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  1. SRPG Studio to be precise. And yeah, I'm personally not a fan of the look. But I guess I'll roll with the punches on that. The real kicker is the lack of a Linux port. 😛
  2. So, this was leaked. Anna first is a Red Bow Infantry with the Fortune Bow (Sabotge Def/Res), Rally Def/Res+, Sabotage Atk and Atk/Spd Gap (She's be a treat for support honestly). Then we get Selkie (NO, YOU GET NO PATS FOR PITY BREAKING ME TWICE), who's colourless cav beat with New Foxkit Fang (SC -1, Giga Excaliber for Res effect, If she has higher Res she takes up to 40% less damage from enemy attacks and AoE specials and the usual beast cav stuff), Iceberg, Distant Ward (Kind of interesting, +5 to Atk/Res and countering regardless of range and all, but it's only really all that for magic based walls. Julia could love it for instance.), Sabotage Spd (Of course) and Odd Res Wave (Because she's not as Res Heavy already). Up next is Lethe, who's a Green Beast Cav with Guardian Fang (Like Selkie's but +3Spd instead of slaying and speed is used instead of Res), Glimmer, Atk/Spd Solo and Lull Spd/Def. Then we get an Alfonse/Sharena duo hero as a Blue tome infantry It's slow, but it's got Imbued Koma (Does that mean we're isekaied in from a coma?) (SC -1, if special is ready, +5 to all stats and unit can't be doubled), Open the Future (Bonfire + healed by 1/4 of damage dealt to HP.), CC, Special Spiral and Def/Res Oath (The opposite of Ceilca's). They also have the duo effect of bringing Cooldown by 2 for infantry. Not gonna lie, I'd only bother with Anna and Al/Sharena duo. And that's a possible maybe on the Anna. Not because they're weak, but because it's more 5* exclusive beasts and despite what you might think Distant Ward isn't so insane, even if I'm tempted to give it to my Canas. Eir's also a thing, with a red dagger while she's flying (Going after Hel I see), with Temari (Sabotage Atk/Spd), Shove (Worst assist), Brazen Atk/Res and Spd Tactic.
  3. Not saying I agree with your reasons, but I wasn't a fan of that kiss either, just not the right place of time for that. Also, that Skywalker was technically no nerfherder but a commander but whatever. I'd also have rather seen both of them die in the end. A way to allow the force to reset itself and be free of the legacies imposed on it by the trilogy of trilogies. There's a lot I think the sequel trilogy could have done better story wise (Gee, 2 years per movie and giving each movie to a director and creative freedom was a legit stupid move in hindsight) but if they'd had the guts to do that (unlike Hux after this movie 😛) I'd have a lot more respect for them.
  4. 9% on pulls so far. I have no tokens. Oh my. 3 Colourless, 2 Red (Crap) 3* Saizo (I just want half the pool gone. +Spd/-HP)
  5. Again? 2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless 3* Soren (#overrated? +Def/-HP), 4* Mathilda (Go away. +Def/-Atk) 3 Blue, 1 each Red, Colourless 3* Mae (I'd like Shanna more. Neutral), 4* Mathilda (STOP. +Atk/-Def), 4* Est (Go away. +Res/-Atk) 9%
  6. Not gonna lie, I only really care for Blue and Green. 2 each Red, Green, 1 Blue 4* Fae (Renewal, not a bad thing. +Atk/-Res), 4* Hawkeye (No, stop following her around! +Def/-Spd), 4* Est (JUST ALLOW US TO REMOVE UNITS FROM THE POOL IS. +Def/-Spd) 2 each Blue, Colourless, 1 Red 4* Shanna (That's more of that good fodder. +Spd/-Def), 3* Tailtiu (If stuff like this came up more maybe I'd be less salty about the gacha. +Spd/-HP) 8.5%
  7. Sothis is what it feels like to have free pulls for older banners. Wish we got it for this year's Christmas. First year: 4 Red, 1 Blue 4* Wendy (Is this the one? +Res/-HP, nope.) 3 Colourless, 2 Red 4* Hana (Nah. +Def/-Res) 2 each Blue, Colourless, 1 Green 4* Beruka (Berunah. +Spd/-Atk) Second year: 2 each Red, Green, 1 Colourless 4* Hawkeye (Why? +HP/-Res) 3 Colourless, 2 Red 3* Azama (Every time an Azama is pulled, I am sad. +HP/-Atk) 2 each Green, Colourless, 1 Blue 4* Barst (Fodder. +Spd/-Atk) I'll get more orbs before the legendary banner. This was a wash.
