys animations
  • Alusq and Maiser6 for mercenary animations
  • TBA, DerTheVaporeon and Nuramon for general animations
  • TBA and Maiser6 for berserker animations
  • Nuramon, Swain and Temp for sniper animations
  • Nuramon for wyvern lord animations
  • Keks_Krebs, Peerless and SD9K for assassin animations
  • Swain for hero animations
  • IS and Glenwing for swordmaster animations
  • Kenpuhu, Aruka and Nuramon for grand paladin custom class and animations
  • Alusq for better soldier animations
  • CamTech075, LisandraBrave, Zane, Zelix and Lord Glenn for custom icons
  • Arkth for Deathgoyle custom animations
  • Yangfly for kawaii blader animations
  • Nuramon for infantry great lord Ephraim animations
  • Teraspark, Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon for dark knight animations
  • Seal for legion, elder tarvos and gazer animations
  • BwdYeti for elthunder animation
  • SHYUTER for forblaze animation
  • Blazer and Jubby for meteor animation
  • Arch for static, wind and tornado animations
  • Seal for tons of stuff like custom icon, map sprites, class cards and battle backgrounds. I cannot stress how awesome he is for making all of this available
  • Klokinator for putting many custom animations and map sprites in a single, easy to find place
  • dondon151, Sephie, Teraspark, Arch, RobertFPY and HyperGammaSpaces for many card classes and map sprites

Known issues I would like help with

  • Chapter 1, Breguet gets countered by the dead frelian mercenary. The event itself is exactly the same as vanilla, and changing character and class data for both Breguet and the frelian merc didn't work.
  • Importing Eliwood's critical hit sound from FE7 and using it for Seth results in it conflicting with map and battle music.

Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM.


I’ve played till Chapter 16 (Ephraim route only) and I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far, great but not impossible or stupid difficulty, loved the new animations and sprites,etc..

Just two things I wanted to ask, I got the latest patch you posted on feuniverse and there is no alternative promotion to Ephraim or Eirika. Also when Eirika joins in chapter 15 she doesn’t learn Quick Draw since she is supposed to learn it at level 15 and she joins at that level, is it only happening to me?

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