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My favorite Fire Emblem songs/OST

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Hello everyone. How are you?

I would like to show my favorite songs/soundtracks from the diferente Fire Emblem titles. And also, I would like to listen to your favorite ones.

I will divide my elections in 3 groups: SAD music, EPIC music and DARK music. 


1. SAD 



a) Sorrow, Sacred Stones (remastered)


b) Reminiscence, Blazing Blade (remastered, orchestra version)


c) "Dont speak her name!", Awakening (orchestra version)

(Especially after minute 2:00)





a) Sally Forth, Thracia 776 (FE Heroes version)


b) Leif's Army, in search of Victory, Thracia 776 (FE Heroes version)


c) Lion King Caineghis, Radiant Dawn


d) Powerful foe, Sacred Stones (remastered)






a) Reign of Dispair, New Mystery of the Emblem


b) Black Fang, Blazing Blade (FE Heroes version)


c) Everything into the Dark, Blazing Blade (remastered)


If I find some more songs I will add them to the above. 

Post your favorite songs and soundtracks too!

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I have a lot but here are the ones I often listen to (most are from Echoes), I'm gonna class them by games:

FE Echoes SoV:

-The Heritors of Arcadia  (I use to listen to them both in japanese and english, love the two versions!)

-Some of the Berkut's theme (Prince of DarknessPride and Arrogance)

-With Mila's divine protection

-Twilight of the gods

FE Fates:

Castle (Always remind me of the time when I began FE Birthright!)

FE Three Houses:

Fodlan Winds (Rain)

Tempest of Season (Rain)

FE New Mystery of the Emblem:

One who carves a new history

That's basically the ones I'm listening to, but there's a lot more!


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I am not normally much of a music person, so I had to take a brief listen through some of the game OSTs as a reminder, and added a quote associated with each for emphasis. I just got through fe4-7 with this one, might add more from later games in the future.



Beloved One

"Wait!  Arvis, Please! ...Just a little more time..."


Velthomer Palace

"I beg your forgiveness... The Task which now lies before you is the most painful of all"

"No, sir. I'm all that's left of House Velthomer, and it's my duty alone to atone for the many crimes of my kin."



"Ninian?! Where is my..."



"...Nils... ...I'm so sorry."




Towards the Light

"The tragic struggle pitting kin vs kin wears on, splitting the Twelve Crusaders between the light and the dark... So begins the final holy war..."



"Please Olwen... Listen to me. You're my only sister. I don't want to lose you!"

"I made my resolve after thinking on my own, as another human being. This is my decision Reinhardt...even you won't be able to change it."

"In that case...we'll be enemies. Are you willing to fight against me?"

Unshakeable Faith

“This is my fight! Stand back, everyone!!”

“Don’t be stupid! We’re fighting, too. We’re not just going to leave you alone, Hector.”

“I’m with you. Before, now, and from here on, too.”

“You guys…”

“Don’t forget me, Lord Hector! And…Ninian. I’m sure she’s here as well.”

“Nils… Oh! ..., you, too?!”

“Knights should fight, not speak! …Was that right?”

“For the honor of the knights of Ostia.”

“I don’t want to lose anyone, so I will fight my strongest.”

“…I, too, will join you in this final glory.”

“…Father… Brothers… For all that I’ve lost… I won’t let him get away!”


“It is for this moment that I have lived…”




Near Defeat

"Lord Lief... Y-You must... fulfill your Lord Father's dying wish..."

Land of Dragons

"The enemy are but insects next to the might of Bern's army. Even so...that Lycian general has made it far."

"General Roy?"

"Yes. Roy. I hope to be able to duel him one on one...in a fair fight."

Black Fang

"The Fang lets none escape."

"We the brothers Reed, dispense The Fang's justice."


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