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  1. Every single one has him trying and failing to successfully creep, with most of the seasonal alts having something akin to Wolt being slapped in the face with a fish. They're primarily seasonal (like summer, hallow'een or christmas, all of which use different weapons) but he manages to get a good alt on the banner where we finally get Dorothy. It gets some laughs, but he's surprisingly consistent in the metagame and makes his way into teams despite usually being infantry. I wish the ten alts or something we'll get for Byleth aren't swordlocked. I wish those character endings where they vanish were handled better.
  2. It's time to put your orb tactics to work, teacher. Or just spam orbs. So, 3 Houses is here. We've got the big three and F!Byleth (Surprise! We're getting her now). I'm never going to see Carrion at this rate. Edelgard is an Axe infantry with Victorious Axe (-1 Cooldown, Double attacks if more enemies are in range), Luna, Atk/Def Solo, Dull Close and the new Rouse Atk/Def (Gives Atk/Def +5 if unit is on own at start of turn (Okay, that sounds like a toy for Summer Ylgr. Or a lot of other units to be fair)). Dimitri is a horse Cav with the Noble Lance (Atk +3, if unit and enemy have 100% or less that 100% he gets to double), Vengeance, DeB4 (So he's staying 5*) and Lull Atk/Def 3 (Inflicts -3 Atk/Def and ignores buffs to those stats in combat). Claude is a colourless bow cav with Cunning Bow (Spd +3, if buffs on unit and debuffs on enemy total at least 10 (HONE CAV GET IN HERE!) reduces enemy stats by 5 across the board (Fuck that's cool)), Glimmer, Lull Spd/Def 3 (Like Dimitri's, but Spd/Def) and Def Smoke 3. F!Byleth is a sword infantry with Creator Sword (-1 Cooldown, has Null Follow-Up and also neutralises increased cooldown stuff like Guard or Bold Fighter), Ruptured Sky (Adds +20% of enemy's attack but dragons/beasts boost this by 40% (We've got another racist here!)), Fury 4, Wrath and Even Atk Wave (She sounds neat. Barring my volume of swords, give us more non-sword lords IS 0/10) Calling it, no demotes. Also, the fuck we still fighting Lif for? Kronya (Whoever that is) is the GHB.
  3. Of what you mentioned, Altaria and Mamoswine seem to stick out to me as the preferable options. Also, any others you'd consider you haven't mentioned?
  4. The fact that I even remembered she existed surprised me. I'm.... I'm going to just keep out of this debate. Good thing I'm not modding, I just know I'd have been "no fun allowed" by no.
  5. Tell me about it (seriously, how the fuck did I perfectly jinx myself?), at least the second one's nature isn't terrible, but I'm leaning towards fodder for the first. That'll be likely my last 5* for the month too (Hopefully not for the legendary banner), I'd like to avoid pulling on the 3 Houses banners while I don't have the game (because I don't have a Switch, which I'm not getting until they confirm a Pro version so I can decide which to get). Trying to think who Sabotage Atk would fit the most, I'd say my mega Canas if I wasn't gunning for Mythic Boost (Dragon tanking) and I'm just thinking what's an acceptable threshold for it and if it counts bonuses.
  6. Let's try that again. Hope Selkie isn't there again. 3 Blue, 1 each Red, Green (NOW this happens) 4* Lukas (Pass. +Spd/-Atk), 4* Peri (Glimmer. +HP/-Spd), 5* Selkie (OK WHAT THE FUCK! SHOO YOU FUCKING KIT! +Spd/-HP) FUCK. THIS. BANNER. Hopefully she'll be on a good legendary blue section, I'm fucking done. Two fucking Selkies.
