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  1. Not gonna lie, I'm jealous of that Ross build @Zeo. You planning on making him +Atk or will he be sticking with +Spd? Asking as I pulled a +Spd lately and it could influence my choice.
  2. I mean, there are other issues with this movie in its writing. I'm not sure if they'd be better than we're seeing, but can't really know for the next three months. The design is at least a step up, I think it's a kid sonic or something personally.
  3. This was a joke, it's like I was facing base Cormag. Valter's GHB was actually frightening. Hard cleared with low HM units, Lunatic cleared with F!Robin, Rutger (Lyn would have done fine here I think), Azura and Legion, Infernal cleared with Lugh, HK!Marth, Danckut and B!Ike, all first try.
  4. Two free summons. New Power first. 2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue 4* Clair (GO AWAY +Def/-Res) Now weekly. 4 Red, 1 Blue 4* Oboro (ALSO AWFUL +Def/-Res) I'd still like Gerik. 3* Ross (IT'S YA BOI +Spd/-Def if he wasn't packing +Atk superboon I'd be trying this for sure), 3* Raven (THAT'S NOT ROSS +Def/-Res) 3.5% Edit: More trying for Gerik. 3 Blue, 1 each Green, Colourless 5* Myrrh (WRONG SS UNIT! Then she say I'm rude, NO SHE'S RUDE FOR PITYBREAKING! Neutral, I'm going to merge.), 4* Matthew (So many other units I'd rather see. +Res/-Spd), 4* Catria (Please go away. +Res/-Spd), 4* Rody (It could be worse, but it could be so much better. +Res/-Def), 4* Valbar (It's finally him! +Spd/-Atk WHY) I guess that'll be all for now.
  5. I just really want to do this with him, sorry for making worse cancer. Stocke: Red Swordsman, balanced stats with a focus on speed Weapon: True Historica (Spd +3, Creator Sword's follow-up breaker skill) Assist: White Chronicle (Grants target ally another move, restore's ally's HP to maximum and neutralises negative status effects and debuffs on ally) Special: Dead Fencer (Adds +150% to damage, 3 CD) A: Atk/Spd Bond 4 (Like Atk/Res 4) B: Desperation 3 ________________________________ Someone said Link, I decided not to use the obvious ones. Link, Wolf of Time (Green Beast Infantry), High Atk and Spd, but low Def and negligible Res Weapon: Twilit Fang (Grants +3 Atk. If unit is not adjacent to an ally grants Atk/Spd +6. If transformed, +2 Atk and +10 damage on special trigger.) Special: Moonbow A: Def/Res Solo 3? B: Chill Def ________________________________ And now for something that could be balanced? Well until I decided he'd lose his effectiveness modifiers Spyro, Purple Dragon (Flying Manakete, could be any colour really), has a decent spread, but resistance is a bit low and defence isn't much higher. It's his HP in particular that is hurt by this. Weapon: Fierce Flame (SC -1, neutralises dragon effectiveness on unit, Adaptive damage applies to every enemy (Why flame when you can just charge?)) Special: Blazing Flame A: Dragonscale (Neutralizes "effective against flying" bonuses, If unit initiates combat grant Atk/Spd +4 during combat) C : Rouse Spd/Def Anyone thinking Jak and Daxter duo hero?
  6. I got a pity rate. Maybe I can get Gerik this time? 2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue 3* Shigure (There's a whole lotta units I never seem to pull. +Res/-Atk) 2 Green, 1 each Red, Blue, Colourless 3* Arthur (Definitely not a good sign. +Atk/-Spd), 4* Nino (Any chance of not-launch units? +Atk/-HP)
  7. So those banners eh? The TT banner will be determined by who's in the Farfetched banner, so I am not touching that. DC banner has Hector, Nailah, Nagi and Byleth now, so I suspect it'll be all but Hector and thus be really good. VG is likely Farfetched or Book III related. Mythic likely has Lif but we can't say for definite. BHB has either Tana or Ephraim, I swear. Link banner has Laevateinn, Sumia, Adriftmilla, Kaden or Nina and I would suspect that Adriftmilla is most likely as the only one that doesn't share a link skill of the 5. I'm of the opinion Adrift was made because IS badly planned Book II's timing and realised they had pretty much nothing left for that month, so scrambled that banner and Surtr and called it a day. Hence I suspect we have Farfetched and the Book IV banner instead to look to. Considering IS seem to have settled around it being the point where *.0 comes out, I suspect that'll be the 4th of December for 4.0. As for the first banner, I'd bet 3H finally gets spoiled to all hell.
