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Chapter 9: No summary. It was just so difficult and i had to retry so many times trying to get both villages, i don't even know which screenshots are from the run that actually worked out, so... yeah. I got the Eirika/Forde C support though.

Chapter 10:



I used an angelic robe on Vanessa and baited out the fighter and the mage with Garcia, although they actually attacked Innes. The mercenaries went towards me and i could kill 2 of them, the third one fell victim to a lucky crit by Eirika on enemy phase. Garcia and Eirika leveled up.


I cleared out the rest of the enemies with my foot units while Vanessa and Forde went down the right side. Colm and Eirika followed soon, while Garcia stayed behind to fight the brigand reinforcements.


Forde took out the baslista (With his killer lance because he sucks) while Vanessa held the entrance to the fortress. Colm killed a fighter, while Eirika recruited Innes. Garcia still fought brigands.




Then i used Forde to blockk off the chokepoint and rused Innes to recruit Tethys, who in turn recruited Gerik. I used Forde to block off the chokepoint against Marisa's squad.



I managed to kill all enemies except the priest on player phase and recruited Marisa. On enemy phase, the reinforcements arrived and the priest sent Marisa to sleep. Innes walks left to meet Garcia because he needs a vulnerary badly. Then the reinforcements arrived. I promoted Gerik to a hero, gave him an iron axe and put him in a place to meet the pegs. Not the best decision in hindsight, because Garcia only has a few more levels to gain and the next hero crest is in chapter 14, and only if i actually manage to kill the boss.1565880226_Screenshot(264).thumb.png.c878e4f077f3254c178bb3a10db64b6d.png



After dealing with these reinforcements, i put Gerik with a hand axe in the the chokepoint to fight the cav and ranger reinforcements. Gerik is actually carrying really hard immediately after joining, his bases are just that good. Being promoted also helps. Garcia killed the last brigand and got a level.


(What the...?)

The rest of the chapter was fairly simple. I fed Marisa as many kills as possible and actually managed to defeat Pablo with her. She got these level ups:


I grinded some supports and got Eirika - Forde B, Forde - Vanessa C, Colm - Marisa C and Gerik - Marisa C.

After the chapter was over, i properly equipped my new units, gave Garcia the goddess icon that tethys comes with and fed Marisa an angelic robe, energy ring and dracoshield. I promoted Vanessa to a falcoknight, Forde to a paladin and Colm to a rogue.



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I'm  kind of stuck on my chapter 11 summary because my maximum total file size just keeps getting smaller for some reason (Currently 0.41 mb), so i don't really know how to upload my screenshots anymore. Maybe i'll just post screenshots of level ups?

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