  7. I'll be honest, while this is a good job discussing the pursuit of trust and truth as Birthright handles it, I still think that it's not handled all that well. I mean, you've made a good case but I still can't help but look at how Birthright is written and sigh, similarly looking at it from the surface. I do still wonder how Azura in particular will fit into all of this when this comes to the other routes. This analysis still isn't finished for Fates overall, so I'll see what that provides. A question, is Heirs of Fate being considered? Also, your point about Azura made me think of a similar person (999 spoilers. Just, so much) :
  8. Yep, definitely doing that now. Clearly I didn't make that enough about climate change. I was there thinking "I mean, you can't so easily overwhelm a force that powerful" at the time, then I remembered just how the environment is at present and only getting to. None of them got near Lethe. Damm shame Mist couldn't fight or talk with Jill, that would have been nice (Jill/Mist were A in my PoR playthrough, couldn't get data transfer at the time). I probably still need both on the DB for now anyway. This map was no real trouble. I even was able to do so with only Mist healing so one side went unhealed (and mostly untouched anyway). Also, I remember that coward was in 3-2 (or something), he died a bit easily. Nothing too much story wise, but some nice and not so nice levels as I went. Titania's about to promote, Nephenee's getting back to her best self, Ilyaya's got Str/Mag/Skl/Spd capped, this was a nice map all in all. Boyd and Mist are A by now as well. Then it turned out Skrimir got the army stuck in Goldoa. Crap. Deghinsea also gets dissed by Tibarn while we're there, just because he's not in Heroes doesn't mean you can take him Tibarn. Ike also gives the great line that killing them would save the walk, I guess I'm going to still like him. Thankfully, Ena and Nasir save them, followed by an update which reminds us Valtome is a dick and marches the army through Crimea which leads to her rejecting their requests for supplies and passage and Valtome to order an invasion. Elincia of course responds by sending Geoffrey and more importantly the knights (and Makalov I guess) at them. Marcia calls Makalov cheese-breath. And then we get to see Astrid once again defend what is indefensible. If this were FFT he'd be out of the barracks to start with. Picked up Adept, got to see everyone thinks Valtome's a dick and went to the map. Pretty uneventful despite the houses burning, all but one did survive even if a few were charred. The priest also had a lucky double dodge from the swordmaster, not that it mattered. I also had to reset once, Danved had a 36% hit chance and managed to die anyway. Got the spirit dust, Geoffrey killed the boss with a crit (They throw the lance in the air, it's dumb and I love it and the level he got.) Afterwards, Lucia's sent off to negotiate a peace and I see where this is going. Course, it doesn't matter because Begnoin march through anyway and can fight in the borderlands, thuse making it essentially Crimea's loss anyway. Zelgius also dodges questions on the Apostle meaning Sanaki's dead or something. Hell, Begnion pretty much colonises Crimea's forts and now the Laguz are in real trouble. Caineghis is finally back, letting Skrimir know that maybe Elincia didn't want to see Crimea demolished. This leads to a planned all-out offensive. Also, all the herons are in one place, this is a concern (would BK steal three herons?). Picked up nothing here, though I will if this chapter forces me to. Elincia then asks everyone to get off her lawn, which Tibarn actually agrees with her, as does Zelgius (I'm surprised he chose to do that) but Valtome says he's going to kill Elincia and that's our chapter. I was terrified at all the weapon uses that would be used, but it worked out fine in the end honestly because I focused on the south end and move through quickly.. Titania also promoted, with some good levels around too. After that, turns out Valtome is that begrudging of Zelgius for insubordination and they'll cover up his execution, thereby showing Palpatine was right all along and Sanaki should just have killed them all. Thankfully for Zelgius, Tanith shows up to stay the execution and bring Sanaki (DO IT KILL HIM NOW), who then confirms that she had nothing to do with the war and of course Lekain and his stupid hat were leading the coup. Hell, Zelgius chokes a Valtome to really drive it in. Also, turns out the senators are chosen by the goddess (Wait, how? Why? To what end?) and that they arrested Sephiran by now. So then we get a meeting with the birds and the beorc... and the lion I guess? And with this we learn Begnion still ruled Serenes after burning it, just wow the amount of shit coming out of Begnion's impressive. And Ike doesn't want to command again, oh that silly fool, he's a blue haired lord, this was inevitable. Ike also gets Ragnell back, thank fuck man. Kieran and Oscar's base conversation was great, I am supporting them from now on. However, we still have to fight Daein and we're back on the pitfall map, oh my. And yet again despite getting a bunch of units we're forced to deploy too few for my liking, never mind two force deployed fliers on a map with ballistae. After sorting things a bit, I decided I'd take a break, but I'm trying to end this this month because I've taken long enough as is.
  9. I will say they probably should have just had the transition between the two chapters directly imo. I don't necessarily think I have, but it's been years since I played.
  10. This worked better than I expected. I also finally know where the "YES! YES! YES!" memes are from thanks to it. I saw this image today. I got pitybroken by her. This image might be cursed.
  11. Back to 20, let's see some disappointment. 2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green 5* Selkie (SCRATCH MY EEEEEEARS- UWU- FUCK! ANOTHER FUCKING PITYBREAKER! +Def/-Res, kind of terrible.) Okay, might as well see the rest. 5* Zweihardt (I guess I got a Rein merge. +HP/-Atk, merging onto my old one.), 4* Cherche (Nayrche. +Def/-Res), 4* Azama (Asshat reigns. +Spd/-Res, FINALLY I find a +Spd), 3* Lucius (Just a downhill circle. +Spd/-Atk) I'll try one more time, but fuck me this is bad. @Fire Emblem Fan Jeez, I get you. Sumia and now this myself, This is a not fun banner. I'd trade Selkie for that Berkut any day.
