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  1. I'm about to get this locked aren't I? Bantu got in! Some real PoR/RD spoilers here: This was a thing. The other version also works. I leave you with the best thing to have come out of FB so far, even unmemed this is a fucking beautiful line. (Dance through the danger intensifies?)
  2. We got some units I'd like to pull to fight. Hard cleared with low HM units, Lunatic cleared with Julia, Tailtiu, Azura and Tobin and Infernal cleared with Canas, Linus (finally +10/+10), Danckut and M!Robin.
  3. They finally did it. Not gonna lie, me being burnt out with the series doesn't help my impressions, but I'm not a fan of it actually. It's like, the sword is too big to me and the art change is also a bit meh. Sirfetched has not convinced me. Hell, it's smug and has a leaf shield. Smugleaf confirmed?
  4. This Bonfire banner's nice for manakete fans. I'm pulling red. 3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Green 3* Ares (Good fodder. +Def/-Spd) Off to save for Nagi.
  5. Archanea got a banner. That's actually kind of shocking. I got spoiled. Phina's first, being yet another red dancer I bet I'll never pull. She's got the Rapier (REALLY? It's got Vantage and Spd +3 on top of her other goodies), Dance, Spd/Def Form (Alright I guess, I actually understand how it works now) and Geyser Dance. Sirius is voiced by Zeke's VA (HMMMM) and comes with a Sable Lance (Cooldown -1, +4 to all stats when no ally's beside him), Luna, Atk/Spd Solo (Good Fodder) and Lull Atk/Spd (Ignoring Atk/Spd buffs could be horrifying.). Norne arrives I guess and comes with the Guard Bow (It's in the pool!), Reposition (Neat), Brazen Spd/Def (which is new) and Spd/Def Link, I want her to demote but I honestly doubt it. We finish on Nagi who's decided to be green (GIMME), being armoured and having Ethereal Breath (-1 cooldown, dragon effective, raven effect, reduces damage from AoE effects by 80%), Sol, DC, Special Fighter (So she'll be quick) and Dragon Valour). So all in all, Nagi seems to be the best news what with her FUCK OPHELIA build. Which is what I would say if we didn't also get Bantu in the 3-4* pool, that's probably the coolest thing about this banner. Give me more! Also, Astram's the GHB. So wait, no Midia or Nyna? Weird.
  6. I also apparently fucked it up. Feminism, jeez why'd I do that? So is she secretly from Berk all along? Darros: He tried to be a pirate and ended up in fire. Mr. No Speed living would have been the real surprise, sorry. Guess he got snake eyes, poor man. This map right now. Wow. I wouldn't rank that anywhere near the bottom 10. I can see why this might though. Poor man. In one LP he had to have Pretzel for a son, in this he had to die on fire. Gordin just turns into a force ghost after this then? This map is a bitch. I do remember this being like "MOVE MOVE MOVE!", from what I've read.
  7. So, I missed you starting this. I apologise. Anyways, time to respond to the whole LP. I'm explaining myself in the response to Rubenio's, I bet most everyone will see it there. 😛 It means Cancer here didn't want to do it himself because he was lazy. Reese and Clarisse are an option. I don't see any downsides. Yeah, it's actually tough in Hard to do it. I barely got to him with the party I used. It's a trap. Also just go for Frey, he's pretended to be Marth before. : WE ARE!! ....... Wait. All the twists of the Devil Sword thief. I could see these two finishing each other's sandwiches. I think it's because of a sense of not having to feel as restricted in their use of langage to help differenciate characters. Go too far and you get Tales of Phantasia. It could be that the Asthma's fucked with him enough that it could develop into something terminal. Maybe. 'Tis. I mean, I don't think they'd hear about it. Cancer must have eaten away at it. Jagen did this to him before. He knows how this goes. Of course he's still too noble to object. This version came to mind, not sure why. Ogma heard you needed his expertise. So Linde killed Cancer? I mean, they could turn around the way they came that's still pretty open though. Didn't think of that eh? Caesar needs an LP to make him relevant. I'm not going to be that brave soul, but someone should. That it was essentially useless in the second half? And so a good flier died. Least she didn't get to see Marth/Caeda on the throne. ..... I mean, I sure hope this isn't a woman-killing LP. So am I I guess. Fucking jinxed, this run is. Especially after losing Scorpio. (aka my sign aka best sign?) Breidablik? Least some units still want to keep going. I mean, he seizes, so if he's not bothered...... r/absolutelynotmeirl Nope, sorry, lost the joke. That's a restartable offence if I've ever heard one! Nonsense. She's really helpful in AR. Frey's going to save the run? Maybe still Matthis. Certainly I'd prefer to lose Gordin more. Surprise, eh? Good job. Least someone's trying in that desert. Merric died smh. So it is like the original! Shame we'll likely never see this again. FREY! NO! Just something I'm noticing. Matthis has the Fenimism. It's spelt wrong. That just seems like the way it'd be. Why Wrath? It's hate in the quote and we know Elrean has lots of that. But it's a joke see? She's always asking for less that she should! That's a dark turn when her and Merric didn't work out. Because he wanted to be Marth's brother-in-law. AND THAT IS A SACRIFICE I LITERALLY CANNOT MAKE Including the Loli part?
  8. I feel like Kaga having two different approaches across two halves is more common than you'd expect. Genealogy (to a lesser extent and separated by generation) and TearRing come to mind. Jedah's plot armour also works differently in SoV. Doesn't mean that that's not cryptic as all hell. ...... Why does this game still surprise me?
  9. Weekly revival again. Deirdre's bane would be nice to fix. 3 Blue, 1 each Red, Green 4* Cecilia (Could be worse. +Spd/-Res) As for Tibarn and Caineghis, I kind of want to pull. Convince me either way please. 2 Green, 1 each Red, Blue, Colourless 4* Olivia (Olivinah. +HP/-Atk), 4* Clarine (Another units whose IVs need improving. +Res/-HP)
  10. Close and lock that fucking door. Get something to defend myself. Likely hear him shouting that they've "gotta catch that wain CJ"
  11. That's impressive. Those free 5* units were fine, I got a bunch of merges out of it. I finished RD since the last update. I might think it's one of the best FEs now. I might be crazy. I mean, it wouldn't be that low to bring his dead brother home. If he hadn't been the killer and proceeded to lie about it. That right there's a map in "prologue of Genealogy" territory. I feel like he needs a dance or something for this. Another great level. The chin's back, eh? Also flexing on them. Why should Pablo be this good? HELL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER Still a good threshold for quadding. He heard Pablo was talking more shit and decided he was done. I like him. Where's Forseti though? I'll be honest, I kind of want to grind in this game just to get more chances to use these units. Why does Asvel not get more supports?
  12. That's Callion for you. Carrion your fucking run. I legit think he's one of the best units you recruit from Chapter 8 onward. He's got decent enough growths that with the right scrolls get some serious boosts. His being mounted and having swords puts him in a better place for general use than most cavs not named Fergus.
  13. In Gaiden it seems they went for her officially acknowledging her place after Greith's map and talking with the cleric who knew her mother. I don't disagree that it makes more sense in SoV after she is crowned as princess in ceremony.
  14. you'll come back from the console wilderness they said......
  15. #Justplaygaidenbro Yeah, this and the Deen map are still worse than the desert fort imo. Yeah the tedium is frustrating. To be honest I didn't see it coming when playing SoV. Mages need grinding to be useful in this game honestly.
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