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FE4 GEN 2 ROLEPLAY (+ FE5 characters if you wish)

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I figured I'd start one of these.


1. Please choose your character before joining! If you're choosing a character that doesn't have a specific father in Genealogy, specify the father before joining. Sibling pairs will share fathers, so if you want to join a sibling pair with someone who chose the other sibling, take note of the father. And try using the officially translated names, as listed below!

2. Only one character per person. That way, everyone has a chance to choose a character. Also, substitutes won't be allowed unless the person they substitute is already taken by someone else.

3. Each reply has to be one paragraph long. I don't want anything more.

4. Make it specific when you're speaking out of roleplay.

5. No godmodding or anything, obviously.

6. Now, we can mix with FE5 if you want, such as adding in FE5 exclusives. Though this is mainly an FE4 thread, if you want to portray an FE5 character, well, I'll be the one to decide if that character joins the roleplay, mostly so that FE5 doesn't run over FE4.

7. No drama, please. If you find yourself starting to hate one of the other roleplayers, just kindly block and leave!

8. If you have to leave the roleplay for any reason, please say so! That way, I can open up the character for someone else.

This list of rules is flexible, but please try to follow them as best you can! If I need to add more rules, then I will.

Now, for the list of characters.



Lester, Lana (Father: Undecided)

Ulster, Larcei (Father: Undecided)


Diarmuid, Nanna (Father: Undecided)


Ced, Fee (Father: Undecided)

Arthur, Tine (Father: Undecided)

Iuchar, Iucharba


Febail, Patty (Father: Dew)

  • Febail: not elite

Altena, Leif



Lene, Coirpre (Father: Undecided)


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I'll indicate an interest, though if there's enough interest I'll pull back and either pick a Thracia char or bow out. 

I'll also say Finn for now, though again if someone else wants to be I'm fine with letting them have it.

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