  12. Hard cleared with low HM units. Lunatic cleared with Lilina, Kliff, Lugh and Lucius (I need a blue unit for an Elibe theme. If only Raigh were blue and not terrible). Infernal cleared with the Ol' Reliable (Witch!Nowi, Newzura, Newmilla and Valter), with Valter proving surprisingly relevant @Zeo I was wondering if you'd show up when Matthew got the refine, impressive work with tanking the two Morgans in particular. I hope to see Abyssal maps suffer.
  13. I've got 3 free pulls, then a shot at failing to get Lyn. New Power first. 2 each Blue, Colourless, 1 Red 4* Caeda (I think I've gotten her too much. +Def/-Res) BHB now. 3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue 3* Est (Couldn't have been worse really. +HP/-Res) Lucina Weekly revival. 4 Blue, 1 Red 3* Roy (Eh. +Def/-Res) Back to Summer. 4 Colourless, 1 Green (No whammy.....) 3* Boey (Wish it were better. +Atk/-Spd) 2 each Red, Green, 1 Colourless (Really?) 4* Olivia (I'm relieved to get nothing. +Spd/-Def) 2 Green, 1 each Red, Blue, Colourless 4* Shanna (Desperation.... growing! +Res/-Spd)
  14. I bet none of these would make a rerelease as we'd likely get the US version. ¯\😑/¯ Picked up those and a Silver Axe for later on. That is actually pretty busted, Titania will break everyone. Meanwhile, Skrimir's hurt because he lost. Then the Daein army charges in and all hell breaks loose. I had to restart because I didn't see the cats on the right and Fiona got 1-rounded. Never mind others. I'm forced to remember the Dawn Brigade and *sigh, there's no fucking defence, thank fuck for Aran. This map needs a reason for me to fight. I got to see Halfshift as intended and I want it back to Part 1 please. It was surprisingly frustrating (the amount of tigers on the right hand side actually held me back for a bit), but the appearance of BK didn't matter and by the end of turn 8 we ended the map, which is the point where I breathed a sigh of relief. Some characters got some good levels, Sothe's blazing ahead with Paragon (though his levels aren't so hot) and Michiah got a good few kills because unshifted laguz are mage bait. But I had read that you fight the Dawn Brigade next chapter. With their equipment- Fuck No, Sothe don't break the Kard! Tauroneo shows up then (which is nice), who Michiah asks to help prevent a war. But the next battle is against the DB, so that probably doesn't help. Soren also calls Michiah's followers fanatics, really helping there Soren. The map itself was fine, no reset for once, even if it took Reyson having to dodge a longbow to do it. During the fight I got the Ike/Zihark convo, which reminded us that Ike once again fights for his friends which made him fight Zihark awkward to say the least. I also tried to finish the Dawn Brigade with Soren, I could see him taking that grudge. At least as much as I have for one asshole wyvern who took Aran's Vulnerary. Anyways, the decoy plan worked and despite BK coming for us we break through. Also, turns out Michiah saw none of this coming. Afterwards, it turns out Pelleas is Lekain's bitch and a puppet (Colour Pelleas's hair white, make him fatter and the scene looks like the UK and the US circa November 2019). Also, Lekain has the same teleport stuff as BK I guess (HMMMMMMMMMM). But it looks like Almedha's not involved in this, so I wonder where the conspiracy is there. Also, they decide to walk through Serene's Forest. I hope they don't find this post It turns out the Laguz plan isn't working out because Begnion's marching too fast. But that just leads Soren to suggest going through a secret tunnel in the Kauku caves (now with Fire). But Soren also seems to think that a natural hazard is less dangerous than Man- Okay, maybe I get it. Then Zelgius tries to pull back, but another asshole senator shows up to order him about (Jeez Valtome, I'm not sure pink accents work with your knockoff Arvis do), with Valtome now commanding the army and giving dumb orders like sending men into literal lava caves. Looking at my units, Nephenee, Haar, Ike and Soren look like it'd benefit them more to use BExp to get their stats up as they've gotten some caps already, am I right to think this? Before I go, the best quote is from the base convo: Skrimir: "Do I look like I've been wounded?" Ranulf: "Skrimir, you're standing in a pool of your own blood." Also, I keep making mistakes typing Soren or Sothe.
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