  8. There's a bunch of free pulls. Weekly revival first. 2 Blue, 1 each Red, Green, Colourless 3* Wrys (Still better than a lot of healer fodder. +HP/-Res) Odd, the Cristmas banners have the ticket icons. Wonder what that's about. Year one first. 3 Blue, 1 each Red, Green 4* Reyson (That''s alright. +Spd/-Def) Year 2. 3 Green, 1 each Red, Blue (That's unfortunate.) 3* Barst (Still fine fodder though. +HP/-Def) Back to this year. 2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless 4* Clarine (Certainly not a great stocking stuffer. +Def/-HP), 4* Florina (Also not a good one. +Spd/-Res), 4* Florina (Another one? Neutral) 4.25% 2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue (Can the red just stop?) Heroes crashed. And left MARTH+ELISE! (YES! Neutral, That's fine by me. Their convo is sweet.), 4* L'Arachel (Shame it's not Nino. +Spd/-HP), 4* Rebecca (All this launch units make me sad. +Def/-Spd), 3* Stahl (As he always was, 3*. +Spd/-Atk), 4* Ares (Always appreciated. +Res/-Def) Marth+Elice was nice to get.
  9. YAS QUEEN Celica Nice to see them keeping to the themeing of Alm/Celica alts. Also nice, she's no longer Red! She's a green tome and a fire pair up legendary. She's got Saintly Seraphim (Ice Dragon, why did you insist Light Magic was Blue only now? Hell this contradicts what I though!) (Spd +3, Adds +25% of Foe's Res onto damage (Dayum), Miracle, Swift Sparrow 3, Soul of Zofia (Null Follow-Up, Desperation 3) and Atk/Spd Oath (That's nuts.) No undead slaying sadly. As for the rest, we got D!Ike, Hrid and L!Roy in Red, (As known), Naga, Peony and Dimitri in Blue, Thrasir and Edelgard in Green and Grima, Eir and Claude in Colourless. I think the super seasonal banners are permanent now, 3H units is neat for those who waited and as for myself, I'd say Green (Celica and Thrasir? Also Edelgard merges maybe?) > Red (Fodder and L!Roy I suppose) > Blue (Despite not having Dimitri, the only thing I'd want here is a better Naga for merging) > Colourless (Not really with Grima and Eir.)
  10. This turned easy. Askrtrio cleared with M!Robin. Robin was able to take a hit from her with Darting stance and I could have him sit and hold her back while the rest were dealt with. Fellthea cleared with Kliff, Rineance and Danckut (Blue Echoes theme I guess). Kliff's great mixed tanking and Fellthea's power meant there weren't any real issues in the mak.
  11. Ask why they decided to show up here. Giant swords aren't exactly something we deal with much.
  12. Quan's on a banner. He always seems to be sharing with someone. 3 Red, 2 Blue 3* Effie, 4* Subaki Back to Christmas. 2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue 4* Silas (I'm okay with this. +Atk/-Def), 3* Saizo (Nope. +Res/-Atk), 4* Azama (Away with him. +Def/-HP) 4% 3 Red, 1 each Green, Colourless 4* Matthew (Nah. +Spd/-Def) Later: 3 Blue, 2 Green 4* Shigure (I wish I got others, but could be worse. +Spd/-HP), 4* Thea (Good. +Def/-Res), 4* Nowi (Nono. +Atk/-Def)
  13. Good news: I'm not dead. Bad news: My write up got severely held up, due to IRL things going on, trying to sort out the seer number of images because Imgur can't sort them as I'd have liked and after I'd done all that I literally handed my dad the laptop and he crashed it by holding it in the wrong place. The real sad part, because Christmas is coming and there's still a lot to do I could till see myself being held up. I'll try to get back on it, but I'm not gonna lie, this update was a bastard on another level.
  14. Yeah, I forgot that was a thing. There's a lot of good points raised by both you and Specta. I do think however it was pretty easy to tell how it would handle things. I also had the poor timing of seeing the post-credit scene before the movie.
  15. 1. How? Legit not sure about what you're on about. 2. How did it hurt anything? Tangled's kind of canon as is. 😛 Hell, a certain thing at the end would suggest that Tarzan could be linked to it time wise. (I'm not saying it does: I haven't seen Tarzan but a certain neat thing kind of pushes Frozen closer to the 1900s than I was anticipating). Like I said, I'll have to look at it again, which is unfortunate because I'd prefer to be sure where I stand. Though yes, Kristoff's 80's pop cheese is something else. Also, the repeated mention of water having memory just drove me up the wall (because homeopathy).
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