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  1. Oooh a free pull. 3 Blue, 2 Red 3* Oscar (Worse fodder exists. +Atk/-HP)
  2. Of course I forget Special Spiral isn't on her by default. 😛
  3. Well, you do get her B skill to fodder. Meanwhile, I was afraid Ranulf would happen. I still think Tibarn on this banner would have been horrifying, just a perfect storm. I'm going to hold back, but between this, the Frelians and the legendary banner my orbs are not safe. 2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green 4* Libra (You're alright fodder. +Res/-Spd, can't get a single one that isn't -Spd or Atk.)
  4. ECHO(ES)! (You asked for song, not track, otherwise I'm pretty sure Threshold of Destiny still wins out but hush, the bandwagon)
  5. I mean, I do see it. But you get only one or two units until chapter 18 or so. So you can't stack half as much as would be liked. Also, while PEMVW, I am pretty dang sure Mareeta never needed it. 😛 As someone who kept most of the vigilantes alive (all but one), I'd like to at least try, you know? Certainly very useful, thanks. You know how I take way too long? I may have done a few chapters in a row for once. As in I finished Part 2 (2-F was the next day, but it was late by the time I would have started anyway so....). So, that first map still felt too long, but it was a relatively uneventful chapter setting up revolt and I got the chance to use Nephenee again (She's not quite where she was relatively at in PoR yet). I think I'm retracting my earlier statement about the map, but it's still surprisingly tedious. The next map then was a FoW map, where Lucia was the commander infiltrating the plans Ludveck had and then having to fight out of the cave she'd been spelunking in (It also wasn't quick, but still quicker than the other one). After that, Geoffrey has a map. With a neat gimmick about avoiding killing enemies and a not so neat unit (It's Makalov (Also, what have they done to Astrid? I mean it, what the hell?)) and it turns out that Ludveck distracted everyone by having a ruse which leads to him capturing Lucia and keeping most of his forces after Elincia anyway. And then we hit the big one. The map that's also in Fates (It's DLC for anyone who's confused.). This map is a big, long slog and oh man I took a while. There's a lot to like, but I'll just talk story for now. It pretty much confirms Lucia's a bargaining chip that Ludveck used to take the throne, despite this he's utterly caught out in battle and Elincia near 1-rounds him so he gets caught. Later on it turns out that the rebels are going to execute Lucia and there's a gallows ready to- So wait, why did they just get to setting up a gallows outside the gates? Why wasn't t stopped as suspicious activity? And why wouldn't his capture lead to people surrendering rather than- I'll stop. Not like it matters because we get a cutscene with poor dialogue and voice work (Why does Rolf sound like a kid show's animal sidekick?) which shows the Greil mercs charge in to save her and beat back the soldiers. And it has lines that have been memed for days. And Shinon not being a drunk racist waste of space (!). Anyways, after that Ike explains that Bastian had a plan so that Ike wouldn't be so obviously helping Crimea and that they'd still be able to save Lucia. Elincia then tells Ike what's been going on in Daein and Ike's shook to learn that apparently BK didn't die to two Aethers (Could've fooled me) or a castle falling on him and also Pelleas and Michiah are now being compared to Elincia and Ike (respectively). We then finish with the next time on FE:RD montage of cutscenes and Zelgius and Laguz are there (Also the Medallion gets mentioned. Oh no.) Pretty decent part overall really, I mean the script could be refined but at least it doesn't seem awfully written. I'll talk about gameplay and units later, I think I've said enough there.
  6. I'll indicate an interest, though if there's enough interest I'll pull back and either pick a Thracia char or bow out. I'll also say Finn for now, though again if someone else wants to be I'm fine with letting them have it.
  7. Did it yesterday. Askrtrio cleared with BridLyn. It took quite a few tries, but having Lyn attack the armour and trying to divide the group by sending Sharena and Anna to the left worked out. Armour clear had VA!Ike, LAliwood, Garmphraim and Eirimas. Uneventful, easy clear.