  8. I got some tickets, can I get some men off this banner? 4 Blue, 1 Colourless (So far so good?) 3* Peri (Glimmer. +Spd/-Res), 3* Clair (Tosh. +Spd/-Res), 4* Donnel (Slurry. +Res/-Spd), 3* Catria (Luna. +HP/-Res) 2 Blue, 1 each Red, Green, Colourless 4* Nino (It's something? +Res/-Def), 3* Lukas (I DON'T WANT MORE OF YOU. +Atk/-Res), 3* Sully (It's not much better. +Atk/-HP) 3.25% 2 each Blue, Colourless, 1 Green 3* Soren (YOU'RE NO ROSS. +Def/-Atk), 5* Ephraim/Lyon (They're here! +ATK/-RES, OH FUCK YES), 4* Catria (Luna I guess. +HP/-Def), 4* Jakob (He needs to go. +Def/-HP), 4* Azama (I mean, most of the launch units probably should. +Def/-Atk) 3 Colourless, 1 each Blue, Red 3* Ogma (Should've went Blue. +Atk/-Spd) 3 Blue, 1 each Red, Green 4* Hawkeye (That's not him. +Spd/-Atk) 3.25% 2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue 3* Est (Back to the trash. +Res/-HP) 4 Colourless, 1 Blue 3* Effie (WHY ARE ALL THESE EFFIES NOT WENDY? Neutral) 4 Blue, 1 Red 3* Roy (Also a bin unit. +Def/-Atk) 3 Red, 1 each Blue, Green 5* Lugh (THAT'S NO MAN. +Spd/-Atk), 4* Shigure (It's better than it could be fodderwise. +Res/-Atk), 3* Soleil (Could be worse again. +Atk/-Spd), 4* Draug (Like him. +Spd/-Res), 4* Olivia (Nah. +Def/-Atk) 2 each Blue, Green, 1 Red 3* Sheena (Bleh. +Def/-Atk), 3* Sheena (Really? Again? +Def/-Atk OKAY WHAT.) 3.25%. I mean, I'd have liked Gerik, but it's another Lugh. Oh well. I'll try again for sure though, Perfect Ephraim was a nice catch.
  9. Draconis Chungus. I do not remember that cheat.
  10. So, these guys have been leaked (Apparently this is a late thing):
  11. Avoided spoilers, woo! Well, up until the thumbnail (Dammit IS!), so Farfetched is later after all. First up, Tethys! She's a Colourless infantry dagger dancer (RIP Dark Magic glitch), coming with the cleaner, Dance, Spd/Res Bond and Dagger Exp (SHE IS DROPPING OH MY). Gerik is next, in foot with an Axe, which is Firesweep (THE MEME IS DEAD), Moonbow, Darting Blow 4, Sudden Panic and Infantry Pulse (He'll have so much HP). Ewan (WHEN ROSS) is here as red infantry tome with Raoudrserpent (MY CANAS WILL HAVE YOU), Glacies, Swift Stance 2 and Sabotage Speed (That's also something some high res units would like). And finally a duo of Ephraim and Lyon (Gayyyyy) with a lance infantry (Neat) coming with Reginleif (Armour/Cav breaker, Atk +3, If Atk is higher than opponents/unit has extra movement, is guaranteed to double) (WOO), Draconic Aura, Heavy Blade 4 (YES, it's like Flashing and all), Lull Atk/Def and Odd Atk Wave. The Duo skill grants move to armour and infantry in 3 columns around them. THEN ROSS SHOWS UP AS OUR DEMOTE THEY'RE GOING TO RUIN HIM. Cormag's also the GHB, so he's at least got a chance. So we got fodder, Ghast's favourite, fodder and a duo hero. Also ruining my favourite unit of the bunch and a flying GHB again. I mean, I guess.
  12. They carry with the Exp Share for a good long while. I expect that'll still be true.
  13. Jeez, if it were only 250 I would understand there being riots. As is, Game Freak is more than just stuck in trying to be smaller than it could be, but that it is stuck in its ways to the detriment of their work. 3DS Pokemon may not have been perfect, but they at least didn't make me think they were completely done. And if they wanted to prioritise non-pokemon work, LTH proves they're really in trouble.
  14. Well, I guess my frustration months ago was justified after all. 400 was lower than my lowest expectations, I'm not getting a sense that combat will be hugely improved and camp, curry and everything else that was halfway neat hasn't resolved everything else (Besides chances are next to none of t ill be retained because that's how GF roll). Damm shame too, apparently this is finally the game which allowed tutorial skipping. This and LTH may give GF a big old kick, but in some ways this is necessary. Unfortunate.
  15. Another free pull. I'm not sure which to go for. 2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless 5* Genny (THAT'S A FREE STAFF SKILL! +Atk/-Res, the exact same as the first I pulled. That's funny.)
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