  8. For hit, I think going to 3x skill for hit and reducing weapon hit to compensate could be an encouragement to skill, alongside the increase to crit and what I'd call the Hit-Crit Overflow, where if you have over 100 hit it'll add on to your crit percentage (what rate we could debate). Maybe it could be tied into improving weapon levels, but I'm not sure how much I want to be messing with that and how to adequately do so. Luck.... I feel like it should be a general influencer, like adding onto all the other calcs and its biggest number being for Dodge (WHY'S IT LESS THAN 1% FOR EACH POINT OF LUCK?). Maybe for chances on rerolls too, I don't disagree with the idea. That idea of stats having a separate effect for these stats should be explored as well imo: Strength against weapon weight (not necessarily the only factor), Magic affecting something like staff hit rate or the damage taken from hazardous environments/healing from healing tiles (Stretching a lot here), Speed on doubling and as for Def/Res...... I honestly wonder what you could do with it.
  9. Okay, today there's two new tempting banners. One focuses on three units I have, but you can't say no to more Neph Neph and the other has summer Frelians. Well crap. Neph banner first. 3 Red, 1 each Green, Colourless (Guess it doesn't want my orbs) 4* Frederick (Luna. +Atk/-Res) Summer time? 3 Blue, 2 Green (Really? Other way round would have been better) 4* Libra (That's some fodder. +Def/-Atk), 4* Sheena (Stop it. +Def/-Atk) Let's take a second go today, I'm not going all in yet but I am still interested. 3 Blue, 2 Colourless (REALLY?) 4* Florina (Blech. +Def/-Spd) 2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green 5* Sigurd (YOU'RE ON THE OTHER BANNER! +Res/-HP, DAMMIT SIGURD), 4* Cherche (Merge fodder. +Atk/-Def) I mean, REALLY? I try a bit a Sigurd shows up on the wrong banner. Good thing I only spent about 20 there.
  10. You know, that sounds like an explanation. One I can agree with. Ah yeah, height seems to be just absurd in this game and honestly unfun to work around. I think maybe range increases are something I'd want to see considered as part of it and that huge hit bonus needed to be whacked. So it's like you get a better boost but you can't add ally stars (not like it mattered much in Thracia on your end, though I could see it being useful in Chapter 22- I'll stop). Heather- who I wish I could figure out her AI, she seems to run off by herself, but I'm not sure what for. Okay, so I haven't touched the topic in a while, but I've been a bit distracted. Also, 2-1 is legit one of my least favourite maps in the series now. I feel like I have no way to adequately handle it, between figuring out heather, keeping the volunteers alive and getting the villages in a time that doesn't do my head in. It just feels like a puzzle, a frustrating one at that. Any suggestions for sorting it out on a postcard please.
  11. TT banner. I only have an Ylgr. 2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green (That right there, that's something, huh?) 4* Merric (You're not Helbindi. Away! +Spd/-Atk)
  12. Claude!Leen does get one or two things: her better magic means that if you really get stuck with something in the arena she can borrow a magic sword to help her out if that can be helpful (yeah, when's that happening, you reply. And honestly, I don't remember doing so) and her res makes her one of the few consistent options for the Wall of Edda, where her dancing will prove clutch.
  13. Either A. He would have been a secret like Toon Link/Jigglypuff/Wolf or B. he would have been a plucky kid character like Lukas. Maybe alongside Meta Knight/Marth/Ike.
  14. Revelations, the game that not only fails to deliver on the story Fates has tried to hype up, but whose chapters were nowhere near as complex and the gimmicks caused much frustration in Valla as a whole. It also doesn't help that the cast balance (Which differs from class balance, where Genealogy is tough to beat) might actually be the worst in the series, though it has its competitors. It honestly fails as a sandbox where you can use anyone as a result too, no Scarlet/Izana/Yukimura smh.
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